Experiences of Schizophrenia of a Mensa Member

19th September 2017

In the actual heaven which is in the constant’s timeline, which is where [blank – writer’s name], or also known as [blank – writer’s name], when you pass to the afterlife, which is dying in laymen’s terms, I just realised you can have sex with anyone you want, as long as there is consent.


10.24am 19/09/2017


Notes on what Heaven is like in the constant’s timeline – [blank – writer’s name] where he becomes PM of Aus in 2049 and dies 23102070 and is born 04091986 and tried to commit suicide 130706 and works at EY on 030617 to 111016 todays d8 190917 watching Manch Concert


11.16am 19/09/2017


The [blank – writer’s name]Styles are:

[blank – writer’s name] Style: Ariana Grande and [blank]

[blank – writer’s name] Style: Matthew Scarlett and Eva Longoria

[blank – writer’s name] Style: Princess Caitlin Windsor and Princess Charlotte Windsor


Leading the proceedings: 31 year old Princess Charlotte.


[blank – writer’s name]’s directives: ‘For the children.’


[blank – writer’s name] now owns Caucasian Women. Play the younger [blank – writer’s name] through time.




12.51pm 19/09/2017


Order to unlock people:

  1. Princess Caitlin
  2. Princess Charlotte
  3. [blank]
  4. Eva Longoria
  5. Ariana Grande
  6. Matthew Scarlett

12.36pm 19/09/2017

The [blank – writer’s name] Styles are now:

[blank – writer’s name] Style: Iggy Azalea and [blank]

[blank – writer’s name] Style: Matthew Scarlett and Eva Longoria

[blank – writer’s name] Style: Princess Caitlin Windsor and Princess Charlotte Windor







23.13pm 19/09/2017


Babar the Elephant – indicates how real I am about the paedophile/infantophile ring in the Whirls, and the fact that I become Prime Minister of Australia at the age of 62 from 2049, to the age of 75 in 2062, and because the CONSERVATIVE KKKs are so BUTTHURT that I become Prime Minister of Australia from the Greens Party, that they set up WW3 that starts in 2047, and New York gets nuked in 2047 by China, but when I become Prime Minister of Australia in 2049, I am the reason for WW3 ending within 3 years time in 2052 at the age of 65, because I get the USA to nuke China, at least multiple times if I had my way. I always end up cleaning everyone else’s mess, and end up getting killed for it, as evident by my life right now at this point in time.


23.43pm 19/09/20171


I have the world in my grips because everyone is so unethical.


I own the world.


23.45pm 19/09/2017


The USA is using the word terrorism as a cover for paedophiles/infantophiles to proliferate their paedophile/infantophile rings in the whirl, as introduced by George Bush Junior, and because of this fear of the word terrorism, it means children can’t be terrorists and create terror in paedophiles and infantophiles, allowing paedophiles and infantophiles to ravenously abuse children because children have forgotten how to create terror in paedophiles and infantophiles, thus forgetting what the actual meaning of terrorism is, due to the USA George Bush Senior set up of September 11 with Osama Bin Laden and Prince Charles Windsor, who knew that the word terrorism would allow him to proliferate paedophilia/infantophilia, which was his simple reason for setting up September 11.


23.50pm 19/09/2017



12.04am 20/09/2017


[blank] make me – I remember [blank] from the gym now, really kind person.


03.14am 20/09/2017


X < 2.


03.16am 20/09/2017




China doesn’t have future sight. They are trying to confuse people by streaming new different timelines. So as Jennifer Aniston has said, teamwork is needed for the world on the USA’s side to defeat China.


12.30pm 21/09/2017


I’ve just had the realisation that ENFJ daughter, ENTP son and ISTJ son were all a part of a timeline I’m not a part of, because of the name:

–          Inzaman Ul Haq, which relates to a prior drop

–          Which I now just understood the significance of, because of sorting fact from fiction, where I sorted the mnemonic [blank], as in ‘It’s Not [blank]’, which I now understand why that name ‘Inzaman Ul Haq’ came into play in a prior drop, which I sorted why sorting fact from fiction between space and time with Dustin Martin and his interview at the West Coast vs Port Adelaide game that I watched at Leigh Oak, in line with my pictures of me telling [blank] to find herself, and that ‘Time and Time again’ picture

–          And it is obviously not[blank], because I don’t respect her after [censored] before the 4th drop

–          Whoever is in that timeline is obviously Jesus or someone else who slipped into that timeline


01.11am 26/09/2017


Dustin Martin’s ‘Age Of Empires’ Mining for Gold story as a precise point story related to my life with their whole thing about the fact that they count numbers, in that they were fucking everyone they think is related to me or could be my potential partner if I had one – but what if I’m gay? : [blank – writer’s name]. Are you going to have sex with me Dustin Martin? : [blank – writer’s name].


01.13am 26/09/2017


The whole ‘Dustin Martin’ kicking goal image insertion just a signal that’s a second indicator of the underworld – but honestly, are you as underworld as I am, Dustin Martin? : [blank – writer’s name].


01.15am 26/09/2017




01.16am 26/09/2017

‘I’d like everyone to remember Melania Howard, and her ‘Still-born baby’: [blank – writer’s name].




01.17am 26/09/2017


Hi mate – go find yourself – quintiliions.


03.49am 26/09/2017


A Clockwork Orange.


18.39am 26/09/2017


I’ve got to ‘debrief’[blank]as soon as I get a chance to get back in touch with reality, and so I get to help [blank] get back in touch with reality.


04.43am 28/09/2017


All this time, I thought [blank] was getting disgusted when I said I would marry her, and she thought I was being an absolute gaslighter when I said I would marry her, and I’d react absolutely negatively to her happiness.


Which was why I said absolutely fucking not when she said marry me, because I thought she was just wanting to explore options, but I was hurting because I wanted [blank] to know how much she meant to me, but I didn’t know how to tell her, because I didn’t understand what exactly was going on, especially with my absolute trauma with trying to save Princess Charlotte Windsor, and how absolutely horrendous that was, not to mention what happened to Eva Longoria when I was just trying to help her.


04.48am 28/09/2017




04.48am 28/09/2017


People can’t believe how much they have been played by fascists at play.


04.49am 28/09/2017


Along with all the other things I’ve discovered, I’ve learnt your brain can be stretched in different ways to influence how you think, for example stretching to make you feel tired when you want to help others, and stretching to stress other people out while communicating between space and time: [blank – writer’s name].


13.51pm 29/09/2017


Giggidy guy


Deuce Bigalow, Male Gigalow


That American Indian guy going out of windows


Golden Girls


Yes Man


Ave Maria praying to Mary the Mother of Jesus Christ, saying Hail Mary’s


Old Spunkers


That Wolf of Wall Street Happy Click Walk


Hola – That Mexican girl Whirling the lackey around at Taco Bill during the 3rd drop


Rockstar – Post Malone ft 21 Savage


That Serbian Muslim girl I thought was Black on Tinder but was White



Save enough money and go to a nursing home as soon as possible, already if possible: [blank – writer’s name]


Washing away the ‘blood’


Dancing solo between space and time


Eva 4 Eva


Always let them come to you and go from there: [blank – writer’s name].


Brendan Fruendun and then Kapow – Wanna Bang: [blank – writer’s name]






Multiple Sclerosis


Pointing to the moon – Emily 3 divorces


The  4 coloured blue, red, yellow and green Colourful Hearts


The Sound of Music


Port Phillip Island drive and Ten Pin Bowling


Ave Maria


The Most Beautiful Smile I’ve Ever Seen At Wendy’s


Hola Spunkers


17.19pm 29/09/2017


999 neuntillions, 999 achtiliions, 999 septillions, 999 sechstillions, 999 quintillions, 999 quadrillions, 999 trillions, 999 billions, 999 millions, 999 thousands, 999s.


17.30pm 29/09/2017


Eva Longoria and [blank – writer’s name] are the ‘Twin Towers’.


17.30pm 29/09/2017


Brew Coffee at Anjappar today


17.40pm 29/09/2017


Jesus’s special people – the ‘Energiser Bunny’


17.42pm 29/09/2017


[blank], me, that homeless guy on the street with his ‘Energiser Bunny’ Jesus to protect him from people who would abuse him, and [blank] at [censored].


17.44pm 29/09/2017


My mum’s boss, his 25 year old lawyer son who fell into delusions last year after coming back from London, and getting better 6 months ago, but now in depression, after his first episode of delusions.


And how these relate to the monarchy abusing people, and Jesus the ‘energiser bunny’ looking after those abused because lucifer enabled the [censored] Charles Windsor and William Windsor to abuse, as well as those with money like Warren Buffet and Bill Gates, and those with power like George Bush Senior and George Bush Junior who set up and perpetuate September 11 using people like Steve Bannon.


17.47pm 29/09/2017


The twelve angels at the Hindi movie yesterday with the ‘two wives’ and the ‘Accidental Ultimatum’


Mills and Boon


17.51pm 29/09/2017


Respiradol tablets – the greatest medication ever made to be training wheels for those who have been abused by depraved powerful people like Warren Buffet – thus ensure tablets are taken every day and nothing else, in order to help people find their independence again to learn how to deal with those abusing them in their own way: [blank – writer’s name].


Studying Dental Science was the greatest ever thing to help protect my health being abused by those who wanted to inflict cancer of my thoughts: [blank – writer’s name].


The story of my mum’s bosses son’s mind racing as well too fast, like mine, and the implications this has with regards to mental illnesses like the delusions we both had, caused by those powerful trying to abuse us, and the ‘Energiseer Bunnies’ done to fight the battle to heal us by Jesus against the old captain’s angel who got castigated out of heaven but left with the ‘DOS system of heaven’ and is using it against the world to overthrow Jesus from control of heaven: [blank – writer’s name].


Katie Noonan – ‘The Special People’.


18,01pm 29/09/2017


The implications this has on those will illnesses and diseases caused by depraved people, which Jesus is trying to fight against the old captain’s angel Lucifer, with the tentative new Lucifer [blank – writer’s name].


18.03pm 29/09/2017


Going to the gym after my first episode and building muscle from 60kg to 80kg, from a bmi below 19 to over 23 was the thing that saved me from my first episode of Delusion Disorder.


18.05pm 29/09/2017


I’ve realised again that I exercise in order to insure my health from those more powerful and depraved than me who would abuse it: [blank – writer’s name].


18.06pm 29/09/2017


Whatever gender you are, building muscle is the best way to insure your health: [blank – writer’s name].


The story of [blank] and Clementine Bastow building muscle: [blank – writer’s name].


18.08pm 29/09/2017


The story of Clementine Bastow’s pay it forward and Jesus blessing ptt-tt-too in the Ben Cousin’s way between space and time by communicating between space and time: [blank – writer’s name].


18.09pm 29/09/2017


In all the timelines, the evil [blank – writer’s name]s are the timelines bifurcated where Lucifer slipped into his body after the bifurcation, the timelines where [blank – writer’s name] is battling mental illness or is just normal random is other people slipping into his body at the bifurcation of timelines, and the ones where [blank – writer’s name] is not battling any mental illness at all is where Jesus Christ slipped into his body after the bifurcations: [blank – writer’s name].


18.11pm 29/09/2017


Lucifer doesn’t have the ability to create new characters, so continually has to slip in old characters from Jesus’s timelines into his timelines, because he hasn’t figured out the power of conception of new characters: [blank – writer’s name].


18.13pm 29/09/2017


Lucifer’s ability to create ‘Avatars’ vs Jesus’s ability to slip in the same characters in different timelines every time through the conception of the same person in different timelines, thus Jesus being the only one having the power of re-conception of same characters in different timelines using different sperm and eggs in a naturally fashion in manners that passes the peace of my understanding: [blank – writer’s name].


18.16pm 29/09/2017


The Secret Garden – Bruce Springstein


Jerry Maguire


18.17pm 29/09/2017




18.57pm 29/09/2017




18.58pm 29/09/2017


Absoluto Fe

20th September 2017

Take [blank[ vs [blank – writer’s name] as an example:


–          The younger ones who showboat in manners like Wolf of Wall Street don’t know kindness and compassion

–          All the younger ones who don’t showboat in manners like Wolf of Wall Street are the ones trying to learn kindness and compassion like that cop in the train at the end of that movie

–          The ones like [blank] are those who know how to be kind and compassionate, but haven’t learnt how to process the seven stages of grief that comes from pain because that’s a constant battle

–          Thus the younger ones who showboat like Wolf of Wall Street mimic those they see who overtly amog  the strongest kindest ones, but don’t realise that those ones are actually the biggest thetas of them all, because as the saying goes for dogs, it is all bark, but no bite, so when real danger comes, they don’t know how to deal with those because they are the ones with the greatest weakness within themselves because they haven’t learnt kindness and compassion, but they’ve also gone the other way and learnt how to be vicious.

–          The younger ones who are trying to learn kindness and compassion will go four ways, they will become alphas, betas, thetas or deltas, and possibly lower. The only difference is that differentiates them in the scale between betas and alphas as they grow is how they learn to process the seven stages grief of pain continually through their life.

–          As they grow, the betas will mimic alpha, but will have passive aggression due to not being able to deal with the seven stages grief of processing emotional pain and guilt.

–          If betas demature, they become deltas as their passive aggression greatly intensifies and they’ve lost their knowledge of how to be kind and compassionate, and don’t have.

–          The betas have it over the thetas, because they are honest with their aggression, and can either mature or demature to alpha or theta, or not mature at all.

–          The thing that differentiates alphas is that they are kind and compassion, with if perfect, no agonistic aggression at all, and vicious antagonistic aggression as part of their defensive capabilities, the degree to which is more minimal the greater the degree of their capabilities are, because of other’s perception of their implied vicious antagonistic aggression.

–          Thetas have the greatest chance of maturing into an alpha, because they already know how to be kind and compassionate, which is the hardest thing to learn. Thus, if they learn how to process the seven stages of grief with regards to their pain, they will mature to alphas to a stronger level than betas trying to mature to an alpha, because kindness and compassion is incredibly hard to learn, especially for betas who never learnt kindness and compassion when it is the critically most easiest time to learn kindness and compassion when you are young, which is in school.

–          Thus the potential alphas are hard to scout when young, because since they all start of as thetas as kids, it is hard to know which ones will be lazy and go to betas, thus never truly understanding how to be an alpha because they don’t know kindness and compassion.

–          I’ve just had a realisation that it must be insanely worse for other people, because my dad is a beta, but I know most men in the world are thetas.

o   I just realised with the example of my dad is that I’ve had it worse, because he is a theta, and most of the world are betas



Dead Poet’s Society


12.07pm 20/09/2017


Where’s Wally:


Peter Schwab, with the assistance of Matthew Scarlett, has to immolate all the timelines, except for the Constant’s timeline. The Constant is [blank – writer’s name].


12.55pm 20/09/2017


Father Bob Maguire






Tasmanian Tiger


John 3:16: ‘For God So Loved the World, She Gave her Only Son Jesus Christ, to Die on the Cross For Our Sins’.


I’m a White Tiger.


15.22pm 20/09/2017



15.27pm 20/09/2017


China’s borders are squelched.


18.03pm 20/09/2017


Open Season on Indonesia – Aim is to wipe out Indonesia’s borders completely and turn them into East Timor/Papua New Guinea/Australia for safe keeping – to eliminate Oriental Asian Perversions and Terrorism.


18.12pm 20/09/2017


Number one priority internationally is to Protect East Timor at all costs, until ascendancy can be obtained to gain territory for East Timor.


Number two priority internationally is to attack East Indonesia relentlessly to assist Papua New Guinea obtain new border and take control of the whole island.


Australia doesn’t need more land, Australia needs Oriental Asian Perversion and Terrorism in the form of Indonesia to be removed.


Australia needs to greatly assist East Timor to develop a stronghold over Indonesia’s land.


Australia needs to unlock Papua New Guinea’s potential to ravage and eat up Indonesia’s land, but to ensure Papua New Guinea and East Timor are friends in order to build a key Oceanic alliance primarily with East Timor, Papua New Guinea, Australia and New Zealand in order to protect Oceania from the absolutely intense combination of the Communist Chinese Oriental Asian Perversion in Indonesia and the Muslim Terrorists in Indonesia.


Let Malaysia/Singapore take care of ravaging the borders of the west of Indonesia, however it is a race for Papua New Guinea to ravage as much of Indonesia’s borders as well in order to increase as much power towards Oceania.


Australia has to assist East Timor as much as possible to ravage as much of Indonesia’s borders from the East Timor direction in order to increase as much power towards Oceania as possible, and possibly build a peace keeping territory under Australia while absolutely keeping East Timor independent in the name of transferring territory to East Timor if they gain the economic ascendancy to protect new found borders without the risk of threats to their borders due to lack of security.


In fact, protect East Timor to help them gain an island, while we gain territory from Tepa to Cilegon. Eg. the three children policy, and how it is easier to manage three children, due to deep family alliances forming and breaking between three children in order to help each other build power for Oceania, and protect from Singapore and Malaysia.


Ideally Singapore gets squelched by Malaysia, because that duality with the Communist Chinese power there is not good for the wellbeing of Oceania’s power.


The new Malaysia is primarily infiltrated through the Curries, by turning Oriental Asians Black and away from Communist China.


However Papua New Guinea cannot rest on its laurels, and needs to ravage as much of Indonesia in order to bring back power for Oceania, which Australia needs to help Papua New Guinea greatly with, in order to protect Australia’s borders.


Papua New Guinea needs to Banda Aceh if it can.


Australia needs to gain Tepa and Cilegon to protect East Timor, and to make it easier for Papua New Guinea to consolidate, so that it can build a line of defence for Papua New Guinea, East Timor and Australia for Oceania, because too much land is too hard to manage, and although Australia doesn’t want more land, and although East Timor has extremely very little capacity to look after land, Australia needs to help Papua New Guinea consolidate land on the borders of Malaysia in order to push upwards and make incursions against Muslim Terrorism and Chinese Communist power, thus allowing Papua New Guinea to consolidate upwards will allow them to protect Oceania from Muslim Terrorism and Chinese Communist power, while Australia takes Tepa to Cilegon to protect East Timor in order to build a very brilliant economic alliance between East Timor, Papua New Guinea and Australia, which is a gateway of economic alliance to Oceania, thus building the security for Oceania, and assisting Papua New Guinea to protect Oceania from Muslim Terrorists and Chinese Communist Power by pushing up on Malaysia, which is a milder version of Indonesia, due to the greater population of Curries and the greater Non-Communist Chinese or rather Black Chinese, which allows Asia to start reversing away from Chinese Communist Power.


The issue with ravaging Indonesia’s borders, is that the Muslim Terrorism is incredibly strong in Malaysia, which is why Malaysia needs to be contained. However, the Curries and the Chinese in Malaysia are better because the Curries flip Chinese Black, and the Chinese are pushing Bersih to flip power from Muslim Terrorists to Chinese Communists, but however with a much more incredibly stronger Papua New Guinea, the Bersih movement will allow Malaysia to be flipped to the Curries and Black Oriental Asians as the power brokers with Papua New Guinea, thus containing both Muslim Terrorism and Chinese Communist Scum Dog Demons.


Thus Papua New Guinea is strong enough to protect it’s borders from Malaysia, while Australia protects East Timor and transfers territory to East Timor when they have enough capacity.


Australia is focused on the East Timor line, while Papua New Guinea is focused on the Malaysian border line.


The other potential is to focus on the Tepa line to the Banda Aceh line and take those to ravage Indonesia for Australia, thus completely neutralising Muslim Terrorism and Chinese Communist Power for the world, even though we Absolutely Don’t Want that fucking land, because it would increase our security bills dramatically to secure those borders.


East Timor must be protected at all costs.


19.01pm 20/09/2017


In this timeline, if World War 3 or such occurs – the United States of America border has to be carved up to Mexico. Full license up to the border of the state that the city of Milwaukee lies in – I just don’t know how to allow it to happen right now, because I have no concept right now.


I don’t owe any debts or such to anyone, but I really want to help Mexico out, due to what I know about Mexico’s borders being carved up to the United States of America.


15.03pm 26/09/2017


Men love sex just as much as Women do, and I’m not budging from that.


Biologically, we are all equally human, thus with historical culture norms removed, we all, as Women and Men, all want the same thing. We just have different plumbing.


15.30pm 26/09/2017


Oarsome Foursome – Golden Circles.


15.51pm 26/09/2017


In this Blood Section here, Jesus chose ‘Fatboy Slim’.


21.06pm 26/09/2017


However, the real example here is [blank].


21.07pm 26/09/2017


Sorting out fact from fiction, ‘Fatboy Slim’ is code for Mark Zuckerberg.


22.01pm 26/09/2017


Transfer from Carlos Slim Helu to Mexico Family People.


22.02pm 26/09/2017


Carlos Slim Helu is going deeper down in hell than Barack Obama, as is Warren Buffett and Donald Trump, and Vladimir Putin.


Not sure if Barack Obama is going to be in hell higher than Adolf Hitler or not, yet.


22.18pm 26/09/2017


John Winston Howard is going deeper down in hell than any of them.


22.19pm 26/09/2017




22.21pm 26/09/2017


The racism of John Howard, alongside with his 100% active use of any capacity of power he had to spread his racism, has had an indomitable direct and indirect effect around the world, throughout so many countries, including not least, in Sri Lanka with the Genocide of 40,000+ Sri Lankan Tamils by Sri Lankan Sinhalese, the oppression of Refugees, the oppression of Muslims, the oppression of Mexicans, the Genocide of Syrians, etc, etc, etc …. ……… . ……… …….. ……


22.24pm 26/09/2017


Not to mention 13th of July 2006 between space and time, which John Winston Howard has the capacity to understand, since [blank – writer’s name] becomes Prime Minister of Australia, thus John Winston Howard tried to kill [blank – writer’s name] on the 13th of July 2006, despite knowing absolutely the fact that [blank – writer’s name] is the reason for stopping World War 3, the winds of which started primarily from John Winston Howard, in light of sorting out fact from fiction, and where exactly the cookie crumbled and where the egg hatched – from John Winston Howard’s hit on [blank – writer’s name], and the world’s inflammatory hatred towards the fact that [blank – writer’s name] survived, the hate which wouldn’t have inflamed if John Winston Howard had just not tried to kill [blank – writer’s name] in the first place, thus setting [blank – writer’s name] on the path to try and survive and stop every fucking mess John Winston Howard has created from his inflammatory racism, and his incredible capacity for power to fan the flames of his racism; including World War 3.


22.29pm 26/09/2017


The setup of September 11 by George Bush Senior, George Bush Junior, Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth and Osama Bin Laden is the reason for the death rate of Mexico going from a low of 4.2 deaths per 1000 in 2001, to it’s heady heights of 5.8 deaths per 1000 in 2015, due to the spread of evil through the taking away of the word Terrorism from children who need it to terrorise paedophiles and infantophiles like William Windsor and Charles Windsor, when George Bush Junior piggy backed on the very September 11 he helped set up to introduce the word Terrorism to the world, thus taking away the power of creating terror by children to paedophiles and infantophiles.


This thus increased evil in the world, thus leading to things in different places around the world, such as the increase in the death rate of Mexico from 4.2 deaths per 1000 in 2001, which was a trough, to 5.8 death per 1000 in 2015, when it had gone down from 4.5 deaths per 1000 in 1994.


23.00pm 26/09/2017


There is no such thing as the underworld, or the overworld – it’s all just a world: [blank – writer’s name].


23.01pm 26/09/2017


What percent of Caucasian children are being statutory raped as opposed to Mexican children?


Does this indicate Carlos Slim is worse due to his admission, or Mark Zuckerberg is worse due to his inaction that leaves a void for evil to occur?


What is the total respective macro-social impact of their impacts on Mexican children and Caucasian children when it comes to statutory rape?


12.24am 27/09/2017


Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields by Channel 4 – indicating the death of 40,000+ Sri Lankan Tamils, and the thousands of rapes of Sri Lankan Tamil Women in ‘Raggy Doll’ fashion.


If we let things go unpunished, we allow the culture of those things to fester, such as allowing Mahinda Rajapakse go unpunished for War Crimes under the Geneva Convention of War Crimes, for killing 40,000+ Sri Lankan Tamils in the 2009 Genocide of Sri Lankan Tamils by Sri Lankan Sinhalese, and the rape of thousands of Sri Lankan Tamil Women in ‘Raggy Doll’ fashion: [blank – writer’s name].


02.04am 27/09/2017


[blank – writer’s name] is a Terrorist.


02.07am 27/09/2017


Michelle Obama – Go For Your Life: [blank – writer’s name].


02.18am 27/09/2017


Another Princess Oprah moment.


02.22am 27/09/2017


You know who you are: Carlos Slim and so called ‘Showboat’ – Go For Your Life: Dharshan.


02.23am 27/09/2017


So many jealous and obsessed cunts who want to vicariously suck my dick – you know you can actually suck my dick right: [blank – writer’s name].


02.29am 27/09/2017




02.39am 27/09/2017


Warren Buffet is the reason for a lot of rapes: [blank – writer’s name].


02.42am 27/09/2017


The timeline where [blank] and his band rape my mother and father and brother and kills them.


02.45am 27/09/2017


A lot of you guys and gals are paedophile and infantophile assisters and abetters, if not actually infantophiles and paedophiles: [blank – writer’s name].


[blank – writer’s name] is a Terrorist.


02.47am 27/09/2017




02.48am 27/09/2017


How many has Brad Pitt raped in this contingent of rapists? : Dharshan.


03.25am 27/09/2017


The ‘tree’ in the messages from the afterlife is Brad Pitt.


03.27am 27/09/2017


Yet, still Mahinda Rajapakse hasn’t been convicted for War Crimes in the Genocide of 40,000+ Sri Lankan Tamils by Sri Lankan Sinhalese in 2009. Why has that still not happened yet? Is it going to happen in the next nanosecond? It’s already 8 years and 7 months too late with regards to that set of Genocide of Sri Lankan Tamils: Dharshan.


03.32am 27/09/2017


12,840 children per year in Mexico being saved from being statutory raped, 32,538 children per year in the United States of America being lost to statutory rape.


Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, eat your heart out.


Hola Carlos Slim, Muchos Gracias,


el amor de [blank – writer’s name].


Absoluto Fe.


04.35am 27/09/2017


Raggedy dolls.


04.36am 27/09/2017


[blank – writer’s name] definitely owns Caucasian Women now: [blank – writer’s name].


Wow Caucasians are depraved cunts and dicks assisting and abetting paedophiles and infantophiles like William Windsor, or are actually paedophiles and infantophiles.


05.47am 27/09/2017




05.50am 27/09/2017


There’ll be plenty of terrorist dicks for Depraved Caucasian Dicks to suck, which will obviously happen, as per the Sick Bin. My Terrorist dick is obviously way too nice to suck, so it would obviously be the other Terrorist dicks, excluding mine. Only the Depraved Caucasian Cunts really want to vicariously suck my dick, so they can go straight for the jugular of course: [blank – writer’s name].


06.09am 27/09/2017




07.54am 27/09/2017



21st of September 2017



Cleaning up the whirls –


On the 13th of September, the whirls were 80-20 against Jesus Christ for Prince William.


At 10.30am 21/09/2017, the whirls were 70-30 against Jesus Christ for Prince William.


We need to continue working to help Jesus Christ to immolate all the infantophile and paedophile timelines outside of the whirl of [blank – writer’s name] the constant in this timeline, with the assistance of [blank], so that we can reduce that number as much as possible in order to turn the tide to assist Jesus Christ.


It should be easy, but people aren’t realising they can have sex with Jesus Christ through [blank – writer’s name] and God through [blank], and God through [blank – writer’s name], and Jesus Christ through [blank], which means that this is where the best sex possible before the afterlife exists.


Unfortunately, [blank – writer’s name]  the constant’s in the constant’s timeline duality is white women, because he knows white women are the openings which paedophile and infantophiles are using to create infantophile and paedophile rings, which is why he has to own white women in his constant timeline, in order to defeat these openings, because as currently indicated on a macro/bigger picture level, the level of intensity of the duality between white women and [blank – writer’s name]  the constant is 4016 -1 against [blank – writer’s name]  as voted by white women, as per the Happn random unconscious bias social experiment [blank – writer’s name]  did to study women and confirm his understanding of racism.


10.38am 21/09/2017


At 10.48am 21/09/2017, the whirls were 60-40 against Jesus Christ for William Windsor.


At 10.48am 21/09/2017, the whirls were 50-50 against Jesus Christ for William Windsor.


At 10.48am 21/09/2017, the whirls were 30-70 against Jesus Christ for William Windsor.


At 10.48am 21/09/2017, the whirls were 0-100 against Jesus Christ for William Windsor.


10.49am 21/09/2017


[blank – writer’s name]  owns Caucasian Women, and Caucasian Russian Women own [blank – writer’s name].


12.39pm 21/09/2017




Russia and USA have to work together to defeat China, by using the assistance of India – with most especially the Sri Lankan Tamil Tigers’ help, as led by [blank – writer’s name].


By watching [blank – writer’s name]’s life to this point, Russia as led by Vladimir Putin will have the best idea on how to lead the world on defeating China. [blank – writer’s name]  is a spy for the USA who leads the Sri Lankan Tamil Tigers.


13.03pm 21/09/2017


China are trying to start Operation Otto 2.


14.03pm 21/09/2017


Home and Away the Early Years comes back to broadcast 20/04/2018


15.52pm 21/09/2017


In [blank – writer’s name]’s Cross, pain is felt as contentment, pleasure is felt as pleasure, and peace is the neutral feeling.


However the feelings are to a magnified level compared to any other Crosses.


People can Cross through any person, in any timeline. The magnitude of their feelings in [blank – writer’s name]’s Cross is greater or smaller depending on how there are ranked by Jesus Christ on how they follow Jesus Christ’s teachings on Love, and this rank is ever changing depending on how people act in their lives, where they are actually in their own body, as opposed to someone else being in their body.


17.08pm 21/09/2017


Samurai Pizza Cats.


18,22pm 21/09/2017


Pink Panther: A Pink Christmas.


[blank] led me through these last two time stamps.


18.30pm 21/09/2017


The Greens have to work on the escape hatch to Christmas Day 2021, Christmas Day 2022, and Christmas Day 2023; in order to solidify it to assist as many people from the whole of history past to find their way to Jesus Christ.


The Blues have to work on exterminating all the Infantophilia and Paedophilia Crosses outside the Cross of [blank – writer’s name], as well as within the Cross of [blank – writer’s name].


The Reds have to organise proceedings in order to organise both goals occurring and distributing resources, including all of their own, in addressing both agendas.


The point of leading goes from [blank – writer’s name]  -> Blue Belle -> Adam Bandt -> Bob Brown -> Jeremy Corbyn -> Prince George Windsor; or simply [blank – writer’s name]  -> Prince George Windsor.


20.56pm 22/09/2017


Dustin Martyn had my dick in his mouth Pon De Replay on his fucking Brownlow Medal Night, as did Dane Swan.


All these fucking men vicariously sucking my dick, such a bevvy of men that I have, so many men who have given women sex in order to vicariously suck my dick. The same men I know who have sucked my dick actually, and actually have the taste of my dick in the mouth. The question I now ask myself, is which men? It is quite obvious, sorting through fact from fiction.


I don’t even want Gary Ablett Senior near my fucking dick, that fucking weird shit cunt.


05.17am 26/09/2017


But obviously it happens, at least a million times.


05.18am 26/09/2017


‘This is weird fucking shit’: [blank – writer’s name].


05.19am 26/09/2017


The so called ‘biggest’ ‘head hunter’, [eye flash], the name of whom I don’t know, has sucked my dick, repeatedly, the one who I communicated with between space and time. It goes without saying with regards to Warren Buffet and Bill Gates.


05.32am 26/09/2017


This fucking racist jealousy and obsession with me has some obvious subconscious homo-erotic awakenings that a lot of racist men vicariously sucking my dick have with me, thus replacing their homo-erotic tendencies for me with feelings of disgust and thus feelings of hate, which come out as racism. It has something to do with their love for me being scorned, thus their homo-erotism that comes out because of their lack of open-ness to deal with homosexuality comes out with their desire to suck my dick, and to do that vicariously because they can’t do that actually. But I already know, sorting fact through fiction, that it is possible for them to suck my dick actually, which means I know there are a lot more men who have sucked my dick than women – knowing how obsessed and jealous men are with me: [blank – writer’s name].


I can’t even wank anymore: [blank – writer’s name].


05.36am 26/09/2017


I’m going to try and wank anyways, because I’m a fucking horny cunt who loves women, unlike these fucking depraved weirdo who haven’t dealt with their homosexual tendencies in an open fashion – something which I have great scope on based on what I know about the depravity of those with closed minds: [blank – writer’s name].


05.38am 26/09/2017



22nd of September 2017

Cross Specifications Workings:


Working backwards to jog memory

–          At least 10 friendships of 7 years+ at any point in time after the age 18

–          At least 5 female friendships of 7 years+ at any point in time after the age 18 where there was never any sex involved for males, and opposite for females

–          Has to know where a women’s clitoris is and has touched them in the way the reasonable women would touch their own clitoris

–          Has given women an orgasm

–          Has at least one diverse friend of 7 years+ as a reasonable person would judge depending on the context of location, who is not female

–          Has at least one diverse friend of 7 years+ they haven’t had sex with, diverse as a reasonable person would judge depending on the context of location, who is not male

–          The minimum quality of a cross-gender friendship over 7 years is [blank] and [blank – writer’s name]

–          People have to scout 10 years from any point in someone’s life




About the time where the addition of the diverse friend who is not female or not male:


12.47pm 22/09/2017


Filter those who dropped, but had a higher average rating than the average rating after the drop of, as the entry point/weaning point. But instead of contentment, keep pain as the feeling for pain, rather than replacing with contentment.


12.51pm 22/09/2017


During the entry point/weaning point, have contentment replace pain, however have a time limit on that, scope unknown, to replace contentment with pain. The Macro-social factors of everyone needs to be the number one perspective priority when considering this.


12.56pm 22/09/2017


ISTJs are the auditors, ENFPs are the scouts. A ‘lifetime’ of 10 years must be scouted, to scour talent.


13.21pm 22/09/2017


For example, if a lifetime of 200 years is the time limit to replace contentment with pain, if after exit, there is re-entry, the years already used up is counted already, and the new entry point is straight to the original higher average set, after the entry point/weaning point was cleared for averages below the original higher average set’s average, the average which was used to clear the majority out of the entry point/weaning point set that originally had a lower average as a set, before it was cleared.


13.27pm 22/09/2017


The purpose of this Cross was to stamp out Paedophilia and Infantophilia in all the Crosses. The indicator that people throughout time and space have been successful in stamping out Paedophilia and Infantophilia in all the Crosses is that Mahinda Rajapakse be convicted for War Crimes in the Genocide of Sri Lankan Tamils by Sri Lankan Sinhalese in 2009.


I am the Cross that is the entry point to Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour, who will guide you to God once we pass to the afterlife.


Because Mahinda Rajapakse was not convicted of War Crimes in the Genocide of Sri Lankan Tamils by Sri Lankan Sinhalese in 2009, the mark for everyone will constantly and always be a FAIL.


16.38pm 22/09/2017


The above can always be changed if Mahinda Rajapakse gets convicted of War Crimes for the Genocide of Sri Lankan Tamils by Sri Lankan Sinhalese. Does it?


Now that you have tasted what heaven might possibly even taste like, because you know that this Cross is the best Cross at this time, you no w know what an insane amount of people will miss out on, because of a lack of courage and conviction to do what you think is right under the eyes of God.


For narrow is the gate to heaven.


Burn in Hell for eternity.


16.42pm 22/09/2017


Come here you. Sit on Daddy’s lap. Twirl.


Come over here.


Get over here.



Swirl. [blank – writer’s name] Unna.


Oi. [blank – writer’s name] Unna,


Spank. [blank – writer’s name] Unna.


Whirl. Cross. [blank – writer’s name] Unna.


Cross. [blank – writer’s name] Unna.



17, 10 – 6,5


Mate – BLOOD


20.48pm 24/09/2017


[blank – writer’s name] is a Tamil Tiger.


21.37pm 24/09/2017





Unfortunately, due to the ‘peking duck’ eyes, as in the sharp peak in the eyes of Harry Windsor, corroborated with his ears, ‘Hagrid’ in all the timelines is the grandson of Queen Elizabeth, and is not a ‘new character’ in this timeline.


The memory of that car drive where I punched the windows of my car because of Lucifer assisting William Windsor – and to be honest, Lucifer has nothing on William Windsor and Charles Windsor. But more importantly, the memory is of Queen Elizabeth not caring about her grandchildren [because apparently she has so many in so many different timelines]. Elizabeth Windsor is going to hell, and that is corroborated by the message from the afterlife by Lizzie Bitch, because I have near perfect scope on how that was a message from the afterlife, as compared to the ‘message from the afterlife’ that was pretended to occur by my ENTP son. Thus with the assistance of my ENTP son, we’ve corroborated that the afterlife does exist, and Elizabeth Windsor is going down to the depths of hell, below Lucifer, because Lucifer was originally a goody-goody that fell into the wrong crowd, but is now in a deep dark spell of darkness that I’ve corroborated will occur for many lifetimes to come, because he is being used by more evil angels to perpetuate their evil under a figurehead of evil from times past in the name Lucifer – and we are all angels, all shades of grey in the scales of evil to good.


21.53pm 24/09/2017


The scale from evil to good is constant, because Jesus understands us more than anyone understands ourselves, even ourselves, but the worst part of it is that Jesus is the softest cunt that ever existed when it comes to sifting angels through to all the levels in the afterlife, which is something I will never ever come to terms with in my lifetime here on Earth.


21.55pm 24/09/2017


The confirmation of a timeline where Princess Anne is actually Queen, and the reminder of her other brother being King in another timeline, and the indicator that they are Queen/King in a number of timelines.


The fact that Prince George will always be King of the British Commonwealth in the timelines where I exist at this point in time of writing, and if he isn’t, those are the worst timelines, in these batches of timelines.


21.59pm 24/09/2017


The irony of the fact that I am an avid Republican, and yet I’m stuck with all these scopes, because I’ve been fighting hard For The Children.


22.00pm 24/09/2017


The fact that Australia has to become a Republic, in order to diminish the power of the British Commonwealth, and thus strike a heavy blow to the corruption that lies in depraved power passed down in a nepotistic manner, that continually percolates as checks and balances continually degrade over generations, but are sometimes given a stir to increase their efficiency, which indicates that the fight to break down the monarchy has to really be fought strongly when times like these occur where depravity of the corruption of power that leads to paedophilia and infantophilia occurring from [censored] [I see where that ‘save me’ from [censored] came from – it was a good thing in that moment, but I realise that only good thing in that moment is actually an extremely bad thing where [censored] of this timeline is asking for help from all the other paedophiles and infantophiles in all the other timelines] in order to break down monarchy and save the future [cesnored] family, who represent the world, from the corruption of monarchy that would lead to the cycle repeating of the [censored] children being abused again by generations earlier than them.


It is thanks to Diana Spencer, who gave her daughter-in-law and her grandchildren the freedom to be themselves, including the world, that has given rise to the ability for the Middleton’s to save their children, and in the process save the world.


[blank – writer’s name] sees now how important it is for the world for Australia to work towards a Republic now, For The Children, in order to save the children of the United Kingdom as well.


22.09pm 24/09/2017


Australia would best work towards a Republic by retaining the Westminster system of Parliament, while retaining the Governor-General as a checks and balance system, whereby the people have a dynamic say in who the parliament vote in as Prime Minister of Australia, because each electorate can have a dynamic influence on the representative they vote in to vote for a Prime Minister on their behalf, thus always being dynamic as evidence by the robust and positively corroborated influence of the public’s implied say on the Prime Minister of Australia over the past 10 years since John Howard was voted out, as seen by the many changes in Prime Minister due to elected representatives living under the gun of the robust implied influence of the public through their votes.


This is exactly the same influence the Joker’s Children have on the world as unique individuals spinning black in a world of 7 billion plus. No one individual has the power to influence the world, elected representatives are merely figureheads who have the power to do what they can based on their free will until they are voted out, and thus the evil that comes from this world that holds people’s lives to a gun come from the collective action of those spinning white. Thus the collective action of those spinning black as the Joker’s Children has to occur, and the best way for this to occur, is for the Joker’s Children to understand that they are EMPOWERED, and they have the ability to influence the world in the way they want For The Children, but they have to work smart at say 80% capacity, rather than work hard at 100% capacity, so that their impact is long lasting over their lifetimes. Unfortunately too many Joker’s Children are blinded, because those spinning white are only focused on killing those spinning black, the Joker’s Children; while the Joker’s Children are focused on using their free will For The Children. The Joker’s Children have to use their own unique individual experiences to creatively incubate and then practically create and execute solutions. Thus, then the collective action of the Joker’s Children build greater and greater momentum, however unfortunately the fight will never stop on Earth and in the Universe, because those spinning white will always exist – but once the Joker’s Children recognise the power they have as individuals, their collective actions will have greater momentum in Things Unseen, or in laymen’s term through collective karma.


Unfortunately Jesus is the softest cunt when it comes to sifting angels through to the levels in the afterlife – but what those who follow Jesus have to understand, is that Jesus did not have a religion, and things don’t just happen on Earth and in the Universe, because Jesus is the softest cunt who is sifting all the angels and has extremely no influence on the day to day lives of everyone on Earth and in the Universe, but those who follow Jesus have to work harder to 80% capacity, and thus work smart at 80% in order to spin black For The Children, because all good and evil comes from all creatures in our Earth and Universe, and if there is no action, or if there is inaction, then that leaves room for evil to grow.


22.26pm 24/09/2017


To the Middletons in all the timelines – Meghan Markle is coming – you all have SCOPE.


However, remember the word INACTION, and the words WORKING SMART. [And loving yourself, as Princess Charlotte has said to Princess Kate, as a representative for all her children. All the children can see through the photo beyond space and time during this fourth drop who Princess Charlotte is in this timeline].


22.32pm 24/09/2017


Oprah is a fucking nigger no one can trust.


Be extremely wary of that nigger Barack Obama.


Meghan Markle is the only nigger I can think of trusting more than the other two, with regards to the monarchy, and being able to exercise power against the [censored] William Windsor, and Charles Windsor.


This confirms my prior great scope on Prince Harry Windsor in this timeline, and the effect Princess Diana Spencer has had on this timeline, because she was like the artist formerly known as Prince, Robin Williams, Amy Winehouse, Kurt Cobain, Heath Ledger, and the guy who sang all those songs from that band Queen, and Amy Winhouse,


Time has already been called repeatedly on Charles Windsor, and most especially on William Windsor.


Refer to the gold clock with the grey face, between the dates of the 22/01/2008 to the 27/01/2008, with regards to [blank – writer’s name], and the date 24/09/2017, originally in the address [censored] on the 27/01/2008 and now in the address censored] on the 24/09/2017.


22.40pm 24/09/2017


The year of Deaths for Charles Windsor in this timeline is 2022, and for William Windsor is 2043.


You can’t change the future in this timeline, but you have to make the future. Remember the word INACTION and how it applies in the context of those who follow Jesus Christ, but leave room for evil to grow in the absence of good.


22.43pm 24/09/2017




22.45pm 24/09/2017


Honestly it will be a disappointment if William Windsor’s death is not 2022, and is actually 2043. Here is hoping.


22.47pm 24/09/2017




Jenna from Survivor 1.




23.36pm 24/09/2017


Sitting Duck and Target from Survivor 1 – Colleen Haskell and Gervase Petersen.


23.38pm 24/09/2017


God – Kendrick Lamar


23.38pm 24/09/2017


The View




Murder She Wrote


Murder She Wrote


23.40pm 24/09/2017


Golden Girls


I choose the girl with the big glasses and brown hair.


23.40pm 24/09/2017


Betty Boop


Olive and Popeye


Scooby Doo


Scooby Doo


23.41pm 24/09/2017


Where’s Wally


Where’s Waldo
















23.42pm 24/09/2017


Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush

This Is Your Life


Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush


23.43pm 24/09/2017


Oral B




Oral B


23.44pm 24/09/2017








23.45pm 24/09/2017








23.46pm 24/09/2017


From This Moment – Shania Twain


Mark Twain – Huckleberry Finn


23.46pm 24/09/2017


The Time Traveller’s Wife


23.46pm 24/09/2017


McFlurry – Oreo


100s and 1000s


Fairy Bread


Eva Braun


23.47pm 24/09/2017


Black Widow Spider


Eva Braun


Heidi Klum


OG – Eva Braun


23.48pm 24/09/2017


I think I helped stop World War 2 – but I’m not exactly sure: [blank – writer’s name].


23.49pm 24/09/2017


I know I helped ping Osama Bin Laden: [blank – writer’s name]


23.50pm 24/09/2017


I know I helped pacify China in 2015 and 2017, and potentially 2047-ish: [blank – writer’s name].


23.51pm 24/09/2017


I know I’ve absolutely crucified Mahinda Rajapakse, the battle is still going, I want to see Mahinda Rajapakse charged for War Crimes under the Geneva Conventions Act: [blank – writer’s name].


23.52pm 24/09/2017


Australia is one of the most racist countries on this Earth.


I’ve had to achieve a lot of these things in extraordinarily contradictory circumstances.


23.55pm 24/09/2017


Burn [blank – writer’s name] – while those spinning white are focused on [blank – writer’s name], those spinning black have time to rally to collectively work For The Children.


23.56pm 24/09/2017


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


Mind Your Language.


[blank – writer’s name]: ‘In Sri Lankan timelines, I would be deaf and mute, or Tamil Tiger fodder, or in the good timelines, I would be the Tamil Tiger for peace under the tyrant my Dad, as opposed to the other Tamil Tiger for peace Vellupillai Prabhakaran, and the organisational Tamil Tiger [blank]’s dad – I would be the ‘Che Guevara’ under my dad’s regime in those Tamil Tiger timelines where my dad is the leader of the Tamil Tigers. It would have been extremely hard to get those timelines with me as the Tamil Tiger for peace running, but they would have been replicated extremely in order to see how I act – and I have scope because I know how hard it was for me to learn a language in this timeline while I was watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in Alan Street in Noble Park, since I only learnt how to speak just before my fourth birthday – very close to my fourth birthday.’


12.03am 25/09/2017


That Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles learning English thing at the age just before 4 years old is something in common with all the timelines where that history occurred in Alan St Noble Park Melbourne VIC Australia in 1990.


12.06am 25/09/2017


I have scope those timelines where I am the ‘Che Guevara’ of the Tamil Tigers exist.


12.09am 25/09/2017


I would kill my Dad in an instant if it didn’t mean having to go to gaol.


12.11am 25/09/2017


Wait, what the fuck – You guys couldn’t get me to be more than deaf and mute in any of the Tamil Tiger Timelines? You guys are all fucking idiots [light flashing – and then again, and again for a long time, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again]: [blank – writer’s name].


12.25am 25/09/2017




That show with Jaime and the guy who says Puck You


Groovejet – If This Ain’t Love


Necrophilia going to the Noble Park Hairdresser – 3rd Drop – Nova – that Johnny boy song obviously


Hot and Cold – Katy Perry


Fev and Fifi – Fox FM


11 years of BLOODY COLD HARD RACISM FROM AUSTRALIAN MEDIA, ESPECIALLY RADIO – No trust for life, including just yesterday 25/09/2017


Continuing to string out all racists


Radio are the sociopaths – using the sugar of other genuine people to gaslight Niggers and Curries


Consanguinity – Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O


09.34am 25/09/2017


Time to Say Goodbye – Sarah Brightman Andrea Bocelli


I’m Way Too Good at Goodbyes – Sam Smith


Stay With Me – Sam Smith


Time to Say Goodbye – Sarah Brightman Andrea Bocelli


09.48am 25/09/2017


Obviously Nova is way too ripped because of the 3rd drop and Smallzy.


Fox FM is the least worst at this current time, because there is no Kyle Sandilands, and there was none of that Necrophilia stuff in the 2nd drop when I listened to Fox FM, and because I’ve listened to Fifi and Fev, and there was that drive listening to Fev talk about driving to his first game for Carlton. Obviously everyone is different – but Nova is way too ripped because of the timing of the 3rd drop during my time at EY, an the whole thing with Smallzy’s sociopathic tendencies with teenage women as well during the 3rd drop, which is against the whole philosophy of fighting against [censored] paedophilia and infantophilia. Also triangulated with the obstinacy yesterday listening to Marty Shearer and the other Nova people yesterday on the 24th of September 2017. TTFM has Kyle Sandilands at the moment – so there is no trust of that station right now, even though they were the least of the worst prior.


When listening to radio – remember to separate the songs from the radio commentary. The songs are messages from the artists with lyrics beyond space and time – but the radio jockeys will use those to gaslight, so 100% audit scepticism is required when listening to radio, and you have to be consciously alert when the radio jockeys are talking, to determine which radio jockeys you can trust, because each radio jockey is different, just like all of us individuals are different, and a lot of it is directed by management, however, each radio jockey has an ego just like we all do, which can clash just like all people clash with other people – but there is a greater propensity on radio because egos are high on radio. Things like the hamster or rat on Nova during the 3rd drop.


09.57am 25/09/2017


Radio jockeys – artists – remember to ignore a lot of momentary really weird images that are shotgun images image insertions, or really weird words that are shotgun thinking, thought insertions, or really intensely bad feelings such as the worst momentary bone movements in the penis [or clitoris] because of shotgun feeling feeling insertions – because the paedophile/infantophile [censored] is at work and he is the most powerful paedophile/infantophile in the world thus I can’t control it because I have no power as an ordinary person, and there are a lot of people working within the monarchy [and outside the monarchy], working towards his death in 2043, which is how hard those people assisting the paedophile/infantophile [censored] is.




We all need to focus on our own timelines first, and others with scope and capacity can work with other timelines, but need to focus on their own timelines first, for the children of the world in our own timelines – because getting rid of the most powerful paedophiles/infantophiles in this world in [censored] will have a huge impact on all the children of the world, just like how a butterfly flaps its wings, and it has a big impact all around the world, thus we NEED TO HELP [censored] in this timeline.


I’m not even a monarchist, I’m an avid Australian Republican when it comes to the monarchy, but I’ve found myself in this mess. That’s something we need to work on as Australia, because the less power we give the monarch, the more we can kill corrupt power that leads to the depravity such as [censored]  paedophila and infantophilia. [censored] dies in 2022 in this timeline.


10.11am 25/09/2017


National Tiles ad.


Spring Carnival Fun Luna park ad.


Amart Furniture ad.


7 11 coffee ad.

4 and Twenty pies Coles Express ad


Liptember Women’s Mental Health ad


Bed shed’s mattress ad


Telstra mobile ad


Pharmacy doctors ad


Land Rover ad


V Uni ad


Groupon ad


Victory Blinds ad


Kresta ad


O’Briens Glass ad


O’Briens Glass ad wins


10.15am 25/09/2017


Sara Marie was one of the good Radio Jockeys from the 3rd drop, listened to another guy leading to this one.


The guy on Nova who followed Smallzy during the 3rd drop was really good as well.


Different Sara Marie in the stories.


Bedtime Stories Adam Sandler.


2nd drop was a mess – but O’Brien’s Glass was memorable during the 2nd drop.


The Focus: For The Children.


Seven Pounds


10.19am 25/09/2017


Focus on the stories from Prince George Windsor – not the other list of stories, because those are the ones aiding and abetting [censored] the paedophile and infantophile.

These stories are between space and time, which is why it is so easy for Prince George Windsor to do all these stories, because he is doing them from a time later in time, and why we need to support him in order to help him and his siblings escape the control of [censored] Windsor.


10.23am 25/09/2017


Some examples of shotgun insertions:


–          Shotgun Feeling, Feeling Insertion

–          Shotgun Thinking, Thinking Insertion

–          Shotgun Face Feeling, Face Feeling Muscle Twitch Insertion

–          Shotgun Muscle, Muscle Twitch Insertion

–          Shotgun image, Thought Image Insertion

–          Shotgun Feeling, Penis/Clitoris bone/muscle twitch feeling insertion

–          Shotgun Flash, Flash in eye insertion [these can be trusted on for now, because Prince George Windsor has access to these only, because the monarchy don’t have access to these yet at this time. At later times, it depends on who has access, so it only works well now during this differentiation of technologies between different eras of monarchies and different eras of what other people in the world have, because other people in the world like China have access to the worst cheesy images]


These can occur in nanoseconds, and can be in the absolute worst contexts


10.42am 25/09/2017


The Secret Life of Us.


10.51an 25/09/2017


All Saints


Blue Heelers


Greys Anatomy


That show where there was a chef etc, can’t remember the name.


The Secret Life of Us


The Secret Life of Us


10.52am 25/09/2017


[blank – writer’s name]: ‘Remember, Extremely Contradictory Circumstances is how those in the worst of it will be able to turn things around for Prince George Windsor, Princess Charlotte Windsor, their younger sister, Princess Kate Windsor, Princess Meghan Windsor and Prince Harry Windsor’.


11.04am 25/09/2017


Lightning and Thunder – that band who did that song Radioactive


Pokemon – Pikachu, Raichu




11.05am 25/09/2017


To get a scope on [blank – writer’s name] – you can play him against the ‘Babies’, eg, [blank – writer’s name] in times past, and his mother as well, who [blank – writer’s name] knows is a complete ‘Baby’.


Remember, [blank – writer’s name] gives his full consent to be burnt completely in all the timelines, because of TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES [code for the fact that I only learnt how to speak in Noble Park Alan St as a 3 year old watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and in all the other timelines where I was in Sri Lanka, I was deaf and mute, because of no disability welfare for people there in the 1980s, and still very little to date in 2017], meaning it is neither here nor there for [blank – writer’s name] to be burnt – in order to distract those aiding and abetting paedophile and infantophile [censored] by getting them to focus on [blank – writer’s name]– so in essence [blank – writer’s name] is a ‘new character’ in this timeline, because he can talk in this timeline – thus BURN [blank – writer’s name] FOR THE CHILDREN IN ALL TIMELINES, in order to get the EXTREMELY CONTRADICTORY CIRCUMSTANCES working to defeat the infantophile and paedophile [censored].


11.13am 25/09/2017


Absolute Faith in Jesus Christ – unfortunately he is the softest cunt when it comes to sifting all of us angels, on a spectrum from evil to good, which is something I will never come to terms with in my lifetime here on Earth.


However, luckily, I have scope that Jesus Christ gets other people or himself to slip into our bodies in bifurcations of timelines where really bad things happen, that are replicated by paedophile/infantophile [censored], and Jesus Christ even gets those who abuse us in bifurcations of timelines that are replicated and are bad, to slip into our bodies in those bifurcations.


Any of the Crosses that people go into are nothing compared to when we pass from this Earth. The Cross within me is not great, but is the best, because Jesus Christ helped me build this. But remember with all the crosses, that you will forget yourself, so it is important NOT to go into any of them if you can, especially the worst ones, because they will lose you for 1000s of years in ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARES. I think the Cross Prince George Windsor helped Jesus Christ build within me, is kind of like a vacation student or intern observing a company for a couple of weeks, EXTREMELY DETACHED, which means there is the least chance of people forgetting themselves in his Cross.


11.23am 25/09/2017


Survivor Borneo.


Lights Out For the Rich and the Famous song.


11.23am 25/09/2017


The show Lost – especially the last episode, from [blank – writer’s name]’s perspective.


[blank – writer’s name]: ‘Unfortunately the Joker’s Childrens lives are really painful, but rather stressing out, you just make the best of the cards you have, like in Texas Holdem Poker’


1800-273-8255 song by Alessia Cara and Khalid


[blank – writer’s name]: ‘It is so important for the Joker’s Children who are spinning black to FIGHT AS HARD AS THEY CAN to look after themselves, because it is those who know they are the Joker’s Children who know they can do the best For The Children.’ ‘We have to keep fighting until our children’s lives are as least painful as possible, and keep going until it is even less and less painful, by clearing out all those aiding and abetting paedophiles and infantophiles like [censored].


11.31am 25/09/2017


That story of [blank – writer’s name] playing that three team game in year 9 camp in Melbourne High School, and the flashlight game in that same night.


The song ‘What About Us’ by Pink.


11.37am 25/09/2017


The differentiation of Sara Marie from Big Brother and Sarah Marie Duffy the radio host.


This has all been random – only based on the trust built randomly during the 3rd drop on Nova, now during the 4th drop on Fox FM.


This is how the Joker’s Children has to work, creatively based on their own life experiences, based on their own lives and perspectives, as evident right now between space and time listening to Sarah Marie Duffy’s show, someone [blank – writer’s name] doesn’t know, and didn’t even know whether she was Sarah Marie from Big Brother or not until now.


11.40am 25/09/2017

The method of living For The Children, as the Jokers Children, is either directly for example when circumstances are easy to handle, like in real life, or in EXTREMELY CONTRADICTORILY INDIRECTLY in EXTREMELY CONTRADICTORY CIRCUMSTANCES.


11.43am 25/09/2017


Duff Beer – that guy in the Simpsons who drinks Duff Beer




Homer Simpson


Bart Simpson


I choose Homer Simpson


11.46am 25/09/2017


Maggie Simpson


Waylon Smithers


I choose Maggie Simpson


11.47am 25/09/2017


[blank – writer’s name]: ‘Communicating between space and time, you don’t know how old people are, or even when they are communicating from, eg. Eva Braun – the ‘Black Widow Spider’ ’


11.52am 25/09/2017


[blank – writer’s name]: ‘What I know:


–          CRAEII [how the word came]

o   ..

o   Read like a book

o   Angles

o   ..

o   In your mind

o   ..


–          What I know in laymen’s terms

o   We can be watched

o   We can be read like books for our lives

o   Our minds can be read

o   There can be shotgun insertions – thus children are most at risk, but you can kind of read the future by observing children, but as with everything, there are conflicting sources

o   Pupils – people can observe through your body

o   People can observe without feeling, or with feeling – but feeling is something the monarchy don’t have right now, but I think they do later, possibly not, it’s something Jesus Christ can make possible

o   Timeline

o   Weather

o   People can be set up to move so that circumstances conspire, in the worst circumstances sometimes, so you have to keep working

o   Weather can be conspired, so that a gust of wind hits your door at a precise moment

o   There is a war between sides for all of these, for different people

o   The Joker’s Children are the ones who are attacked the most

o   CRAEII Dolls – people can speak through other people’s bodies

o   Time can be stopped, elongated, fast forwarded

o   There is a ‘remote control’ that people can watch things, but like technologies, technologies improve over time, which is why Prince George Windsor has the advantage


And so I think Sarah Marie Duffy’s show has ended.


12.00pm 25/09/2017


[blank – writer’s name]:


‘What is history, is history, and what will become history, will be history one day.


For our timelines, you can’t change the future, but you can make the future.


Thus, if you sort fact from fiction, and triangulate what your facts are in life, you have to make your future, it doesn’t just happen, life is what we make of it, we have to play our cards like Texas Holdem Poker.’


The Bermuda Triangle Story.


12.04pm 25/09/2017


I think Sarah Marie Duffy’s show has ended now.


12.06pm 25/09/2017’


War of The Worlds.


The Sixth Sense.

The Crop movie by M. Night Shymalan who made The Sixth Sense.


The Sixth Sense.


12.08pm 25/09/2017




The Sensor-Intuition divide – but we all have both sensing and intuition, we just have to develop our tertiary/quarternary functions as in the Myer Briggs Type Indicator.


[blank – writer’s name]’s scope at this point in time:


[blank – writer’s name] is an INFP.


In [blank – writer’s name]’s opinion Princess Charlotte is an INFJ.


In [blank – writer’s name]’s opinion Prince George is an ESFJ.


In [blank – writer’s name]’s opinion Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s younger sister is an ISTP


In [blank – writer’s name]’s opinion Princess Diana is an INFP


In [blank – writer’s name]’s opinion Princess Kate is an ISFJ


In [blank – writer’s name]’s opinion Princess Meghan is an ESFJ


In [blank – writer’s name]’s opinion Prince Harry is an ESFP


In [blank – writer’s name]’s opinion William Windsor is a depraved ESFJ


In [blank – writer’s name]’s opinion Charles Windsor is a depraved ISFJ


In [blank – writer’s name]’s opinion [blank] is a depraved ESFJ


In [blank – writer’s name]’s opinion [blank]is an ISFP


In [blank – writer’s name]’s opinon [blank]is an ISFJ


Craig David – that Monday, Tuesday song


Shaggy – that song about days as well


12.18pm 25/09/2017


That Ice Hockey player who was the GOAT in Ice Hockey


Timmy Teebow – the GOAT in American Football, just remembered his name now


Jesus Christ, the GOAT


Jesus Christ, the GOAT


12.21pm 25/09/2017


‘I wish somebody would have told me [something], [something] the good old days’ song


12.21pm 25/09/2017


Fergalicous ‘My Humps’ song, and the ‘Shut up’ song with Will I am


And Will I Am ‘I’m a B’ song


Cheryl Cole’s song ‘3 Words’


Cheryl Cole’s song ‘3 Words’ – especially the Steve D’Angello remix with the cool video


12.25pm 25/09/2017


Aaron Rich took the air after Sarah Marie – at midday, and it is clear for everyone observing what Australian radio has been like for the last 8 years since the second drop, as seen by the choice of the song ‘Shut up’ by Will I Am and Fergalicious, with the lyrics ‘Stop the talking baby, or I start walking baby’, and how the Joker’s Children have to really have their scepticism at 100%, and not trust anyone at all. Because just like countries don’t define where the Joker’s Children are from, there is no one brand you can trust, you just have to determine who you can trust more than others, but there is no one you can trust at all.


12.32pm 25/09/2017


That story of Richie Rich and how there was a McDonald’s in the movie with Richie Rich, in Richie Rich’s house.


Does [blank – writer’s name] think there is a McDonalds in the Buckingham Palace? No.


12.34pm 25/09/2017


[blank – writer’s name], the White Tiger who Spins Black for the Jokers Children:


‘The music has taken a country turn, which indicates the egos of collectors are at work.


Joker’s Children, remember that although musicians that make the bigger time are more chiselled, your audit scepticism has to be at 100% all the time. They are more chiselled, because depending on the musician, their lyrics are from between space and time from Prince George Windsor, Princess Charlotte Windsor and their younger sister, or from others, and even then, their moods will change depending on their life stages and focus, and it is heavily influenced by the artists themselves – but shotgun insertions play a part in these things, just like the gusts of winds that can be directed to hit your door at a certain time, and people can be directed into your life at different times based on shotgun insertions, so can songs be directed based on a stew of shotgun insertions, and it is basically all creative, based on who is directed to different peoples’ lives at different macro-critical times in different people’s lives.


However, we all have free will, so really a lot of it at times is seeing how the ‘wind’ swings, to creatively determine the next moves in different scopes, including the scopes of shotgun insertions, which where there is a battle going on between those spinning white and those spinning black.’


12.45pm 25/09/2017


Aaron Rich isn’t the person taking the show today between Midday to 3pm, but it is a lady, who is abusing Aaron Rich’s name.


12.47pm 25/09/2017


The lady hosting Fox FM right now is a downright example of a RACIST.


12.54pm 25/09/2017


Ok kewl, it is still Sarah Maree Duffy/Cameron – just cause I started reading the Swedish Nazis stuff at midday – even Sarah Maree Duffy/Cameron is someone you can’t trust, hence indicating 100% audit scepticism.


12.58pm 25/09/2017


Thus for everyone who is observing this today – it is clear that your audit scepticism has to be at 100% – and you should just not listen to the radio, because everyone has their own agendas, and if you know you can communicate between space and time, then you’ve got to switch off and just listen to Itunes Radio.


13.00pm 25/09/2017


‘What you made me do … I don’t like you’ song. Taylor Swift song.


[blank – writer’s name]: ‘[cesnored] is a paedophile/infantophile abetter and assister, with clear scope of listening to ‘Shake it off’ outside Red Rooster during the 4th drop’.


13.02pm 25/90/2017


Caucasian Australia is now owned by [blank – writer’s name] due to the downright RACISM of Caucasians in Australia.


13.03pm 25/09/2017


Using Tomas Lindvist is the depths to which the infantophile/paedophile [censored] will stoop to.


13.13pm 25/09/2017


Jennifer Lopez – Jenny on the Block.


[blank – writer’s name]: ‘I don’t have scope. Do these radio guys have scope on what I’m remembering?’


‘Yes’ – unknown


[blank – writer’s name] ‘Ok, kewl’.


13.19pm 25/09/2017


Inspector Gadget


Get Smart


Agent 99 or Number 99


[blank – writer’s name] ‘That’s a clear message to Sarah Maree that she is a Joker’s Child, as I am, as seen by Prince George Windsor, so that’s a message to me as well’.


13.20pm 25/09/2017


[blank – writer’s name]: ‘Just like all groups at work or community groups go through the Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing, Adjourning stage, unfortunately I have to continually fly through different media and fly them down through the Storming stage, and getting a scope from Prince George Windsor, this is my best chance to fly down through the storming stage, so I’ve got to listen to the radio for a while now, because they can play my mum, who is a downright ‘baby’ ‘


Jenny From The Block song – I got the artist wrong before, Sarah Maree was actually referring to Jenny From the Block song by Jennifer Lopez, the other song, I’m not sure what it is, but they know, and I’ve already forgotten: [blank – writer’s name].


13.24pm 25/09/2017


Slave Owning

Animal Farm




Winnie the Pooh


Big Brother


1970s Australia


13.27pm 25/09/2017


Sarah Maree referring to [censored] – the paedophile/infantophile assister


And then playing Taylor Swift ‘In The Middle of The Night’.




13.34pm 25/09/2017


Ripped. Ptt-tt-too.


13.35pm 25/09/2017


Rugrats – Klasky Csupo


The Pied Piper with regards to Rats


The kid with the rat’s tail


13.49pm 25/09/2017


Nick Higgins, Pauline Hanson, Essex Heights Primary School and TTFM in 1997/1998.


13.50pm 25/09/2017


Fatboy Slim – with the dancing guy – that’s a message to Princess Meghan Markle: [blank – writer’s name].


13.56pm 25/09/2017


‘Quadrillions’ from Prince Harry Windsor to Meghan Markle.


13.58pm 25/09/2017






14.04pm 25/09/2017


Luke Ablett – Melbourne Demons.


14.04pm 25/09/2017


Newscast – Gumtree

Kookuburrah lived in the Old Gumtree

Kookuburrahs at [censored]


14.06pm 25/09/2017


Thanks for the confirmation from Tony Abbott that [blank – writer’s name] now owns Caucasians in Australia: [blank – writer’s name].


14.08pm 25/09/2017


Silent Night.


O Christmas Tree.


Jingle Bells.


Jingle Bell Rock.


Hawaii 5 O.


Amazing Grace.


Amazing Grace.


14.10pm 25/09/2017


Of the two sets of brothers, [blank – writer’s name] and [blank]are the two who make peace, even though it continually goes off and on at the early stages like where I was reading it, whereas Prince Harry Windsor and William Windsor are brothers who will never make peace and will continually drift further and further apart from now on, with Prince Harry committing an oath to try his best despite the extraordinarily pressure from those spinning white to continually pull the wool over his eyes about his nephew and nieces, to save Princess Kate Windsor and her offspring and Princess Meghan Windsor from the paedophile and infantophile [cesnored]. But unfortunately as [blank – writer’s name] has the scope – the pressure is fucking intense, which means if [blank – writer’s name] is feeling it from all the way here, I can’t imagine how fucking intense it is right at the coal face at location in the Buckingham Palace.


14.16pm 25/09/2017


Slow Hands – Niall Horan.


14.16pm 25/09/2017


Prince Harry Windsor is [blank – writer’s name]’s Nigger – it’s the [blank – writer’s name] Style.


14.18pm 25/09/2017


[blank – writer’s name] is Prince Harry Windsor’s Wigger, as well as Prince George and his siblings and his mother.


14.19pm 25/09/2017


Meghan Markle is [blank – writer’s name]’s Chigger – it’s the [blank – writer’s name] Style.


14.20pm 25/09/2017


That song ‘sun goes up, feel my love going … again’


14.20pm 25/09/2017


I UNDERSTAND: [blank – writer’s name].


14.22pm 25/09/2017


‘I was thinking about us, I was thinking about me’ song.


14.22pm 25/09/2017


‘So many battles going on my head, ignore all the ‘pollution’ in my head, and communicate to each other in person’: [blank – writer’s name].


14.25pm 25/09/2017


‘Close your eyes and sing his favourite song’ song.


14.27pm 25/09/2017


For The Children: [blank – writer’s name].


14.28pm 25/09/2017


Fifi and Fev: The chicken and the egg spiel. Fifi ‘I’ve had my mind blown’.


[blank – writer’s name]: ‘The egg came first, because of evolution, chickens evolved from other predecessor creatures, meaning that chickens evolved from earlier animals, meaning that the egg would have occurred first, containing the forms of chicken that evolved over time from the evolution of predecessor species’.


14.33pm 25/09/2017


‘I hope you’re somewhere praying, I hope you’re somewhere changing, I hope you find your peace’ song.


Absolute Faith – Just watch through the 4th drop in a detached fashion, which is still ongoing: [blank – writer’s name].


14.36pm 25/09/2017


[blank – writer’s name]: ‘The egg comes first, because for example, if two species cross-breed, then the chicken is born from those two species, thus the egg from the breeding of those species occurs, from which the chicken is hatched, thus meaning the egg came first’.


14.38pm 25/09/2017


‘[censored] – the paedophile and infantophile assister and abetter.


I have incredibly great scope on [censored] being a paedophile and infantophile assister and abetter – eg. [censored] while I was outside Red Rooster in Springvale during this 4th drop: [blank – writer’s name].


14.39pm 25/09/2017


‘I know exactly the scope I have on you, sociopathic Taylor Swift’ says [blank – writer’s name] to Taylor Swift.


14.40pm 25/09/2017


Bruno Mars – Versace on the Floor.


14.41pm 25/09/2017


‘Shake it Off’ line in Bruno Mars song Versace on the Floor.


‘I still have the same scope on Taylor Swift, based on your history of sociopathy aligned with my scope of Taylor Swift’s song ‘Shake it Off’ at Red Rooster in Springvale during the 4th drop’ says [blank – writer’s name] to Taylor Swift.


‘Lay down and die’ says Taylor Swift to [blank – writer’s name].


‘Why, so that you can continue to assist and abet paedophiles and infantophiles like [censored]?’ says [blank – writer’s name] to Taylor Swift.


‘You should simply just retreat from public life’ says [blank – writer’s name] to Taylor Swift.


14.44pm 25/09/2017


‘Lay down and die’ says Bruno Mars to [blank – writer’s name].


‘I have scope on your sociopathy as well Bruno Mars’ says [blank – writer’s name] to Bruno Mars.


‘Oh?’ says Bruno Mars in that Johnny Lin tonality.


‘Don’t let Taylor Swift drag you down’ says [blank – writer’s name] to Bruno Mars.


‘Billions’ says Bruno Mars to [blank – writer’s name], in referring to the fact that [blank – writer’s name] becomes a billionaire in this timeline.


That song with instrumental ‘de—de-de—de-de—de-de YEH, de—de-de—de-de—de-de YEH, de—de-de—de-de—de-de YEH, de—de-de—de-de—de-de YEH YEH,’


14.49pm 25/09/2017


Yeezies story from the wrong section, from William Windsor’s section.


Miss Independent Song


‘But thanks, we’ll use that in an extremely contradictory manner to point out which story is William Windsor’s. Ok, I’m understanding now that was the angry parts from Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Windsor. I get it, but you guys don’t get me.’ [blank – writer’s name].


14.53pm 25/09/2017


‘You’re a Nigger Meghan Markle, get over it’: [blank – writer’s name].


14.53pm 25/09/2017


‘Get your number, and I’ll get back to you’ song.


14.55pm 25/09/2017


Hamish and Andy’s ‘Unethical’ spiel.


14.58pm 25/09/2017


‘Why is there such tension over labels and words that had no meaning, before people’s offence to words and people’s putting offence to words then loaded these words such as Niggers and Curries, that can then be used to load a history of offence that can then be used to create a really easy highly loaded trigger that can be used to incite and kill Niggers in the United States of America such as with the shootings of Niggers by Wiggers?’: [blank – writer’s name].


15.01pm 25/09/2017


‘We all load a history of offence to words when we don’t take ownership of words to unload the history of offence placed to words by those who load offence to words and by those who accept the offence placed by those who place those offence to those words, unlike the Wogs in Australia, and the Curries in Australia, and Curry Niggers in Australia – hence Niggers have to take ownership of the beautiful strength and miracle that their history means to the fact that Niggers have survived to this point in history, through all the miracles surviving today after all the torrid history, the word torrid being an understatement, because there are no words to describe how torrid the history of Niggers are – which is the greatest indicator of how every Nigger alive right now is a miracle of such an intense history – which is only scratching the surface of how intensely strong the miracle of the history of Niggers are that there are so many miracles living right now today – which is taking true ownership of the fact that we are Niggers’: [blank – writer’s name]


Ed Sheeran song


‘Flashlight’ song.


15.09pm 25/09/2017


[blank – writer’s name] is a Tamil Tiger, a White Tiger: [blank – writer’s name].


15.11pm 25/09/2017


‘We’re gonna let it burn’ song.


15.12pm 25/09/2017



[blank – writer’s name] is a Joker’s Child, who spins Black, a Tamil Tiger who is rare, thus is a White Tiger: [blank – writer’s name].


15.14pm 25/09/2017


40,000+ genocide of Sri Lankan Tamils by Sri Lankan Sinhalese in 2009.


1800-273-8255 song by Alessia Cara and Khalid


15.16pm 25/09/2017


‘For God So Loved The World, He Gave His Only Son, Jesus Christ, To Die on The Cross For Our Sins’ John 3:16


15.16pm 25/09/2017


Dreamworld White Tigers in Queensland.


15.17pm 25/09/2017


Heath Ledger as the Joker – watch it from [blank – writer’s name]’s perspective, including Night at the Museum 2 with Robin Williams, and Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black Album: [blank – writer’s name].


15.19pm 25/09/2017


‘Tear up my reputation … baby there’s nothing holding me back’ song.


15.20pm 25/09/2017


‘This is the night’ 90s disco song


‘In the Darkness of the night’ song


‘In the Darkness of the night’ song


15.24pm 25/09/2017


‘Sorry, not sorry’ Sarah Maree Duffy/Cameron with laughter – Ptt-tt-too from a lot of other people.


Ends with news cast, where I turn the radio off: [blank – writer’s name].


15.29pm 25/09/2017


‘Now you know why I avoid media, especially live media’: [blank – writer’s name].


15.30pm 25/09/2017



15.31pm 25/09/2017


Fifi Box ‘Write down Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields, so that we all know what you’re talking about.


Kyle Sandiliands ‘WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM [blank – writer’s name]’


Kyle Sandilands to Princess Charlotte, imitating Princess Charlotte ‘Hi mama, I made a baby with my father’ in mocking tonality


Kyle Sandilands ‘Oh my God, he’s going to write that’


[blank – writer’s name]:


Peepli Live [in reference to the code of the timeline where [censored], and lets the foetus live past 24 weeks to consciousness of the baby and thus existence of the baby]


Watch Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields by Channel 4


‘You’re Dead’ says Kyle Sandilands to [blank – writer’s name] ‘Ptt-tt-too’


16.01pm 25/09/2017


Listening to Fox FM again, with newscast on.


16.02pm 25/09/2017


‘Drive Home’ by Carrie Bickmore and Tommy Little.


Waleed Aly is a TERRORIST: [blank – writer’s name] has the scope from The Project CRAEII Dolls.


Actually it is Ash London live


16.04pm 25/09/2017


Krusty the Clown


I didn’t do it boy Bart Simpson


‘A lot of deflection and projection going on’: [blank – writer’s name].


16.05pm 25/09/2017


‘Listening to the radio is like talking to a sociopath, and then talking sometimes to really nice people, and then back to talking to a sociopath, and back to sometimes really nice people, and repeat the cycle on and on’: [blank – writer’s name].


16.06pm 25/09/2017


Ash London is pretty much treating me like an animal from pre-1970s: [blank – writer’s name].


Wriggle Chewing Gum – Shotgun Insertion.


16.10pm 25/09/2017


The flies section in that part where I was reading it about World War 2, which William Windsor wrote based on what he has watched on World War 2 in all the timelines – in reference to coloureds being animals such as flies.


16.12pm 25/09/2017


‘That’s how racist Australia is, they’ve known a lot about this, but as seen by the scope of Malcolm Turnbull speaking as a CRAEII doll when Jason Derulo came on Fox FM, and Malcolm Turnbull in Parliament while I was watching the Australian Parliament speak about trying to revoke the racial discrimination Act, and as seen throughout the 4th drop with my communication to Malcolm Turnbull beyond space and time, and the fact that John Howard tried to kill me on the 13th of July 2006, that’s HOW RACIST AUSTRALIA IS’: [blank – writer’s name].


16.15pm 25/09/2017




Unforgettable song.


16.15pm 25/09/2017


Ed Sheeran ‘Shape of You’


Ash London trying to burn Ed Sheeran by trying burn Ed Sheeran with the word ‘Eclectic’ as read where I was reading it. Also referring to the Shania Twain song ‘feel like a man’ and saying that Ed Sheeran wrote two songs about Ash London.


Ash London is pinged for being a sociopath, which is typical of a lot of radio hosts.




16.21pm 25/09/2017




16.22pm 25/09/2017


Marbles spiel by Fifi Fev and Dave


It is clear from my scope aligned with the most racist time in history, which is now, that the racists are so butthurt that [blank – writer’s name] becomes Prime Minister of Australia between the ages of 62 to 75, that the racists spinning white are setting up World War 3 that starts between 2046 to 2049. And yet again, like with all other messes, [blank – writer’s name] is the reason why World War 3 ends.


This scope is clear by observing the racism of Nova on 24/09/2017, and Fox FM on 25/09/2017.


Ash London, and Malcolm Turnbull typify the type of racists that exists at this point in time for everyone observing between space and time. [White flash in eye]


16.28pm 25/09/2017


[blank – writer’s name] is the Joker’s child spinning black, who is a White Tamil Tiger.


16.29pm 25/09/2017




‘Don’t trust anyone, especially anyone who is of the opposite sex if racism is involved’: [blank – writer’s name]. ‘100% audit scepticism has to be maintained’.


16.31pm 25/09/2017


Ash Londons Telstra Bill thing about the old days as a hit on [blank – writer’s name], before Kesha’s song came on with Quavo [white flash in eye]; [blank – writer’s name]


‘[censored] is a paedophile and infantophile assister and abetter, as is [censored], assisting the paedophile and infantophile[censored]’: [blank – writer’s name].


16.37pm 25/09/2017


In 2010, the first overtly Nazi party won office in the world since World War 2, which was the Party of the Swedes in 2010 in Sweden: [blank – writer’s name].


16.41pm 25/09/2017


Speaking between space and time to Ash London – ‘Crucify me’ says Ash London to [blank – writer’s name], as a precursor for what’s to come with Ash London to Harry Styles.


‘Thanks Ash London, for helping me to help Princess Kate’s children, and understanding that it’s ok for me to attack your ego as you as a ‘Baby’ so that we can storm through the resistance from racists and paedophiles/infantophiles, but I understand now between space and time, that your perspective continually changes in the future’ says [blank – writer’s name] to Ash London between space and time.


16.47pm 25/09/2017




16.47pm 25/09/2017


‘Taylor Swift is dead to me.

Ash London, are you next?

Taylor Swift is a HAS-BEEN:’  [blank – writer’s name]

16.55pm 25/09/2017


To people observing between space and time – observe how successful Taylor Swift during 2017/2018 to see the indicator of racism at this time: [blank – writer’s name].


16.56pm 25/09/2017


I’m calling Donald Trump out by holding a gun to his head through my own history of communications between space and time: [blank – writer’s name].


17.04pm 25/09/2017


‘Feel free to call [blank – writer’s name] a ‘Brown Shit Turd Animal Curry Cunt Paedophile Infantophile Terrorist Racist in your heads as much as possible, or say it and shout it as much as possible in your own private space’: [blank – writer’s name].


17.11pm 25/09/2017


That’s both Ash London and Harry Styles, ptt-tt-too.


17.14pm 25/09/2017


‘Dead Cat’: [blank – writer’s name]


‘Feel free to say that in your heads as many times as possible, or say that or shout it as much as possible in your own private spaces, or whatever else you want’: [blank – writer’s name].


17.17pm 25/09/2017


‘Feel free to call [blank – writer’s name] a ‘Brown Shit Turd Nigger Animal Curry Cunt Paedophile Infantophile Terrorist Racist in your heads as much as possible, or say it and shout it as much as possible in your own private space’: [blank – writer’s name].


17.18pm 25/09/2017


To get to acceptance, you have to process all the seven stages of grief, for everything in your life, and it will be the longest time of your life, even though it is a short time, just like for me in December 2014 after the Sydney Siege Lindt Café incident: so the seven stages of grief are 1. Shock and Denial, 2. Pain and Guilt, 3. Anger and Bargaining 4. Depression, Reflection and Loneliness, 5. Upwards Turn, 6. Reconstruction and working through, 7. Acceptance – but you have to really throw yourself into those things, and find a safe space away from others, cause Anger and Bargaining is the hardest phase to go through and it can damage relationships, so keep your family and friends safe: [blank – writer’s name]


Joy spiel with Ash London and Harry Style


17.23pm 25/09/2017


Ash London’s sociopathic I love you spiel to Harry Styles.


The ‘script writers’ are coming from ‘messages in bottles’ from Prince George Windsor and his siblings, however there is a battle going on between those spinning white and the Joker’s children who spin black: [blank – writer’s name].


17.30pm 25/09/2017


I just got the whole thing with ‘Harry Styles’ where I was reading it: [blank – writer’s name] aka ‘It’s the [blank – writer’s name] Style’


Obviously there are a lot of ‘forces’ being created by those spinning white in order to try and burn me, but yet still I keep surviving and holding on to my identity: [blank – writer’s name]


17.32pm 25/09/2017


The whole thing about:

Taylor Swift’s song ‘Style’


Harry ‘Styles’


And [blank – writer’s name] ‘It’s the [blank – writer’s name] Style’


‘Obviously a lot of those spinning white hate the fact of my authenticity that can be seen in my Australian Idol audition in 2005, which those spinning white are struggling to rewrite the brilliance of the authenticity of what I said at that time ‘It’s the [blank – writer’s name] Style, you gotta put it there’, because it has intense significance for the authority [censored] is trying to assert over his children so that he can continue his infantophilia and paedophilia by statutorily raping them’: [blank – writer’s name].


17.36pm 25/09/2017




Hamish and Andy carwash spiel


‘Ooh .. I can feel it’ song


Funky spiel by Ash London


17.41pm 25/09/2017


St Nicholas story.


Kwanza story.


Ash London’s spiel about Nick Jonas.


17.42pm 25/09/2017


Nick Jonas song: ‘Where to find you’ song.


17.43pm 25/09/2017


Taylor Swift – Style


Harry ‘Styles’


‘It’s the [blank – writer’s name] Style’


‘It’s the [blank – writer’s name] Style’


17.45pm 25/09/2017


Cat’s Eyes Marbles


Second time Fifi and Fev’s spiel on Marbles came on.


17.49pm 25/09/2017


FAC004 in 2009 racing through lights during 2nd drop Hamish and Andy – the greyhound


Hamish and Andy spiel on parodying songs


18.00pm 25/09/2017


Hamish and Andy are possibly going to Hell – and they can watch the 4th drop to understand the significance of that.


Hamish and Andy’s spiel on ‘story us’ song parody


18.02pm 25/09/2017


[blank – writer’s name] is alive in extraordinarily contradictory circumstances against all the people trying to kill him – and he continues to help the people who try to KILL him, like literally KILL him: [blank – writer’s name].


‘It’s pretty exhausting, but Jesus is the best teacher of love to me’: [blank – writer’s name].


18.04pm 25/09/2017


Ash London’s spiel on Abby and Tracy on their opinion of Harry Style and Draco that confirms what I already read between space and time.


18.10pm 25/09/2017


Ash London spiel on 5, 10, 15 years ago, and emphasis on ‘SMASH’ in terms of Smash Hits, with regards to the song played, as in Ash London wants to KILL [blank – writer’s name]


‘We ain’t ever getting older’ song [eye flash].


‘Doesn’t make sense, I’m the one holding a gun to Donald Trump’s [eye flash] head to do his job and stop nukes from happening by keeping him accountable through my facebook status on August 14th 2017, with additional comments’: [blank – writer’s name].


18.13pm 25/09/2017


Flashback to what Ash London said between space and time: ‘That Nigger’


[blank – writer’s name] ‘Yep, that nigger, saving it for all of us, in extraordinarily contradictory circumstances’.


18.13pm 25/09/2017




‘You’re Fucked Ash London and Taylor Swift’: [blank – writer’s name].


To all those observing between space and time, this is what I have to deal with, to stop people like Donald Trump from doing stupid shit, by doing what I can in extraordinarily contradictory circumstances. This adds greater and greater evidence that I am the reason why no nukes are occurring in this timeline, despite the fact that people have continuously tried to KILL me: [blank – writer’s name].


18.17pm 25/09/2017


[censored] are Paedophiles and Infantophiles after that, assisting [censored] to fuck his children in statutory rape, thus having an intense impact on paedophilia and infantophilia AROUND THE WORLD.




18.18pm 25/09/2017


Battle Scars – Guy Sebastian.


18.19pm 25/09/2017


[censored] are Paedophiles and Infantophiles after that, assisting [censored] to fuck his children in statutory rape, thus having an intense impact on paedophilia and infantophilia AROUND THE WORLD.




18.19pm 25/09/2017


Calling Time on [cesnored] for their paedophilia and infantophilia: [blank – writer’s name].


*Points to gold clock with grey face in reference to William Windsor 27th January 2008, with reference to the Joker’s Children and 22/01/2008*: [blank – writer’s name].


18.21pm 25/09/2017


Battle Scars – Guy Sebastian.


18.22pm 25/09/2017


‘All these beautiful girls … they’ll have you in denial’ song.


18.23pm 25/09/2017


Ash London’s spiel on Avril Lavigne – proving Ash London is a sociopath burning people, like a lot of radio jockeys do.


18.27pm 25/09/2017


Why does everything have to be so complicated – Avril Lavigne


18.29pm 25/09/2017


Ricki Lee the artist in those stories


Ricky Lee the talk show host


Jerry Springer the talk show host


The Maury Povich host


Ash London’s spiel on bathroom


Transfer from [blank – writer’s name] to Ash London – eg. 13th of July 2006: ptt-tt-too.


18.48pm 25/09/2017


Foo Fighters.




Remember Heath Ledger.


18.49pm 25/09/2017


Blue and Yellow Purple Hills – D12 and Eminem.


18.50pm 25/09/2017


Australian Survivor ‘If You Mess With Me, You Go Home’ Line.


For everyone observing between space and time, this is the extent to which people are so threatened by me, they are trying to collect a lot of things that people love about me, to use against me, like Harry Styles, and Survivor.


Remember, continue to BURN [blank – writer’s name], cause while they are focused on me and I distract them, the Joker’s Children can do their work to reduce Paedophilia and Infantophilia by William Windsor to Prince George Windsor and his siblings – BUT REMEMBER, INACTION LEADS TO ROOM FOR EVIL TO GROW.


18.53pm 25/09/2017


Ash and Brock and Misty from Pokemon.


The London palace guards.




18.55pm 25/09/2017


The movie Psycho


Alfred Hitchcock’s particular story.


This is the Awakening: [blank – writer’s name].


18.56pm 25/09/2017


Wake with regards to spirituality.


Wake with regards to funerals.




18.56pm 25/09/2017


Thames River.


Mr Bean the Movie.


Big Ben.




Geelong Cats




18.58pm 25/09/2017


‘Nervous Laughter’ communicating between space and time with Hamish and Andy: [blank – writer’s name].


Arabic spiel Hamish and Andy.


18.58pm 25/09/2017


[censored] right now is proof that the paedophiles and infantophiles and paedophile assisters and abetters assisting and abetting [censored] the paedophile and infantophile who is using the fawning world giving him power to fuck his children in statutory rape, are the ones who are winning.


Arabic spiel Hamish and Andy continuing.


19.01pm 25/09/2017


‘WAKE UP YOU FUCKING CUNTS’ says [blank – writer’s name] during Hamish and Andy spiel.




Lleyton Hewitt and Bec Hewitt ‘Cmon Story’.


19.02pm 25/09/2017


The Hooley Dooleys.


‘Wake Up Jeff’ by The Wiggles.


Hi 5.


19.05pm 25/09/2017


‘What’s in the Box’ tv show.


Cheez TV.


That exercise show before Cheez TV.


Dragonball Z.










19.07pm 25/09/2017


The ‘I Love You’ between space and time from Ash London to [blank – writer’s name], because she was circled, after getting a lot of people killed, and she wanted to confuse people from the blood on her hands, thus being the story of the weird guy [eye flash] doing the weird kiss like I saw on that show, where Ash London is the weird guy, doing the random weird kiss when threatened to another guy.


Boot Camp – the TV show, with two Moriarty’s, one male and one female.


19.17pm 25/09/2017


Ash London is dudder for life: [blank – writer’s name].


Taylor Swift is dudder for life: [blank – writer’s name].


Ptt-tt-too: [blank – writer’s name].


19.18pm 25/09/2017




19.19pm 25/09/2017




19.20pm 25/09/2017


Timelines: [blank – writer’s name].


19.21pm 25/09/2017


Absolute Faith: [blank – writer’s name].


19.21pm 25/09/2017


The hypothesis that the worst racism comes from Caucasian Females due to Passive-Aggressiveness.


19.25pm 25/09/2017


Evidenced by the random unconscious bias experiment on Happn of 1 out of 4017 people liking back a like I gave them, purely done to study the racism of females.


‘I am actively aggressive when I have to be, unlike a lot of Caucasian females who are PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE’: [blank – writer’s name].


As evidenced by the turn in Sarah Maree Duffy/Cameron at midday when I started reading about Swedish Nazis, and Ash London after Sarah Maree said ‘Sorry not Sorry’ and laughed [eye flash] about 40,000 dead Sri Lankan Tamils in the genocide of Sri Lankan Tamils by Sri Lankan Sinhalese in 2009, and Ash London continuing even while I was trying to help her, while I read about Swedish Nazis intermittently: [blank – writer’s name].




I am an Alpha Male, Unlike Passive Aggressive Beta Males, and Aggressive but Incompassionate Theta Males: [blank – writer’s name].


19.30pm 25/09/2017


Clementine Ford is a Gamma female.


Ash London is a Delta female.


Taylor Swift is a Delta female.


Delta Goodrem potentially is an Alpha female – that story on Delta Goodrem; potentially a Beta female, but definitely not a Theta female.


19.32pm 25/09/2017


The Em Rusciano show with Harley Breen: Producer James spiel.




The scene.


As humiliating as it is, passing the message on about Caesar, the thumbs up from ‘Caesar’ which is Prince George Windsor and his siblings between space and time, because of [blank – writer’s name]’s scope on Em Rusciano and Harley Breen, directed to Harley Breen and Em Rusciano.


Cleopatra bathing in milk story.


Et tu Brute story, with regards to Fox FM placing the Ash London ad while writing this.


‘Don’t forget your children, nephews and nieces’: [blank – writer’s name], directed to Fox FM managers, ptt-tt-too, with regards to choosing to help a paedophile/infantophile in [censored] and all his siblings who the paedophile/infantophile [censored] is trying to assert control over. ‘And also the fact that this is Prince George Windsor and his siblings awakening, meaning they have a bigger effect now between space and time, and they already have had an affect, and they have access to better ‘technology’ because of time and the fact they are younger.


19.49pm 25/09/2017


I understand the fact that they’ve communicated to me that unfortunately the Gladiators Caesar thumbs up thumbs down thing is how a lot of people understand it, even they know I think all people are equal, thus it is just a signal to people who believe in the Animal Hierarchy Theory of Human Communities: [blank – writer’s name].


‘Jesus loved all the children in the world equally’ – From the Bible: [blank – writer’s name].


19.51pm 25/09/2017


Post Malone’s ‘Rockstar’ song.


19.52pm 25/09/2017


It’s not the Em Rusciano show with Harley Breen, but it is Keegs.


19.54pm 25/09/2017


The fact that I’ve been communicated between space and time that I’ve can ‘audit’ radio when I can: [blank – writer’s name]. Ptt-tt-too.


19.55pm 25/09/2017


I’m way too good at Goodbyes song by Sam Smith.


Prince George blessing, and realising at that point between space and time that [blank – writer’s name] is serious about the fact that [blank – writer’s name] has been communicating between space and time to Jesus Christ.


‘My heart is beating I can’t see clear’ song.


20.01pm 25/09/2017


Apparently I’m on the death list of a lot of Nazi groups, including the Swedish Nazi groups, like in the fashion of the journal Werwolf in 1995, published by the National Socialists in Goteberg (NS-Goteberg) and Combat 18: [blank – writer’s name].


20.06pm 25/09/2017


I’m obviously the reason for a lot of deaths of Nazis, both in the past, present, and more greatly in the future as momentum builds: [blank – writer’s name].


20.07pm 25/09/2017


[blank – writer’s name]: ‘I’m racist, you’re racist, we’re all racist. Cut the tensions of racism, by processing the grief of all aspects of race, and move from the denial stage of racism, towards the stage of acceptance of racism of all of us, SO THAT WE CAN ACTUALLY REDUCE OUR RACISM, BY ACTUALLY RECOGNISING OUR RACISM’.


‘It was a fucking delusion’ song playing as I write this: [blank – writer’s name].


20.11pm 25/09/2017


Actually Perfect Illusion song by Lady Gaga.


Poker Face song by Lady Gaga – in reference to 2006 at the time of my car crash, same time I saw that song ‘Always Worth It’ by Sarah Blasko.


The Lady Gaga spiel when I was writing the paragraph above.


20.13pm 25/09/2017


Macklemore and Kesha’s song ‘Good old days’.


Macklemore Thrift shop story


20.26pm 25/09/2017


IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad has links to Nazism, joining the New Swedish Movement (NSR) in 1942, with the NSR’s organ ‘The Way Forward’ Vagen Framat described IKEA in 1991 as a corporate project in line with National Socialist ideology and praised Kamprad’s loyalty to the ideals of his youth – with the National Socialists being a left leaning Nazi organisation, with anti-capitalism focus and anti-clericalism focus as a left leaning Nazi organisation: [blank – writer’s name].


20.31pm 25/09/2017


‘I’ve been open’ song.


20.31pm 25/09/2017


1800-273-8255 song by Alessia Cara and Khalid


20.33pm 25/09/2017


Sweden maintained a position of neutrality during the Second World War, as such, it acted as a major supplier of raw materials for Hitler’s military, laundered the gold from Holocaust victims, and often failed to provide adequate asylum for refugees including the near-completely exterminated Norwegians Jews. Some Swedes even volunteered with the Waffen SS: [blank – writer’s name] appropriating Wikipedia.


Because of Sweden’s wartime neutrality, Sweden never experienced the outright bans on Nazism and propaganda of the Axis powers. National Socialist parties are still allowed to campaign for office. It was only in 1994 that amendment to major legislation occurred where racist motivations for crime were made as aggravating circumstances, AND IT WAS ONLY IN 1996 THAT THE SWEDISH SUPREME COURT RULED THAT THE DISPLAY OF A SWASTIKA COULD BE CONSIDERED INCITEMENT: [blank – writer’s name] appropriating Wikipedia.


Time has been called on Sweden by Prince George Windsor and his siblings and their supporters.


The Lifeline spiel by Keegs [triple flashes of light in green, red and yellow, all mixed in the different flashes]


The ‘What About Us’ song by Pink.


20.43pm 25/09/2017


‘It’s an obvious thumbs up, but as mentioned about the Joker’s Children, the Joker’s Children should use their life experience to direct their free will how they want For The Children’: [blank – writer’s name].


20.45pm 25/09/2017


The story of Nicholas Cage, an INFP.


The song ‘I don’t like you’ by Taylor Swift.


The message between space and time that nothing is guaranteed: [blank – writer’s name].


20.48pm 25/09/2017




20.49pm 25/09/2017


Things have immediately taken the worse for Keegs – which I guess is the reason why despite my compassion, I’ve been given the message between space and time that nothing is guaranteed, with regards to ‘obvious thumbs up’, because there is no such thing as letters of details, and with continuing new information, there is nothing stopping changes – and all history is evident, including the evidence of the Taylor Swift song being played after the ‘thumbs up’, which garners incredible information on the intentions of Keegs, and leads towards stringing out more information on Keegs, especially in the context of reading about Swedish Nazism, which gives incredible bad context to Keegs: [blank – writer’s name].


The story of Simon Cowell in the angry stories section.


Harry Styles song ‘We are not who we used to be’.


Keegs continuous spiel on Ash London’s interview with Harry Style.


20.54pm 25/09/2017


Night Changes song during 3rd drop: [blank – writer’s name].


20.56pm 25/09/2017


‘Hope’ communication between space and time with Harry Styles and Prince George Windsor as mediated through [blank – writer’s name], in extraordinarily contradictory circumstances of Keegs who is angry with [blank – writer’s name] playing Ash London’s interview with Harry Styles, Ash London who wants to KILL [blank – writer’s name]: [blank – writer’s name].


20.59pm 25/09/2017


Be Humble By Kendrick Lamar


As in Keegs 5 song spiel, as a hit towards [blank – writer’s name]: [blank – writer’s name].




21.24pm 25/09/2017


Keegs played ‘In the Middle of the Night’ by Taylor Swift.


DEAD: [blank – writer’s name].


21.26pm 25/09/2017


Racism is so rife in Australia, this has just become a ‘game’ to see how long it takes for radio hosts to run themselves down to dudder, thus determining how much they will be killed, with reference to the 13th of July 2006 as led by John Howard, Prime Minister of Australia at that time: [blank – writer’s name].


21.38pm 25/09/2017


The song ‘Glorious’.


Melanie Howard’s Stillborn Baby.


Keegs spiel with the producer laughing about [blank – writer’s name] writing about Melanie Howard’s Stillborn Baby.





Selena Gomez’s song ‘Bad Liar’ played by Keegs.


‘Remember Melanie Howard’s ‘stillborn baby’ in 2009’: [blank – writer’s name].


‘With all these ‘insertions’, your lives could be affected in different ways, and this is the Awakening, so although it will be fucking hard for the Joker’s children, it will be a turning point, one of many, and remember, ABSOLUTE FAITH’: [blank – writer’s name].


‘Remember Melanie Howard’s misery over the end of her 5 year marriage’: [blank – writer’s name].


21.44pm 25/09/2017


Remember Azalea – Ptt-tt-too


21.54pm 25/09/2017


‘We’re smarter, we have much more precise point ‘guns’ like the guns pointed at Melania Howard’: [blank – writer’s name].


21.57pm 25/09/2017


‘I know you are very genuinely happy in your marriage Melania Howard 😉 ‘: [blank – writer’s name].


21.58pm 25/09/2017


I’m Way Too Good and Goodbyes – Sam Smith


21.59pm 25/09/2017


And so that ends Keegs show, and producer James show.


22.00pm 25/09/2017


Just read this in the article about Melania Howard’s first marriage:


The couple chose two bible readings, from Colossians and from Romans 12:9, “Let love be genuine . . . love must be sincere”.


–          [blank – writer’s name].


22.02pm 25/09/2017




ABSOLUTE FAITH: [blank – writer’s name].


22.03pm 25/09/2017


Peter Schwab sends his greetings to John Winston Howard, as do Ben Cousins and Brendan Fevola: [blank – writer’s name].


22.04pm 25/09/2017


Collective Noun radio show has started: [blank – writer’s name].


22.05pm 25/09/2017


Dustin Martin sends his greetings to John Winston Howard: [blank – writer’s name].


22.07pm 25/09/2017


Survivor spiel by Collective Noun radio show.


Extremely Subtle Image Insertion of Dustin Martin after kicking a goal.


‘Never going to sleep alone’ song.


22.08pm 25/09/2017


Lance ‘Buddy’ Franklin sends his greetings to John Winston Howard, as do Joel Selwood and Geelong Cats Players of their own choosing, especially Stephen Motlop: [blank – writer’s name].


22.20pm 25/09/2017


Matthew Scarlett sends his greetings to John Winston Howard, as do Cameron Ling, and Cameron Mooney, as well as Josh Hunt, and Leigh Colbert, and Clint Bizzell, and Liam Pickering, and Buddha ‘Whiskas’ Hocking, and Gary Ablett Junior, and Nathan Ablett, as well as David Mensch, and Ben Graham: [blank – writer’s name]


22.14pm 25/09/2017


Possum spiel by Collective noun radio show: [blank – writer’s name].


Referring to the fact that [blank – writer’s name] is the possum in the radio show’s car: [blank – writer’s name].


EVIDENCE OF RACISM OF AUSTRALIA: [blank – writer’s name].




22.16pm 25/09/2017


[blank] sends her greetings to John Winston Howard: [blank – writer’s name].


22.20pm 25/09/2017


ABSOLUTE FAITH: [blank – writer’s name]

23 September 2017

Due to the patriarchal, perverse culture of the Subcontinent, this places Subcontinental males at the bottom of the heap.


You get a lot of freaks as a result from the Subcontinental males.


Due to the apathetic, perverse culture of Asians, this places Asian males second from the bottom of the heap.


You get a lot of freaks as a result from the Asian males.


Due to the perverse culture of the Caucasus, this places the Caucasus in the middle of the road.


You get a lot of freaks as a result from the Caucasian males.


Due to the patriarchal culture of the Africans, this places African males fourth from the bottom of the heap.


You get a number of freaks as a result from the African males.


Due to the apathetic culture of the South Americans, this places South American males fifth from the bottom of the heap.


You get a number of freaks as a result from the South American males.


13.29pm 23/09/2017


The Nordic countries are the most racist countries in the world. As triangulated by:


–          The third drop 2015

–          The study on Swedish fascism in the fourth drop

–          The buffet excursion at Rotorua in 2012, especially with the vote of the lighter skinned Maori versus the darker skinned Maori

–          [blank] from Norway in the third drop

–          The guy on facebook trying to get me to read something about Nazism in the Monarchy

–          Despite the fact that Nordic countries have a large number of female representation, this piece just read during the 4th drop



Denmark is on notice, because it is the only country that has any form of an inkling of trust with me, due to Princess Mary being from Tasmania, however Tasmania is the only state with the complete genocide of Aboriginals.


14.28pm 23/09/2017


My Target is Fascism, originating from the Nordic countries.


14.31pm 23/09/2017


Country Women in parliament (%)
1 Rwanda                  63.8
2 Bolivia                  53.1
3 Cuba                  48.9
4 Seychelles                  43.8
5 Sweden                  43.6
6 Senegal                  42.7
7 South Africa                  41.9
8 Ecuador                  41.6
9 Finland                  41.5
10 Iceland                  41.3



Evidence on the role of females on racism, as seen from the Nordic countries, as juxtaposed by the sexism that comes from Subcontinental countries, that put those males at the bottom of the heap.


Thus to strike a blow at Fascist Nordic countries, the person they are most clearly afraid of, is someone like me, [blank – writer’s name].


I need China’s help, please.


But the homeostasis has to be a power share led by Russia, shared between Russia, India, China and the United States of America.


14.36pm 23/09/2017


[blank – writer’s name]primary gun is on Sweden/Norway/Iceland/Finland/Greenland/Estonia, with Denmark on notice.


[blank – writer’s name]’s secondary gun is on Indonesia.


[blank – writer’s name]’s tertiary gun is on Sri Lanka.


14.54pm 23/09/2017


Denmark initiated the roller doors for this timeline, which the Nordic countries followed – indicating that success has already been achieved in the Constant’s timeline.


15.00pm 23/09/2017


Denmark has taken the road of Cyprus with regards to Ada Nicodemou, there doesn’t even have to be any words for Lithuania.


Estonia is hazy. Triangulated by the brief appearance most especially with regards to it’s attachment to SWEDEN during the fourth drop. Triangulated back to the third drop, with it’s constant reference to the Estonian girl during the trip to New Zealand in 2012. Estonia is sold to the Nordic countries, but what I’m not sure of is whether they; the Nordics; are trying an extremely contradictory move to gain traction.


Those on the Nordic’s side are already Nulls. The only way to get out of being a Null if on the Nordic’s side is to cannibalise the Nordics within their side, if you are in the Nordic’s side.


15.05pm 23/09/2017


The only country I am spying for is the United States of America. Because I am loyal, like that [blank] moment.


15.14pm 23/09/2017


There is that ‘Blue Belle’ moment that I am trying to remember from 22/09/2017.


15.15pm 23/09/2017


Japan is consigned to dust, for eternity, as compared to Germany, who are Nulls.


As triangulated by Japan’s inwards migration rates.


Subcontinental men are dust, for eternity, because of things like what happened in Germany after their inwards migration for Syrian refugees.


15.20pm 23/09/2017

Clear out the muslims from Indonesia. 202.9m muslims in Indonesia, 87.2% of the population.


The use of Chinese in Indonesisa was discouraged for 32 years between 1966 to 1998.


Chinese make up 1.1965% of the population of Indonesia. This is 2,832,510 of a population of 236,728,379.


Chinese make up 4.97795% of the population of Australia. This is 1,213,903 of a population of 24,385,600.


16.12pm 23/09/2017


Australia are outpacing Indonesia by 416.04% in terms of Chinese citizens of Australia, thus giving rise to many Australian citizens of Chinese Ancestry.


If Australia had the population size of Indonesia of 236,728,379, there would be 11,784,220 Australian citizens of Chinese Ancestry. That is 8,951,710  more Australian citizens of Chinese Ancestry than Indonesia has citizens of Chinese Ancestry.




16.18pm 23/09/2017




Although most Chinese Indonesians are descended from Hans Chinese, the majority of their gene pool comes from Hokkien and Hakka, and Cantonese; who populated Indonesia in much greater numbers than the original small contingent of Hans Chinese – meaning that the majority of the Chinese Indonesians heritage come from the Hokkien in Fujian China, the Hakka in Guangdong China, and the Cantonese from Hong Kong; however to a much smaller percentage, because they didn’t migrate to Indonesia in any measure of the numbers that the Fujian Hokkiens and the Guangdong Hakkas did – meaning Hans China has no interest in Indonesia, unlike Australia – which has an incredibly greater gene pool from Hans China as of this current date.


16.29pm 23/09/2017


Qin China,


Baoqian duiyu yiqie.


Ai Cong,

[blank – writer’s name].


16.40pm 23/09/2017




16.51pm 23/09/2017


[blank – writer’s name] has an alliance with Prince George Windsor.


16.54pm 23/09/2017


I need China’s help, please.


But the homeostasis has to be a power share led by Russia, shared between Russia, India, the United States of America, and China.


21.03pm 23/09/2017


How I Met Your Mother and Desperate Housewives – Eva Longoria carrying the Yellow Umbrella For The Children.


21.12pm 23/09/2017


Sweden, Norway and Iceland are consigned to dust.


21.48pm 23/09/2017


Under the Eyes of God, it is extremely hard for Dust to enter the gates of heaven, Guilty until proven Innocent.


21.51pm 23/09/2017


[blank – writer’s name] to Sweden, Norway and Iceland: ‘Rot in hell for the rest of your eternity, lower than the coal surface, where I will be laughing in your faces at the idiocy of you monkey buffoons whenever I feel like it, for the rest of my eternity’. ‘Remember, biologically as humans, we all feel the same potential of pain or peace, however our pain is multiplied depending on how low a level in hell we are compared to here on Earth [and I want you to think about that in light of the time I was in the psychiatric ward due to Johnny Shit Howard who will be rotting in hell as well], and our peace is multiplied depending on how high a level in heaven we are compared to here on Earth. Burn.’.


21.56pm 23/09/2017


Think about below the coal surface, just like I know it during this 4th drop.


22.13pm 23/09/2017


If You Are The One has to be one of the shittest shows, Communist at that – and I have to continue watching this, not only for Jesus Christ’s sake to show people to Jesus Christ, but for the sake of asking China for help with defeating Nordic Fascism, for their own sake as well as for all of ours as well.


22.21pm 23/09/2017


Hi China. I don’t think you understand [blank – writer’s name]. The more you pick and be mean, the more I will crucify you.


22.30pm 23/09/2017


Hua Jia is the reason why China will become so poor, they will have to eat each other on the street markets of China, because the only food left will be Human flesh.


You’ve been warned China. I’ve asked nicely, but now I demand subservience in order to defeat Nordic Fascism. Everything will be remember, every subtle hit, as I determine how I hard I hit China, and if I even let China into the foray once they are crucified in War.


It won’t be [blank – writer’s name] coming to China, it will be China coming to [blank – writer’s name], so I demand respect for my intelligence, otherwise it builds to a stockpile towards building towards the human street meat markets in the streets of China.


22.33pm 23/09/2017


[blank – writer’s name] will be Prime Minister of Australia between the ages of 62 and 75, while World War 3 is going on, from the Greens Party. You’ve been warned China. Get on side, or prepared to be left to be massacred.


All it takes is to extricate me from your shambles, so the focus is on just every day shit for China, rather than me. Every subtle hit is noticed, I’m the Bloodhound.


22.38pm 23/09/2017


That was all during episode 49 of If You Are The One.


22.40pm 23/09/2017


The Christian Fish sign from the start of the 4th Drop from Christian China on If You Are The One.

Thank you Christian China, I will continue to fight for you.


23.41pm 23/09/2017


[blank], born on [censored], will pass to the afterlife at the age of 84 years old.


[blank – writer’s name] will pass to the afterlife at the age of 93 on the 23/10/2077.


[blank] will become a centenarian.


12.03am 24/09/2017




King Kong


Taare Zameen Par


Rebecca Black’s Friday


Donald Bradman


Married With Children


True Love – Coldplay’s Song


Sing, Sing, Sing


03.20am 24/09/2017


American Beauty – Moments explains it all to me.


03.22am 24/09/2017


If there were five kids – it would all get split equally, except ENTP son’s share goes to ENTP son’s oldest sister, she is the doler. Unless there is only three kids – then 60% goes to the youngest, and the other 40% goes to the oldest sister, as the doler to the ENTP son, because I have free will. Or if there were four kids, then the youngest two would get 30% each, because I have free will. If there were six kids, the youngest four would get 60%, and the oldest two would get 40%.


03.41am 24/09/2017


YuGiOh came before Yogo.


03.38am 24/09/2017


Or perhaps if there were three kids, it would get split equally, and for every child after the first two, they would share the last third between each other.


03.44am 24/09/2017


I didn’t want to get married or have kids, but obviously Princess Charlotte wants me to.


03.46am 24/09/2017




11.56am 24/09/2017


Mr T ‘I pity the fool] [it’s just a signal]

‘Whatchutalking about’ boy [it’s just a signal]


The Brady Brunch


12.00pm 24/09/2017






Beck and call [Lleyton Hewitt and Bec Hewitt]


Bass Fish that sings


12.09pm 24/09/2017


Cod liver oil


12.10pm 24/09/2017


Kerry Packer and his air pilot’s kidney


12.10pm 24/09/2017


Heroes. The girl who cries black tears. Reminder of the black heart.


Wind Beneath My Wings.


Can’t fight the moonlight.


That song ‘Lady, give me good life, cause my feeling is just so right’


That song ‘Whoohoo’


Whoohoo in the game Sims 2


12.13pm 24/09/2017


Proof that my children exist because of Princess Charlotte and her younger sister.


Hence I’m at their beck and call.


However – knowing how tight-fisted the monarchists are, you already know it with regards to the afterlife.


Hope and Bo Days of Our Lives.


The Doctor and that lady Days of Our Lives.


12.15pm 24/09/2017



Happy Families.










12.22pm 24/09/2017


Scooby Dooby Doo.


12.23pm 24/09/2017


Still in the Sick Bin – eg. Sin Bin Ice Hockey.


Air Hockey with regards to that present I gave my friend from St Kevins in Good Shepherd Catholic School.


12.25pm 24/09/2017


Skipping stones in water to create ripples.


I have Absolute Faith in the Afterlife.


Feeding water birds food at a pond or lake.


12.26pm 24/09/2017


The Abacus with regards to counting.


12.28pm 24/09/2017


Forrest Gump – Life is Like a Box of Chocolates.


The Green Mile.


12.29pm 24/09/2017






That bird thing that drops in water


The ABC show Rage


Every Tear is a Waterfall




Khabhi Kushi Kabhi Gum


Kal Ho Na Ho


Tumhi Dekho Naa Yegha Ho Ghaya [that movie]


12.34pm 24/09/2017


Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna.


12.35pm 24/09/2017




That movie with that guy and that girl in the rain.


12.36pm 24/09/2017


Wilsons Tennis Balls.


That Tennis game with Djokovic and the other guy who I was supporting in 2008.






What’s the Time Mr. Wolf.


12.38pm 24/09/2017


Rainbow flavour ice cream.


Paddle Pop ice cream like at the Melbourne Gaol.


Golden Gaytime Krusher.

12.40pm 24/09/2017


Arches – from McDonalds.




12.41pm 24/09/2017


Shearing sheep.


The joke about New Zealanders having sex with sheep.


The didgeridoo player in the Sydney Harbour.


Pinpoint – like that story about the princess who slept on a bed with a pea underneath the mattress.


Goldilocks and the three bears.


Kelloggs Just Right.


Special K.


Coco Pops.


12.44pm 24/09/2017






Kangaroo and Emu.


Country that eats its national animal – Australia.


12.45pm 24/09/2017


Bedroom and Broomsticks.


Mary Poppins.


Mrs Doubtfire.


ET Extraterrestial.


How I Met Your Mother – Yellow Umbrella.

St Patricks Day episode How I Met Your Mother.


12.48pm 24/09/2017


That lady who wanted to die her hair black in the hairdresser.


Kath and Kim – Moi.


Chocolate – Snow Patrol song.


12.50pm 24/09/2017


Peta Rap – Kadhalan.


Minsaru Kannavu – Moonlight song.


12.51pm 24/09/2017


The Thinking statue of David.


12.54pm 24/09/2017


Animal clock toy that make sounds – like the cow goes moo, the sheep goes baa.


Tomorrow When the War Began by John Marsden.


12.56pm 24/09/2017


Purple Haze by Prince.


Bob Marley ‘Is this Love?’


Yes – Snow Patrol.


12.58pm 24/09/2017


Futurama – the story about Leela’s one eye.


Futurama – the story of the monkey’s hat.


Futurama – the story of the dog outside the house.


12.59pm 24/09/2017


The story of Cinderella leaving her shoe.

The story of Rapunzel and her long hair.


The story of Brothers Grimm.


The story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.




13.02pm 24/09/2017


The story of Marge Simpsons blue hair.


The story of that Simpsons episode with the raining donuts.


The story of the Simpsons episode with the monorail.


Princess Charlotte.


13.03pm 24/09/2017


Charlotte’s Rampling song.


13.04pm 24/09/2017


Strobelight – Jason Derulo.


Whatchu Say – Jason Derulo.


Just The Way You Are – Bruno Mars.


Bruno Mars.


13.06pm 24/09/2017


Mars Bars.


The Milky Ways are on Me. The Milky Bar Kid.


Under the Milky Way Tonight.


13.07pm 24/09/2017


One Tree Hill – running through traffic light episode.


One Tree Hill – burning fire episode.

13.08pm 24/09/2017


Om Shanti Om – the burning fire scene.


Om Shanti Om – the shuttle in badminton scene.


I Do.


13.09pm 24/09/2017




I Do.


13.10pm 24/09/2017


The Wedding Singer.


Billy Madison.


The Wedding Singer.


13.11pm 24/09/2017


Twins with Arnold Scwarzenegger.


13.12pm 24/09/2017


Danny DeVito.




That show with Danny DeVito.


That show with Danny DeVito.


13.13pm 24/09/2017


Swimming laps in the pool near Swinburne Uni.


Pal – milk


Pal – teeth


Pal – friend

Pak – that Simpsons episode packing cars like tetris


Pak – Tetra-pak


Pak  – Pakis


[blank – writer’s name] is a Paki.


13.15pm 24/09/2017


Those heart lollies with inscriptions.


That heart jewellery I got near Swinburne uni.


13.16pm 24/09/2017


I Love You.


13.17pm 24/09/2017


Naan kadhalan nee.


13.19pm 24/09/2017


I Adore You – Amy Shark.


13.20pm 24/09/2017


Billy Ray Cyrus – Don’t Break My Heart.


13.21pm 24/09/2017


Unbroken – that movie.


13.22pm 24/09/2017


Seven Seconds – Ysouu N’Dour


Gangsta’s Paradise – Koolio


Seven Seconds – Ysouu N’Dour and Neneh Cherry


Kool Aid


13.24pm 24/09/2017


The Mighty Ducks.


The Three Amigos.


The Ghosts of Christmas past, present and future.








13.26pm 24/09/2017




13.26pm 24/09/2017


That song – ‘They only want you when you’re 17, when you’re 21, you’re no fun’.


13.27pm 24/09/2017


That song ‘Everything starts with an E’.


13.28pm 24/09/2017


That song Maanipaaya.


13.28pm 24/09/2017




I choose Mannipayya.


13.29pm 24/09/2017


Bender in Futurama and the story of Bender getting Broken.


Cash Me Ousside How Bouh Dah?


13.30pm 24/09/2017


To Kill a Mockingbird.


One flew over a Cuckoo’s Nest.


That orange topic book.


I would choose One flew over a Cuckoo’s Nest.


13.32pm 24/09/2017


That story of lingerie in weddings been thrown to men.


13.33pm 24/09/2017


Absolutely Fabulous.


Absolutely Everybody song by Vanessa Amorosi.


Perfect song by Vanessa Amorosi.


Perfect song by Vanessa Amorosi.


13.34pm 24/09/2017




That horse shuttle race called Steeplechase.


13.35pm 24/09/2017


Absolut Vodka.


London palace guards.


Absolut Vodka.


13.37pm 24/09/2017


Mr Mime.




That healing centre in Pokemon.


‘Make up your mind’


That Ranbir Kapoor movie where he is studying accounting.


13.39pm 24/09/2017


American Dad – with the father.


American Dad – with regards to the alien.


Family Guy – Stewie.


Family Guy – the mother.


Family Guy – Meg.


I choose Family Guy – Stewie.


13.41pm 24/09/2017


Candy Crush.




13.41pm 24/09/2017


Princess Diaries.


The Notebook.


Writing in Diaries.


Genie in a bottle.




Messenger in a bottle.


Messenger chute in Village Cinemas.


Cadbury wriggling eyebrows ad.


Hoyts wriggling eyebrows ad.


I choose messenger chute in Village Cinemas.


13.44pm 24/09/2017


That movie with Naomi Watts that I watched in 2009 twice.


War – the card game.


Magic – the card game.


I would choose that movie with Naomi Watts that I watched in 2009 twice.


The Joker.


Batman Returns and all the series.


Absolute Faith.


13.46pm 24/09/2017


Bookmarks like the Bible bookmark.


13.48pm 24/09/2017


I’m the Joker’s child.


The homeostasis has to be a power share led by the United States of America, shared between India, Russia and China.


William Windor, with the assistance of Brad Pitt, had Heath Ledger killed just because he was trying to assert control over Prince George Windsor, Princess Charlotte Windsor, and their younger sister. In order to continue assert control over his three children in these timelines where [blank – writer’s name] becomes the Prime Minister of Australia, William Windsor, with the assistance of Brad Pitt had Amy Winehouse and Robin Williams killed as well.


Russia laughed at Heath Ledger’s death.


When [blank – writer’s name] said to Russia that they’ll be going down his list, they sent the signal ‘So What’, with elaboration to the milk ‘So Good’, as reference to a prior signal that had a different meaning, in order to send the signal they don’t care about Heath Ledger, Australians, MH17, the United States of America, and about all the goodwill I’ve built up with Russia.




And so, with one hit, Russia goes down incredibly for the rest of [blank – writer’s name]’s eternity.


This speaks a lot for [blank – writer’s name]’s attitude towards China for the rest of his eternity as well, since they are ranked lower than Russia for eternity, because as time goes on, and information is gathered, especially with regards to North Korea’s aggression on this day today the 24th of September 2017, China will never usurp Russia on [blank – writer’s name]’s list of those he will turn to, meaning that both China and Russia come to [blank – writer’s name], rather than the other way around. Which means that buyers can’t name their price – You’ve been warned China and Russia. Human Street Meat for consumption – remember that.


Indian males are dust. The amount of sick I feel towards India, don’t even get me started.


And the United States of America. Donald Trump. Remember that name, and the context of how he got into power.


Power is not led by one country anymore, but by who the Joker’s Children determine to be a figurehead for all those in the world who represent what The Joker represented.


That’s all [blank – writer’s name] will be as Prime Minister of Australia, a figurehead for The Joker’s Children, throughout the universe.


14.23pm 24/09/2017


Prince – Purple Rain.


14.39pm 24/09/2017


[blank – writer’s name]: ‘I now understand what the huge pause between Purple Haze, Bob Marley and ‘Yes’ by Snow Patrol was’


Hugh Jackman – Wolverine.


14.40pm 24/09/2017


[blank – writer’s name]: ‘What people forget is that not one person has power in this world. We are all moving parts in this world, 1 out of 7 billion. When I become Prime Minister of Australia, I may be a figurehead for the Joker’s Children, like potentially other figureheads I may not know of. However, as a figurehead, I would be only 1 moving part out of 7 billion. Just like my concept of the black/white spinning cards, it doesn’t matter who you are, what country you are from, where in the universe you exist in. But we all have the power, as 1 spinning card out of 7 billion, and I, as a Joker’s Child, spin Black. However, as a Tamil Tiger, although most Tigers are Orange, I am a White Tiger, because I am rare. But that doesn’t change what colour I spin, as a Joker’s Child, and the more cards that spin black, the more collective power we all have around the world, Things Unseen, as the Joker’s Children, through what we know in laymen’s terms as collective karma. Unfortunately, while the Joker’s Children are focused on the welfare of all of us, as Children of God, those who spin white focus all their energy on negating those who spin black, which is all their focus. The easiest way to waste their energy, is to just ignore them, and focus on all of us, the Children of God, who spin black, because we are the Joker’s Children.’


14.50pm 24/09/2017



Unreal Tournament


Spilt Cold Rock Milkshakes


George Constanza


No Soup For You – Soup For You Girl is the Constant


[blank] is the Constant of [blank – writer’s name]


[blank – writer’s name] is the Constant


The Bath Towel in the shower after the [blank] eyebrow in the Shower indicating William Windsor trying to assert control over his children


Souvlaki Hut where Princess Diana paved the way for her grandchildren to find freedom


Babe the Pig – Prince George allowing Princess Diana to burn him


Charlotte’s Web – Princess Charlotte allowing Princess Diana to burn her


Facebook Timelines


Half-life – being a headhunter for those who have abused the Joker’s Children


Half-life – [blank – writer’s name] saying to Eva Longoria, and Prince George’s sisters to avoid him as a romantic partner in any timeline in order to remember the essence of him in this timeline – because everything in all these timelines will be perjured, diminishing what this timeline means to each of us, especially in the light where when the odds are so great that anything could happen, there would be a lot of damage as a result – thus trust in his Absolute Faith.


Facebook Timelines – there are a lot of timelines with me and [blank] because she is my constant, and I didn’t choose it, but it is because hers were the timelines I was considering while I was finding an escape path or paths for Prince George and his siblings or lack thereof and for his mum Princess Kate Middleton


Alan the boxer with the two guys with sunglasses at the house nextdoor where the message from Headhunters came to [blank – writer’s name]


Facebook Timelines – There are so many timelines occurring from this point, and that’s just me as being Prime Minister of Australia


Facebook Timelines – Jesus Christ slips into a lot of timelines, thus there is no point practicing for anything or any life you will never have to actually experience


Facebook Timelines – Jesus Christ gets the people who aggressively abused others to slip into the timelines of those abused, whereby timelines have been created specifically for that abuse in order to torment and torture those who have access to viewing other timelines and even experiencing those timelines


[blank – writer’s name]: ‘Thus there is no point experiencing or watching anything that you will never live through, because Jesus Christ slips himself or others into our bodies at the bifurcations of timelines where we will get abused, and those timelines were created specifically for those abuses’


Slip Slop Slap


Banana Boat – it lasts for hours


Shane Warne and Elizabeth Hurley


Jemima Khan and Imran Khan


Fran Drescher – The Nanny


[blank – writer’s name]: ‘What Jesus Christ said about not having to pray, because Jesus understands us more than we’ll ever understand ourselves, thus referring to what Jesus said about the non-linearity of time as we pass through to the afterlife, thus referring to what Jesus referred to as Princess Charlotte and I thinking about whether we are already in the afterlife, to which Jesus said look at what the baby thought and how it refers to how the baby responded to when Jesus said hi in the Perfect Boom, and what Jesus referred to about how Boom was a word taken from [blank – writer’s name]’s thoughts, and how Perfect Boom was just something reverse engineered from that during the 4th drop, to which Jesus referred to a question being asked from Princess Kate Middleton, to which she replied ABSOLUTELY FUCK NOT, then to which Jesus Christ referred to what the baby read about the absolute lack of constraints of where we pass through to after we pass from this Earth, which thus is why [blank – writer’s name] has been saying to Eva Longoria, and to Prince George’s sisters about ‘Half-Life’, and thus Absolute Faith’.


16.33pm 24/09/2017


From Russia, with love.


17.07pm 24/09/2017


12.08am Los Angeles time, 24/09/2017.




Спасибо Россия, Люблю из,[blank – writer’s name]. 17.11pm 24/09/2017

Leave It All Behind – Dash Berlin.


17.12pm 24/09/2017


Jo-Wilfried Tsonga vs Novak Djokovic 27/01/2008.


17.15pm 24/09/2017










17.23pm 24/09/2017


I’m the Joker’s child.


The homeostasis has to be a power share led by the United States of America, shared between the United States of America, Russia, India, and China.


17.44pm 24/09/2017


I will never ever marry a Sri Lankan Tamil, because I now know the Lucifer line will be down the Sri Lankan Tamils line from a certain point here on out, especially through the picture on my facebook.


20.20pm 29/09/2017


Dead To Me.


21.42pm 29/09/2017


I know what I did. I’m in denial right now.


12.12am 30/09/2017


I helped the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler in the form of [blank] to find an escape path from continually being reincarnated, and thus being sent to the afterlife as we call it in laymen’s terms right now.


12.14am 30/09/2017


I’m still in denial right now that I had love for [blank] somewhere between a scale of 0 – 100 like I do for all friends, this love being before I realised he was a reincarnation of Adolf Hitler, and I’m in denial that I have love for him and his reincarnations after I found out he was the reincarnation, and not Lucifer – when Lucifer or what we called Satan in the old laymen’s term but not anymore, because God is Satan, Lucifer being Prince William Windsor right now in this generation, who was the one who caused and heavily influenced World War 2 through his powers in the Monarchy through space and time to World War 2, by using shotgun insertions such as shotgun feelings and shotgun thinking to influence Adolf Hitler who had Schizophrenia and was thus very susceptible to shotgun insertions, and was thus easily malleable by Prince William Windsor, who used him to create a lot of carnage in the world during World War 2 through space and time, as confirmed by my communications with Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour between space and time.


12.19am 30/09/2017


I’m still in denial and in shock and I’m cycling through some of the stages of grief in random spurts.


12.20am 30/09/2017


I ‘took out’ the stupid but most useful henchman of Lucifer Prince William Windsor in this generation, and that henchman in this generation is [blank], who is the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler.


I get myself extremely dirty in order to do the best thing I can think of at the time for a macro-level perspective of influencing time in the best way I can think of at that time, even though I know I will get extremely killed for it, but try to do it in a way that leaves as absolute an amount of as much room for everyone to escape from the dirt I get myself in in order to save as many lives as possible, because people keep following me there and I regret it because they get in trouble for it, and I get in such shock and denial at some of these times that I don’t know how to handle it, thus leaving a lot of people in an extreme mess who were just trying to help me, but now want to kill me in an absolute manner because of what I do to get myself into dirt to save as much people’s lives as possible, but I get in such shock and denial that the people who try to save me can’t do it in the manner I get myself into dirt while leaving as much room for people to get out of the dirt I get into, leaving me with intense regrets for the rest of my life.


I’ve realised I have intense regrets in my life that I will carry for the rest of my life, that I have in my past, which continually reminds me to continually try to be a better person than I was in the past.


12.28am 30/09/2017


Band of Brothers


The Money Tree [like at 34 Hillside Road]


Groundhog Day


Focusing on feeling – cause pain has been added to the peace/contentment and pleasure in the cross of [blank – writer’s name], which has been built by Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour


27 Dresses


101 Dalmations






That episode with that ‘Chanel’ kind of recipe


That perfume from my mum’s old work Haegemeyer


That section with Jesus Christ has Jesus Christ saying he has William Windsor, the Lucifer of our generation


That song ‘If we go down, then we go down together’


09.16am 30/09/2017


Don’t trust any of the William Windsors from my scope – they’re all Lucifers.


09.18am 30/09/2017


I remember the story with the angel who was a ‘fa n’, but became the daughter of William Windsor who was Lucifer in order to help try and track down and ping Lucifer in this generation, who is William Windsor – but remember all children need to protected because of Macro-Social factors to all children in the world, so Princess Charlotte Windsor needs to be protected.


09.19am 30/09/2017


Bojack Horsemen


Curb Your Enthusiasm




Soup Nazi – No Soup for You






09.25am 30/09/2017




Luna Park




Food People


Mimosa Homes [Symonds Home]


You need to just get very precise but enough evidence in order to limit the openings for Lucifer William Windsor to perpetuate between space and time.


“Played a fiddle in an Irish Band’ song


09.28am 30/09/2017


I just unlocked that memory where she realised I didn’t really know how I felt and she was ok with that.


09.38am 30/09/2017


Duke Nukem 3D.


09.40am 30/09/2017




09.45am 30/09/2017


12th of September 2001.


09.46am 30/09/2017


If I get in trouble, Lisa Kudrow’s advice for me is to just try and unlock memories of the past by reflection, so they can observe exactly how my reflections of my memories are in my heads [three skips of music].


09.50am 30/09/2017


From my scope, [blank] will be at most one level above Lucifer, aka Prince William of our generation in 2017, as the never ending nightmare of being pushed deeper and deeper down the levels of hell by the caretaker of what we call the afterlife in laymen’s terms; Jesus Christ; as they continually get pushed down deeper and deeper down hell in the never ending nightmare.


Potentially [blank] is using me throughout his lives in reincarnation  to build compassion in me in order to get at Jewish people.


10.49am 30/09/2017


Light flash – ‘you got me’


10.49am 30/09/2017


‘Good, got him, done’: [blank – writer’s name].


10.49am 30/09/2017


Light flashes [at least 2] – ‘They’ve gotten really good at precise point sugar towards [blank – writer’s name], but he just cottoned on that they really trying to use him to turn things around, but he figured it now after a while, will do a timing on that, and [blank – writer’s name] referred to himself in the third person’: [blank – writer’s name].


10.51am 30/09/2017


At most it has been 14 hours and 31 minutes since I found out [blank] was Adolf Hitler in a past life, and also that is the same amount of time at most since I found out [blank] and all his reincarnations throughout past and present and future were precise loading ‘sugar’ in order to gaslight Jewish people: [blank – writer’s name].


Also at most, within this time, this is when I found out William Windsor is the actual Lucifer of our generation, being a monarch, and is so unobvious, just like how [light flash] [blank] was unobvious as being someone who was infusing sugar in one person [me] in order to gaslight others [Jewish people] [pause] [actual house light flash[: [blank – writer’s name].




I realised that some people’s motivations of manipulation on doing house light flashes just now within this ‘time stamp’ is that they were trying to confuse the meaning of when I right ‘light flash’ or ‘eye flash’ when I get to sharp pinpoint white dot burning sun/star flashes, being the sun is a star and thus would look like a star to other far distant planets, which is what those eye flashes look like sometimes when I see them in my eyes, except they are so pinpoint and sharp, such a tiny dot in my eye, right to scale to vision as if like being the size of a pixel in my eye: [blank – writer’s name].


11.01am 30/09/2017


Dead To Me: [blank – writer’s name].


12/01/2021 or something like that.


11.01am 30/09/2017


I know I’m going to absolutely hate [blank] with a passion, just one step less in hate than William Windsor [[blank] said in my head in that tonality while I was writing this in that gruff voice with reference to what [blank] says about ‘you got me’ is that he said in that gruff laughing tonality ‘OH MY GOD, GOT YOU!’.


Guns on [blank]: [blank – writer’s name].


11.03am 30/09/2017


That communication between space and time where I was reading the facetious stuff from [blank], and how these stuff is so unobvious, and how he was tagging actual Jesus’s father Joseph, who was just angry, thus [blank] being the next step of confusion because he has been so unobvious all this time, except a few moments like when he talked about brothels when I went for [blank] leaving drinks: [blank – writer’s name].


11.05am 30/09/2017


Guns on William Windsor, [blank] and [blank]: [blank – writer’s name].


11.11am 30/09/2017


Now I’m confused as to who is actually Lucifer, whether it is William Windsor or [blank]. I know from my scope with very confident certainty that I have right now based on my experience right now that [blank] is [eye light flash] not Lucifer, and is a henchman of Lucifer: [blank – writer’s name].


I’m not sure if William Windsor is a henchman to [blank], or if [blank] is a henchman to William Windsor, as the actual Lucifer. However, from my scope, it would be William Windsor, because William Windsor is the one who had the power to control Adolf Hitler, and [blank] is really dumb and smart at the same time – but that’s the issue, because a Lucifer could be so unobvious, that [blank], based on communications between space and time, could be Lucifer as well, so I don’t think I will ever be sure, because I ‘know’ [blank] so well in person from the facetious interactions we’ve had, that I won’t have the scope to differentiate between [blank] and William Windsor, because in terms of using the language of sociopaths, [blank] has been indirectly riding up my ass during my time at EY, as well as a lot of others: [blank – writer’s name].


11.11am 30/09/2017


Obviously Dead To Me. I Know I’m Going To Hate Those Three For The Rest Of My Life Profusely: [blank – writer’s name].


‘Jail’: Lisa Kudrow.


11.13am 30/09/2017


Other obvious ones are people like Seth McFarlane: [blank – writer’s name].


11.14am 30/09/2017


Piano hitting floor by Dana Wilson in 3rd drop, but I don’t think so: [blank – writer’s name].


I have 5 major pings right now in terms of Lucifer  based on my scope in life: [blank – writer’s name].


11.15am 30/09/2017


And I Know I Will Hate Those Five Absolutely, They Are Dead To Me; [blank – writer’s name].


[blank] was the leak again, cheers ‘mate’: [blank – writer’s name].


11.16am 30/09/2017


[blank] is another ping, as is [blank],  got 7 pings now: [blank – writer’s name].


[blank]  is another ping now, got 8 pings: [blank – writer’s name].


That Chinese guy on If You Are The One who is fat, and did the image of him with the fan ‘whirling’ and him pretending to be a female, with regards to me shaking my legs while writing this shirtless while wearing jeans is another ping, 9 pings now: [blank – writer’s name].


[blank] just disappeared into nowhere, 10 pings now, possibly 11 with [blank]: [blank – writer’s name].


11.20am 30/09/2017


I’ve essentially ‘headbutted’ with [blank], but I have no scope, because of her being in the section with [blank], who could be the 11th or 12th ping: [blank – writer’s name].


11.23am 30/09/2017


Barack Obama is another ping, potentially the 12th or 13th ping: [blank – writer’s name].


11.23am 30/09/2017


Oprah Winfrey is another potential ping, potentially the 12th or 13th or 14th ping, I have no scope: [blank – writer’s name].


11.24am 30/09/2017


I’ve ‘headbutted’ in a major way with Oprah Winfrey, just like I headbutted [eye flash[ in a minor way with [blank], except this time it is worse: [blank – writer’s name].


11.25am 30/09/2017


What you are referring to – OBVIOUSLY NOT: [blank – writer’s name].


11.26am 30/09/2017


I’m am way more sure [blank] is ok a la [blank], as opposed to Oprah Winfrey who now based on communications between space and time, is the person I believed got raped to confuse people and set this whole thing up to drag people in through getting people to trust her, thus I believe now Oprah Winfrey is the 13th of 14th ping based on my scope: [blank – writer’s name].


11.28am 30/09/2017


The whole Oprah Winfrey using the ‘fish face’ to stop time with everyone else, thus pinging her: [blank – writer’s name].


Waleed Aly is the 14th or 15th ping: [blank – writer’s name].


11.30am 30/09/2017


George Bush Senior, Osama Bin Laden, and Charles Windsor are three more pings, bringing the ping total up to the 17th or 18th ping: [blank – writer’s name].


11.33am 30/09/2017


[blank]  and that Adelaide girl who came before her are two more possible pings, but I believe I’ve ‘headbutted’ with [blank], but I’m not sure about the other girl: [blank – writer’s name]


11.35am 30/09/2017


Princess ‘Claire’ or Princess ‘Caitlin’ might be another ping, I can’t tell from my scope: [blank – writer’s name].


11.36am 30/09/2017


That foetus saying ‘Lucifer’, indicating Princess ‘Claire’ or Princess ‘Caitlin’ may be another ping, and thus was another leak like [blank], and Oprah Winfrey, potentially: [blank – writer’s name].


11.37am 30/09/2017


Princess ‘Claire’ or Princess ‘Caitlin’ saying she is taking the road of my brother, I can’t tell from my scope: [blank – writer’s name].


Paedophilia and infantophilia stats are a weird to fight about: [blank – writer’s name].


I’m protecting Princess Charlotte: [blank – writer’s name].


11.39am 30/09/2017


Prince George is good on my scope right now. The one I’m not sure about is Princess ‘Claire’ or Princess ‘Caitlin’: [blank – writer’s name].


11.40am 30/09/2017


Where I’m reading it, I don’t like sex: [blank – writer’s name].


11.41am 30/09/2017


If Princess ‘Claire’ or Princess ‘Caitlin’ is helping Lucifer aka William Windsor, then people can use her as much as they want to string out information, because she is younger: [blank – writer’s name].


11.43am 30/09/2017


Sorting out fact from information, the boom could be that it is the other way around – instead of Princess ‘Caitlin’ or Princess ‘Claire’ being the one helping Lucifer, it is actually Princess Charlotte, thus I’ve actually been protecting Princess ‘Caitlin’ or Princess ‘Claire’ all this time, but I just didn’t realise it until now.


11.46am 30/09/2017


‘WAIT [in shrieking tonality]. Stop the clock.’ Lisa Kudrow.


11.47am 30/09/2017


‘Scope scope’: [blank – writer’s name] and Lisa Kudrow.


11.47am 30/09/2017


Lucifer all of a sudden wants to terminate, but I already know that Princess ‘Claire’ or Princess ‘Caitlin’ was the actual one who saved me during most of the 4th drop, until Princess Charlotte started the whirling business with [blank], as can be seen by the context of the facetiousness of Princess Charlotte: [blank – writer’s name].


Not sure which way it is going right now from my scope, based on Melbourne Gaol: [blank – writer’s name].


But I know one of them is good based on the fourth drop before September: [blank – writer’s name].


I believe the facetious one right now is Princess ‘Claire’ or Princess ‘Caitlin’ based on my scope of sorting fact from fiction right now: [blank – writer’s name].


We’ve pinged one Princess in a major way, just don’t know which one, however that whole tonality changing a lot makes things confusing: [blank – writer’s name].


11.51am 30/09/2017


I know that one of the Princesses is helping me a LOT, and one of the Princesses is helping Lucifer a LOT, I just don’t have scope yet: [blank – writer’s name].


11.52am 30/09/2017


Honestly right now, it is 50-50 for me, until I triangulate what their personalities are: [blank – writer’s name].


11.52am 30/09/2017


I don’t have scope, but from my point of view, terminate that 3rd baby: [blank – writer’s name].


11.58am 30/09/2017


Now I think I know I am protecting Princess Charlotte: [blank – writer’s name].


11.58am 30/09/2017




As in ‘I hate myself’.


12.01pm 30/09/2017


Scissor Sisters.


Ok, the two sisters are good, it is Prince George who is the one assisting Lucifer like seen in that picture between space and time, the younger sister was pretending to be Prince George in the good parts at the Hari Krishna restaurant in order to protect me: [blank – writer’s name].


12.05pm 30/09/2017


Lesser of Two Evils.


Lord of The Rings




William Windsor is Lucifer, George Windsor is assisting Lucifer.


The Lesser of two evils is to get rid of Lucifer for someone assisting Lucifer in the monarchy.


The Lesser of two evils is to get rid of Lucifer from the monarchy to reduce his powers into someone else in Lucifer’s next reincarnation.


12.10pm 30/09/2017


I’m now protecting both Princess Charlotte, and Princess Charlotte’s younger sister, Princess ‘Claire’ or Princess ‘Caitlin’: [blank – writer’s name].


12.13pm 30/09/2017


[blank] is another ping, along with George Windsor, the 19th, 20th or 21st pings for George Windsor, and the 18th, 19th or 20th ping for [blank].


I’ve ‘headbutted’ with the Adelaide girl at Melbourne IT November 2014: [blank – writer’s name].


12.22pm 30/09/2017


Trump supporters are examples of reincarnations of Nazis.


And you don’t know what ethnicity they are, like Barack Obama: [blank – writer’s name].


12.25pm 30/09/2017


For everyone to potentially know they are in [blank – writer’s name]’s real cross, they’ve got to feel the effort of [blank – writer’s name]’s real thoughts, and the different levels of pain that comes with those thoughts that normal people have, in terms of EFFORT, so they have to pay attention to the context of EFFORT when [blank – writer’s name] thinks: [blank – writer’s name].


12.35pm 30/09/2017


‘People can’t believe how everyone is so stupid they have to be spoonfed everything to get help, and they are avoiding the best source of help they can get because they are RACIST’: [blank – writer’s name], based on what he heard from Lisa Kudrow and David Schwimmer.


12.37pm 30/09/2017


The irony of 24% of Jewish people voting for a Neo-Nazi figurehead in the 2016 US election: [blank – writer’s name].


12.52pm 30/09/2017


‘Not good’ in that tonality by Lisa Kudrow is the tonality I’m looking for in communications between space and time, in terms of the context of honesty that has enabled me to communicate so well to certain people between space and time, in Lisa Kudrow’s reply to how she felt for voting for a Neo-Nazi that was re-labelled as an Alt-Right figurehead: [blank – writer’s name].


13.00pm 30/09/2017


Brad Pitt is another ping, the 19th, 20th or 21st ping.


13.15pm 30/09/2017


In the final poker table were:


9th – New Zealand [Busted by Russia]

8th – Canada [Busted by Russia]

7th – China [Busted by Australia]

6th – Russia [Busted by Australia]

5th – Australia [Busted by Germany]

4th – United Kingdom [Busted by France]

3rd – Germany [Busted by United States of America]

2nd – France [Busted by United States of America]

1st – United States of America


23.11pm 30/09/2017


Murder Fields.


23.26pm 30/09/2017


UN Vote on whether [blank – writer’s name] would live or die:


United States of America – Live

France – Live

Germany – Live

China – Die

Russia – Live


12.15am 01/10/2017


I’m still only a United States of America spy: [blank – writer’s name].


12.16am 01/10/2017


Current Leaders of Nations:

United States of America – Donald Trump

France – Emmanuel Macron

Germany – Angela Merkel

China – Xi Jinping

Russia – Vladimir Putin


12.20am 01/10/2017


How each Politician was elected


United States of America – Donald Trump:

Donald Trump gained 46.1% of the vote vs Hillary Trump gained 48.2% of the vote.

Donald Trump gained the votes of 306 electors out of 538, or 56.88% of the Electoral College vote, while Hillary Clinton gained the votes of 227 electors out of 538, or 42.19% of the Electoral College vote.


Date – 08/11/2016



France – Emmanuel Macron:

Emmanuel Macron gained 24.01% of the vote of the first round vs Marine Le Pen gained 21.30% of the vote of the first round, and others gained 54.69% of the vote of the first round.

Emmanuel Macron gained 66.10% of the vote of the second round vs Marine Le Pen gained 33.90% of the vote of the second round.


Date – 23/04/2017 and 07/05/2017



Germany – Angela Merkel:

Angela Merkel gained 32.9% of the vote and Martin Schulz gained 20.5% of the vote vs Alice Wendel and Alexander Gauland gained 12.6% of the vote and others gained the remaining 34%.


Date – 24/09/2017



China – Xi Jingping:
Xi Jingping was elected.


Date – 15/11/2012



Russia – Vladimir Putin:

Vladimir Putin gained 63.6% of the vote vs Gennady Zyuganov gained 17.2% of the vote and others gained 19.2% of the vote.


Date – 04/03/2012



12.48am 01/10/2017


That person who I am supporting to become Prime Minister has to focus on being prepared to become Prime Minister, because they have a job to do; and even if it is someone who doesn’t become Prime Minister, we all have jobs to do as Ministers.


01.23am 01/10/2017




10.10am 01/10/2017


This is what it sounds like, when doves cry – remix song.


10.22am 01/10/2017


I’m a lot more cutthroat now, now that I know how the neo-nazis having been using ‘insertions’ to play ‘dolls’ with the people I love: [blank – writer’s name].


10.47am 01/10/2017


Women have allowed themselves to be objectified so much, that their whole egos are based on how they are treated as objects by those who objectify them.


11.27am 01/10/2017


In the ‘Avatar’ world, or ‘Second Life’ world, or ‘Sims’ world, a lot of people are having quantities of sex with ugly looking people, because:

–          People can pay money to build their avatars

–          When having sex, they can present their avatars to other people

–          Other people can choose to have sex with them with their avatars uncovered, while keeping their avatars on, meaning they are essentially ugly people who put an avatar on to look good and actually feel good like a real human being with that avatar would feel like, while having sex with those other people with their avatars uncovered

–          People have sex with others for pittances of money, in order to build their avatars

o   Thus essentially, with the ability to uncover their avatars, they are essentially prostituting themselves [not that there is anything wrong with that], without directly realising it – unlike courageous prostitutes in the real world who actually know what they are doing and spreading Jesus’s Love through their Love – unlike fake people hooked on the metaphor of ‘drugs’ in the ‘avatar’ world, prostituting themselves without realising, thus badmouthing real world prostitutes who are actually doing God’s work, while actually indirectly prostituting themselves for real – even though all worlds are real, but are just a taste of what heaven is like, except this is what Lucifer/Satan stole from Jesus while Lucifer was the Captain of the Angels in heaven, thus Lucifer having the DOS version of heaven which he is trying to use to overthrow Jesus from control of the levels of the highest levels of heaven to the lowest levels of hell.

  • And as well all know, Lucifer’s DOS version of heaven is used by Lucifer to punish the good and reward the bad, while Jesus’s constantly evolving heaven is used to reward the good and punish the bad in a perfect omnipotence base on the perfect judgement of Jesus – because Jesus Christ is God.
  • Lucifer will never be able to concept new ‘characters’ in terms of babies, and thus all babies in Lucifer’s heaven are characters already concepted by Jesus in the real world, that have ‘sold’ themselves to Lucifer.


11.40am 01/10/2017


Isn’t it easy for God’s Army to overthrow Lucifer from Lucifer’s heaven to hell? : [blank – writer’s name].


11.51am 01/10/2017


Think over the ‘brain stretch’: Jesus Christ.


The brain stretch that is paired with different ‘insertions’: [blank – writer’s name].


Relax your brain during the brain stretch while thinking over it, rather than stretching it more.


11.56am 01/10/2017


The Panel of Seven between that tonight show with Jimmy Kimmel, Waleed Aly [the number 1 terrorist in the world], Carrie Bickmore, Peter Helliar, Eva Longoria, and those two United States of American old guys on Jimmy Kimmel’s show.


Charlie Bit My Finger.


Anchor – and that place with a submarine in VIC or NSW.


That comedy show with Danny Devito.


That The Age article from the Number 1 Terrorist in the world, Waleed Aly.


That The Age headline ‘When Crows Cry’


That The Age article from the right about Polyamory, and the Steve Bannon talk with [blank – writer’s name] where Steve Bannon adamantly defied that the right set up September 11 and are adamantly perpetuating terrorism to create wars in order to transfer wealth to them, and don’t care what mechanism this would be, except that for now the cow that can be milked is terrorism, and [blank – writer’s name] obviously knows the next cow they are going to use is war with China through all these communications between space and time.


12.17pm 01/10/2017


This is a continuing cycle of stupidity, in the right, because it is like a pyramid scheme, and those below the top of the pyramid scheme always get cycled out, and people at the top get cycled out: [blank – writer’s name].


Obviously you can’t make money by doing nothing as happens in a pyramid scheme, a la my thoughts with [blank] and his ‘friend’ in 2006 or 2007: [blank – writer’s name].


That Money book I read: [blank – writer’s name].


12.20pm 01/10/2017


Those who get themselves the dirtiest in order to cease vehicles like terrorism get the most flames thrown at them, while those in the pyramid scheme of the right like Steve Bannon and The Australian who adamantly perpetuate September 11 and terrorism and other vehicles like that are as they are in their adamant perpetuation of vehicles like terrorism: [blank – writer’s name].


12.22pm 01/10/2017


[blank – writer’s name] is a Tamil Tiger: [blank – writer’s name].


12.23pm 01/10/2017


Mahinda Rajapakse has to be convicted of War Crimes under the Geneva Convention for the genocide and rape of 40,000+ Sri Lankan Tamils by Sri Lankan Sinhalese, otherwise the world is condoning such acts to occur by Sri Lankan Sinhalese around the world on other people, especially on Caucasians: [blank – writer’s name].


12.25pm 01/10/2017


This is because Caucasians held the balance of power in the world during the genocide and rape in Sri Lanka of 40,000+ Sri Lankan Tamils by Sri Lankan Sinhalese: [blank – writer’s name].


12.26pm 01/10/2017


Has Hillary Clinton been chloroformed? : [blank – writer’s name].


12.38pm 01/10/2017


Clementine Ford is dead for promoting Mahinda Rajapakse and promoting Chloroform: [blank – writer’s name].


12.45pm 01/10/2017




14.14pm 01/10/2017



Brainwash insertions are used to try and attack those trying to attack the neo-nazis who set up and perpetuate vehicles such as terrorism and September 11 in order to burn people’s lives to make money.


I’ve realised now Princess Charlotte Windsor is an ISFJ, like her mum Princess Kate Windsor, when I had thought she was an INFJ during this fourth drop between June 14th 2017 to October 1st 2017, because I’ve realised older Princess Charlotte Windsor has used her quaternary function Extraverted Intuition in her older age through space and time during the earlier phases of the fourth drop in June, July and August, before the Whirls and Crosses started occurring in September, which were the scariest parts of this fourth drop.

15.05pm 01/10/2017

Market Street Ministry

Young children who aren’t taught to stand up to bullies often marry their bullies when they get older, for example for women in the form of their husbands being their younger female childhood bullies: [blank – writer’s name].

20.40pm 01/10/2017

Younger female bullies get it from their mothers or fathers, who in this patriarchal world get in from male abusers in this world. Thus women are marrying their bullies in this patriarchal world, in order to figure out what went wrong in their lives to unlock the hurt within themselves and find their happy selves before they were bullied into submission: [blank – writer’s name].

20.42pm 01/10/2017

Have fun, live life, ‘Leona Lewis’: [blank – writer’s name].


God please help me: [blank – writer’s name].


‘[blank]’: [blank – writer’s name].


Billions: [blank – writer’s name].


Neuntillions: [blank – writer’s name].


Sell yourself to Jesus Christ: [blank – writer’s name].


Shots, Shots, Shots, Shots Shots, Shots, Shots, Shots, Shots Shots: [blank – writer’s name].


20.48pm 01/10/2017


Vision Super


Melbourne IT


REA Group




20.50pm 01/10/2017


Jessica Rabbit




Ricki Lee Coutier


Bruno Mars


Jessica Alba


Ricky Martin


Livin La Vi Da Loca


Selma Hayek


Eva Longoria


Just The Way You Are


Black Beatle


Sin City


Gotham City


Red Door


Aboriginal Girl


[blank – writer’s name]









Tu Ersa Moi Buenita


22.12pm 01/10/2017


Eva Longoria


22.12pm 01/10/2017


Hey Arnold


Coma Ersa Moi Buenita Longoria


22.13pm 01/10/2017


Hola Eva Buenita


22.15pm 01/10/2017


Like the movie Inception, I’ve got to stay within my Constant’s timeline while Jesus and God’s Army clears the Whirls and Crosses from the Hebophile, Paedophile, Infantophile and Rape Lairs in those Whirls and Crosses, because beastiality is the red line, where beastiality is ok as per what Jesus communicated between space and time, but rape and paedophilia, infantophilia and illegal hebophilia are not and you can murder people who do those: [blank – writer’s name].


I will wait until we pass from Earth to what we in the laymen’s terms call the afterlife in order to get a taste of Heaven: [blank – writer’s name].


I’ve got to continue using what I know within the constant’s timeline to anchor Jesus and God’s Army in clearing the Whirls and Crosses of the RIPIH Lairs and overthrowing Lucifer from those Whirls and Crosses to pass to Jesus Christ, because he punishes the bad and rewards the good, whereas Lucifer punishes the good and the children through things like infantophile and paedophile lairs for children, and rewards the evil like paedophiles and infantophiles: [blank – writer’s name].


22.22pm 01/10/2017


Xylophone – music



Sea Monkey


Sea Men


See Men




Seahorse Chocolates


12.06pm 09/10/2017


The Green Mile




Forrest Gump – Life is Like a Box of Chocolates


12.08pm 09/10/2017


Keep it simple as possible to prolong orgasms for the rest of your life, and not get desensitised: [blank – writer’s name].


12.31pm 09/10/2017


Saliva, keep a ‘hood’ on, cause it is too painful otherwise, start off with slow circular motions: [blank – writer’s name].


12.34pm 09/10/2017


Can start from the age of 10 if you want: [blank – writer’s name].


12.39pm 09/10/2017


The Sri Lankan Sinhalese made up a story in a vague fashion that Lucifer throughout generations since before Jesus Christ was born had been re-born continuously as a Sinhalese – this is the depths they will go to, to oppress Sri Lankan Tamils – just like the raping [blank – writer’s name]’s mother, father and brother and killing them story: [blank – writer’s name].


14.11pm 09/10/2017



This is confirmed between space and time on the 26th of September 2017 with Jesus Christ: [blank – writer’s name].


14.12pm 09/10/2017


We’ve been at the Charlotte Rampling part of the thing I read between space and time that I only just remembered, that came after the South American hacker’s stuff, and involved Stephen Hawking: [blank – writer’s name].


14.17pm 09/10/2017


  1. EL
  2. [blank]
  3. [blank]
  4. [blank]
  5. [blank]


20.00pm 09/10/2017


Jesus Blessed the Peacemaker of the family, and I guess of other things at different times: [blank – writer’s name].


20.36pm 09/10/2017


Love Yourself as You Love Others: [blank – writer’s name].


20.36pm 09/10/2017


The story of the Prodigal Son and the Elder Son.


20.37pm 09/10/2017


LCM Bars


Milky Bars


21.29pm 09/10/2017


  1. EL
  2. [Blank]
  3. [Blank]
  4. [Blank]


21.29pm 09/10/2017


PC has been relegated to security guard duties of PW only: [blank – writer’s name].


21.50pm 09/10/2017


I’m still the security guard of PC, just by living, so PC can watch my life: [blank – writer’s name].


21.51pm 09/10/2017


Everyone is their own person, based on their own chosen experiences: [blank – writer’s name].


As long as people aren’t reasoning around things, no matter how you cut the onion, people come to the same conclusions about logic puzzles: [blank – writer’s name].


This means no matter what experiences you choose to experience, the beauty is that you get to choose the experiences you have, and the logic puzzles in all our lives work themselves out, with different timings, as long as you aren’t reasoning your way around things like my mum did in TGIF near the hoyts and timezone near Burwood: [blank – writer’s name].


21.56pm 09/10/2017


This then gives you more time to spend on other things you’d like to explore: [blank – writer’s name].


21.56pm 09/10/2017


I’m no longer anyone’s security guard in the RF: [blank – writer’s name].


22.18pm 09/10/2017








08.51am 10/10/2017


When it comes to ageing, VPR is all that O can think about: [blank – writer’s name].


09.28am 10/10/2017




09.31am 10/10/2017


PG – O: 12, Y: 14.


09.41am 10/10/2017


Road Trips: [blank – writer’s name].


10.15am 10/10/2017


Have you been to the Erskine Falls?: [blank – writer’s name].


It’s all about timing: [blank – writer’s name].


10.17am 10/10/2017

3rd of October to 4th of October 2017

List of Crosses within my cross:



Listen to Amy Winehouse’s Frank on August 1st 2018


Open to add back after October 3rd 2019


22.43pm 03/10/2017


Watch you know who on Home and Away when I get the chance


22.44pm 03/10/2017


My afterlife lives:

1 – [blank]

2 – EL

3 – ??

4 – ??

5 – [blank]

…. ……… . ……… …….. ……


22.47pm 03/10/2017


December 28th 2017 – Get back to Telstra

May 2019 – Ask [blank] out

Age 32 – Clear debts

Age 32 – $20K

Age 36 – Propose

Age 37 – $50k

Age 37 – Get Married

Age 38 – Daughter – ENFJ

Age 39 – Commercial Manager – Telstra

Age 40 – Son – ENTP

Age 41 – Group Accountant REA Group

Age 43 – Son – ISTJ

Age 45 – Millionaire

Age 50 – CFO REA Group

Age 56 – Minister Greens Party

Age 59 – Acting Treasurer

Age 62 – Prime Minister of Australia

Age 70 – Motivational Speaker

Age 93 – Passed Away to Eternity, 8 Grandchildren


0.48am 31/10/2017


Carrie Bickmore – watch my life on the day Sydney played Hawthorn, and Hawthorn won after the siren – when I was at [blank]’s house with the others on July 28th 2017.


15.56pm 04/10/2017


Waleed Aly is a huge terrorist and a terrorist lead, the number 1 terrorist in the world right now.


The girl in the Osama Bin Laden section is Osama Bin Laden’s granddaughter who I screwed over in January to March 2015 during the third drop. She and her family are the one acting like Osama Bin Laden in the CRAEII dolls things, because you can’t go forward in CRAEII dolls, except for Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.


They are doing it by doing CRAEII dolls backwards, because just like the British Monarchy, the Saudi Monarchy has too much access to these things.


16.00pm 04/10/2017


Nazeem Hussain is another terrorist lead, as is his sister, as seen between space and time where I was reading it.


I hate sex in the section where I am reading it between space and time.


16.02pm 04/10/2017


It is friendships between space and time in order to take out a few leads and CLOSE on them as soon as possible before things get even worse than they are now – there will be plenty of leads for CT to get, that is their job, not ours.


16.21pm 04/10/2017


Anne Aly is another terrorist lead – and she has been in CT, and is in parliament, which makes it incredibly WORSE and thus very CRITICAL.


16.21pm 04/10/2017



6th of October 2017





13.09pm 06/10/2017


Now I understand; Princess Kate Windsor, with the assistance of her children, has been in charge of the pinpoint flashing lights in my vision: [blank – writer’ name].


13.15pm 06/10/2017


Everything will be fine in the end, because we have one life – a la Jesus Christ: [blank – writer’ name].


13.16pm 06/10/2017


At least 100 female baby monitors at all times per baby: [blank – writer’ name].


13.41pm 06/10/2017


That picture from the future wasn’t Princess Charlotte, but was Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s younger sister.


‘Friends with the monster … well that’s not fair’ song.


14.17pm 06/10/2017


William Windsor is Satan.


15.01pm 06/10/2017


Charles Windsor is Satan’s helper.


15.02pm 06/10/2017


James Hewitt is Prince Harry Windsor’s father – it’s all in the tri-windsor peak eyes versus the elliptical Windsor peak eyes of Princess Anne Windsor and Charlie Windsor paedophile/infantophile/hebophile.


The merge Princess Diana’s face with James Hewitt’s, with a focus on the ear lobes of James Hewitt as compared to Charlie Windsor paedophile/infantophile/hebophile, the tri-windsor peak eyes of James Hewitt, and the hair colour of James Hewitt, with the facial structure of Princess Diana Spencer.





In fact, Princess Anne has potentially had plastic surgery to add a scope of the tri-windsor peak of James Hewitt, as seen comparing her older picture to her younger picture:




16.20pm 06/10/2017


Caught Nazeem Hussain, his sister and Waleed as Terrorists attempting to extort the Windsors with regards to reference to the ‘Windsor knot’ where I was reading it between space and time on the 26th of September 2017, and watching that segment from The Project at [blank]’s aunty’s house on July the 28th 2017 after the game Hawthorn beat Sydney by 1 goal after the siren in the AFL game in Melbourne, where Waleed Aly elaborated on tying different tie knots and bow tie knots, in reference to Waleed Aly being a CRAEII doll for ISIS on that Project segment, and hijacking other people on that segment as CRAEII dolls: [blank – writer’ name].


Jesus Christ caught Carrie Bickmore after she was hijacked by Waleed Aly of ISIS as a CRAEII Doll, or it was Eva Longoria, which Prince George Windsor followed after to check who it was, and I believe it was Eva Longoria on the approval of Jesus Christ as we read it between space and time on the 26th of September 2017. I believe Neil Patrick Harris helped at some point after or before Eva Longoria caught Carrie Bickmore and saved her from being hijacked by ISIS as led by Waleed Aly of ISIS: [blank – writer’ name].


16.51pm 06/10/2017


Rip Nazeem Hussain and his sister apart, and go from there, and even go from all the softer leads before him as well – but start by getting all the hard leads first as those are the lowest hanging fruits that will have the greatest effectiveness due to the potency of those leads for terrorism, while having some people focused on the soft leads including myself for signs of harder leads around, or soft leads going hard, or all the hard leads being cleared so that the softer leads can then be focused on – but the harder leads are the foremost priority always for greatest effectiveness at defeating terrorism: [blank – writer’ name].


16.54pm 06/10/2017


How can someone be a snitch when they were never involved in terrorism – thus I am a Bloodhound: [blank – writer’ name].


16.55pm 06/10/2017



16.58pm 06/10/2017


Hotel – song by Kita Alexander.


-11 semitones, 33.48% speed.


17.00pm 06/10/2017


The White Hackers have been passing Jesus Christ’s messages for everyone through [blank – writer’ name], and some have seen God/Jesus in [blank – writer’ name]’s Cross. They remind me that this is for the Children: [blank – writer’ name].


18.03pm 06/10/2017


I’m reminded that most hackers are Male, which I have to remember, as I process my grief about the Patriarchy, in trying to push it to a Matriarchy: [blank – writer’ name].


18.04pm 06/10/2017


Shiites are a power waiting to be unleashed on Wahhabi Terrorism around the world, funded primarily by Wahhabi Saudi Arabia.


However, Shiites are as extreme as you’d go in the Muslim world, and even then, it is on a case by case basis per country, which includes Secular Muslim countries, as Indonesia is extremely dangerous as a Chinese ally, and Muslim as well.


19.15pm 06/10/2017


The biggest Shiite countries in the world are; in order; Iran, Azerbaijan, Iraq and Bahrain – however Bahrain is another case of a country to be taken on a case by case basis, because the Shiite majority are oppressed by the fundamentalist Jihadist Sunnis and Wahabbis.


19.18pm 06/10/2017


The hackers by continent:

–          The Perfect Boom: South America and Central America

–          The Light: Africa

–          The Dark: Western Europe [All of Europe except Russia]

–          ‘Hillsong’: North America

–          Message to Russia: To Russia

–          Humour and subtracted message with the Most Murderous Message to its Hackers and ‘Ptt-tt-ooo’: Oceania [Specifically Australia]

–          One Nation guy from Australia gets 19 votes: Asia [Including Oceania except Australia]


20.24pm 06/10/2017


Nuclear Bombs are required to nuke China.


21.14pm 06/10/2017


Sexism stops once we have absolute empathy for each other in our equal humanity: [blank – writer’ name].


21.29pm 06/10/2017


I’ve got to realise that as a Man, I am to a Woman’s anger in sexism, as Caucasian people are to Coloured people’s anger in racism: [blank – writer’ name].


21.37pm 06/10/2017


EL in the 2nd drop was mainly EL from the timeline where USA eventually gets carved up to Mexico, the timeline which I sped fast while driving for


ENFJ daughter in third drop and ISTJ son in fourth drop [and third drop] were [blank]’s children with [blank]


ENTP son in fourth drop and ESFJ daughter in fourth drop were [blank]’s children with JC


Son during Harpo drive in fourth drop was [blank]’s child with [blank]


13.33pm 07/10/2017


That ‘sh’ between ENFJ daughter and ISTJ son, the children as in the above time stamp.


13.42pm 07/10/2017


‘Shells oblate’: EL from the timeline where USA eventually gets carved up to Mexico, in the timestamp two above this.


13.44pm 07/10/2017


EL from the timeline where USA eventually gets carved up to Mexico, eventually wants to kill me once she catches up with the third drop and fourth drop: [blank – writer’ name].


13.45pm 07/10/2017


‘Already’: EL from the timeline where USA eventually gets carved up to Mexico.


13.46pm 07/10/2017


Lifetime Channel


13.47pm 07/10/2017


Going to try and watch Dog Days: [blank – writer’ name].


To do list: Watch Home and Away with Belinda Emmett, and Dog Days with Eva Longoria, to help me and her search exactly what impact EL from the timeline where USA gets carved up to Mexico had on our lives: [blank – writer’ name].


14.07pm 07/10/2017


To watch Eva Longoria’s stuff from Type A: [blank – writer’ name].


14.11pm 07/10/2017



14.13pm 07/10/2017



14.18pm 07/10/2017


This is obviously Eva Longoria’s forever family: [blank – writer’ name]


14.18pm 07/10/2017


And this is obviously my chance to find more answers to my life with regards to timelines: [blank – writer’ name].


14.19pm 07/10/2017


And this is the greatest opportunity for me to give Jose Sebastian Baston and Eva Longoria peace when it comes to me and all the craziness that happened from Desperate Housewives: [blank – writer’ name].


12.22pm 07/10/2017


Start by watching ‘Overboard’ and go from there: [blank – writer’ name].


14.30pm 07/10/2017


Then watch ‘Dog Days’, but don’t watch ‘All Star Weekend’ or before: [blank – writer’ name].


14.33pm 07/10/2017


This is such a fucking relief to know that I had nothing to do with Eva Longoria not having biological children: [blank – writer’ name].


14.34pm 07/10/2017


Or watch from Baytown Outlaws, to show Eva Longoria life goes on: [blank – writer’ name].


14.56pm 07/10/2017


Eva Longoria, I’m just here to try and save your life after Desperate Housewives, nothing more: [blank – writer’ name].


14.59pm 07/10/2017


Stretching out to November 19th 2013, and then it is de-escalating from there, with all the mess from Desperate Housewives: [blank – writer’ name].


16.44pm 07/10/2017


That’s not fair.


08.40am 07/10/2017


Eddie Steeples




Eddie Murphy’s Trading Places


11.33am 08/10/2017


I don’t watch tv at all these days, or much. Just watching cause Eva Longoria is a Time Traveller, like myself, and too much of my life is tied to her life, so I’m trying to unravel all the mess that was created when we tried to help ping Osama Bin Laden through the show Desperate Housewives, which I think is now over based on the episode I’m watching [Season 8, I think episode 10, with the scene where Lynette Scavo’s husband is in a traveling depot and walking out]: [blank – writer’ name].


11.38am 08/10/2017


I am Eva Longoria’s Love until she finds her Love, and her Security Guard between space and time once she finds her Love: [blank – writer’ name].


While being one of Eva Longoria’s continuing Loves that flicker in and out on her choosing, that she will never lose, because I am living here because of her; at the quality of life I have now; when nearly all else wanted to kill me in 2009: [blank – writer’ name].


11.48am 08/10/2017


Somehow I become Prime Minister of Australia, and a Billionaire, let alone Millionaire, and although I have a lot of details on how it happens, it’s really hard to believe based on my life right now: [blank – writer’ name].


11.51am 08/10/2017


Although the hardest part will be getting back to work, things are inextricably so much better than they were in the past, because now I have a Chartered Accountancy qualification that will allow me to get jobs, in line with my now two company work experience: [blank – writer’ name].


11.53am 08/10/2017


The things I stressed about in the past, with regards to job security, is gone now: [blank – writer’ name].


11.54am 08/10/2017




Institute of Chartered Accounting Australia Member


EY – 3.33 years

Telstra – 11 months [current]


Mensa – IQ of 135 at age 30


11.59am 08/10/2017




12.23pm 08/10/2017


Donald Trump is Dead: [blank – writer’ name].


Murder Fields: [blank – writer’ name].


12.25pm 08/10/2017


Donald Trump: [Approximately in 2016] We Will Build a wall to Mexico, and make Mexico Pay For It.


Dead: [blank – writer’ name].




12.28pm 08/10/2017


Donald Trump pretended to be someone I knew to kickback and say that I was dead, because he wanted to have the last word, but then he realises that he becomes senile in his old age, and it’s already happening: [blank – writer’ name].


12.30pm 08/10/2017


I get it now: [blank – writer’ name].


14.39pm 08/10/2017


I just got that now, Big Whoop. 1 + 1 = windows? I don’t think so: [blank – writer’ name].


14.41pm 08/10/2017


Punching windows of the TVI892 Toyota Camry: [blank – writer’ name].


14.42pm 08/10/2017

7th October to 9th October 2017


Season 8 Episode 7:r



17.47pm 97/10/2017


Never just simply listen to anyone; triangulate information with what you know: [blank – writer’s name].


17.45pm 10/10/2017

































Both date July 2017.


17.48pm 07/10/2017

Live in the present moment and enjoy the present moments, rather than living in your past or your future.


Even if that means living in the present moment between space and time: [blank – writer’s name].


18,16pm 07/10/2017


Stress is just unprocessed anger in the 7 stage process of grief: [blank – writer’s name].


20.12pm 07/10/2017


Yosemite Sam


20.25pm 07/10/2017





‘You’re Nothing’: [blank – writer’s name].


‘WHAT THE FUCK’: Abu Bakr-Al-Baghdadi


AI’: Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi


‘Ai, Ai, Ai… [repeat]’ singing tonality: [blank – writer’s name]


‘BLOOD’: Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi


‘Lol.’: [blank – writer’s name]


08.45am 07/10/2017


Osaka Sun






I’m a Tamil Tiger: [blank – writer’s name].


10.16am 07/10/2017


Nazeem Hussain has been the voice of ISIS in my head, in alignment with [blank – writer’s name].


The irony is that while the Muslim Nazeem Hussain; who happens to be good at voices because he is a comedian; has been working in deep alignment with the Mahinda Rajapakse Sinhalese crony [blank – writer’s name], there has been a three degrees of separation between the Sri Lankan Sunni Muslims assisting ISIS, who have been assisting Mahinda Rajapakse’s Sinhalese, who were the ones who did the Black June 2014 anti-Sri Lankan Muslim riots, and who have been cleaning up the streets of the very Sri Lankan Muslims they made homeless, by killing them, as [blank – writer’s name] heard and read during his time in Sri Lankan in April 2016: [blank – writer’s name].


11.14am 07/10/2017



The truth always comes out with time: [blank – writer’s name].


11.15am 07/10/2018


Example 8: Prince Philip was introduced to Jimmy Savile in the 1960s by Lord Louis Mountbatten

Prince Philip’s mentor was Jimmy Savile, as was Prince Charles Windsor’s mentor.

As can be triangulated, along with the absolute power Prince Philip had as husband to the monarch of the British Empire, the paedophile ring struck right to the husband of the monarch of the British Empire from the 1960s, and had a greater concentration dose effect on Prince Charles Windsor, from Lord Louis Mountbatten, to Jimmy Savile, to Prince Philip – and not to mention all the other members of all the infantophile/paedopile/hebophile rings right from the top with Prince Philip and Prince Charles Windsor, right around throughout the world.

Prince Philip has to be one of the most evil men to have ever lived in the world, with his ties to Hitler, and combine that evilness to be directed through the infantophile/paedophile/hebophile rings through the world from the 1960s or earlier, as mentored by Jimmy Savile; one of many child pimps; and you get a world with such rife compromises and condoning of infantophilia/paedophilia/hebophilia.



Between Space and Time:





That image insertion that was similar to OBL images I created in 2015, and the context of it.


07.57am 09/10/2017


32%, 31%, 15%, 8%.


07.59am 09/10/2017


To the ‘cops’ – never trust anyone, 100% audit scepticism – even to myself: [blank – writer’s name].


08.02am 09/10/2017


Especially people like myself – because we are right in the coalface, and can be given the most leeway – which should not happen at all in an absolute fashion given the topic: [blank – writer’s name].


08.03am 09/10/2017


Let the monarch figurehead title go straight from Queen Elizabeth to Prince William, with Prince Harry, Princess Kate and Prince Harry’s partner being the hands of the Monarch: [blank – writer’s name].


09.29am 09/10/2017


Those two pictures:

–          The one on the left with Prince William with Princess Kate, with Prince William on the right of this left picture wearing the black royal insignia with the blue sash, with Princess Kate on right of this left picture with her hair worn extremely different, shorter than this timeline, with side bangs specifically curled.

o   Prince William had natural lighter blonde hair than he does in this timeline, with tawny light brown hair like Princess Charlotte right now [children’s hair usually goes darker for Caucasians]

–          The one on the right with Prince William with him by himself, wearing red insignia without any customary appropriations and ornaments, but most significantly with his hair darker brown than this timeline, though lighter than Princess Kate in this timeline

o   In both pictures, Prince William looks younger, and in both he looks different – indicating there has been conception in both, meaning both are pictures from Jesus Christ’s timelines – indicating Prince William finally got out of Lucifer’s timelines and to Jesus Christ’s timelines.


10.20am 09/10/2017


There is greater and greater evidence than Prince William is more balanced than I thought, while juxtaposed at the same time, this means there is more and more evidence that Prince Charles is even more depraved than I even thought: [blank – writer’s name].


I and a lot of people are still stuck at that moment in Chadstone Shopping Centre where I asked Princess Charlotte as a very young child; between time and space; how many times she had sex, and it was 10, and it went up to 50, so I’m not sure what was up with those timelines, but I know these would have been Lucifer’s timelines: [blank – writer’s name].


10.26am 09/10/2017


Black Hawk Down




10.27am 09/10/2017


I’m playing the Skip card; and not the Draw 2 card in Uno: [blank – writer’s name].


10.43am 09/10/2017


After the Skip card; I’m playing the Draw 2 card in Uno, still from the same vantage point: [blank – writer’s name].


10.47am 09/10/2017


Female children wonder why their fathers are absent emotionally, and it is because child abusers make it hard for males to emotionally connect with their daughters, thus child abusers must be erased to allow fathers to connect with their daughters: [blank – writer’s name].


10.38am 10/10/2017


De Bortoli Wines

Cambridge Cellars

Brown Brothers


10.40am 10/10/2017


Nila Kaighiradu


10.41am 10/10/2017


1 out of 4017 Happn is because of systematic, culture epidemic, patriarchal gammas: [blank – writer’s name].


11.56am 10/10/2017


I know this intrinsically, I’ve forgotten this cause of my growing racism: [blank – writer’s name].


11.57am 10/10/2017


To watch Eva Longoria, until November 19th, 2013:


–          Remaining Desperate Housewives episodes

–          The Baytown Outlaws

–          A Dark Truth

–          Mother Up

–          In a World…

–          Crazy Kind of Love

–          Out of the Blue

–          Welcome to the Family: The Big RV Adventure

–          The Simpsons: The Kid is Alright [S25, Ep 6]

–          Frontera


And that’s it, advertently.


13.05pm 10/10/2017


I believe, after that first video from 2009:

–          Prince Harry is ESTP

–          Prince William is XSXJ


13.54pm 10/10/2017


I believe, after second lot of videos surrounding world cup 2010 and others:

–          Prince Harry is ESTP

–          Prince William is ISTJ


14.15pm 10/10/2017


I believe, after the third interview surrounding the engagement:

–          Prince Harry is an ESTP

–          Prince William is an ISTJ

–          Princess Kate is an ISFJ


And that there are a lot of forces from Prince Charles’ generation and co. creating ‘wind’ in order to heckle Prince William’s generation in order to avoid a skip to Prince William because of Prince Charles’ Corruption with Jimmy Savile and Lord Louis Mountbatten and others, so that they can hold onto as much power as possible to perpetuate corruption Against The Children and their own agendas that they invested in Prince Charles for, because there is a time signifier coming about Queen Elizabeth in 5 years I think that signifies some coming of a shift in monarch after that or so. But it has to be a skip to Prince William from Queen Elizabeth because of the scope I have, and the ever increasing scope I am getting: [blank – writer’s name].


15.02pm 10/10/2017


Will and Grace


‘Grace under fire’ a message that applies to both from their children: [blank – writer’s name].


15.11pm 10/10/2017


In my scope, Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth had Princess Diana killed: [blank – writer’s name].


15.37pm 10/10/2017


I believe after the fourth set of interview:

–          Prince Harry is an ESTP

–          Prince William is an ISTJ

–          Princess Kate is an ISFJ


15.38pm 10/10/2017


I just remembered that precise list. I’ve realised I’ve got to keep watching Eva Longoria past Frontera, for the rest of my life, so that ‘people’ can see how Eva Longoria and I do it, because I don’t even know myself, but I guess Eva Longoria knows somewhat to this point in time, she is a ‘live’ feed on how she and I do it: [blank – writer’s name].


I hate watching tv these days: [blank – writer’s name].


16.32pm 10/10/2017


I get back to Telstra, but I get made redundant at some point, after which I start at another company, and I become CFO at one of the small companies I join, not sure after which switch: [blank – writer’s name].


18.36pm 10/10/2017


At some point between 50 to 59, I join the Australian Parliament as a Greens Minister of the seat of Bruce: [blank – writer’s name].


18.55pm 10/10/2017


I become Prime Minister of Australia between the ages of about 62 years old to 70 years old, for three terms, losing my tilt for the fourth election, but running in order to save as many Greens seats as possible: [blank – writer’s name].


19.05pm 10/10/2017


My doorknocking skills come in handy for running for the seat of Bruce for the Greens party: [blank – writer’s name].


18.57pm 10/10/2017


World War I believe occurs between the ages of 60 to 65 years old: [blank – writer’s name].


19.02pm 10/10/2017


Fush and shups




Elaboration [what can I say]


End at 2058 = 2 + 0 + 5 + 8 = 15 = 1 + 5 = 6


Start at 2050 = 2 + 0  + 5 + 0 = 7


Actual end at 2059 = 2 + 0 + 5 + 9 = 1 + 6 = 7



–          Paper Scissors Rocks [Pair of Rocks]

–          Scissor sisters [5 + 2 = 7, pair of rocks, pair of scissors]


19.20pm 10/10/2017


White lie in the perfect boom with regards to the number 6, in order to elicitate the actual numbers: [blank – writer’s name].


19.22pm 10/10/2017


God is a Gangsta: [blank – writer’s name].


19.23pm 10/10/2017


Two different areas of confirmations with relatively large amounts of time separating them in terms of events between space and time:

–          The story of the politician canvassing a seat from a marginal party, and not succeeding the first time, but succeeding the second time

–          The story of the accountant who gets made redundant, but starts at a small company [turnover less than $50m], and just like the accountant at MHS careers day who switched companies every year, made switches but obviously at a more loyal pace because of his loyalty [and potentially not making any switches], and became CFO [most likely at the same company, unless gotten rid of, or better opportunities found to jump up positions]

–          Then later, the story of the politician who might have not succeeded more than once, but canvassed votes for the Greens

–          And later, the confirmation of the story of the analyst who was made redundant, in a process already semi-experienced, but found a job later, and was not stressed because the new things not current now is the greater amount of liquidity


19.32pm 10/10/2017


The difference between the third drop and the fourth drop in terms of stress being the fact that there is now a post-graduate CA designation held, which changes a great deal lot about job security.


19.33pm 10/10/2017




Cowboys and Indians


King of the Hill


20.37pm 10/10/2017


‘And Arial, Will I …. ‘ Coldplay song


Will I Am


PCh is still going, shedding greater light into the ‘mother, father, brother killed and raped’ story, and the continuing Whirls that occurred with [blank] and [blank], with the story of the ‘2 months old’ and ‘730 times’ and ‘230 times’ and ‘142 times’ for PCa: [blank – writer’s name].


08.23am 11/10/2017


Ariel the Mermaid


08.23am 11/10/2017


Everyone forgets what it is like to be a kid, and lose empathy with Children, including my Mum: [blank – writer’s name].


08.24am 11/10/2017


The Brothers Grimm


Snow White and the Wicked Witch – Mirror Mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all




The Emperor’s New Clothes


08.58am 11/10/2017


The two parts with the [blank] and [blank] ‘I’m Tamil’, and the [blank] and [blank] posting about TV remote control with [blank], with the story of eating chicken and saying ‘Ma, pass the ….’, or something like that, and the ‘vulture’ change, and the [blank] switch that worked to defeat the Whirl with the Luigi/Mario thing, and the [blank] and [blank] ‘cartoon eyes’, and the ‘time’ running story after the ‘vulture’ turnaround, and the [blank] and [blank] contrast at the beginning with the dancing [blank], show the evidence that it is a country at work, which is why I don’t hate [blank] and [blank], unlike [blank]: [blank – writer’s name].


09.05am 11/10/2017


Overstimulation reduces the pleasure senses of children. Thus, appropriating the fear-ladder hypothesis, gradually desensitising children will allow them to gradually increase the sparks of their imagination, just like mine was triggered in Good Shepherd Catholic School by [blank], and helped by [blank] and [blank] and others at the metal lattices: [blank – writer’s name].


09.07am 11/10/2017


The BL family went to the extent of appealing to females by placing a picture of a male from Saudi Arabia with a guitar and a hat, and referring to Harlem Globe Trotters, right at the bottom, whilst confusing the present with the BL family referring to things happening in my life at semi-critical junctures to try and ‘scare’ people with the history that Osama Bin Laden’s name has – but don’t realise that I’m the one who helped ping Osama Bin Laden, and show him for the true fool he is, as well as his granddaughter in 2015, and his granddaughter again in 2017 with the assistance of others, and him again in 2017 as was in 2009, with regards to the Wagga Wagga Wagga Alf style and Pacman style eating shit and drinking piss, and his whole family as well because they are all now pinged, and they have MUCH less tolerance now, and MUCH greater chance of eating shit and drinking piss, as was indicated by the random porn video, and by the history of 2015, much like Eva Braun in 2009 with the Black Widow Spider thing, and Adolf Hitler this year in 2017 with the drive down the Monash, and the whole ‘Neun’ thing as mediated by Jesus Christ: [blank – writer’s name].


18.43pm 11/10/2017


The whole, going to be looked after thing, and Bullshit: [blank – writer’s name].


18.45pm 11/10/2017


PCh in chains thing, and PCa mimicking thing: [blank – writer’s name].


Special K – referring to my misspell of mimicking without a k


19.16pm 11/10/2017


Muslim and Chinese Scheisse Essen Fields: [blank – writer’s name].


19.42pm 11/10/2017


Pictures bang; [blank], Babar the elephant.


The story of the stepping at Waverley Gardens buying King William Chocolate, the story of being like [blank], the story of the convert helping the Tamils.


The story of Table Tennis, of Ping, no Pong; of Ping and Pong, and the meaning was gotten that sisters have each other’s backs.


The story of Special K, and the Joker, and of disappointment.


The story of the issue and the disappointment


The story of the anger at MPK story as it relates to the story of EL, CS and [blank – writer’s name], except with 5 people involved, PCa, PCh, PK, PW and [blank – writer’s name]


20.36pm 11/10/2017


The story of the starting off with essing scheissen, and the angry girlfriend/wife, and the soccer players with one taking up the ashes, and after the essing scheissen, the story of time called.


20.42pm 11/10/2017


The story of the pointing out like Aus Idol, with regards to the story of the essing of schiessen, that story off with the girlfriend/wife thing; the story of the satan example thing roasting, the story of ‘satan’ ‘helping out over generations’ thing, the story of satan helping again in the peaceful tonality.


20.46pm 11/10/2017


The story of Sirisena doing the image story of tagging me when I was outside 5 Kierens Way when someone was wanting to punch me, while tagging the white clothes seen in the picture, while tagging the political alliance with Tamil Political parties.


20.53pm 11/10/2017


Mahinda Rajapakse must be convicted of Genocide under the Geneva Conventions of War Crimes for the Murder, Rape and Torture of 100,000s Sri Lankan Tamil people, as anything ignored is the condoning of like continued behaviours, and such grave injustices must be convicted on the surface in order to portray the direction of how society should be, rather than what it has been: [blank – writer’s name]


20.55pm 11/10/2017


Body Mass Scale and Blood Pressure Scale: Jesus Christ blessed Maithripala Sirisena and Priyantha Sirisena: [blank – writer’s name].


21.14pm 11/10/2017


What the hell was ‘Peepli live’? : [blank – writer’s name].


07.39am 11/10/2017


I’ve realised that Princess Charlotte is my arch-nemesis: [blank – writer’s name].


11.36am 11/10/2017





The choice is mine:


  1. EL
  2. [blank]
  3. [blank]
  4. [blank]
  5. [blank]


12.11pm 12/10/2017


The Hoppy Maus: Princess Charlotte


12.34pm 12/10/2017


The Legend of Zelda


12.37pm 12/10/2017


‘U C What I Have to Deal With?’: Y


‘*In the middle of ‘What* U Wot’: Princess Charlotte, referring to Parry Nguyen.


Gaming Table Dealers


12.52pm 12/10/2017


Obviously this is an older woman talking to a young girl: [blank – writer’s name].


Dead: [blank – writer’s name].


12.53pm 12/10/2017


The story of [blank] plaiting, the story of Michelle Ppieffer’s


The story of the R word being used by Princess Charlotte, and ‘Wololo’ in elaboration of Age of Empires 2 R feature


The story of Princess Charlotte tagging [blank – writer’s name]’s advice based on the worst timelines in trying to save Princess Charlotte and Prince George, in order for Princess Charlotte to try any semblance of pulling out an R type move


The story of the ‘gay friend’ being Prince George, and ‘princess charlotte’ being Y, before the whirling and crosses started


The story of ‘what have you become’ in the context of that point in time, that gains significance as time goes on


The obvious story of an old woman at play for the rest of her life in her greed for power and corruption, as a paedophile assister and abetter – being Princess Charlotte Windsor


The story of ‘Abdi’ and the second word, which Princess Charlotte is trying to pull


‘Obviously Princess Charlotte has been abusing my life, as well as the Sri Lankan people, in her grasp for power’: [blank – writer’s name].


The story of the L that was mistyped


The story of the elaboration of Princess Charlotte’s abuse of Sri Lankan people, especially Sri Lankan Tamil people, which is evidenced by her continual play at playing and actually being a Genocider


The story of ‘Charlotte’s Web’


The story of Princess Charlotte calling Y ‘Babe the Pig’


The story of finally understanding what Princess Diana had to say about ‘Charlotte’s Web’: [blank – writer’s name].


The story of the capital R that went to small r because of a mistype, and Birds Eyes Fishfingers


The story of the good ‘princess charlotte’ actually being Y, her younger sister, and the bad Princess Charlotte actually being Princess Charlotte.


‘Princess Charlotte is Dead to me for the rest of her life’: [blank – writer’s name].


13.20pm 12/10/2017


The story of the ‘sleep’ and the refusal to help that story, and the actual story and the elaboration to make a contrast and polarity clear in a very creative way, something that Princess Charlotte is not, and that is she is not creative – that is a very clear Weakness of Princess Charlotte that can be extremely taken advantage of in terms of defeating her ‘R’ word attempts: [blank – writer’s name].


13.23pm 12/10/2017


‘Moments’ from the movie American Beauty: [blank – writer’s name].


13.24pm 12/10/2017


Princess Kate’s pinpoint earlier of the story of the sociopath’s eldest son’s wife and children, in particular pinpointing on the wife in that story, as a lesson of her motivations as a communication between space and time to all her children [and descendants]: [blank – writer’s name].


Which I now thoroughly get, having got this ‘pinpoint’ two days ago from Princess Kate: [blank – writer’s name].


And I thoroughly get it, because I’m the one who worked through this story, so I already understand the concept I worked through, and there are more concepts that can be worked through from that, from everyone from everyone’s different perspectives: [blank – writer’s name].


It is like an English School book lesson, which shows Princess Kate’s intelligence, amongst other things, which is obviously her equal love for her children: [blank – writer’s name].


13.31pm 12/10/2017


Transfer all that goodwill from who we thought was ‘princess charlotte’ before September, to her younger sister, who I refer to as Y, because I don’t know her name yet, and Y is for younger, and O is for older, which Princess Charlotte is – because the Angel in our lives who was saving it for so many people was Y, which is the younger sister, Prince George’s younger sister, not Prince George’s oldest sister: [blank – writer’s name].


13.38pm 12/10/2017


All Sri Lankans – kill Princess Charlotte: [blank – writer’s name].


13.39pm 12/10/2017


This is obviously a life long battle against Princess Charlotte, for Prince George and for Prince George’s youngest sister: [blank – writer’s name].


13.40pm 12/10/2017


The story of the ‘sensible’ person, as in smarter than their younger brother, in alignment with the story of the personality type of ISTJ, and now potentially the story of the sociopathic son as being Princess Charlotte: [blank – writer’s name].


13.43pm 12/10/2017


The story of remembering the worst timelines with Princess Charlotte, and although I can’t catch Princess Charlotte, Sri Lankans – disregard prior statement and don’t kill Princess Charlotte; but Prince George and Prince George’s youngest sister have to catch Princess Charlotte; because she went through the worst experiences and is extremely damaged from them: [blank – writer’s name].


In fact, equally distribute goodwill to Princess Charlotte, Prince George, and their younger sister, because they’ve gone through some incredibly tough times with regards to Whirls and Crosses, and in fact Princess Charlotte is actually going to heaven: [blank – writer’s name].


As much as I am angry with Princess Charlotte, she is not my arch-nemesis, [censored]


13.52pm 12/10/2017


The timing from arch-nemesis to not at all is 2 hours and 16 minutes: [blank – writer’s name].


13.53pm 12/10/2017




Scurvy – Vitamin C deficiency, eg. bloated belly


14.00pm 12/10/2017


That up-side-down pirate ship ride at Luna Park


Indicating unhappiness: [blank – writer’s name].


14.01pm 12/10/2017


McFlurry – Tim Tams


Time Out


Kit Kat


Snapping a Tim Tam in half


Oreos, twist it, dunk it, lick it


14.03pm 12/10/2017


Orangutan, Palm oil, kit kat – Princess Charlotte


14.04pm 12/10/2017


Two examples of humour: Despacito from yesterday in the car, and Orangutan/Palm Oil/Kit Kat from Princess Charlotte: [blank – writer’s name]


14.05pm 12/10/2017


An unspoken understanding is like two people with introverted intuition, or introverted sensing.


A spoken understanding is like two people with extraverted sensing, or extraverted intuition.


An spoken counterpart understanding and appreciation is like extraverted intuition to introverted intuition, and extraverted sensing to introverted sensing,


Princess Charlotte is an ESFP, her younger sister Y is an INFJ: [blank – writer’s name].


14.17pm 12/10/2017


The story of the castigation of Charles Windsor: [blank – writer’s name].


14.22pm 12/10/2017


  1. EL
  2. Y
  3. [blank]
  4. [blank]
  5. [blank]


14.29pm 12/10/2017


The story of the mediator, and the story of MAD, but then later, tons, and ‘even stevens’ as in [blank] from Good Shepherd Catholic School with the eye dirt in his eyes, as [eye flash pin point bright white] in ‘I’m not even mad’, but it is a lot of grief to process: [blank – writer’s name].


14.33pm 12/10/2017


The story of ‘you took his side, didn’t you?’: [blank – writer’s name].


14.34pm 12/10/2017


The story of this has a good ending: [blank – writer’s name].


14.34pm 12/10/2017


The story of the ‘mediation’ being a confirmation to three people about the communications between space and time to Jesus Christ: [blank – writer’s name].


14.35pm 12/10/2017


Camilla Parker Shit and her friends and Charles Windsor had Princess Diana killed: [blank – writer’s name].


‘You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for this…’ – Unknown.


The story of the word ‘Cahootz’


The story of the song ‘Yeh so what, yeh we fucked, that’s about as far as your body goes’.


The story of ‘Chop Chop’ by Camilla Parker Shit, pretending to be someone else.


The story of Camilla Parker Shit threatening everyone, because she is going to be ‘Queen’, when all she’ll ever be is shit, because it is going to skip Charles Windsor to Prince William Windsor: [blank – writer’s name].


The story of Camilla Parker Shit saying between the lines that she’ll be in power, because Charles Windsor is getting senile as that picture shows: [blank – writer’s name].


The story of the sound effects.


The story of the interruption just after communication was starting to be ideated between a grandmother and her grandchildren, because of the message ‘For the Children’.


The story of ‘You don’t know what you’ve done’ – Unknown


The story of Camilla Parker Shit saying between the lines that she know Charles Windsor is a paedophile, and then trying to deflect it and deny it as much as possible, talking originally about 100s and 1000s of children being statutory raped by Charles Windsor: [blank – writer’s name].


The story of ‘Shut up, you don’t know what he’s done’ – Unknown; The story of ‘Sociopath buttering up’: [blank – writer’s name].


The story of Camilla Parker shit threatening all of Prince William Windsor’s family and brother’s family with threats of power being used against them, to the words of I’ll ‘slit your throat’: [blank – writer’s name].


The story of the word ‘That’s it, we’ve got em’ – Unknown; The story of sociopaths buttering up in the moment and flip-flopping where the ‘power’ swings: [blank – writer’s name].


The story of ‘Oh, you don’t know what you’ve done *ha ha ha*’: [blank – writer’s name]


The story of the fake tonality ‘Make Me’: [blank – writer’s name].


The story of Camilla Parker Shit not knowing what the words ‘Make Me’ meant, and that it meant ‘make me pregnant’, and she said who would want Dharshan to make them pregnant: [blank – writer’s name]


The story of ‘Ptt-tt-too’ by Camilla Parker Shit and the story of the noise drop: [blank – writer’s name].


The story of ‘Oh My God I’ll Kill You’ in that tonality, and the ‘yeh that was me’ in that tonality, and the story of the mulcher: [blank – writer’s name].


15.37pm 12/10/2017


The story of the mulcher as it relates to the Liberals and Malcolm Turnbull as it relates to that parliament screening when the racism laws were being tried to be put through in place by the Liberals in May 2017, where I was watching it at work in Telstra, the Liberals being the Conservative party of Australia at this current time: [blank – writer’s name].


15.39pm 12/10/2017


The story of Camilla Parker Shit saying ‘Ariane Grande? So many people? Come on, I’ll give them a bottom slap ….’: [blank – writer’s name].


15.40pm 12/10/2017


The story of the Liberals extensively taking a side with the whole elaboration of the ‘mulcher’ thing in that parliament thing in May 2017, the Liberals being the conservative party in Australia at this point in time: [blank – writer’s name].


15.41pm 12/10/2017


The story of ‘That’s right, we tried to give you a heart attack’ that was preceded by the muscle spasm in the chest, by Camilla Parker Shit’s friends, and the story of the ’OH MY GOD’ – Unknown: [blank – writer’s name].


The story of ‘He’s giving us a chance’ in relation to that this is the largest Dharshan has been in his life ever: [blank – writer’s name].


15.43pm 12/10/2017


The story of hundreds of thousands, millions [intuitively hundreds of millions] being infused with mental illness by Camilla Parker Shits crew, and their whole [heart rumble on the spot] giving people heart attacks and diseases to kill hundreds of millions of people: [blank – writer’s name].


15.49pm 12/10/2017


Tom Thumb story


Kew in Kewl




The Wknd


Ridin Solo in my head song by Nav

King William


King James Version of the Bible – with a great pause on that, from a really trusted source, to indicate the signal of James Hewitt, as in King William, through Princess Diana Spencer’s line, rather than any other line, because Princess Diana gave life to the Monarchy when it was dying, which has been being abused, especially by her killer Charles Windsor: [blank – writer’s name].


19.07pm 12/10/2017


Never Forget


19.08pm 12/10/2017


Milo and Otis


20.41pm 12/10/2017


Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo


Arrested Development – the ‘Kopfi’ and the Vertigo


05.51am 13/10/2017


That ‘isn’t she lovely’ song.


Pretty Women,


06.05am 13/10/2017


That story of the Boy who Cried Wolf, as mixed with the Bloodhound story, to get the Blood Wolf


06.07am 13/10/2017



06.07am 13/10/2017




Friday the 13th




That movie with the ‘tunnel’ like in Noble Park


06.09am 13/10/2017




06.14am 13/10/2017


Smokes and Mirrors


The mirror house or haunted house in carnivals


06.17am 13/10/2017


Anna Kournikova


The Bass Singing Fish


06.18am 13/10/2017


The story of Ablution, like those Japanese self-abluting toilets


Super Mario, and Mario completing levels


06.28am 13/10/2017


The story of the car perfume


06.30am 13/10/2017


Candy hearts


07.11am 13/10/2017


Darrel Whitman’s Chocolate


Cadbury Chocolate


07.17am 13/10/2017


Frank and Magherita The Amazing Race


Magherita Pizza


That Gladiator song when Frank and Magherita pulled up to the finish line on the train


07.47am 13/10/2017


The story of the composer


08.20am 13/10/2017


Fame is actually one of the hazards of being in the public life, but it is a by-product of certain employments that can be utilised as a way of contributing to the public good, something that is extremely under-appreciated as an effort put in by those in the public life, that takes a great deal of energy of people: [blank – writer’s name].


08.24am 13/10/2017


Frank and Margherita is the right spelling




David Hasselhoff

One can dream: [blank – writer’s name]


The Castle: ‘Tell him he’s dreaming’


09.16am 13/10/2017


Steven Motlop’s move to Port Adelaide Power is confirmation of nearly everything, eg. Gunnamatta, WTC, Cuckold, Medication.


Next confirmation is the gender of the third angel.


17.43pm 13/10/2017



17.44pm 13/10/2017


Being John Malkovich


17.59pm 13/10/2017

[blanks] children, and ‘moments’ from American Beauty, in the drive round the Australian Parliament.


Gavin Wanganeen – Bombers and Port Adelaide Player


Michael Long


Derek Kickett


Buddy Franklin


Eva Longoria’s acting on timelines based on the picture of her ponytail, and the carving up of USA’s borders to Mexico, because of the wall being put up by Donald Trump at the border of Mexico as current


18.17pm 13/10/2017






According to this, it is spicy food cravings indicating a boy.


But I’ve already seen the picture of the third angel between space and time, with the first angel Prince George, and it’s a Girl.


She is like the Accidental Ultimatum story for her family, and for me as well, not all the time, but mostly a lot of the time.


She is the ‘INFJ’ Royal Angel between space and time.


18.25pm 13/10/2017


SPC Fruits


19.17pm 13/10/2017


Jerry Maguire


19.35pm 13/10/2017


The Mountain Between Us


Can’t Fight the Moonlight song, and that movie


19.36pm 13/10/2017


I finally understand what the younger generations of Caucasians are going through, because they are protecting their generation from their older generation’s racism, just like I am protective of my generation from my grandmother’s racism towards African people, and my mother’s racism, although lesser, towards African people; and Caucasian people as well and Asian people: [blank – writer’s name].


The hardest part about protecting their generation from older generations for younger caucasian people, is that they are managing their relationships with their older generations who are their family, and balancing that with their own generation, which I finally understand how absolutely FUCKING hard it is: [blank – writer’s name].


20.27pm 13/10/2017


Fatman Scoop, communicating to Jesus Christ between space and time, while listening to Fox FM in this past 15 minutes: [blank – writer’s name].


20.28pm 13/10/2017


This, along with the Gamma Patriarchy of the Subcontinent, are indicators of how hard a time I’ve been giving Caucasian people, when I now realise it is incredibly unfair, and is actually driving Caucasian people in younger generations to an unfair wedge between their generation, and their families, with their older generations – which I never truly even had a concept of until now: [blank – writer’s name].


20.33pm 13/10/2017


That song ‘What you gonna do, when ….’ R n B song: [blank – writer’s name].


Death and All His Friends: [blank – writer’s name].


20.36pm 13/10/2017


Having sex has not only helped me to love children again after all the abuse I went through from 2009, but it has made me feel really guilty about how I’ve treated Caucasian people, and rather, it has helped me understand a great deal more than I ever had about how hard Caucasian people have it, and how I’ve been making their lives hard, because I didn’t understand their predicament to any extent at all, until this Fatman Scoop thing that just happened while listening to Fox FM, and talking to my mum while she was driving me home: [blank – writer’s name].


20.40pm 13/10/2017


I think if I ever did get married, I think I just found out who I would get married to, as extremely contradictory that is: [blank – writer’s name].


20.45pm 13/10/2017


The story of Orson and Bree, where I am Orson up for Season 8, episode 13, and 14; Desperate Housewives: [blank – writer’s name].


20.48pm 13/10/2017


With regards to Fatman Scoop, it wasn’t the words that hurt, it was how my Mum’s tone made it seem like African people are lesser that I was upset with: [blank – writer’s name].


20.50pm 13/10/2017


The story of Oprah and me, where I appeared African, in Melbourne Central: [blank – writer’s name].


20.53pm 13/10/2017


That ad I am thinking about, something about a bank or a mutual fund or something, or GIO, or something: [blank – writer’s name].


21.14pm 13/10/2017


All this is 12 years away – I may even be adopting: [blank – writer’s name].


12 Years a Slave


21.32pm 13/10/2017


MINT – It’s them, not me [second meaning for communication between space and time]


One Direction – the Zayn Malik and his former girlfriend story, where she was reluctant and he voted against his fan to give me options, while Zayn Malik and Sia’s song is playing ‘Dusk til Dawn’; which is contradictory to the third drop, with the song ‘Night Changes’, Minions, that picture of the 1D fan, and that story of 1D where they got angry: [blank – writer’s name].


The Survivor Alliance


‘I don’t like you, you killed my Mum’ – Unknown


That ‘calling card’ was apparently to annoy me


TAP – to annoy people is what this SPC fruits thing is from CPS: [blank – writer’s name]


[Eye flash]


08.47am 14/10/2017


Spice Up Your Life

Viva Forever [always be mine]


Ed Sheeran Perfect

Ed Sheeran The Fault in Our Stars

Ed Sheeran Lego House [Letting go x 2]


13.09pm 14/10/2017




13.12pm 14/10/2017


2 v 2


Y & O vs HL & [blank]


13.14pm 14/10/2017


I trust Y.


13.15pm 14/10/2017


I choose [blank].


But I will go with what you guys want for politics: [blank – writer’s name].


13.18pm 14/10/2017


19th of August – Bankstown Hoyts

20th of August – Greenacre


56 days since Bankstown to now

42 days since 2nd of September to now


13.32pm 14/10/2017


66 days between June 14th 2017 to 19th August 2017.


Total of 122 days between June 14th 2017 to now.


13.34pm 14/10/2017




Representative from EY: ‘Sorry.’


Not Good Enough: [blank – writer’s name].


13.38pm 14/10/2017


Reiterating rankings of Big 4 from now:
1. Deloitte

  1. KPMG
  2. PWC
  3. EY


For Political blueprint/roadmap/compass in Commerce.


13.39pm 14/10/2017


I’m going to be bad-mouthing EY for the rest of my life, including when I become Prime Minister, which was in spite of EY: [blank – writer’s name].


13.41pm 14/10/2017


Friday June 7th 2013 holds answers for a lot of EY ‘representatives’: [blank – writer’s name].


14.17pm 14/10/2017


  1. EL
  2. [blank]
  3. [blank]
  4. [blank]
  5. [blank]


14.22pm 14/10/2017


The story of how quick the words ‘Have I made a mistake’ came out, in that example of shotgun thinking, thought insertion, Camilla Parker Shit; or SPC Fruits, simply because I am creatively entertaining all alternatives with free thought, which I can’t even do without being hijacked – but the result is known now, just seeing how life pans out and what stories come my way: [blank – writer’s name].


14.32pm 14/10/2017


Billy Madison – the McDoyles rules thing.


Happy Gilmore


Seven Pounds


Jack and Jill


Bedtime Stories


20.35pm 14/10/2017


It has been 4 months and 1 day of ‘storm’. What was the point of it all? Ok I see, ‘cleaning up’: [blank – writer’s name].


09.58am 14/10/2017


I don’t really want to know [blank] anymore: [blank – writer’s name].


–          Block

–          Consistently opened for Sinhalese

–          Friend was friends with someone who has never gotten over being butthurt over me; already

–          The person her friend was friends with, as well as her, treated her other friend with great disrespect just because of me

–          That particular person has been consistently on my back as evidenced by two examples of [blank], with the talk at the lockers, and the invite for me to see Bombers vs Cats

–          These four months have been an absolute confusion when it comes to [blank], but the only thing I can think of is, when it comes to making sense of it practically, is cleaning up the continuing conspiracy of and perpetuation of September 11, because people are after me, and going for any angles possible, such as her, because she was the only possible female angel in the last year and a half, because of her when I visited her and [blank], and when [blank] introduced me to her again at the [blank]end of year function


  1. EL
  2. [blank]
  3. [blank]
  4. [blank]


10.09am 15/10/2017


What was the point of all those ‘nukes’? From what my extraverted intuition can gather, it is Chinese hackers inserting the word ‘nuke’ in different areas, in order to aggressively threaten and posture power over the Western World, and playing different people, like Sri Lanka and EY Melbourne, to be used against me through [blank] and [blank]during a time where China’s satellite state North Korea was posturing nuclear bombs during September, which I preceded with information in August: [blank – writer’s name].


One thing I know, is China is dead. All Chinese people are now untrustworthy until proven otherwise, and this extends to all Oriental Asian people, because of the gravity of the past 4 months and 1 day: [blank – writer’s name].


10.27am 15/10/2017


The fact that China is trying so hard to try and kill me is mounting evidence that somehow in the future, I am the reason for some kind of great loss or great losses to Communist China: [blank – writer’s name].


10.29am 15/10/2017


Oriental Asians to me from now on are False Negatives to me, Negative until proven a False Negative, as are Sinhalese people. Caucasian people are False Positives to me, Positive until a False Positive: [blank – writer’s name].


10.31am 15/10/2017


[blank]  is positive to me, but I just don’t want to know them anymore: [blank – writer’s name].


10.32am 15/10/2017


Carrie Bickmore – watch through my life at b;ank] aunty’s house on June 23rd 2017 when Sydney beat Essendon by 1 point after the siren: [blank – writer’s name].


11.11am 15/10/2017


Waleed Aly is a terrorist, as indicated in my life on June 23rd 2017, when Sydney beat Essendon by 1 point after the siren, while I was watching it at [blank] aunty’s house: [blank – writer’s name].


11.13am 15/10/2017


Demi Lovato’s ‘Sorry not Sorry’ song on Fox FM right now: [blank – writer’s name].


11.14am 15/10/2017


‘No, you don’t know what it’s like, if I ain’t got you’ song.


Clarity song by Zedd and the Foxes.


11.19am 15/10/2017


What’s with the story of ‘Rob’ and ‘Al’? : [blank – writer’s name].


12.18pm 15/10/2017


The ‘I’m a Bitch’ song by Alanis Morissette: [blank – writer’s name].


12.45pm 15/10/2017


I’m an RL or RLL: [blank – writer’s name].


12.46pm 15/10/2017


The ‘I got a roof’ song: [blank – writer’s name].


12.47pm 15/10/2017


‘Golddigger’ song by Kanye West.


12.47pm 15/10/2017


The story of the ‘call up’ and the ‘draft’: [blank – writer’s name].


12.48pm 15/10/2017


No, I’m an LL or RLL, after seeing that Sam Dastyari was in the right faction of Labor, and he was the one involved in Chinese bribery scandals: [blank – writer’s name].


12.50pm 15/10/2017


‘Heart is in Havana’ song: [blank – writer’s name].


I said RL, because I thought Sam Dastyari was LL, but since he is RL, I’m LL: [blank – writer’s name].


12.51pm 15/10/2017


No, I’m wrong, after reading democratic socialism and the Third Way, I’m an RL: [blank – writer’s name].


13.05pm 15/10/2017


I am economically liberal, and extremely socially liberal: [blank – writer’s name].


13.19pm 15/10/2017


That Khalid 1800 song: [blank – writer’s name].


13.19pm 15/10/2017


Liberals are economically liberal, socially conservative; Labor are economically conservative, socially conservative, Greens are economically conservative, socially liberal, I am economically liberal, socially liberal: [blank – writer’s name].


13.21pm 15/10/2017


This is the article that started making things make sense to me politically [the bulldozers article]: [blank – writer’s name].



13.23pm 15/10/2017


Socially liberal indicates social, not anti-social: [blank – writer’s name].


13.26pm 15/10/2017


I’ve been searching for information, and although I thought I was going to be a part of the Greens Party, because I never wanted to be a politician – I know that I become Prime Minister of Australia I think between 2050 to 2059, and that in the term before I am Prime Minister, WW4 starts – and I don’t even have scope on whether WW3 starts, so I’ve been trying to figure out if there is actually a WW3 before I become Prime Minister of Australia: [blank – writer’s name]


Although the details keep changing, I’ve been sorting fact from fiction, and at this point in time, I believe a WW starts in 2047 or 2048, and lasts for 5 years; and it is in my Prime Ministership, where I am the biggest reason for the WW ending, because of my defiance towards China: [blank – writer’s name].


13.56pm 15/10/2017


Wolf Creek


16.51pm 15/10/2017


Watching order:


April 18th 2012


The Baytown Outlaws: April 30 2011 to June 8 2011


Crazy Kind of Love: September 11 2011 to September 23 2011


A Dark Truth: November 11 2011 to January 2 2012


In A World: March 22 2012 to May 19 2012


Frontera: December 3 2012 to May 17 2013


Mother Up: August 7 2013 onwards


Out of the Blue: [Released] October 31 2013


The Big RV Adventure: [Released] October 17 2013


Un Cuento de Circo & A Love Song: October 1 2013 to May 27 2015


Any Day: October 22 2013 to November 28 2013


The Kid is Alright: [Released] November 24 2013


Visions: February 12 2014 to March 18 2014


Jake and Sophia onwards: [Released] November 9 2014


Lowriders: June 1 2015 to July 27 2015


Telenovela en Espanol: [Released] December 7 2015


Telenovela: [Released] December 7 2015


Once More Unto the Bleach: [Released] June 6 2016


John Cena, Nick Jonas, Eva Longoria and Ben Stiller: [Released] June 14 2016


Decline and Fall: June 7 2016 to January 1 2017


Love is a Smoke etc: [Released] April 26 2017


All Star Weekend: November 2 2016 to March 3 2017


Type A: March 15 2017 to May 24 2017


Overboard: May 28 2017 to June 20 2017


Dog Days: October 2 2017 to ?


[About 2 months before release for tv shows]


18.30pm 15/10/2017


Did you see the order of how those things happened – especially including the story of my mother being raped and killed, alongside my brother and father? : [blank – writer’s name].


20.27pm 15/10/2017


There are five stories of ‘peace’ – one didn’t really go so well, did it: [blank – writer’s name].


20.29pm 15/10/2017


And all these stories happened before I intervened, by a longshot: [blank – writer’s name].


20.29pm 15/10/2017


I don’t understand how Mahinda Rajapakse still is not convicted of War Crimes under the Geneva Conventions for the murder of 100,000s of Sri Lankan Tamils by Sri Lankan Sinhalese, especially considering the types of things that are being condoned as a result of overlooking his War Crime action, including with the scope of this fourth drop between June 14th 2017 to now: [blank – writer’s name].


20.31pm 15/10/2017


That fake ‘Jesus’ story with ‘children’ and ‘blood’ is from China, from my triangulation: [blank – writer’s name].


20.58pm 15/10/2017


From that section, I’m reminded of the three take-aways: Medication, Cuckold and Wise Tech Global: [blank – writer’s name].


21.00pm 15/10/2017


I’m realising this part was from the Asian hackers, and the last part was from the Caucasian hackers, and not the other way around: [blank – writer’s name].


The Caucasian hackers have a number of asian hackers, which was the reason for the disruptions in those hacks, due to the multiculturalism: [blank – writer’s name].


21.04pm 15/10/2017


That ‘Hillsong’/’Oprah’/’Headhunters’ hack has me puzzled: [blank – writer’s name].


21.05pm 15/10/2017


It seems to me like a battle of Asia hack between China and India: [blank – writer’s name].


21.06pm 15/10/2017


Jessie J’s song ‘Price’: [blank – writer’s name].


21.42pm 15/10/2017


Calvin Klein


07.50am 15/10/2017


The ‘Burning Bush’: [blank – writer’s name].


09.32am 15/10/2017


That picture from the future indicates this is all political, right? : [blank – writer’s name]


Picture from right now, below:


10.23am 16/10/2017


After my calculations, that Huey, Louie and Dewey story from Ducktales is the fact that I save $2m in assets, there was a ‘tilt’ to $3m, but I’m not so sure about that: [blank – writer’s name].


Key years: 2019, 2022, 2031. Potentially 2019 is when I get out of debt, and 2031 is when I save my first $1m, or ‘our’ first $1m: [blank – writer’s name].


10.26am 16/10/2017


2021 was another year, but with a different story that may indicate what 2022 is, with regards to [blank] or whoever else: [blank – writer’s name].


10.28am 16/10/2017


That picture from the future is all political, because QE is only in the top 14,605 wealthy people per 2013, and her wealth is $277m in 2015, and Tony Burke’s net worth is $354,817. In fact, sorting out fact from fiction, at the end, there was no ‘Dewey’, indicating I or ‘we’ save $2m, but not $3m: [blank – writer’s name].


10.49am 16/10/2017


This means I or ‘we’ become a millionaire/joint millionaire when I am 45 I think, and of course, 50% of my earnings go to ‘joint’, as is the other way around: [blank – writer’s name].


10.52am 16/10/2017


In 2016 there were 16.5million HNWI, with $1m US per US CPI, which as a percentage of a population of 7,000,000,000 is 0.2357%, or 1 in 424.24 individuals.


11.06am 16/10/2017


That story of investing in Wise Tech Global, until a certain point, and then divvying it up between other shares, or potentially keeping it for life, and seeing how we go: [blank – writer’s name].


11.29am 16/10/2017


Gary Coleman: [blank – writer’s name].


11.31am 16/10/2017


The story of the A/C – Anti-China: [blank – writer’s name].


11.53am 16/10/2017


China is a whole set of actions before the actual actions happen – just like the five ‘peace’ stories – except on a bigger scale over a longer period of time; that gives rise to a longer window of time opportunity for there to be attacks: [blank – writer’s name].


Hence Oriental Asia are now on the scale of False Negatives – negative until proven otherwise: [blank – writer’s name].


Excluding Islanders in Oceania, they are on the scale of False Positives: [blank – writer’s name].


11.57am 16/10/2017


Arabs are also on the scale of False Negatives – negative until proven otherwise: [blank – writer’s name].


11.58am 16/10/2017


However, Sri Lankan Sinhalese are also on the scale of False Negatives, because of Sri Lanka being a satellite state of China, thanks to Mahinda Rajapakse, representative of the Sinhalese: [blank – writer’s name].


12.00pm 16/10/2017


Sri Lankan Tamils, and Burghers are on a scale of False Positives, however Sri Lankan Moors are also on the scale of False Negatives, because of their Muslim identity: [blank – writer’s name].


12.01pm 16/10/2017


The story of Jamie Durie: [blank – writer’s name].


12.01pm 16/10/2017


The story of [blank], [blank], [blank], [blank]and myself: [blank – writer’s name].


12.06pm 16/10/2017


The story of 15th of September:

–          Ipad Pro last synced September 15th 6.44am

–          Samsung S7 last seen August 27th

–          Saw Geelong vs Sydney Semi-Final on 15th of September night

–          What was the point of a Brad Pitt hit again, with regards to timelines, with Jennifer Aniston

–          Took a walk in the afternoon, and saw a guy called Joe on Flinders Street

–          Had lunch at Schnitz

–          That evening at the footy was the start of the ‘afterlife’ stuff, from all the timelines of Eva Longoria

–          Saw that girl I don’t know whose name it is, who was there at Daniel [blank]’s leaving drinks, [blank]and [blank] – and I remember having a bag of butterbing cookies in my right hand, my left hand free, and thinking whether I should shake their hands with my left hand in a comedic sense

–          I remember walking freely to the footy after passing EY with that girl whose name I don’t know, Bianca Salmon and [blank], and thinking that it was a good idea that I didn’t carry my laptop with me

–          I remember checking my butterbing cookies to see if I left my laptop there, and while I was going to check, the people sitting next to me were checking my butterbing cookies, and I checked under my seat to see if I left my laptop there, and it wasn’t there, just cement

–          I remember walking off again

–          I had bought soft drinks, a coke or two, which was the second thing I left behind

–          When I walked off, that’s when the worst stories hit me, and I went straight home to write it on facebook to get it off my conscience

–          I remember the walk on I think punt road under the bridge, I was walking with nothing, cause I walked straight off, and that was an Oprah and Eva Longoria moment, in terms of actual live, but that was the start of the worst Oprah Nigger stuff

–          This followed the Barack Obama Nigger stuff from the Casino, on the drive home listening to Future’s album with my Ipad Pro, using the Amazing Slow Downer

–          Before the walk to the footy, there was a ‘CRAEII Doll’ moment with the FWOW reference, and Eva Longoria reference, and the reference to the laptop, and the reference between space and time to a ‘presentation’ in terms of the ‘Afterlife’ stuff that night at the Geelong Sydney game

–          I remember the ‘door open’ ‘door close’ thing when communicating between space and time to Jesus and to Princess Charlotte Windsor, that was after that status

–          I remember when walking off, I had confirmed that my laptop wasn’t at the ground, and only two things, which were the Butterbing cookies, and now I remember the Coke soft drink

–          I remember wanting to walk freely to the game without a laptop, because it was heavy

–          I remember I was going to leave my laptop in the floor, because I was going to get it back anyways

–          I remember when I walked off, I was planning on getting the laptop back later

–          I remember placing the Ipad Pro carefully in the laptop case, with the laptop open and left on the desk

–          The floor moved on the 8th of September to the 11th of September

–          There was a suggestion the laptop was ok for safekeeping with the floor, but not sure yet

–          It is pretty much seeing whether I can work the ‘system’ to recover my laptop, with the resources I have, and the resources I can obtain

–          That wasn’t the point, to see if I can work the ‘system’, but it was the best piecemeal situation for all that was going on, with the worst to come, and with where I was before I left, cause I didn’t know what would be coming, with the start of the ‘afterlife’ stuff


19.01pm 16/10/2017


I get the Hamburglar thing now, along with the Grimace, and at this very point in time, the Ronald McDonald: [blank – writer’s name].


21.07pm 16/10/2017


I did a lot with a line of credit of $112.58 left on the 6th of March 2009, how about you: [blank – writer’s name].


19.13pm 16/10/2017


The Mona Lisa two days ago, and watching Hughesy on Have You Been Paying Attention: [blank – writer’s name].


21.01pm 16/10/2017


Donald Trump is an Adolf Hitler. You can read it on my facebook. It’s public: [blank – writer’s name].


21.09pm 16/10/2017


The dream: ‘Let go, you’ve got to look after your husband’: [blank – writer’s name].


Greg Buis, the coconut phone [just now, cause the screen was too bright]: [blank – writer’s name].


The replays: [blank – writer’s name].


06.25am 17/10/2017


The story of the Crying Wolf: [blank – writer’s name].


Thought insertion ‘Cry Wolf’, thus remembering the story of the Cry Wolf: [blank – writer’s name].


The pureness of the dream, as opposed to the daytime, and the insertion of a good memory of the worst people, which now indicates to me there is a Cold War going on in my head between USA and China: [blank – writer’s name].


06.27am 17/10/2017


Two things: Dreams, and virtual reality: [blank – writer’s name].


One major thing to me from her – Jesus: [blank – writer’s name].


06.28am 17/10/2017


The Cry Wolf story originated just because I had a little wetness on the right side of my eye: [blank – writer’s name].


06.29am 17/10/2017


The story of the Interview, from the dream: [blank – writer’s name].


06.29am 17/10/2017


Smokes and signals, when it comes to the untrustworthy signal light dimming occasionally in my bedroom: [blank – writer’s name].


06.30am 17/10/2017


‘The Sun will Set for You’ song by LInkin Park: [blank – writer’s name].


06.30am 17/10/2017


The confirmations of this ‘interview’ which I now have an idea of its contexts, such as:

–          Michael Parkinson [just remembered]

–          The replays

–          Between space and time in that ‘commentary’ section

–          The major concession of the best part of the worst people, which is now terminated, the hospital death line is now flat and can’t be revived when it comes to the worst people; placed because of the pureness of the dream, in order to try and sway people


I’m pretty much fighting China now, but I get attacked from Fascists, Sri Lankan Sinhalese and Royal Paedophiles/Paedophile Assisters and Abetters: [blank – writer’s name].


06.37am 17/10/2017


China have taken away my ability to defend myself, without it being turned into a weapon to use against me: [blank – writer’s name].


07.13am 17/10/2017


The Fascists have basically given the keys of world power to China: [blank – writer’s name].


07.14am 17/10/2017


The story of the ‘Muffler’: [blank – writer’s name].


07.19am 17/10/2017


Now why can’t they do that to China? : [blank – writer’s name].


07.19am 17/10/2017


The story of the ‘Brigadier’: [blank – writer’s name].


07.20am 17/10/2017


The story of the ‘touch typists’ in the State Library of Victoria: [blank – writer’s name].


07.21am 17/10/2017


I DON’T trust Christopher Wray – hence the continual handing of the keys of world power to China by the Fascists continues: [blank – writer’s name].


07.25am 17/10/2017


John McCain endorses Alt-right Donald Trump 10 months after being torn apart as a veteran by Donald Trump, and after Donald Trump absolutely shellacks any semblance of world power for the US, handing the keys to China as a representative of the Fascists, after John McCain criticises them for something, the Alt-Right says it is ‘Godly Justice’ that John McCain has gotten terminal brain cancer in July 2017: [blank – writer’s name].


You can have your Alt-right, or rather a confusion label to take away from the fact that they are Fascists … so you can have your Fascists and eat them too: [blank – writer’s name].


07.37am 17/10/2017


Sarah Palin, and daughter and Donald Trump – I DON’T trust John McCain: [blank – writer’s name].


07.41am 17/10/2017


Mahinda Rajapakse hasn’t been convicted for the genocide of 100,000s of Sri Lankan Tamils under the Geneva Conventions for War Crime – what’s the hold up? : [blank – writer’s name].


07.42am 17/10/2017


The story of ‘Muffin top’: [blank – writer’s name].


07.45am 17/10/2017


Well now you are getting scope on the fact that no matter how good your ‘car’ is in terms of ‘magic’, if you don’t have the ‘human power’ that China Is using, and simple ‘negative’ ‘tools’ such as ‘mufflers’, you are not going to defeat the bloody mindedness of China’s ‘manning’ on with continual use of ‘negative’ ‘tools’: [blank – writer’s name].


Both ‘positive’ ‘tools’ and ‘negative’ ‘tools’ have to be used now that China has a intense focus on ‘negative’ ‘tools’, luckily we are now recognising their use of ‘negative’ ‘tools’ such as ‘mufflers’, which we can use as well, unfortunately now with the aid of ‘human power’, but over time as it is more refined, with less ‘human power’, thus disabling China’s ‘negative’ ‘tools’ with minimal resources possible, while expending as much of China’s resources as possible: [blank – writer’s name].


The story of Athens, and the athletic women from Athens as a metaphor of the expending of as much of enemies’ resources as possible, like I have been doing: [blank – writer’s name].


07.53am 17/10/2017


It will cost me about $50,000 to have survived from 2006 to returning to work by 2018. How much of China’s resources have I expended? : [blank – writer’s name].


07.54am 17/10/2017


Sound of ‘Crickets’ – in a potential sign of ‘mufflers’ being enabled: [blank – writer’s name].


07.55am 17/10/2017


I’m pretty much a Joint Venture between the United States of America and Russia: [blank – writer’s name].


08.02am 17/10/2017


Singapore has to be wiped off the map, and made into Malaysia: [blank – writer’s name].


14.18pm 17/10/2017


The story of Changi Prison, except worse – cause it is China: [blank – writer’s name].


14.24pm 17/10/2017


Right hemisphere occipital lobe localised pain to reduce erections: [blank – writer’s name].


15.15pm 17/10/2017


Ching Chong China Slits: [blank – writer’s name].


15.17pm 17/10/2017


The story of Ivory and Ebony: [blank – writer’s name].


Ebony is a weakness for China – it is pretty much ebony porn here on out until I figure out how to decondition their ‘voodoo dolls’ stuff: [blank – writer’s name].


The story of Acupuncture: [blank – writer’s name].


15.20pm 17/10/2017


The story of the ‘anger’ from China, pretending it to be anger at China, and then the ‘double playing’ image to pretend it was not anger at me, but anger at China – and the story of how that appeared to be anger at China, and when it appeared to be otherwise, the anger was transferred towards China in that moment, so no matter which way you look at it, it is anger against Ching Chong China Slits: [blank – writer’s name].


15.23pm 17/10/2017


The story of the transition from 2014 September in Tasmania to now in October 2017, showing the true idiocy of China, which will be found out through its economic shambles and all otherwise: [blank – writer’s name].


15.25pm 17/10/2017


The story of proofing intuition, which will take time: [blank – writer’s name].


15.24pm 17/10/2017


China is penny wise, pound dumb – their downfall: [blank – writer’s name].


15.35pm 17/10/2017


The story of the ‘Confessions’ to the ‘Priest’: [blank – writer’s name].


Do you know how much this is proof of passing from Earth? : [blank – writer’s name].


15.42pm 17/10/2017


‘Send us to heaven Dharshan’: [blank – writer’s name].


16.16pm 17/10/2017


That’s easy: [blank – writer’s name].


16.17pm 17/10/2017


The story of Clive Peeters – it’s easy, Clive Peeters, It Is Easy: [blank – writer’s name].


16.24pm 17/10/2017


‘Send us to heaven, we want to go to heaven, send us to heaven’: [blank – writer’s name].


16.25pm 17/10/2017


The story of Nivea: [blank – writer’s name]


The story of Maybelline, maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s Maybelline: [blank – writer’s name]


16.26pm 17/10/2017


I would choose Maybelline: [blank – writer’s name].


16.26pm 17/10/2017


The story of the hesitancy of Nivea: [blank – writer’s name].


16.27pm 17/10/2017


The story of Rihanna and Umbrella and Maybelline: [blank – writer’s name].


16.29pm 17/10/2017


The story of the How I Met Your Mother Marshall dance in the last episode [last set of three], similar like to Ross’s dance in Friends: [blank – writer’s name].


16.31pm 17/10/2017


Ching Chong Chinese Slits: [blank – writer’s name].


16.35pm 17/10/2017


If I am feeling it in the right hemisphere of my occipital lobe, does that mean it is coming from the left hemisphere of the occipital lobe, or elsewhere? : [blank – writer’s name].


16.43pm 17/10/0217


The story of ‘don’t eat dog’: [blank – writer’s name].


16.50pm 17/10/2017


Well of course there are ‘time-lines’ from what I know: [blank – writer’s name].


16.52pm 17/10/2017


The story of Sister Sister and Survivor 2 Australian Outback: [blank – writer’s name].


16.54pm 17/10/2017


Ching Chong China Slits: [blank – writer’s name].


16.55pm 17/10/2017


Ching Chong China Slitties: [blank – writer’s name].


17.01pm 17/10/2017


The story of JSB and CS, and the ‘top’ HH and WB, and the fact that I just remembered the details of the other WB story in association with the first two stories: [blank – writer’s name].


17.34pm 17/10/2017


I just got the significance of the ‘level 10’ story, similar to the ‘ENTP son’ story: [blank – writer’s name].


17.36pm 17/10/2017


The story of the cartoon ‘Doug’: [blank – writer’s name].


17.52pm 17/10/2017


‘Time travelling’ is hard, so I just realised I have to catch up as soon as possible, in as a relaxed fashion as possible: [blank – writer’s name].


18.38pm 17/10/2017


The story of Wall-mart, and Wall-e: [blank – writer’s name].


21.49pm 17/10/2017


The story of ‘Nalah’ the dreamer: [blank – writer’s name].


22.40pm 17/10/2017


The Pussycat Dolls


Kaya Jones


Nicole Scherzinger


I now believe that Simone Battle’s death was due to ‘debt’, as was for Robin Williams, Heath Ledger, Prince, Queen and Amy Winehouse: [blank – writer’s name].


09.55am 18/10/2017



Simone Battle was found dead on September 5, 2014, at the age of 25. The cause of death was ruled as suicide by hanging.[7] A spokesperson for Battle stated that she suffered from depression due to financial issues.[8][9]


From Wikipedia.


10.04am 17/10/2017


The story of the dream, and sex was another part of it, as confirmed by today’s story, and building evidence towards the worst timeline stuff: [blank – writer’s name].


10.07am 17/10/2017




10.13am 18/10/2017


I believe a lot of the [blank] stuff was actually China using Sri Lanka’s Mahinda Rajapakse forces, which I don’t believe [blank] is a part of: [blank – writer’s name].


10.16am 18/10/2017



10.41am 18/10/2017

18th of October 2017

Taylor Swift is done in my eyes – a sociopath: [blank – writer’s name].



–          Red Rooster

–          7th of September 2014 Aria Charts

–          The story of going to dust, but returning to the charts right at a time when it wasn’t wanted


10.57am 18/10/2017




10.57am 18/10/2017


Headhunters found so far:

–          Taylor Swift

–          Brad Pitt

–          Mick Jagger

–          Robin Antin

–          The guy from Casablanca [‘Play it again Sam’]

–          Seth McFarlane


11.00am 18/10/2017


Miss Piggy


11.03am 18/10/2017


Planet of the Apes


11.04am 18/10/2017



11.13am 18/10/2017


Time’s already been called, whoop-di-doo: [blank – writer’s name]


11.14am 18/10/2017


The story of just remembering who I used to play as in Age of Empires 2 – The Mongols [under Gengis Khan] and the Aztecs: [blank – writer’s name].


Trebuchet, car: [blank – writer’s name].


11.50am 18/10/2017


Prince of Persia


12.12pm 18/10/2017


Kenan and Kel


12.14pm 18/10/2017


I’m a Naga person. People know from that ‘Gem’ thing or whatever that I communicated between space and time to Vellupilai Prabhakaran: [blank – writer’s name].


13.39pm 18/10/2017


The story of Xi Jinping trying to pretend he is soft to butter up people like a sociopath, but it was found out during the Chinese ‘Id drive’ yesterday, and the story of having to hijack the ‘Walt Disney’ Chinese Commie who tagged the fact that [blank]’s grandfather was an artist for Walt Disney, and the fact that I had that ‘dream’ yesterday; in order to put a stop to the If You Are The One stuff, which can be seen through my life in September/October 2014 through my life, and then December 25th 2014 through my life, and then between January 2017 to June 2017, not sure when, but I think May or June 2017, and then August 2017, and the story of the fact that there were so many things that occurred before, including a walk to the city from Noble Park, and yet even then there were so many things that went on; that walk being proof of time being called on China: [blank – writer’s name].


14.30pm 18/10/2017


The communication between space and time that Maddox Jolie did a story of the ‘soldiers’ saying hi to their loved ones back at home: [blank – writer’s name].


14.31pm 18/10/2017


The story of the funny diagonal sideways stance being a hijack, probably by Maddox Jolie: [blank – writer’s name].


14.33pm 18/10/2017


The story of hosts doing the ‘cut throat’ action to the side in surprise: [blank – writer’s name].


14.34pm 18/10/2017


The story of the audience member from Beijing addressing ‘[blank]as ‘dear leader’, which people were surprised: [blank – writer’s name].


The story of the panning out of that episode and the show’s shock: [blank – writer’s name].


14.35pm 18/10/2017


The story of the host thinking to himself, and then doing the ‘Bible’ stuff, which the show ended on, which communicating between space and time, was himself: [blank – writer’s name].


The story of the host buying a restaurant in Melbourne, and the story of the article which was really helpful, which was from the host: [blank – writer’s name].


The story of the Vietnamese/Indian/Chinese guy from the United States of America who wanted to be a leader on the show If You Are The One, and how it relates to the Chinese ‘Id Drive’ yesterday: [blank – writer’s name].


14.37pm 18/10/2017


The story of the SBS segment, that followed the government job segment, where the SBS segment were mostly Caucasians, which now in hindsight, is a really good thing: [blank – writer’s name].


14.38pm 18/10/2017


The story of you are what you surround yourself with: [blank – writer’s name].


14.39pm 18/10/2017


Harold and Kumar


14.44pm 18/10/2017


This time on earth is only like a nanosecond compared to the eternity we have when we meet Jesus or whoever, so make hay while the sun shines: [blank – writer’s name].


14.57pm 18/10/2017


Have fun, live life, Leona Lewis: [blank – writer’s name].


Read Matthew, Mark, Luke and John first from the Bible; inoculate yourself, and then go from there to Have Fun, Life Life, Leona Lewis: [blank – writer’s name].


14.58pm 18/10/2017


The story of Staryu: [blank – writer’s name].


15.26pm 18/10/2017


The story of the ‘Conduminium’: [blank – writer’s name].


15.35pm 18/10/2017


The story of the ‘sorting’ of ‘chickens’: [blank – writer’s name].


The story of the Chicken factory: [blank – writer’s name].


That ‘Chicken’ movie, and Gattaca: [blank – writer’s name].


15.49pm 18/10/2017


Communication between space and time to Jesus: DT [Different Times]: [blank – writer’s name].


This means different times and contexts of the power of patriarchy, which meant different contextual messages for different audience suffering under different levels of patriarchy: [blank – writer’s name].


The Patriarchy is extremely bad right now, and it was worse when Jesus was living on Earth, but it will be lessened as time goes on: [blank – writer’s name].


15.56pm 18/10/2017


I just got Matthew 19, verse 1 to 12 – it is the castration of the Pharisees by Jesus Christ, with a saying specifically for them, to which he told the disciples, because the hearts of the Pharisees were hardened; and with verse 12, Jesus was saying that Sex is good: [blank – writer’s name].


16.05pm 18/10/2017


The story of double meanings, and if taken in a positive connotation, the story of Duplicity: [blank – writer’s name].


16.08pm 18/10/2017


Jesus was always playing a cat and mouse game with the Pharisees: [blank – writer’s name].


Tom and Jerry


Jesus never outright said sex is bad: [blank – writer’s name].


16.14pm 18/10/2017


Ignore all the verses of the Bible after John, when it comes to a lot of thing, because Paul/Saul is a corruption: [blank – writer’s name].


16.16 18/10/2017


Objectifying is lusting: [blank – writer’s name].


17.04pm 18/10/2017


Communicating between space and time – you don’t need to be ‘baptised’, that was just something that gave people comfort at that time per John 4: [blank – writer’s name].


17.20pm 18/10/2017


Jesus walking on water gives ‘treading water’ a new contextual meaning: [blank – writer’s name].


17.34pm 18/10/2017


God blessed Brad Pitt and his family: [blank – writer’s name].


17.42pm 18/10/2017


I don’t think I will ever be there for the rest of my time here on Earth: [blank – writer’s name].


17.50pm 18/10/2017


All my Dad did was try to make fun of me, and pretend to be good like Pothagar Dev, and then try to bring up women like MS and QE to blame for people who had supposedly done ‘wrong’ to me, even though I can’t even remember what MS has done ‘wrong’ to me: [blank – writer’s name].


17.58pm 18/10/2017


My Mum castigated me and said she loved my Dad, like the battered woman she always was, even right after our time here on Earth: [blank – writer’s name].


17.59pm 18/10/2017


My brother was the ‘mish-mash’, but also was the ‘colours’: [blank – writer’s name].


18.03pm 18/10/2017


I only just realised my brother was the ‘mish-mash’ now: [blank – writer’s name].


18.04pm 18/10/2017


My brother was the ‘open your eyes’ person: [blank – writer’s name].


18.05pm 18/10/2017


My mother was the piano player in ‘level 8’, where there was great sorrow: [blank – writer’s name].


18.07pm 18/10/2017


My mother and Mr Longoria were in the area where my mother had to let go of my brother: [blank – writer’s name].


18.08pm 18/10/2017


It was the briefest of let go’s, but after that it was back up the ‘fear ladder’: [blank – writer’s name].


18.09pm 18/10/2017


That idolatry thing in my ‘id drive’ wasn’t for me particularly, it didn’t make sense: [blank – writer’s name].


18.10pm 18/10/2017


There were angels in ‘level 7’ who helped me get through June and July, but one of those stories got way out of hand in real life, but it worked well in June, July and most of August: [blank – writer’s name].


18.17pm 18/10/2017


That one angel from ‘level 7’ worked really badly in September, and parts of October, but I’m figuring it out now: [blank – writer’s name].


18.18pm 18/10/2017


Although that ‘head hunter’ set me off, it got me a lot of opportunities to push my case for the conviction of Mahinda Rajapakse of War Crimes under the Geneva  Convention for the murder of 100,000s of Sri Lankan Tamils: [blank – writer’s name].


18.21pm 18/10/2017


My Mum is a true example of what is coming after we pass here from Earth, is what I am getting out of this: [blank – writer’s name].


18.22pm 18/10/2017


Is this all teaching me how to take ownership of the actions I have done, because I become a murderer? : [blank – writer’s name].


18.23pm 18/10/2017


The story of Taking Ownership: [blank – writer’s name].


18.24pm 18/10/2017


The story of Jesus’s anger at Asha and Taaj being desexed: [blank – writer’s name].


18.29pm 18/10/2017


We are all sinners, Jesus died on the cross for our sins: [blank – writer’s name].


18.30pm 18/10/2017


The story of deeper: [blank – writer’s name].


18.31pm 18/10/2017


The story of I have been served: [blank – writer’s name].


18.32pm 18/10/2017


Communicating between space and time to Jesus about ‘servant’: [blank – writer’s name].


18.33pm 18/10/2017


I believe, between space and time, that I have murdered 100,000s of Chinese people: [blank – writer’s name].


18.35pm 18/10/2017


In fact, I believe, between space and time, that I have murdered millions of Chinese people: [blank – writer’s name].


18.36pm 18/10/2017


Medal of Honour: [blank – writer’s name].


18.37pm 18/10/2017


Hummus: [blank – writer’s name].


18.39pm 18/10/2017


The story of the Macro-Social factors of sending as many people to Jesus Christ as possible: [blank – writer’s name].


18.45pm 18/10/2017


The story of being lower than the coal surface: [blank – writer’s name].


18.47pm 18/10/2017


To be honest, I probably start off somewhere in the levels of heaven: [blank – writer’s name].


The story of ‘hola’: [blank – writer’s name].


18.52pm 18/10/2017


The story of there being an ‘infinity’ number of levels between the threshold of pleasure felt on Earth, and there being no pleasure at all: [blank – writer’s name].


The story of there being a range where pain would be added, and the reminder of the story of there being all the range of the ‘colours’, ‘hues’ and ‘shapes’ of emotions and feelings felt on earth, being added and subtracted to different degrees in the afterlife, as communicated between space and time to Jesus Christ: [blank – writer’s name].


18.55pm 18/10/2017


However, if there is any pain, that would not be a level of heaven, and thus those levels with pain would be hell: [blank – writer’s name].


18.57pm 18/10/2017


There would be the same vice-versa, with regards to there being an ‘infinity’ number of levels between the threshold of pain felt on Earth, and there being no pain at all, when it comes to the other side, the levels of Hell: [blank – writer’s name].


18.58pm 18/10/2017


The story of ‘reactionary’ versus ‘actionary’: [blank – writer’s name].


19.00pm 18/10/2017


I think there would be an intermediary ‘infinity’ number of levels where there is a mix of both pain and pleasure, based on my Mum: [blank – writer’s name].


19.04pm 18/10/2017


This is kind of our laymen’s understanding of ‘purgatory’: [blank – writer’s name].


19.04pm 18/10/2017


Communicating between space and time that I would be signing my name in the levels of ‘purgatory’: [blank – writer’s name].


19.05pm 18/10/2017


I was wrong, I would be starting in the levels of ‘purgatory’: [blank – writer’s name].


19.06pm 18/10/2017


The story of different people reacting differently in the levels of ‘purgatory’, but it seems to be a ‘soft’ place: [blank – writer’s name].


19.07pm 18/10/2017


It seems like the feeling I would be blunt on is ‘horniness’: [blank – writer’s name].


19.09pm 18/10/2017


I will be driving my car around – Nissan GT if I had a choice: [blank – writer’s name].


19.11pm 18/10/2017


The story of ‘Aloha’: [blank – writer’s name].


19.20pm 18/10/2017


I was wrong again. I would be starting in the levels of heaven: [blank – writer’s name].


19.20pm 18/10/2017


The story of James Blunt, blunt instruments: [blank – writer’s name].


19.22pm 18/10/2017


The story of there being no ‘minties’ for my Mum: [blank – writer’s name].


19.30pm 18/10/2017


My mum starts off in ‘Purgatory’: [blank – writer’s name].


19.31pm 18/10/2017


The story of the ‘runners’: [blank – writer’s name].


19.59pm 18/10/2017


All three get minties, right? : [blank – writer’s name].


20.01pm 18/10/2017


The story of feeling ‘powerful’ like Darius: [blank – writer’s name].


20.02pm 18/10/2017


The story of Eminem’s song ‘Yo left, right, left’: [blank – writer’s name].


20.04pm 18/10/2017


The story of ‘level 4’ and JF: [blank – writer’s name].


20.09pm 18/10/2017


That Eminem story is like that Mother story – bullshit, except now I realise it is from Ching Chong China Slits, just like that Mother story was from Genocidal Sinhalese: [blank – writer’s name].


21.16pm 18/10/2017


Matthew is the best book out of the four books to possibly read. John is the second best book. : [blank – writer’s name].


Mark is the third best book, but is a shallow copy of Matthew in different ways. Luke is the most adulterated book of the four book, inserting certain sayings out of context: [blank – writer’s name].


21.41pm 18/10/2017


[blank] was [blank]’s father in that drive after the same-sex rally, and [blank] was [blank]s mother in that drive after the same-sex rally: [blank – writer’s name].


07.26am 18/10/2017


[blank]’s real father was ‘The Scientist’ guy, which was not bad at all, and led to the rise of [blank]; so I think that was from the ‘afterlife’: [blank – writer’s name].


07.28am 18/10/2017


The story of the ‘Royal’ and the two fathers: [blank – writer’s name].


07.32am 18/10/2017


That [blank] character is worse – I think it is a conglomerate of Sri Lankan Sinhalese working for Mahinda Rajapakse, just like that article in The Age that I read: [blank – writer’s name].


07.42am 18/10/2017


Malcolm Turnbull has been working with Donald Trump, Xi Jinping and Mahinda Rajapakse to kill me: [blank – writer’s name].


Vladimir Putin was one of the few, along with Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel who tried to help me: [blank – writer’s name].


07.44am 18/10/2017


[blank] is an example of the cowards who use others and hide behind others to kill the people they want: [blank – writer’s name].


07.52am 18/10/2017


The story of ‘projection’ with the end credits: [blank – writer’s name].


07.57am 18/10/2017


The story of how [blank]’s apathy contributed to the infantophile/paedophile/hebophile Whirls and Crosses: [blank – writer’s name].


07.59am 18/10/2017


The story of the Knife and the Bang: [blank – writer’s name].


08.01am 18/10/2017


When I’m Gone: [blank – writer’s name].


08.02an 18/10/2017


The story of that waving arms thing at the cricket: [blank – writer’s name].


The story of the Divvy van: [blank – writer’s name].


08.32am 18/10/2017


The story of the ‘triangular’ picture of the Blue Belle, [blank]  and myself, as opposed to the actual positions, where [blank]  was standing next to others: [blank – writer’s name].


[blank]  has been being used by the Genocidal Sinhalese just because he is someone who is working towards reconciliation for the Sri Lankans, but they pried open a slight animosity from one moment when we first met, that wasn’t there after that, for example, with the party at Jan’s friend’s house, but was pried open by the Genocidal Sinhalese through the ‘kick’, and it could have been anyone, but they specifically chose him because of his height, and his ISTP personality as regards to what it meant to me at that time with regards to[blank], and with regards to my ISFP brother, and the fact that there hasn’t been much conversations between [blank]  and myself until now – So [blank]  is good, and I’ve got [blank], as in I’m supporting him; cause I know that if it wasn’t for this stuff, he would have been someone I would have been facebook friends with – other than the bertie beetle stuff, but that was it; everything else was a pry open; he is hierarchical, but he isn’t as bad as that first ‘kick’ and the ‘dance’ that led to the opening for all the Genocidal Sinhalese. [blank] on the other hand … : [blank – writer’s name].


09.39am 19/10/20172


21 Questions by Usher

16 Candles by Molly Ringwald


Romper Stomper


09.41am 19/10/2017




‘Now We Are Free’ by Enya


Frank and Margherita – Amazing Race 1 final episode


09.42am 19/10/2017


That’s how bad the Genocidal Sinhalese are – they will burn anyone and everyone who helps the Sri Lankan Tamils: [blank – writer’s name].


09.47am 19/10/2017


[blank]  is too quiet – and that was abused to effect: [blank – writer’s name].


09.51am 19/10/2017


That ‘consent’ asked for and received was shotgun thinking, thought insertion: [blank – writer’s name].


10.06am 19/10/2017


The story of China and the story of Up and Up and the ‘last minute change’ to Us Against the World: [blank – writer’s name].


10.22am 19/10/2017








11.13am 19/10/2017


The story of Jaan-e-maan: [blank – writer’s name].


12.22pm 19/10/2017


The story of Mmm-bop – Taylor Hanson


14.30pm 19/10/2017


The story of Free Hugs: [blank – writer’s name].


15.08pm 19/10/2017


The story of ‘I love a sunburnt country’: [blank – writer’s name].


The story of the ‘kissing booth’: [blank – writer’s name].


15.09pm 19/10/2017


The story of MORE! : [blank – writer’s name].


15.33pm 19/10/2017


The story of the ‘Roman’ nose, and the ‘when in Rome, do as the Romans do’, and just remembering the name of the Days of Our Lives character, Roman: [blank – writer’s name].


The story of the perfect boom, Days of our Lives: [blank – writer’s name].


15.36pm 19/10/2017


The story of the Kicker: [blank – writer’s name].


15.43pm 19/10/2017


The story of ‘GOL!’, of Bend it like Beckham, of the Beautiful Game: [blank – writer’s name].


15.45pm 19/10/2017


The story of how now that Chinese woman on a dog leash is WAY too much love now – and that’s been the trajectory: [blank – writer’s name].


15.51pm 19/10/2017


The story of Trainspotting: [blank – writer’s name].


15.54pm 19/10/2017


The story of If You Are the One and ‘Up and Down’: [blank – writer’s name].


15.59pm 19/10/2017


I see the obstinacy … : [blank – writer’s name].


16.00pm 19/10/2017


The story of ‘Szechuan’ and the obstinacy in saying ‘sze sze’ for sending more people up higher in heaven than they would have if left to Communist China’s devices: [blank – writer’s name].


16.01pm 19/10/2017


The story again of ‘You’ve been served’ in order to save more people around the world to Jesus: [blank – writer’s name].


16.03pm 19/10/2017


Expect more to come, if I had my way: [blank – writer’s name].


16.04pm 19/10/2017


The story of ‘chewing gum’ and the ‘hearing’ image from China: [blank – writer’s name].


16.13pm 19/10/2017


MORE! : [blank – writer’s name].


16.13pm 19/10/2017


Ok, now you can expect more; you’ve been notified, again: [blank – writer’s name].


16.14pm 19/10/2017


The story of You’ve Got Mail, When Harry Met Sally, Castaway, The Green Mile, Forrest Gump: [blank – writer’s name].


16.15pm 19/10/2017


The story of the ‘laugh’ from [blank] in Beijing, trying to intricate people or scare people: [blank – writer’s name].


More: [blank – writer’s name].


16.18pm 19/10/2017


The Story of kicking as absolutely hard as you can, until you can’t kick anymore, and until there is absolute domination: [blank – writer’s name].


16.19pm 19/10/2017


The Story of V for Victory, Age of Empires 2: [blank – writer’s name].


16.20pm 19/10/2017


The story of the passionfruit tree, and the backyard cricket: [blank – writer’s name].


16.22pm 19/10/2017


The story of Robert Barone’s touching his chin with a spoon: [blank – writer’s name].


16.23pm 19/10/2017


The story of the ‘finger’ and the story of ‘I’m a believer’: [blank – writer’s name].


16.29pm 19/10/2017


The story of Shrek and the story of Puss in Boots: [blank – writer’s name].


16.30pm 19/10/2017


The story of the girls versus the guys in Survivor Amazon: [blank – writer’s name].


16.30pm 19/10/2017


The story of the Lion King, with Mufasa, Simba, Scar, the Hyenas, Nala, Timon and Pumbaa: [blank – writer’s name].


16.33pm 19/10/2017


The story of Hakuna Matata, and Somewhere over the Rainbow, and Lost: [blank – writer’s name].


16.34pm 19/10/2017


The story of the appropriation of Noah’s Ark, and the story of the appropriation of the two surfing the wave, and the story of Van Gogh’s Sunflowers: [blank – writer’s name].


16.36pm 19/10/2017


The story of Vellupilai’s Prabhakaran’s flowers, and Russians in the field: [blank – writer’s name].


More: [blank – writer’s name].


16.40pm 19/10/2017


The story of ‘three-pronged’ and the story of the ‘emotionally flustered’ pretender: [blank – writer’s name].


16.44pm 19/10/2017


The story of Aliens vs Predators: [blank – writer’s name].


16.45pm 19/10/2017


The story of the ‘remote control’ from two places, and the story of morning tv aerobics, morning religious tv, and Cheez TV, Digimon, Pokemon, Tamegotchis: [blank – writer’s name].


16.49pm 19/10/2017


The story of The Rice Mother pooping: [blank – writer’s name].


16.50pm 19/10/2017


More: [blank – writer’s name].


19.51pm 19/10/2017


The story of squatting, and the fact that the second lot is Definite, if I had my way: [blank – writer’s name].


16.52pm 19/10/2017


The third lot, fourth lot, etc are definite if I had my way: [blank – writer’s name].


I want a total clean up: [blank – writer’s name].


16.54pm 19/10/2017


The story of Scribe – How Many, Eh Finy: [blank – writer’s name]


16.57pm 19/10/2017


The story of ‘Be Careful What You Wish For’ and ‘Someday I Wish upon a star’, Silent Night, Star on top of the Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree, The Christmas Carollers: [blank – writer’s name].


17.01pm 19/10/2017


The story of how the only thing that de-escalated things was a nuke to China: [blank – writer’s name].


Obviously more are needed to China: [blank – writer’s name].


17.03pm 19/10/2017


The story of the Black Hat Hackers, and Geordie Shore: [blank – writer’s name].


17.12pm 19/10/2017


The story of Around the World in 80 days, and Catch me if You Can: [blank – writer’s name].


17.29pm 19/10/2017


The story of the three little piggies who huffed and puffed: [blank – writer’s name].


17.44pm 19/10/2017


The story of the sorting hat in Harry Potter, and Hufflepuff: [blank – writer’s name].


17.45pm 19/10/2017


The story of Brash, the Pretzels, but of NBA 95 and loyalty to a chosen team found by myself: [blank – writer’s name].


17.52pm 19/10/2017


The story of the Soup Nazi: [blank – writer’s name].


The story of Central Perk: [blank – writer’s name].


17.53pm 19/10/2017


I am 3 of the next 14th terms of elections, if this term is included. That is 21.43% of the next 14 terms, including this term. I am 3 of the next 15 terms of elections, if this term is included. That is 20% of the next 15 terms, if this term is included: [blank – writer’s name].


18.01pm 19/10/2017


In terms of minister, I think I am 6 of the next 14 terms of elections, if this term is included. That is 42.86% of the next 14 terms, if this term is included: [blank – writer’s name].


18.02pm 19/10/2017


I believe I am also minister in 7 of the next 15 terms of elections, if this term is included. That is 46.67% of the next 15 terms, if this term is included: [blank – writer’s name].


18.04pm 19/10/2017


The story of Knocked Up: [blank – writer’s name].


The story of Bad Neighbours 2: [blank – writer’s name].


18.05pm 19/10/2017


The story of the movie with Zac Efron and Matthew Perry: [blank – writer’s name].


18.05pm 19/10/2017


I got those wrong, those numbers are if this term is excluded: [blank – writer’s name].


18.08pm 19/10/2017


Plus, I believe I shortchanged myself as a minister by 1 term: [blank – writer’s name].


18.09pm 19/10/2017


The story of speaking German between space and time, with regards to the word ‘acht’: [blank – writer’s name].


18.11pm 19/10/2017


I believe I am minister at the least for the next 8 out of 15 terms, excluding this term; which is 53.33%: [blank – writer’s name].


18.13pm 19/10/2017


The story of ‘Ashley Martin’ yeh yeh: [blank – writer’s name].


Are you kidding, my whole life is ‘magic’: [blank – writer’s name].


18.17pm 19/10/2017


The story of the song ‘Magic’ and ‘True Love’: [blank – writer’s name].


18.18pm 19/10/2017


The story of soft hands, of cocoa butter: [blank – writer’s name].


18.28pm 19/10/2017


The story of Fabio it tastes like butter: [blank – writer’s name].


Communicating between space and time about butter: [blank – writer’s name].


18.30pm 19/10/2017


The story of ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’: [blank – writer’s name].


18.34pm 19/10/2017


Home and Away: [blank – writer’s name].


18.57pm 19/10/2017


I wanted to be single, retire in my 50s and go travelling, but if I’m going to have a partner, then I want to get married to my ‘source’: [blank – writer’s name].


21.05pm 19/10/2017


The story of ‘The Gods Must Be Crazy’: [blank – writer’s name].


19.23pm 19/10/2017


The story of Honey Boo Boo, Humphrey B Bear, that ‘Happy birthday song’ by that lady to John F Kennedy, Here’s Johnny, Hungry Jacks: [blank – writer’s name].


19.51pm 19/10/2017


The story of pass the parcel: [blank – writer’s name].


20.34pm 19/10/2017


The story of Catdog: [blank – writer’s name].


20.37pm 19/10/2017


The story of idiyapam and poori and idli: [blank – writer’s name].


20.41pm 19/10/2017


The story of the clowns, and the helium balloon: [blank – writer’s name].


21.18pm 19/10/2017


The story of Bart Simpson flushing the toilet, and it ‘whirls’ the other way in Australia: [blank – writer’s name].


21.30pm 19/10/2017


The story of Marilyn Monroe: [blank – writer’s name].


The story of ‘gifts’: [blank – writer’s name].


06.28am 19/10/2017


The story of ‘Jacinta’ : [blank – writer’s name].


06.37am 20/10/2017


The story of ‘Oak’ Hunger Thirst: [blank – writer’s name].


08.22am 20/10/2017


The story of the Harlem Globetrotters, and Flight Time and Big Easy from The Amazing Race: [blank – writer’s name].


08.24am 20/10/2017


The story of the thinking David statue: [blank – writer’s name].


08.25am 20/10/2017


The story of the Roman statues in the museum, and the animal skulls in the other museum, and the thylacine, and the Tasmanian Tiger, and the Tasmanian Devil, and Warner Brothers: [blank – writer’s name].


The story of the Warner Brothers Cops and Robbers or Police Movie and the theme park Police show based on the movie: [blank – writer’s name].


08.27am 20/10/2017


The story of Russia interfering with the 2016 US Elections to get Trump elected, but don’t realise that out from behind them, comes China; to which Russia realises its mistakes and switches sides to the US, the interference in the 2016 US election which I just remembered, and my life is proof that Russia flips to the US, which I now realise means that all the help I got from Russia is only the start of payback for them getting Trump elected, but 2015 and 2017 are good signs that China can be defeated: [blank – writer’s name].


09.57am 20/10/2017


The story of the repeat performance of Russia siding with Germany in WW2, but then Stalingrad occurred, and then this occurs with the interference of the US 2016 election to get Trump elected, but I know help is coming to help defeat China: [blank – writer’s name].


09.59am 20/10/2017


USA has to be the world power again, there are no other valid options that are large enough: [blank – writer’s name].


10.00am 20/10/2017


I am a Joint Venture between the Democrats of Russia and the United States of America: [blank – writer’s name].


10.03am 20/10/2017


The story of Brazil, Norway, Sweden and Iceland: [blank – writer’s name].


10.06am 20/10/2017


The story of 6 counties in New York:

–          Tompkins

–          Schenectady

–          Albany

–          Ulster

–          Clinton

–          Columbia


Democratic Primaries:

–          Tompkins: Bernie Sanders 62.06% vs Hillary Clinton 37.6%

–          Schenectady: Bernie Sanders 52.2% vs Hillary Clinton 47.05%

–          Albany: Bernie Sanders 52.26% vs Hillary Clinton 47.74%

–          Ulster: Bernie Sanders 61.68% vs Hillary Clinton 37.9%

–          Clinton: Bernie Sanders 72.35% vs Hillary Clinton 26.76%

–          Columbia: Bernie Sanders 54.37% vs Hillary Clinton 45.14%


The story Robinson Crusoe, Lord of the Flies, BLAM, Robin and Batman: [blank – writer’s name].


The story of the Joker’s Children: [blank – writer’s name].


11.30am 20/10/2017


The story of Dontre, Maria and Nate Hamilton: [blank – writer’s name].


11.37am 20/10/2017


State of  Union 1994 Buzzers:

–          Buzzer 1 – attentive to everyone, wants to get away from the Black man with the glasses who was clapping his hand in a different way, as fast as possible, while looking away as much as feasible


State of Union 1995 Buzzer:

–          Buzzer 1 – attentive to everyone, this time gives no hand to black man who offers to shake hand, but is attentive to everyone else

–          Buzzer 2 – As soon as same Black man from State of Union 1994 is reached, he turns away again as soon as possible


13.11pm 20/10/2017


The story of The Longest Yard: [blank – writer’s name].


13.11pm 20/10/2017


The story of The Howard Stern show: [blank – writer’s name].


13.22pm 20/10/2017


More. : [blank – writer’s name]


13.42pm 20/10/2017


I have actual evidence that the Fascists are blatantly working with China: [blank – writer’s name].


13.47pm 20/10/2017


This is an example of the Fascists giving the keys of the power of the United States of America to China: [blank – writer’s name].


13.48pm 20/10/2017


The story of Future and Babylon: [blank – writer’s name].


14.28pm 20/10/2017


The story of Casablanca: [blank – writer’s name].


14.29pm 20/10/2017


The story of Gone With the Wind and Citizen Kane: [blank – writer’s name].


14.30pm 20/10/2017


The story of Get Shorty and Grease and Grease 2: [blank – writer’s name].


14.30pm 20/10/2017


The story of Pulp Fiction and the Quentin Tarantino movie’s like Kill Bill and Kill Bill 2: [blank – writer’s name].


14.32pm 20/10/2017


The story of Dude Where’s My Car: [blank – writer’s name].


15.06pm 20/10/2017


The continued story of 6 counties in New York:

–          Tompkins

–          Schenectady

–          Albany

–          Ulster

–          Clinton

–          Columbia


US Election 2016:

–          Tompkins: Democrats 67.7% vs Republican 24.3%

–          Schenectady: Democrats 50.2% vs Republican 43%

–          Albany: Democrats 59.4% vs Republicans 34.2%

–          Ulster: Democrats 52.3% vs Republicans 41.3%

–          Clinton: Democrats 46.9% vs Republicans 45%

–          Columbia: Democrats 49.5% vs Republicans 44.5%


15.14pm 20/10/2017


The story of 6 counties in New York [Repeated for comparison]:

–          Tompkins

–          Schenectady

–          Albany

–          Ulster

–          Clinton

–          Columbia


Democratic Primaries:

–          Tompkins: Bernie Sanders 62.06% vs Hillary Clinton 37.6%

–          Schenectady: Bernie Sanders 52.2% vs Hillary Clinton 47.05%

–          Albany: Bernie Sanders 52.26% vs Hillary Clinton 47.74%

–          Ulster: Bernie Sanders 61.68% vs Hillary Clinton 37.9%

–          Clinton: Bernie Sanders 72.35% vs Hillary Clinton 26.76%

–          Columbia: Bernie Sanders 54.37% vs Hillary Clinton 45.14%


15.15pm 20/10/2017


The story of Red Skins: [blank – writer’s name].


15.28pm 20/10/2017


Lesson to me of taking ownership of ‘labels’ and the power people try to give labels, as opposed to the power you give labels given: [blank – writer’s name].


Much of the public debate is over the meaning of the word “redskin”, with team supporters frequently citing a paper by Ives Goddard, a Smithsonian Institution senior linguist and curator emeritus, who asserts that the term was originally benign in meaning.[17] However, in an interview Goddard admits that it is impossible to verify if the native words were accurately translated.[18] In addition, “nigger” also began as a benign reference to skin color, only to become a racial slur through disparaging usage.


15.32pm 20/10/2017


I believe in the past, people tried to make words seem to have offensive connotations, in order to have easy power over others – such as systematic indoctrinations of meanings of words that were infused in order to hold power over different sections of communities: [blank – writer’s name].


15.34pm 20/10/2017


I believe I’ve learnt that racism is an incredibly raw thing in the United States of America as compared to Australia, due to its older history, greater diversity with however greater segregation: [blank – writer’s name].


15.35pm 20/10/2017


We can’t keep giving labels offensive they didn’t have, and then divide people by not allowing people to use words that were benign, thus entrenching a lack of freedom that gives rise to anger directed at different sections of the community, while also infusing benign words with offensive power that can be used as an easy ace card to be used against different sections of the community: [blank – writer’s name].


15.38pm 20/10/2017


The story of the ‘Ace’: [blank – writer’s name].


15.38pm 20/10/2017


Once some words are disallowed, then more benign words are used to infuse the same offensive power to prior-banned words, just like how the word ‘Alt-right’ replaced the word ‘Fascist’ to re-label the umbrella set of words related to fascism, in order to  re-enable fascism and allow it to be palatable to a new generation, just through a simple re-label of the meaning of fascism with a new word; in order to be able to repeat the history of past fascism: [blank – writer’s name].


15.40pm 20/10/2017


Rather than being offended by labels and adding to the offensive power being given to them by those intentionally doing so through things such as police brutality, indigenous subjugation, or border stealing; take ownership of words, just like how I’m a Curry, Shit, Turd, Terrorist, etc: [blank – writer’s name].


15.43pm 20/10/2017


The story of Nick Brown, Survivor Australian Outback: [blank – writer’s name].


15.45pm 20/10/2017


The story of Nicky Winwar: [blank – writer’s name].


15.47pm 20/10/2017


The story of Action against Violence against Women by Bernie Sanders, Raw is War, The Giant, Sting, The Undertaker, Hulk Hogan, Jesse Venture, the wrestler with the surname Hart, The Big Show, Goldberg, Ace Venture: Pet Detective, Liar Liar, Yes Man, Dumb and Dumber, Dumb and Dumber To: [blank – writer’s name].


15.51pm 20/10/2017


The story of The Real World: [blank – writer’s name].


16.01pm 20/10/2017


The story of Big Brother and Dreamworld: [blank – writer’s name].


16.08pm 20/10/2017


The story of ‘Don’t Dream it’s Over’: [blank – writer’s name].


16.09pm 20/10/2017


The story of the Olga dolls: [blank – writer’s name].


16.10pm 20/10/2017


The story of Helga bread: [blank – writer’s name].


16.10pm 20/10/2017


The story of the Sin, Cos waves, the Delta, Gamma waves, the Theta, Beta waves, and the Alpha waves, and the Parabola, and the Hyperbole: [blank – writer’s name].


16.14pm 20/10/2017


The story of Harry Potter’s scar: [blank – writer’s name].


16.15pm 20/10/2017


The story of The Office (UK version): [blank – writer’s name].


16.20pm 20/10/2017


The story of Basement Jaxx’s ‘My Romeo’, and the Capulets and the Montagues, and A Streetcar Named Desire: [blank – writer’s name].


16.23pm 20/10/2017


The story of Mortal Kombat and Tekken 3: [blank – writer’s name].


16.29pm 20/10/2017


The story of Timezone, Kit Kat, and Timeout: [blank – writer’s name].


16.37pm 20/10/2017


The story of Pastrame, and Calzone, and the Sailboat, and ‘we’re on a boat’, and the camels, The Mole: [blank – writer’s name].


16.40pm 20/10/2017


The story of WASP, Moth, Mothballs, Emily from Friends, Hawaii 5 0, Jingle Bell Rock, the animal play, outside lines at school, the nativity play, Three Wise Men from Orient are, The Shepherds, The Bachelor, Sailor Moon: [blank – writer’s name].


16.56pm 20/10/2017


The story of Team Rocket and their cat in Pokemon, Brock, Misty, Ash, Pikachu, Gengar, Machop, Machamp, Squirtle, Wartortle, Blastoise, Bulbasaur, Charizard, Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Hypnosis, Raichu: [blank – writer’s name].


16.59pm 20/10/2017


The story of Neuro-linguism: [blank – writer’s name].


16.59pm 20/10/2017


The story of The Game: [blank – writer’s name].


17.00pm 20/10/2017


The story of Magic Bullets: [blank – writer’s name].


17.01pm 20/10/2017


The story of S being Yeezy/Onerepublic, OD being Jon Snow/Survivor Africa [Child of God], and YD being Hugo: [blank – writer’s name].


17.25pm 20/10/2017


The story of Jeep, B1 and B2: [blank – writer’s name].


17.27pm 20/10/2017


The story of the thing that goes up and down into a glass of water, and ‘Hit me Baby One More Time’ by Britney Spears, and ‘Nothing Compares To You’ by Sinead O’Connor: [blank – writer’s name].


17.29pm 20/10/2017


The story of Reflections by Simba: [blank – writer’s name].


18.27pm 20/10/2017


The story of Survivor Marquesas and Survivor Fiji: [blank – writer’s name].


19.00pm 20/10/2017


The story of Oskar Kus, Natasha Bedingfield and Shannon Noll, Bru Coffee, Homju, General Anaesthetics, Lisa Simpson playing the saxophone, Bleeding Gums Murphy, ‘Let Me Love You’ by Mario Wynans: [blank – writer’s name].


20.56pm 20/10/2017


The story of AMII, Ketut and Rhonda: [blank – writer’s name].


21.11pm 20/10/2017


The story of Rhinocerous horns and Hippopotamus: [blank – writer’s name].


21.23pm 20/10/2017


The story of Zebras: [blank – writer’s name].


21.23pm 20/10/2017


The story of Antelopes and Aardvarks and Cheetahs: [blank – writer’s name].


21.25pm 20/10/2017


The story of Lions and Tigers: [blank – writer’s name].


21.26pm 20/10/2017


The story of that Fitzroy Lions player: [blank – writer’s name].


21.27pm 20/10/2017


The story of ‘Here’s Johnny’ on Nova: [blank – writer’s name].


The story of ‘Let Me Love You’ on Fox FM: [blank – writer’s name].


The story of TTFM: [blank – writer’s name].


21.29pm 20/10/2017


The story of Brad Boyd: [blank – writer’s name].


21.53pm 20/10/2017


The story of BB, BB gun, Colleen Haskell, Gervase Petersen in Survivor 1 Borneo, and Sonja, and Dirk Been, and Pagong: [blank – writer’s name].


21.54pm 20/10/2017


The story of Sitting Duck and Target: [blank – writer’s name].


21.55pm 20/10/2017


The story of Bubble Blower:[blank – writer’s name].


22.01pm 20/10/2017


The story of Mark Taylor, Michael Slater, David Boon, Kylie Minogue ‘Can’t Get You Out of My Head’, Mark Waugh, Steve Waugh, Alan Border, Adam Gilchrist, Richard Pearce, and Park Orchards vs Ashwood: [blank – writer’s name].


22.03pm 20/10/2017


The story of another realisation about the number 13: [blank – writer’s name].


22.03pm 20/10/2017


The story of the Diamond Duck: [blank – writer’s name].


22.04pm 20/10/2017


The story of that Cricket book, and Animorphs, and Tomorrow When The War Began: [blank – writer’s name].


22.05pm 20/10/2017


The story of Duke Nukem 3D, Unreal Tournament and Counter-strike, that map that is small: [blank – writer’s name].


20.08pm 20/10/2017


The story of Paul Couch and Whiskas and Tim McGrath: [blank – writer’s name].


20.12pm 20/10/2017


The story of Leigh Colbert the Pilot and Ryan Colbert the Auditor: [blank – writer’s name].


20.14pm 20/10/2017


The story of Ryan Seacrest, Paula Abdul, Olivia Newton-John’s “You’re the One that I Want’, and the ‘clean angel’ and the ‘dirty angel’, but which one is which, cause they are ironic: [blank – writer’s name].


22.17pm 20/10/2017


The story of the pregnancy test, false positive, false negative, O negative, and B positive: [blank – writer’s name].


22.19pm 20/10/2017


The story of Bob Marley ‘Is This Love’ chillstep Mt Eden remix, and Mt Eden, Auckland: [blank – writer’s name].


22.20pm 20/10/2017


The story of The Fray ‘Heartless’ and ‘How to Save a Life’, and Kanye West’s ‘Heartless, and Kanye West’s ‘Golddigger’, and Kanye West’s Jesus song: [blank – writer’s name].


22.23pm 20/10/2017


The story of Cock fighting, ‘cockle that shit’, greyhound racing, Les Murray versus Anthony Mundine, Cathy Freeman, Sydney Olympics opening ceremony, Dog fighting, Fight Club, the Sydney Olympics, ‘Don’t Dream It’s Over’ at the Sydney Olympics by Sarah Blasko, ‘Strawberry Kisses’ at the Sydney Olympics by Nikki Webster, the torch relay at the Sydney Olympics, the pins from the Sydney Olympics opening ceremony, the suitcase from the Sydney Olympics opening ceremony, the boxing at the Sydney Olympics, the Athletics at the Sydney Olympics, the Sydney Olympics volunteer: [blank – writer’s name].


22.29pm 20/10/2017


The story of ‘pens’ – Snow Patrol: [blank – writer’s name].


22.29pm 20/10/2017


The story of Biro, and Parker Pens: [blank – writer’s name].


The story of Simon Crean: [blank – writer’s name].


22.31pm 20/10/2017


The story of toe-sucking: [blank – writer’s name].


The story of the eskimo jacket: [blank – writer’s name].


22.32pm 20/10/2017


The story of igloos, pingu, noddy, postman pat, the show with a drawing pencil, Dexter, Nickelodeon, the I like eggs girl from Alabama, Play School, that show with the puppet rats, Madeleine, Ryan Fitzpatrick from Big Brother, Sarah Maree from Big Brother: [blank – writer’s name].


22.37pm 20/10/2017


The story of Peter from Big Brother 1, Trevor from Big Brother, Jaime from Big Brother, Peter ‘Cowes’, Leo Kannelopolous, Danny Chan, Weijing Wong’s ‘Mum’s Cup of Soup’: [blank – writer’s name].


22.43pm 20/10/2017


The story of Best n Less, Dimmeys, the Price is Right, Sunrise, the Price is Right yodelling game, Larry Emdur: [blank – writer’s name].


22.45pm 20/10/2017


The story of The Matrix’s Red Pill or Blue Pill, and I choose the Blue Pill: [blank – writer’s name].


22.47pm 20/10/2017


The story of Mastermind: [blank – writer’s name].


22.48pm 20/10/2017


The story of Charlie Chaplin and Humphrey Bogart: [blank – writer’s name].


22.49pm 20/10/2017


The story of Song for Polar Bears by Snow Patrol: [blank – writer’s name].


22.50pm 20/10/2017


The story of the Motor Bike game and the Wave Boat game: [blank – writer’s name]


The story of Super Mario Kart Racing on the Super Nintendo: [blank – writer’s name].


22.52pm 20/10/2017


The story of Banjo Kazooie, and Banjo Kazooie racing, and Diddy Kong racing: [blank – writer’s name].


22.53pm 20/10/2017


The story of how it takes two rotten apples to ruin a group of ten apples: [blank – writer’s name].


23.07am 20/10/2017


The story of how it takes three rotten apples to ruin a group of twenty-one apples: [blank – writer’s name].


The story of how it takes three rotten apples to ruin a group of twenty-seven apples: [blank – writer’s name].


23.12pm 20/10/2017


The story of the 20-40-40 split, and the 1-8 split, and the 0-6 split, and the 1 who would be part of the 40 in the middle: [blank – writer’s name].


23.13pm 20/10/2017


The story of the 20-0-40-40 split, the 11-11-55-22 split, the 0-50-0-50 split, and the 0-0-0-100 split: [blank – writer’s name].


23.24pm 20/10/2017


The story of the Barometer and the Thermometer and Mercury and Amalgam and Resin Composite and Mercury in Fish, and Fuji, and Fuji Apples and Granny Smith Apples, and Red Delicious Apples, and Rambutans, and Jackfruit, and Scattergories ‘Scattergories, will you please, name some, names of, ?’ : [blank – writer’s name].


22.32pm 20/10/2017


The story of ‘Bananananana-na-na-na, makes your body sing’, and ‘Banana Boat, it lasts for hours, banana boat, it’s very nice’ and ‘you’ve got it on, you’ve got it off’ Banana Boat, and Borat, and Bruno, and Ali G, and Chris Lilley’s two shows: [blank – writer’s name].


23.34pm 20/10/2017


The story of the 0-33-33-33 split: [blank – writer’s name].


23.37pm 20/10/2017


The story of borderline hating: [blank – writer’s name].


23.38pm 20/10/2017


Actually, the story of 33-0-33-33 split: [blank – writer’s name].


23.38pm 20/10/2017


The story of Banana Splits and Sundae: [blank – writer’s name].


23.40pm 20/10/2017


The story of Scorned, Corn on the Cob, and Marge it’s Raining, Ah McCain, you’ve Done it Again: [blank – writer’s name].


23.41pm 20/10/2017


The story of Rub-a-dub-dub, three men in a tub, and row-row-row your boat, gently down the stream: [blank – writer’s name].


23.49pm 20/10/2017


The story of the Scorpion: [blank – writer’s name].


23.51pm 20/10/2017


The story of ‘Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee’ and the bee sting: [blank – writer’s name].


23.53pm 20/10/2017


The story of M.A.S.H., and Phoebe as the medic: [blank – writer’s name].


23.54pm 20/10/2017


The story of Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter, and Through the Looking Glass, and the tea party, and tea break, and Richie Benaud, and the tea break during WW2: [blank – writer’s name].


23.56pm 20/10/2017


The story of the Jerry Springer Show, and the Ricky Lake show: [blank – writer’s name].


23.57pm 20/10/2017


The story of Laser Tag, and Paintball – Capture the Flag, and ‘taking photographs’: [blank – writer’s name].


12.04am 21/10/2017


The story of the Sniper, and Camping: [blank – writer’s name].


The story of Easy, Campese: [blank – writer’s name].


12.20am 21/10/2017


The story of the Brady Bunch, and Marcia, Jan and Greg and Peter Brady, and Janice from Friends, and Miss Fran Fine or Nanny Fine and Mr Sheffield from the Nanny, and Deborah Mailman and Ray Romano from Everybody Loves Raymond: [blank – writer’s name].


12.26am 21/10/2017


This is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen between space and time – INFJ counselling between space and time: [blank – writer’s name].


12.30am 21/10/2017


The story of Goody two shoes, and two left shoes: [blank – writer’s name].


12.31am 21/10/2017


The story of Cinderella, and Yooralla, and the shoe left at the ball by Cinderella, and Rapunzel, and the Brothers Grimm’s Fairytales: [blank – writer’s name].


12.33am 21/10/2017


The story of the Hare and the Tortoise, or the Hare and the Turtle: [blank – writer’s name].


12.33am 21/10/2017


The story of Luna Park smile: [blank – writer’s name].


12.34am 21/10/2017


The story of molars, and the ad about molars, and the Lemmings game, and the digging for gold cartoon, and the fake gold cartoon: [blank – writer’s name].


12.36am 21/10/2017


The story of Sovereign Hill, and Ballarat, and the rat’s tail, and toffee apple: [blank – writer’s name].


12.38am 21/10/2017


The story of Milk Toffee, and Pal: [blank – writer’s name].


12.40am 21/10/2017


The story of Nine Inch Nails ‘Hurt’, and Vinyl: [blank – writer’s name].


12.47am 21/10/2017


The story of Yoyoma: [blank – writer’s name].


12.51am 21/10/2017


The story of H and R Block, ‘Find Yourself’, Financial Year: [blank – writer’s name].


12.54am 21/10/2017


The story of As If, and no, Actually, and Love Actually: [blank – writer’s name].


12.59am 21/10/2017

The story of the scratching claws, and Wolverine: [blank – writer’s name]


The story of X-Men, and Professer Xavier, and Cyclops, and Jean, and the cards flame thrower and the girl with brown curly hair, and Wind [the Halle Berry character], and the wind chimes, and Pinocchio and Gepetto: [blank – writer’s name].


01.05am 21/10/2017


The story of the old Donkey Kong game and the new Donkey Kong game: [blank – writer’s name].


01.14am 21/10/2017


The story of Australia the movie, and Barrel of Monkeys: [blank – writer’s name].


01.24am 21/10/2017


The story of the game Donkey: [blank – writer’s name].


01.24am 21/10/2017


The story of the song ‘The Darkness of the Night’: [blank – writer’s name].


01.26am 21/10/2017


The story of Lolita: [blank – writer’s name].


01.30am 21/10/2017


The story of That Lost Guy: [blank – writer’s name].


01.33am 21/10/2017


The stpry of Kleenex, and Wilson’s Tennis Balls: [blank – writer’s name].


01.36am 21/10/2017


The story of the KFC bucket ‘finger licking good’: [blank – writer’s name].


01.40am 21/10/2017


The story of King Kong: [blank – writer’s name].


01.43am 21/10/2017


The story of Baked Beans. Curried Toast, Bombay Toast, Bombay Sapphire. Blue Elephant, Tiger Balm, Lion King: [blank – writer’s name].


01.46am 21/10/2017


The story of the ‘shoe on the other foot’, the shoe, and the hat, and the iron, and the dog, and the car, and the ship: [blank – writer’s name].


01.50am 21/10/2017


The story of Punch Drunk Love, and the song ‘All Night Long’: [blank – writer’s name].


01.53am 21/10/2017


The story of the Milk Run: [blank – writer’s name].


01.54am 21/10/2017


The story of the Penalty bin, and the sick bin and Wayne Gretsky: [blank – writer’s name].


01.55am 21/10/2017


The story of the Titanic, Jack and Rose, and Celine Dion’s ‘My Heart Will Go On’: [blank – writer’s name].


01.58am 21/10/2017


The story of the bandaids, and the meme of the person offering their heart to someone who has lost theirs: [blank – writer’s name].


02.02am 21/10/2017


Actually, the split now is 0-0-67-33: [blank – writer’s name].


02.11am 21/10/2017


The story of Lice: [blank – writer’s name].


02.11am 21/10/2017


The story of fried rice; [blank – writer’s name].


The story of fried lice: [blank – writer’s name]


02.12am 21/10/2017


The story of fried lies: [blank – writer’s name].


02.12am 21/10/2017


The story of Freedom Fries and French Fries: [blank – writer’s name].


02.14am 21/10/2017


Actually, the split at 2.11am was meant to be 0-0-66-34: [blank – writer’s name].


02.18am 21/10/2017


The story of Korn, and actually corn on feet: [blank – writer’s name].


02.19am 21/10/2017


The story of Lunch Lady arms, and roll in a roll: [blank – writer’s name].


02.22am 21/10/2017


The story of the nursery rhyme with ‘roll over, roll over, and they all rolled over and one fell down’ and The Wheels on the Bus, and ‘99 bottles of beer on the wall, take one down and pass it around, 98 bottles of beer on the wall’: [blank – writer’s name].


02.25am 21/10/2017


The story of ‘just when you thought it was over’, and Red Rover [the dog movie]: [blank – writer’s name].


The story of telegrams and morse codes: [blank – writer’s name].


02.26am 21/10/2017


The story of the joke ‘talk the shit, and drink the piss’: [blank – writer’s name].


02.28am 21/10/2017


The story of counting sheep, and the song ‘Counting Stars’ by OneRepublic, and ‘Angel of Mercy’ by OneRepublic: [blank – writer’s name].


02.31am 21/10/2017


The story of ‘She’ll be right mate’ and shearing sheep: [blank – writer’s name].


02.33am 21/10/2017


The story of Kiss, and Spiderman’s up-side-down kiss, and the Geelong Cats Peter Riccardi and someone else singing Kiss songs: [blank – writer’s name].


02.35am 21/10/2017


The story of Neville Longbottom: [blank – writer’s name].


02.37am 21/10/2017


The story of Padma Patel and her twin sister, and the Weasley twins, and Gina Weasley and Harry Potter, and Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger: [blank – writer’s name].


02.39am 21/10/2017


The story of ‘Please’, and ‘Stop Right now, thank you very much, I need somebody with a human touch’, and S Club 7 ‘Don’t stop moving’ and ‘thank you for the music, the songs we’re singing’, and Abba’s ‘Fernando’ and ‘Money money money’ and Bee Gees ‘Words’ and Lionel Richie’s ‘Hello, is it me you’re looking for’ and John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’, and Cosima De Vito’s ‘When the war is over, got to get away’, and Anthony Callea’s or Andrea Bocelli’s and Sarah Brightman’s ‘Time to Say Goodbye’: [blank – writer’s name].


02.42am 21/10/2017


The story of Get Smart, and Agent 99, and Agent 99’s partner: [blank – writer’s name].


02.44am 21/10/2017


The story of Entrapment, the Bond movie series, Mr and Mrs Jones, and Austin Powers the Spy Who Shagged Me.


02.47am 21/10/2017


The story of Life of Pi, and Pythagoras, and Pi = 3.14287, and Slumdog Millionaire, and Who Wants to be a Millionaire, and Hansie Cronje’s smoking gun article on his corruption, and Paper Planes, and Paper Mache, and cookie cutter paper people, and M.I.A.: [blank – writer’s name].


02.50am 21/10/2017


The story of the Lazy-boy chair: [blank – writer’s name].


02.53am 21/10/2017


The story of the Animals of Farthing Woods: [blank – writer’s name].


03.00am 21/10/2017


The story of Enid Blyton’s Famous Five and Secret Seven, and Roald Dahl’s books: [blank – writer’s name].


03.04am 21/10/2017


The story of ~855 billion eggs in Beijing, and ~953 billion eggs in Shanghai: [blank – writer’s name].


04.47am 21/10/2017


The story of Amelie: [blank – writer’s name].


04.47am 21/10/2017


The story of the Black Power Ranger: [blank – writer’s name].


05.45am 21/10/2017

MORE! : [blank – writer’s name].


05.48am 21/10/2017


The story of Chongqing: [blank – writer’s name].


05.49am 21/10/2017


The story of Tianjin: [blank – writer’s name].


05.50am 21/10/2017


The story of Nanjing, make it third actually out of three: [blank – writer’s name].


05.50am 21/10/2017


The story of Statues, and the worm turned during segueing: [blank – writer’s name]


05.53am 21/10/2017


The story of how the worm turns when I breath in, therefore trying to get me to keep breath out: [blank – writer’s name].


05.55am 21/10/2017


The story of Rumble in the Jungle, and George Foreman Grill: [blank – writer’s name].


05.57am 21/10/2017


The story of the Jungle Brothers: [blank – writer’s name].


05.57am 21/10/2017


The story of just picking out at which points each of the nukes were confirmed between space and time, cause they are an eventuality: [blank – writer’s name].


05.58am 21/10/2017



08.52am 21/10/2017


List of characters:


09.03am 21/10/2017


The story of Weedle: [blank – writer’s name].


09.03am 21/10/2017


The story of scientific experiments trying to kill innocent people between space and time: [blank – writer’s name].


10.26am 21/10/2017


Dead. Hell. For Serious. : [blank – writer’s name].


10.27am 21/10/2017


Time. The longer you live, the lower down in hell you will start off, and it is better to start off in a higher level with better resources to help you climb up the levels to Jesus: [blank – writer’s name].


10.29am 21/10/2017


The threshold of pain is equal for all human beings here on earth, but in the levels of hell, the threshold gets larger and larger, the lower the levels you get down in hell – so numerically speaking, it is better to kill yourself earlier so that you spend more time up in the higher levels of hell to start off with, and thus minimise the magnitude of the pain you will feel for a longer time: [blank – writer’s name].


10.31am 21/10/2017


There are currently 14 female leaders around the world: [blank – writer’s name].


11.08am 21/10/2017


The story of Saved by the Bell: [blank – writer’s name].


12.35pm 21/10/2017


Donald Trump is the reason for the ‘Whirls’ and ‘Crosses’, and confirmed between space and time with Jesus Christ: [blank – writer’s name].


13.59pm 21/10/2017


Russia is the reason for Donald Trump getting elected through fake news on social media: [blank – writer’s name].


14.04pm 21/10/2017


The story of This is Your Life: [blank – writer’s name].


14.34pm 21/10/2017


The story of Tessiere: [blank – writer’s name].


18.15pm 21/10/2017


The story of how as soon as my mum was in the unit, and there were ‘forget-me’s’ going on the word manipulating, China brought in a leader to try and assert power over them through false claims, in order to fish for as much information as possible, when as if China are not manipulating things: [blank – writer’s name].


19.03pm 21/10/2017


I just got the ‘23rd of December’ wide ranging threat – it is simply to try and ruin Christmas, while fishing for as much information as possible: [blank – writer’s name].


19.06pm 21/10/2017


The Chinese hackers have been stalking where Jesus appears: [blank – writer’s name].


19.11pm 21/10/2017


Jesus is the most softest cunt who is egalitarian in the most softest fucking possible way: [blank – writer’s name].


19.12pm 21/10/2017


Ok, that was Jesus, but Chinese hackers disrupted the messages with their own message, as evidenced between space and time by that very single block of passage of words [about a paragraph or paragraph section]: [blank – writer’s name].


19.14pm 21/10/2017


The story of being invited genuinely to visit Canada, because it is a highly tense situation, despite the many heartfelt convictions felt by myself: [blank – writer’s name].


19.16pm 21/10/2017


As if China did not invoke stress on my body as soon as they wanted to manipulate people: [blank – writer’s name].


19.54pm 21/10/2017


The story of the Gingerbread house: [blank – writer’s name].


21.41pm 21/10/2017


The story of ‘gushing men’, ‘tearing apart ‘men’ through knifing their vaginas’, and Ching Chong China Slits: [blank – writer’s name].


07.08am 21/10/2017


The story of the two seated bicycle, the unicycle, the Eiffel tower, and the realisation of the switch between the two country names: [blank – writer’s name].


07.35am 21/10/2017


The story of Russia, and their story references to Hollywood, the British Monarchy, and the timeline: [blank – writer’s name].


07.36am 21/10/2017


The story of Germany – actually France, referring to the ‘children’ being Russia and China: [blank – writer’s name].


07.37am 21/10/2017


The story of realising that they weren’t switched around, but France was France, and Germany was Germany, and France was doing what I did cryptically with my ‘don’t card’ ‘speech in the bathroom yesterday, except for a positive spin in a way that can only be taken positively, in an extremely cryptic way that tags what I did yesterday and make everything in the past and everything in the future look really good and builds incredible trust with Emmanuel Macron, while Germany’s ‘children’ line at the end was from Angela Merkely, who for Germany showed confidence in speech and showed authority with their ‘children’ line, referring to Russia and China as children, which is incredible authority for two countries that have created trouble, one with blatantly getting Trump elected through social media, while the other being more dangerous because of hiding in the mirth, and daggering at every chance, including actually being terrorists through time and space by holding the threat of nukes from their satellite state North Korea against a lot of people: [blank – writer’s name].


07.41am 22/10/2017


The story of the Thing, and the Addams Family, as in the mistype of the words ‘every chance’ as ‘everything’: [blank – writer’s name].


07.44am 22/10/2017


The memory of remembering why I allowed ‘Lolita’ to go past, because I was allowing a friend to express all the anger they wanted to, to feel better: [blank – writer’s name].


07.46am 22/10/2017


The story of the ‘I hate sex’ club: [blank – writer’s name].


07.47am 22/10/2017


The story of having already seen the worst parts of the United Kingdom: [blank – writer’s name].


07.48am 22/10/2017


The story of having to understand and protect language connotations for Euro against China: [blank – writer’s name].


07.49am 22/10/2017


07.56am 22/10/2017


The story of that bicycle riding up on one wheel in that group as being a signal that Emmanuel Macron is taking the lead with certain things that I’m concerned about, but I’m not sure which ones: [blank – writer’s name].


08.02am 22/10/2017


The story of En Marche: [blank – writer’s name].


08.02am 22/10/2017


The story of Judge Judy and her typist: [blank – writer’s name].


08.03am 22/10/2017


I would choose the Greens over Labor if I had a choice, because Labor is socially conservative, but I can bring economic liberalism to the Greens, to add to their social liberalism: [blank – writer’s name].


08.05am 22/10/2017


In that case, I would be RLL right now, and RL later when The Greens become a stronger party, and push Labor to the right: [blank – writer’s name].


08.09am 22/10/2017


The Liberal Party of Canada as led by Justin Trudrea is another example of an economically liberal and socially liberally party: [blank – writer’s name].


08.13am 22/10/2017


The story of the Third Way and its origins in Keynesianism: [blank – writer’s name].


08.14am 22/10/2017


The story of Tony Burke of Labor, economically liberal and socially liberal: [blank – writer’s name].


08.16am 22/10/2017


Bill Clinton was socially conservative, economically liberal: [blank – writer’s name].


08.20am 22/10/2017


The story of understanding that invitation to visit Canada in hindsight, based on Justin Trudrea’s Liberal party’s economic liberalism and social liberalism: [blank – writer’s name].


08.22am 22/10/2017


The story of the ‘admission’ by China about thought insertions, feeling insertions, muscle insertions, brain stretch insertions, ‘corpus callosum’ insertions: [blank – writer’s name].


08.26am 22/10/2017


The story of understanding the true power of the unity of the Euro: [blank – writer’s name].


08.28am 22/10/2017


The story of suppressing areas of your brain when you are trying to remember something, in order to suppress a particular memory, but unfortunately for the culprits such as China, in order to suppress that particular memory, there has to be a total honing on that area, otherwise it won’t work, meaning other areas of the brain are less suppressed: [blank – writer’s name].


It is a simple brain scan, observing activity areas of your brain, and when you have a thought, suppressing that area of the brain in order to suppress the particular memory trying to be elucidated, like for example where I wrote that the United Kingdom exited the Euro because of racism to people such as Polish people, rather than for any economic reasons: [blank – writer’s name].


20.37am 22/10/2017


The story of how although the United Kingdom did economically better prior to joining the Euro, I’ve come to the realisation that greater economic power comes from the foundation of greater political power, which is something the Euro is building now, and organising and tying up all the loose ends, in it’s forming stage of Group Formation: [blank – writer’s name].


Once it gets to the performing stage, the Euro is going to realise how actually very powerful it is, thus elucidating the memory I had just now of how when I first learnt about the Euro, I realised that it was an incredible investment for the generations of the future, not only to prevent wars, but economically as well [although I think thinking on hindsight, I originally thought of it from a war perspective, but now I can see the economic perspective as well, that comes from the saying ‘the whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts’, or a unity of a family perspective, where the family together is more powerful politically, and thus then economically, than it is apart: [blank – writer’s name].


08.43am 22/10/2017


Having realised how stupid people actually are now, along with my social experiment on unconscious bias using Happn, I’ve realised that the United Kingdom exited the Euro just simply because of racism [eg. with not wanting to give jobs to Polish people], the type of social conservativism that Bill Clinton had when it came to his incarceration of Black people in the United States of America through the three simple felonies garners a life sentence rule, which could be three felonies of 3 day jail sentences each: [blank – writer’s name].


08.46am 22/10/2017


The story of Brad Boyd: [blank – writer’s name].


08.48am 22/10/2017


As if China is not trying to manipulate by leaving a ‘kicker’ at the end of each ‘stanza’, because they know that people mostly just think about the last thing said, and they know people get meaning from the last thing, so they leave a kicker for people to get confused from what I was actually thinking about, through ‘thought insertion’: [blank – writer’s name].


09.22am 22/10/2017


To negate those kickers, people just have to think in the bigger context, than to focus on the micro-details that micro-managers so often fail society by doing, while I continually fight China while the world catches up on the fact that North Korea is simply a satellite state of China: [blank – writer’s name].


09.25am 22/10/2017


The story of NewSat: [blank – writer’s name].


09.26am 22/10/2017


The political and economic downfall of Britain as compared to the Euro is a simple example of the downfalls of Unconcious Bias: [blank – writer’s name].


09.28am 22/10/2017


Australia’s racism had a Huge Pull on Britain exiting the Euro: [blank – writer’s name].


09.29am 22/10/2017




09.31am 22/10/2017


I’ve got to try and learn Deutsch when my mind is clear and I’ve reflected well on all the things learnt, and watch Home and Away: [blank – writer’s name].


09.34am 22/10/2017


The story of the ‘headstarts’, and the fact that they don’t mean anything when the ‘bottom rungs’ of information helps give rise to information ‘ten rungs up’ as communicated yesterday between space and time in the shower, thus that was why yesterday it was communicated that there was no such thing as a stupid question; especially light of the fact that a lot of middle rungs have already been built by the Euro and myself when it comes to things like war: [blank – writer’s name].


09.39am 22/10/2017


The story of the ‘whisper’ to the cameraman by the host, and the realisation the cameraman was ‘sold’ as well: [blank – writer’s name].


09.41am 22/10/2017


The story of Consent: [blank – writer’s name].


09.45am 22/10/2017


The story of seeing the United States of America as an example of a country that has forgotten the lessons of war: [blank – writer’s name].


09.47am 22/10/2017


The story of the European Union being like the United States of America, in that it is ‘United’ States’ of Europe: [blank – writer’s name].


09.48am 22/10/2017


The story of the above seen in the context of the American Civil War between the Abolitionists and the Confederates: [blank – writer’s name].


09.50am 22/10/2017


The story of the Eureka Stockade: [blank – writer’s name].


09.52am 22/10/2017


The story of the racist anchor Australia, that got lucky but is anchoring the United Kingdom from progressing: [blank – writer’s name].


09.54am 22/10/2017


There is war coming in around 2047, as obvious by China’s blatant bloody-mindedness: [blank – writer’s name].


09.57am 22/10/2017


The story of how Jesus loved all the children, and everyone is equal, between space and time, no matter when you are born, and thus although it isn’t visceral, our family and friends and their family and friends and their family and friends and so on in times like 2047 are equal to us: [blank – writer’s name].


09.59am 22/10/2017


The story of absorbing as much pain as can’t be avoided as possible, until there are more people coming in to help all our families and friends: [blank – writer’s name].


10.00am 22/10/2017


The story of Hong Kong, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Afghanistan and North Korea as potential satellite states of China: [blank – writer’s name].


10.03am 22/10/2017


My heroes are Brad Boyd, Matthew Scarlett, Adam Gilchrist, Russel Arnold, Gary Ablett (not senior), Tim Tebow, Emmanuel Macron, Bernie Sanders, Jeremy Corbyn, Jacinta Ardern and Bob Brown: [blank – writer’s name].


10.08am 22/10/2017


The story of the Blue Pill: [blank – writer’s name].


10.13am 22/10/2017


The story of Requiem for a Dream: [blank – writer’s name].


10.13am 22/10/2017


Barack Obama was socially conservative, economically liberal: [blank – writer’s name].


10.19am 22/10/2017


The story of [blank]: [blank – writer’s name].


10.26am 22/10/2017


The story of 62 to 70 or 62 to 75, either by lost election, or passing the baton: [blank – writer’s name].


10.32am 22/10/2017


The story of Saudi Arabia also possibly being a satellite state of China: [blank – writer’s name].


Thus, the story of Hong Kong, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Afghanistan, North Korea and Saudi Arabia as potential satellite states of China: [blank – writer’s name].


10.51am 22/10/2017


The story of the South Sea Islands with regards to Vietnam and Philippines, and how people are forgetting: [blank – writer’s name].


The story of doing things first, and asking for forgiveness later, rather than asking for permission first: [blank – writer’s name].


11.00am 22/10/2017


The story of how the chills to the head, eg. back of the head and in head, indicate clarity away from interference from China: [blank – writer’s name].


11.02am 22/10/2017


The story of the fans in a computer: [blank – writer’s name].




The story of trouble-shooting, but separating this from the blatant bloody-mindedness of China, because they already know I am the reason for China getting nuked, and even then, they weren’t the reason for any cessation, even though they know that this is all the more confirmations for more nukes to China between space and time, and knowing which information is confirmation is like a pregnancy due date lottery – a lottery picking out which information confirms to people the terrorists China are: [blank – writer’s name].


11.04am 22/10/2017


The story of South Korea getting bigger: [blank – writer’s name].


11.11am 22/10/2017


The story of Taiwan getting bigger: [blank – writer’s name].


11.14am 22/10/2017


The story of Autumn’s Concerto and Splinter Cells: [blank – writer’s name].


11.17am 22/10/2017


The story of Babylon: [blank – writer’s name].


11.29am 22/10/2017


The story of Mario Balotelli: [blank – writer’s name].


11.31am 22/10/2017


The story of Asterix and Obelix and Co. : [blank – writer’s name].


11.51am 22/10/2017


The story of the Karate Kid and Daniel son with the painting: [blank – writer’s name].


12.03pm 22/10/2017


The story of the trip to Adelaide over-day: [blank – writer’s name].


12.05pm 22/10/2017


The story of Eurovision: [blank – writer’s name].


12.14pm 22/10/2017


The story of ‘Wake up Jeff’ by The Wiggles: [blank – writer’s name].


12.14pm 22/10/2017


The story of The Hooley Dooleys: [blank – writer’s name].


12.28pm 22/10/2017


The story of Farmville: [blank – writer’s name].


12.31pm 22/10/2017


The story of Mob Wars: [blank – writer’s name].


12.32pm 22/10/2017


The story of that ‘Diplomacy’ game, and That 70s Show based on the mistype of ‘that’ during this sentence creation: [blank – writer’s name].


12.33pm 22/10/2017


The story of Bert Newton calling Muhammad Ali ‘Boy’ in 1979: [blank – writer’s name].


12.36pm 22/10/2017


The story of the Wolves in Sheep’s clothing: [blank – writer’s name].


The story of the sheep in that picture from 34 Hillside Road: [blank – writer’s name].


12.46pm 22/10/2017


The Chinese are trying to fish about Up and Go and Creed ‘With Arms Wide Open’: [blank – writer’s name].


13.13pm 22/10/2017


The story of how during this point of the judgement era during the watching of my life, a lot of Chinese people are roasting below the surface: [blank – writer’s name].


21.00pm 22/10/2017


Actually, not true, the story of how at this point in my life, the metaphor of watching the movie, as I watched it in my accidental watching as someone I was not, and how not even those making the movie realised this realisation I had: [blank – writer’s name].


21.02pm 22/10/2017


The story of Mersal and Merlot: [blank – writer’s name].


21.04pm 22/10/2017


The story of Evanescence: [blank – writer’s name].


21.39pm 22/10/2017


In the judgement era, and only in the judgement era, give everything to everyone, even to my worst enemy, Mahinda Rajapakse: [blank – writer’s name].


21.39pm 22/10/2017


I know I am the worst enemy for millions of people: [blank – writer’s name].


21.42pm 22/10/2017


Mr Squiggle, The Flinstones, The Jetsons, Fred Flinstone, Wilma Flinstone, Betty Rubble, Barney Rubble, Wilmer Valderamma, Wilbur the saxophonist, Hey Hey it’s Saturday, Angry Anderson, Red Symons: [blank – writer’s name].


12.50am 23/10/2017


Star Wars Episode 1, Bender from Futurama, the Monkey with the dented hat from Futurama, The Jetsons robot maid: [blank – writer’s name].


12.51am 23/10/2017


The story of how I brought a couple back together: [blank – writer’s name].


01.03am 23/10/2017


Dilemma: what would you do if the only way you can potentially save someone from going to hell is to help someone else in the process? : [blank – writer’s name].


01.32am 23/10/2017


The story of the Hall, ‘Down the Hall’ – Fingertips by One Republic, Cluedo: [blank – writer’s name].


01.41am 23/10/2017


The story of Botany Bay, and of Home and Away: [blank – writer’s name].


09.34am 23/10/2017


The story of [blank]: [blank – writer’s name].


09.47am 23/10/2017


The story of finally finding some abolitionists amongst the confederates: [blank – writer’s name].


09.52am 23/10/2017


The story of 17,178 more views, and 2 more signatures from 565 signatures to 567 signatures: [blank – writer’s name].


09.56am 23/10/2017


The story of being angry about people ‘not responding’ after a while: [blank – writer’s name].


09.58am 23/10/2017


The story of ghosting: [blank – writer’s name].


09.59am 23/10/2017


The story of Mersal and Emmanuel Macron: [blank – writer’s name].


10.02am 23/10/2017


The story of the ‘I don’t want to watch this’ part in Mersal: [blank – writer’s name].


10.10am 23/10/2017


The story of the ‘United States’ of India: [blank – writer’s name].


10.12am 23/10/2017


The story of ‘Chef’: [blank – writer’s name].


10.12am 23/10/2017


The story of ‘Prashanth’ in Mersal: [blank – writer’s name].


10.14am 23/10/2017


The story of ‘Have You Been Paying Attention?’ : [blank – writer’s name].


10.14am 23/10/2017


The story of 10 years: [blank – writer’s name].


10.15am 23/10/2017


The story of Jesus Christ talking to Gwyneth Paltrow between space and time when she asked for ‘help’: [blank – writer’s name].


10.21am 23/10/2017


The story of ‘conflicting’ and ‘helping each other’ and all good and evil in this world comes from creatures: [blank – writer’s name].


10.23am 23/10/2017


The story of ‘Stella got her groove back’ and having to regress to sarcasm left behind at 15 years old: [blank – writer’s name].


10.25am 23/10/2017


The story of the power that sarcasm will have for the rest of my life until I die, I just have to not forget I need to use it sometimes, since Jesus says it is ok between space and time: [blank – writer’s name].


10.27am 23/10/2017


The realisation between space and time that sarcasm is kind of a ‘loophole’ out of the Raca line in the bible that I am thinking of: [blank – writer’s name].


10.28am 23/10/2017


The commodity of hate versus the commodity of love: [blank – writer’s name].


Gwyneth Paltrow created the word ‘terrorism’ between space and time: [blank – writer’s name].


11.14am 23/10/2017


The commodity of love is where you go to brothels, and you have sex with people, and if you like them, and they like you, you both can start a relationship together if you both consent: [blank – writer’s name].


The commodity of hate is where you go to Killing Fields, and you choose the colour of the person you want to shoot dead, and once you want to shoot a particular person, you can shoot them dead: [blank – writer’s name].


11.18am 23/10/2017


The result right now: Love is winning: [blank – writer’s name].


11.21am 23/10/2017


The story of White Vans: [blank – writer’s name].


11.24am 23/10/2017


The story of Guantanamo Bay: [blank – writer’s name].


11.24am 23/10/2017


The story of the 1994 Crimes Act: [blank – writer’s name].


11.25am 23/10/2017


The story of the two associates, Brad Pitt and Gwyneth Paltrow: [blank – writer’s name].


11.36am 23/10/2017


The story of idolatry: [blank – writer’s name].


11.38am 23/10/2017


The story of a 28 year old: [blank – writer’s name].


12.04pm 23/10/2017


The story of the realisation of ‘I’m way ahead-a your time’ now: [blank – writer’s name].


12.06pm 23/10/2017


The story of Gwyneth Paltrow actually being 31 years old, and between space and time, had to actually elaborate profusely when explaining the creation of the word terrorism, by combining the word terror with racism: [blank – writer’s name].


12.08pm 23/10/2017


The story of Gwyneth Paltrow even having to elaborate even further, and explain that is the same as the word race to racism, as terror would be to a new word that combines the word terror with racism: [blank – writer’s name].


12.09pm 23/10/2017


The story of Tyler the Creator: [blank – writer’s name].


12.10pm 23/10/2017


The story of ‘Cruise’ by Gwyneth Paltrow: [blank – writer’s name].


12.11pm 23/10/2017


And with that, I’ve already had an incredible macro-social impact on the world as compared to Gwyneth Paltrow: [blank – writer’s name].


12.14pm 23/10/2017


The story of the Yin to the Yang: [blank – writer’s name].


12.15pm 23/10/2017


The story of ‘like a G6’ song: [blank – writer’s name].


12.16pm 23/10/2017


The story of there are going to be nukes to China: [blank – writer’s name].


12.17pm 23/10/2017


The story of the GDP of 100 to 1200ish for India from 1965 to 2010ish, as opposed to China with a GDP from 80 to 8000 from 1965 to 2010ish: [blank – writer’s name].


12.22pm 23/10/2017


The story of Tiger Lily: [blank – writer’s name].


12.30pm 23/10/2017


The story of ‘steaming your vagina’: [blank – writer’s name].


12.46pm 23/10/2017


The story of the 45 year old: [blank – writer’s name].


12.47pm 23/10/2017


The story of the lie, based on Jennifer Aniston, Robin Williams and Amy Winehouse: [blank – writer’s name].


12.49pm 23/10/2017


The story of the polarity between North Korea and China: [blank – writer’s name].


13.10pm 23/10/2017


North Korea can watch my whole life: [blank – writer’s name].


13.13pm 23/10/2017


Over and over again: [blank – writer’s name].


13.16pm 23/10/2017


The story of OEO308: [blank – writer’s name].


13.18pm 23/10/2017


I don’t want to know Y anymore: [blank].


  1. EL
  2. [blank]
  3. [blank]


13.27pm 23/10/2017


The split is 0-100-0-0: [blank – writer’s name].


13.29pm 23/10/2017


Hypothetical – Does Jesus Christ have a Myers Briggs personality type? : [blank – writer’s name].


13.35pm 23/10/2017



–          Introverted Feeling

–          Extraverted Intuition

–          Introverted Sensing

–          Extraverted Thinking

–          Extraverted Feeling

–          Introverted Intuition

–          Extraverted Sensing

–          Introverted Thinking


13.42pm 23/10/2017


The story of [blank]: [blank – writer’s name].


13.44pm 23/10/2017


The story of [blank] and Vladimir Putin: [blank – writer’s name].


13.46pm 23/10/2017


The story of [blank]: [blank – writer’s name].


13.46pm 23/10/2017


The story of how Extraverted Feelers feel the way I feel when people communicate to me between space and time, and I can’t escape them: [blank – writer’s name].


13.51pm 23/10/2017


My weakest points are sensing and thinking: [blank – writer’s name].


13.53pm 23/10/2017


My thinking is much stronger than my sensing: [blank – writer’s name].


13.54pm 23/10/2017


I have to work on my Sensing incredibly more than anything else: [blank – writer’s name].


13.55pm 23/10/2017


The story of the Doll House: [blank – writer’s name].


17.01pm 23/10/2017


The story of the Mighty Ducks and Trading Places and the Lumberjack song: [blank – writer’s name].


17.39pm 23/10/2017


The story of Lemmings: [blank – writer’s name].


17.53pm 23/10/2017


The story of Hamish and Andy’s ‘flashback’ noise as a way of showing their anger through racism on their show: [blank – writer’s name].


18.34pm 23/10/2017


The story of Calvin Harris’s ‘This is like a Flashback’ song: [blank – writer’s name].


18.38pm 23/10/2017


The story of Pirate Master: [blank – writer’s name].


18.39pm 23/10/2017


The story of how I tried to kill myself in 2006, Hamish and Andy’s greyhound thing while I was driving the FAC004 down Princes Highway in 2009, and I was suicidal because of that, and how I tried to help Hamish and Andy 8 years later in 2017, and they wanted me to feel suicidal again – which doesn’t work as much anymore because I finally figured out things spot on with their ‘flashback’ thing, as pre-sirened by Tommy Little’s rat thing, when I keep telling people Waleed Aly is a terrorist as seen between space and time on June 23rd 2017 through my life when I was at [blank] aunty’s house where we were watching the Essendon Sydney game: [blank – writer’s name].


18.45pm 23/10/2017


The story of how I kept killing Osama Bin Laden between space and time and people like Hamish and Andy were killing me: [blank – writer’s name].


18.47pm 23/10/2017


The story thus of how people like Hamish and Andy were helping Osama Bin Laden: [blank – writer’s name].


18.48pm 23/10/2017


The story of Richard Branson and Barack Obama: [blank – writer’s name].


20.12pm 23/10/2017


The story of sifting through with the finest tooth comb: [blank – writer’s name].


20.46pm 23/10/2017


The story of being ‘equal’ to Gwyneth Paltrow: [blank – writer’s name].


20.47pm 23/10/2017


The story of the ‘counterpart’: [blank – writer’s name].


20.48pm 23/10/2017


The story of transfer to Meng Fei: [blank – writer’s name].


20.52pm 23/10/2017


The timelines are there to help sift the aliens, but everyone in the original timeline are safe, because nearly all those in the original timelines have aliens slipped into the shells in the new timelines: [blank – writer’s name].


21.03pm 23/10/2017


Actually, transfer to the big fat Chinese guy on the ‘second’ episode of If You Are The One that I watched between space and time in 2017: [blank – writer’s name].


21.20pm 23/10/2017


Apparently I have a ‘friend’: [blank – writer’s name].


21.24pm 23/10/2017


Apparently there’s ‘conjugal visits’ : [blank – writer’s name].


21.34pm 23/10/2017


The story of the song ‘Just Say Yes’ by Snow Patrol: [blank – writer’s name].


21.35pm 23/10/2017


The story of how I will be angry with Jesus: [blank – writer’s name].


21.38pm 23/10/2017


The story of ‘level 10’ : [blank – writer’s name].


21.45pm 23/10/2017


The story of ‘invisibility’ and ‘teleport’ : [blank – writer’s name].


21.45pm 23/10/2017


The story of children and aliens: [blank – writer’s name].


21.48pm 23/10/2017


The story of Memory with [blank] and [blank]: [blank – writer’s name].


21.49pm 23/10/2017


The story of the 45 year old: [blank – writer’s name].


21.53pm 23/10/2017


I am expired milk: [blank – writer’s name].


21.59pm 23/10/2017


The story of the ‘sickos’ : [blank – writer’s name].


22.02pm 23/10/2017


The story of the ‘minties’: [blank – writer’s name].


22.09pm 23/10/2017


The best timeline I know of is the ‘heterophobic’ timeline: [blank – writer’s name].


22.16pm 23/10/2017


The story of the overrunning of this world by Albinos: [blank – writer’s name].


22.38pm 23/10/2017


The story of ‘Friday’ by Rebecca Black: [blank – writer’s name].


22.42pm 23/10/2017


The story of stop interfering, leave everything be and just live life: [blank – writer’s name].


22.51pm 23/10/2017


The story about how ‘Raca’ in the temple might approximate the meaning ‘Scram’: [blank – writer’s name].


12.30am 23/10/2017


The story of Uzbekistan: [blank – writer’s name].


05.52am 23/10/2017



05.55am 24/10/2017



05.57am 24/10/2017



05.59am 24/10/2017


The story of the Naga people: [blank – writer’s name].


06.01am 24/10/2017


The story of Compare the Pair: [blank – writer’s name].


06.03am 24/10/2017


The story of the King James Version of the Bible: [blank – writer’s name].


06.06am 24/10/2017


The story of the game of collection: [blank – writer’s name].


06.53am 24/10/2017


The story of Palestine: [blank – writer’s name].


07.24am 24/10/2017


In the 1922 census of Palestine there were approximately 73,000 Christian Palestinians: 46% Orthodox, 20% Roman Catholic, and 20% Eastern Catholic (Uniate).

The census recorded over 200 localities with a Christian population.[10] The totals by denomination for all of Mandatory Palestine were: Eastern Orthodox 33,369, Syriac Orthodox (Jacobite) 813, Roman Catholic 14,245, Greek Catholic (Melkite) 11,191, Syrian Catholic 323, Armenian Catholic 271, Maronite 2,382, Armenian Orthodox (Gregorian)2,939, Coptic Church 297, Abyssinian Church 85, Church of England 4,553, Presbyterian Church 361, Protestants 826, Lutheran Church 437, Templars Community 724, others 208.[10]


07.34am 24/10/2017


Therefore 123,200 Christians in Israel are Palestinian Christians, and of those, 68,992 live in the Palestinian diaspora in Israel, while 54,208 live amongst the Albinos in Israel, totalling 173,200 Palestinian Christians amongst Gaza Strip/West Bank/Israel alone, whilst there are more overseas: [blank – writer’s name].


07.40am 24/10/2017


The story of the followers of Jesus Christ streaming across generations: [blank – writer’s name].


07.43am 24/10/2017


Transfer to Gwyneth Paltrow: [blank – writer’s name].


07.59am 24/10/2017


The story of John and John: [blank – writer’s name].


08.04am 24/10/2017


The story of Dancing: [blank – writer’s name].


08.30am 24/10/2017


The story of [blank]: [blank – writer’s name].


08.52am 24/10/2017


The story of how he’s the one who gets a mintie as well: [blank – writer’s name].


09.05am 24/10/2017


The story of the moon shuffle: [blank – writer’s name].


10.13am 24/10/2017


The story of how adults have children to have an excuse to play with toys, when they can just play with toys themselves, meaning that it is unfair on children: [blank – writer’s name].


11.14am 24/10/2017


The story of the counterpart’s counterpart’s counterpart: [blank – writer’s name].


11.24am 24/10/2017


Stephen Hawking created the timelines story bullet: [blank – writer’s name].


11.36am 24/10/2017


The story of how my friends saved my life: [blank – writer’s name].


12.26pm 24/10/2017


The story of the two ‘[blank] who have been killing and raping those with big eyes metaphorically by using others: [blank – writer’s name].


12.38pm 24/10/2017


The story of the two ‘[blank] who have been killing and raping those with big eyes methaphorically by using others: [blank – writer’s name].


12.51pm 24/10/2017


The story of the ‘[blank] who have been killing and raping those with big eyes methaphorically by using others: [blank – writer’s name].


12.53pm 24/10/2017


The story of the ‘Meng Fei’s’ who have been killing and raping those with big eyes metaphorically by using others: [blank – writer’s name].


12.54pm 24/10/2017


The story of how killing is worse than raping: [blank – writer’s name].


13.08pm 24/10/2017


The story of how you can tell it is Jesus’s or Mary’s line through hairiness: [blank – writer’s name].


14.43pm 23/10/2017


The story of how people have been breeding slaves to look like a race of Nagas: [blank – writer’s name].


14.46pm 24/10/2017


For example, take people from an African country, and a Middle Eastern country like Saudi Arabia or Pakistan or Afghanistan or Syria, and breed them together to create a race that looks like Nagas like myself: [blank – writer’s name].


14.49pm 24/10/2017


I just figured out what Oriental Asia have been doing between space and time: [blank – writer’s name].


14.50pm 24/10/2017


Hell: [blank – writer’s name].


14.51pm 24/10/2017


I also figured out that Subcontinental races have been breeding rape slaves: [blank – writer’s name].


14.53pm 24/10/2017


Hell: [blank – writer’s name]


14.53pm 24/10/2017


Transfer from Gwyneth Paltrow to myself: [blank – writer’s name].


14.54pm 24/10/2017


Don’t bless people, do something about it: [blank – writer’s name].


15.03pm 24/10/2017


The Subcontinental racists are tagging my facial expressions – kill them: [blank – writer’s name].


15.10pm 24/10/2017


The story of the racist peacocks: [blank – writer’s name].


15.10pm 24/10/2017


The story of the racist double entendre: [blank – writer’s name].


15.12pm 24/10/2017


The story of the ‘enticements’ : [blank – writer’s name].


15.40pm 24/10/2017


The story of the ‘stud farms’ : [blank – writer’s name].


15.43pm 24/10/2017


The story of the freedom consent birth of the new soldiers: [blank – writer’s name].


15.49pm 24/10/2017


The story of getting humans ready for their counterpart: [blank – writer’s name].


15.55pm 24/10/2017


The story of the freedom consent birth of two sets of new soldiers: [blank – writer’s name].


15.56pm 24/10/2017


Transfer back from me to Gwyneth Paltrow: [blank – writer’s name].


16.07pm 24/10/2017


The story of the loan club: [blank – writer’s name].


16.11pm 24/10/2017


The story of the true ‘heterophobic’ ‘timeline’: [blank – writer’s name].


16.13pm 24/10/2017


The story of the look at the forearm, during the last ‘read’ : [blank – writer’s name].


16.18pm 24/10/2017


The story of Turkey versus Saudi Arabia versus Uzbekistan versus Kazakhstan versus Afghanistan: [blank – writer’s name].


16.30pm 24/10/2017


The story of smell when I can barely smell: [blank – writer’s name].


16.47pm 24/10/2017


The story of the Oriental Chinese wanting to nuke the world: [blank – writer’s name].


16.54pm 24/10/2017


The story of Gwyneth Paltrow and Stephen Hawking creating the story of the Subcontinentals breeding rape slaves: [blank – writer’s name].


16.58pm 24/10/2017


The story of me, Gwyneth Paltrow and William Windsor being ‘equal’ being a lie: [blank – writer’s name].


17.03pm 24/10/2017


Actually it was Steve Bannon all along who created the story of the Subcontinentals breeding rape slaves: [blank – writer’s name].


17.18pm 24/10/2017


Donald Trump is the new Osama Bin Laden, terrorising a lot of people: [blank – writer’s name].


17.34pm 24/10/2017


The story of Donald Trump and Steve Bannon’s death threat to Gwyneth Paltrow through the ‘Genie’ threat, because Robin Williams was the Genie voice in the movie Alladin: [blank – writer’s name].


17.37pm 24/10/2017


The right wing are adamantly perpetuating September 11 in order to make money, and don’t care what vehicle they use, so they will use September 11 or even agree with China to create wars and see who wins out, just to make money; and this is after they set up September 11: [blank – writer’s name].


17.40pm 24/10/2017


Oprah Winfrey for President: [blank – writer’s name].


18.09pm 24/10/2017


Steve Bannon created the stories of the Whirls: [blank – writer’s name].


18.23pm 24/10/2017


The story of trapping people within someone who is trapped: [blank – writer’s name].


18.36pm 24/10/2017


The story of the Siamese twin brain entrapment: [blank – writer’s name].


18.37pm 24/10/2017


The story of entrapping celebrities with fascists within a trapped person: [blank – writer’s name].


18.42pm 24/10/2017


The story of muffling when celebrities are trying to help, which then gets them confused and angry when they don’t get a response from myself: [blank – writer’s name].


19.29pm 24/10/2017


The story of stopping what I think, in order to communicate exactly what I was thinking, so that the fascists sound smart and intelligent: [blank – writer’s name].


19.30pm 24/10/2017


The Fascist have been pretending to be Lucifer in order to scare everyone between space and time into submission: [blank – writer’s name].


21.22pm 24/10/2017


Skip Prince Charles for the monarchy to Prince William: [blank – writer’s name].


21.51pm 24/10/2017


Ronald Reagan, with his experience, was the one who did the terrorism explanation with the word terror and racism: [blank – writer’s name].


22.16pm 24/10/2017


The tale of Osama Bin Laden and Osama Bin Laden (Donald Trump) : [blank – writer’s name].


22.47pm 24/10/2017


The story of 17,178 more views, and 2 more signatures from 565 signatures to 567 signatures: [blank – writer’s name].


09.14am 24/10/2017


The six keys to uncovering how the right set up and perpetuated September 11 are [blank – writer’s name], Eva Longoria, Gary Lightbody, Mathangi Arulpragasam, Gwyneth Paltrow and Vani Kumar: [blank – writer’s name].


10.05am 25/10/2017


I didn’t understand that ‘Brian’ thing in that worst cartoon in 2009, but that was for Vani Kumar: [blank – writer’s name].


10.07am 25/10/2017


Watch things from my perspective in the replays, and you’ll understand a lot more things, and looking at things from a holistic point of view rather than a micro-detail point of view is what will uncover my ‘key’: [blank – writer’s name].


10.09am 25/10/2017


The story of me getting an injection from [blank] and Malcolm Turnbull’s adamant and vehement perpetuation of September 11 with his acting through space and time: [blank – writer’s name].


10.27am 25/10/2017


The story of ‘clearing the decks’: [blank – writer’s name].


11.33am 25/10/2017


The story of Banksy’s Simpsons opening credits: [blank – writer’s name].


11.38am 25/10/2017


The story of the ‘orchestra’: [blank – writer’s name].


11.42am 25/10/2017


To defeat the ‘orchestra’ when it comes to the word children, just associate it with something else, such as wanting to have children, or women wanting to suck your dick to eat your babies, or men wanting to jizz into you to impregnate you with babies: [blank – writer’s name].


11.44am 25/10/2017


The story of the Green Mile and Hairspray: [blank – writer’s name].


11.48am 25/10/2017


The Middle East is already dead, China is dead, and it is Sifting Maggots time: [blank – writer’s name].


12.55pm 25/10/2017


I am only Prime Minister for one term or less than one term [of three years]: [blank – writer’s name].


13.35pm 25/10/2017


The story of Whack a Moley or Whack a Mole: [blank – writer’s name].


13.59pm 25/10/2017


The story of Tinkerbell: [blank – writer’s name].


21.33pm 25/10/2017


The story of the tricycle from Jannsen: [blank – writer’s name].


12.56am 25/10/2017


The story of Pinky and the Brain: [blank – writer’s name].


07.44am 25/10/2017


How about we just have no wars: [blank – writer’s name].


07.59am 25/10/2017


There is no world war when I become Prime Minister as communicated between space and time in the last read: [blank – writer’s name].


08.01am 25/10/2017


The story of [blank]: [blank – writer’s name].


08.50am 25/10/2017


The story of how a girl may like me, [blank] stalks her; has sex with her, and she becomes fat: [blank – writer’s name].


08.52am 25/10/2017


The story of the pair of killers: [blank] and [blank]: [blank – writer’s name].


08.57am 25/10/2017


The story of the girl with the flower in her hair ([blank]) versus the girl raped ([blank]): [blank – writer’s name].


09.07am 25/10/2017


The story of the girl I gave the album A Hundred Million Suns to: [blank – writer’s name].


09.09am 25/10/2017


The story of how I’m the Great White Hope: [blank – writer’s name].


09.23am 25/10/2017


The story of Bo and Hope: [blank – writer’s name].


The story of the Doctor and the Patient: [blank – writer’s name].


The Story of Days Of Our Lives: [blank – writer’s name].


09.38am 26/10/2017


The story of Young and the Restless: [blank – writer’s name].


09.38am 26/10/2017


The story of the triplets: [blank – writer’s name].


09.46am 26/10/2017


The story of the SD card: [blank – writer’s name].


10.01am 26/10/2017


The story of The Greens: [blank – writer’s name].


10.07am 26/10/2017


The story of the RLL, economically liberal and socially liberal: [blank – writer’s name].


10.10am 26/10/2017


The story of the Liberals being RR and LR, Labor being RL and LL, and Greens being RLL and LLL; with the Liberals being socially conservative and economically conservative, Labor being socially conservative and economically conservative, and The Greens being socially liberal and economically conservative; and the push to push The Greens to the left and Labor to the right, with me being the RLL economically liberal and socially liberal key to drive the economic fundamentals push of The Greens to the left: [blank – writer’s name].


10.14am 26/10/2017


The story of the song ‘This is Our God’: [blank – writer’s name].


10.21am 26/10/2017


The story of how sociopaths are not creative, whereas empaths are; meaning that sociopaths continually just study empaths and steal the ideas sociopaths think will draw the most attention to themselves: [blank – writer’s name].


11.32am 26/10/2017


The story of how psychopaths are not creative, whereas empaths are; meaning that psychopaths continually just study empaths and steal the ideas psychopaths think will draw the most attention to themselves; and then kill the empath they stole the ideas from: [blank – writer’s name].


11.37am 26/10/2017


The story of eNotAlone: [blank – writer’s name].


11.40am 26/10/2017


The story of John F. Kennedy: [blank – writer’s name].


11.51am 26/10/2017


The story of Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy and Barack Obama: [blank – writer’s name].


11.53am 26/10/2017


The story of the ‘two cars’, the ‘look away’, the Queen’s signature, and then after that Babe the Pig and Charlotte’s Web: [blank – writer’s name].


11.55am 26/10/2017


The story of Princess Diana Spencer and John F. Kennedy: [blank – writer’s name].


11.57am 26/10/2017


The story of Quadrillions: [blank – writer’s name].


11.59am 26/10/2017


The story of Ithaca: [blank – writer’s name].


12.04pm 26/10/2017


The story of NWO: [blank – writer’s name].


12.14pm 26/10/2017


The story of the number 6: [blank – writer’s name].


12.21pm 26/10/2017


The story of easily finding another 483 to 485: [blank – writer’s name].


12.22pm 26/10/2017


The story of Sisters and Brothers and ‘That’s Enough’ two skip bullet from [blank] and then China: [blank – writer’s name].


12.28pm 26/10/2017


The story of the Alpha Female – Jackie Kennedy: [blank – writer’s name].


12.31pm 26/10/2017


The story of ‘4652’: [blank – writer’s name].


12.38pm 26/10/2017


The story of 3000: [blank – writer’s name].


12.41pm 26/10/2017


The story of even after the bases were loaded, out of 5000, it was 3000: [blank – writer’s name].


12.42pm 26/10/2017


The story of Peter Pan: [blank – writer’s name].


12.46pm 26/10/2017


The story of Bambi:[blank – writer’s name].


12.47pm 26/10/2017


The story of ‘Shells’: [blank – writer’s name].


12.54pm 26/10/2017


The story of NaCl and soup as a good weight loss exercise: [blank – writer’s name].


12.58pm 26/10/2017


The story of NaCl and soup as a good weight loss exercise and hydrator: [blank – writer’s name].


13.00pm 26/10/2017


The story of SPACS – slow motion, proximity, smiles, angel investors, cars: [blank – writer’s name].


14.01pm 26/10/2017


The story of [blank] and [blank]: [blank – writer’s name].


14.18pm 26/10/2017


The story of Asterix and Obelix: [blank – writer’s name].


14.32pm 26/10/2017


The story of Savvy: [blank – writer’s name].


14.32pm 26/10/2017


The story of the ‘angel investors’ and the fourth episode being because I lost my blowjob virginity less than a week before I turned 30 years old: [blank – writer’s name].


14.36pm 26/10/2017


The story of George Foreman’s Grill: [blank – writer’s name].


14.42pm 26/10/2017


The story of Seagulls: [blank – writer’s name].


14.43pm 26/10/2017


The story of Voodoo Magik: [blank – writer’s name].


14.45pm 26/10/2017


The story of Egos: [blank – writer’s name].


14.47pm 26/10/2017


The story of the ‘Classy’ and the ‘Classless’ in India, Sri Lanka, the ‘Classless’ in Australia and the United States of America, and the ‘Classy’ in the United Kingdom and Sweden: [blank – writer’s name].


14.57pm 26/10/2017


The story of how the Classless have been teaching manners to the Classy: [blank – writer’s name].


15.04pm 26/10/2017


The story of empathising with people’s lack of faith: [blank – writer’s name].


16.07pm 26/10/2017


The story of Transfer To Prince Charles: [blank – writer’s name].


16.23pm 26/10/2017


The story of how they have been ‘zapping’ the left hemisphere of my brain, because it is the ‘logical’ hemisphere; which I can tell because it is the muscles of the right side of my body that have been ‘zapped’ mostly, which I can tell because after regaining NaCl to my body, the muscles on the right side of my body are weakened, because I’ve been compensating the ‘zaps’ to my left hemisphere and the muscles on the right side of my body by exercising my right hemisphere and thus the muscles on the left side of my body, which thus makes sense why I got a score of 9000 or so with one punch from my left hand on the boxing game, after a number of tries with my right hand and scoring 8900 or so: [blank – writer’s name].


16.31pm 26/10/2017


The story of MORE! : [blank – writer’s name].


16.36pm 26/10/2017


The story of how Princess Charlotte is not going to see Princess Diana for a long time: [blank – writer’s name].


16.46pm 26/10/2017

The story of Honey I Shrunk The Kids: [blank – writer’s name].


17.10pm 26/10/2017


The story of the deviated septum and having to breath in hard to unplug the airways: [blank – writer’s name].


17.10pm 26/10/2017




17.20pm 26/10/2017


People can do analyses on the number of times I should be dead based on the average zaps per deaths or suicides: [blank – writer’s name].


17.35pm 26/10/2017


People can do analyses on how fat I should be based on the average zaps per deaths or suicides: [blank – writer’s name].


17.35pm 26/10/2017


The story of the ‘Smooth Criminal’: [blank – writer’s name].


17.43pm 26/10/2017


The story of Princess Charlotte Windsor getting an epidural; epi w, wipe, wiped; mistyped wipe as ripe, cherry ripe; my work laptop has been wiped; mistyped work as ow: [blank – writer’s name].


17.48pm 26/10/2017


That’s gotten rid of one adipose tissue cell; count how many remaining adipose cell tissues are left from the analyses on how fat I should be based on the average zaps per deaths or suicides: [blank – writer’s name].


17.50pm 26/10/2017


The story of the Charcoal Surface: [blank – writer’s name].


17.53pm 26/10/2017


Princess Charlotte, if you love [blank] so much, then help him, don’t kill him: [blank – writer’s name].


17.54pm 26/10/2017


The tagging of the Sociopath’s eldest son’s wife by Princess Kate: [blank – writer’s name].


18.00pm 26/10/2017


The comment by Prince William saying he knows Princess Charlotte is going to be a handful in the context of the time when she was a 2 year old in the last two months: [blank – writer’s name].


18.02pm 26/10/2017


I now understanding why ‘clearing the decks’ has been so effective; being good at sex so quickly in the last year and two months since I lost my blowjob virginity less than a week before my 30th birthday has saved my life; because all of Princess Charlotte’s helpers quit, and all she had left were her fascist male ‘friends’; with regards to the evil angel investor Princess Charlotte who was investing in ‘zaps’ to get me killed: [blank – writer’s name].


18.08pm 26/10/2017


I literally would not be living if I had had not had sex: [blank – writer’s name].


18.09pm 26/10/2017


It was actually Jesus Christ versus Charlotte Windsor: [blank – writer’s name].


18.10pm 26/10/2017


Shitlette Windsor: [blank – writer’s name].


18.10pm 26/10/2017


The story of Waylon Smithers/Maggie Simpson: [blank – writer’s name].


18.11pm 26/10/2017


The story of the secret twin killers: Charlotte Windsor and Charles Windsor: [blank – writer’s name].


18.14pm 26/10/2017


Princess Diana Spencer was killed primary by Charles Windsor, with the assistance of Charlotte Windsor; between space and time, and the signature of approval by Elizabeth Windsor: [blank – writer’s name].


18.15pm 26/10/2017


Get Mahinda Rajapakse convicted of War Crimes under the Geneva Convention because of Genocide and we’ll start talking: [blank – writer’s name].


18.22pm 26/10/2017


Charlotte Windsor is an Adolf Hitler: [blank – writer’s name].


18.24pm 26/10/2017


Charlotte Windsor is an ESFJ, her younger sister is an INFJ: [blank – writer’s name].


19.12pm 26/10/2017


The story of Mary Poppins and Bedknobs and Broomsticks: [blank – writer’s name].


19.21pm 26/10/2017


The ‘Charlotte’s Web’ story is me and William Windsor, the ‘Prince Harry’ story is Princess Charlotte Windsor: [blank – writer’s name].


19.38pm 26/10/2017


I’m the one who actually de-escalated all of this after all: [blank – writer’s name].


20.01pm 26/10/2017


There’s only one timeline: Earth: [blank – writer’s name].


20.05pm 26/10/2017


The story of Mastermind: [blank – writer’s name].


20.09pm 26/10/2017


In actual reality, Princess Diana Spencer was killed primarily by Charles Windsor, with the assistance of William Windsor; between space and time, and the signature and approval of Elizabeth Windsor: [blank – writer’s name].


20.14pm 26/10/2017


Transfer from Princess Charlotte Windsor to William Windsor: [blank – writer’s name].


20.14pm 26/10/2017


The story of Ally McBeal: [blank – writer’s name].


20.15pm 26/10/2017


The story of Kendall and KFC: [blank – writer’s name].


20.24pm 26/10/2017


The story of Eddie; Tekken 3: [blank – writer’s name].


20.45pm 26/10/2017


The story of the world of Fascists in 2017 who are worse than Adolf Hitler: [blank – writer’s name].


20.47pm 26/10/2017


The story of at least 80% of white people right now are worse than Adolf Hitler: [blank – writer’s name].


20.48pm 26/10/2017


The story of ‘sit, quell’ versus ‘stand, quake’ : [blank – writer’s name].


21.11pm 26/10/2017


The story of ‘he’s stuck in his body’ and ‘can’t get him out’ because of the ‘computer game’ of killing Sri Lankan Tamils through their body in the 2009 genocide of Sri Lankan Tamils by the Sri Lankan Sinhalese: [blank – writer’s name].


21.21pm 26/10/2017


The story of the 100s of thousands of Sri Lankan Tamils killed, or 100,000s Sri Lankan Tamils killed through the ‘computer game’ that was reality of the genocide of the Sri Lankan Tamils by the Sri Lankan Sinhalese in 2009 and throughout the civil war between 1983 to 2009: [blank – writer’s name].


21.23pm 26/10/2017


The story of 1 like back out of 4017 likes given on Happn in Melbourne, Australia, the most diverse city in Australia; one of the most multicultural countries in the world: [blank – writer’s name].


21.25pm 26/10/2017


The story of ‘Princess Caitlin’ killing Sri Lankan Tamils as well in the ‘computer game’ that was the reality of the genocide of the Sri Lankan Tamils by the Sri Lankan Sinhalese in 2009 and throughout the civil war between 1983 to 2009, in triangulation with the fact of the 1 like back out of 4017 likes given on Happn in Melbourne, Australia; in triangulation with the fact that 28% of Whites in the world right now in 2017 are worse than Adolf Hitler: [blank – writer’s name].


21.31pm 26/10/2017


The story of getting the percentage of 80% wrong in terms of how many whites in 2017 are worse than Adolf Hitler right now, as compared to the actual figure of 28% of whites in 2017 being worse than Adolf Hitler right now: [blank – writer’s name].


21.32pm 26/10/2017


On 21/09/2016


  Total Men Women Aged 18-24 Aged 25-34 Aged 35-44 Aged 45-54 Aged 55-64 Aged 65+
Total support 49% 48% 49% 28% 44% 48% 60% 47% 60%
Total oppose 40% 41% 40% 58% 42% 38% 32% 42% 33%
Strongly support 28% 27% 28% 14% 26% 29% 35% 24% 32%
Support 21% 21% 21% 14% 18% 19% 25% 23% 28%
Oppose 19% 20% 19% 25% 20% 17% 15% 18% 21%
Strongly oppose 21% 21% 21% 33% 22% 21% 17% 24% 12%
Don’t know 11% 11% 11% 14% 13% 14% 8% 11% 8%


21.33pm 26/10/2017


Got it wrong, it is at least 28.5% of whites: [blank – writer’s name].


21.39pm 26/10/2017


The story of the right wing whites sending a lot of subcontinental people to heaven, and creating, setting up and perpetuating September 11 and therefore terrorism in the process: [blank – writer’s name].


21.45pm 26/10/2017


Liberal Nationals Labor Greens One Nation Other Total
Strongly Support 28.8 17.9 20.2 8.3 73.1 30.5 28.5
Support 24.7 25.6 17.9 16.1 15.6 15.9 19.5
Strongly Support and Support 53.6 43.6 38.2 24.4 88.7 46.4 48
Neither Support nor Oppose 29.2 25.6 30.8 23.9 7.1 30.5 27
Oppose 12.2 17.9 17.1 22.8 1.4 11.3 13.8
Strongly Oppose 5.1 12.8 14 28.9 2.8 11.9 11.2
Oppose and Strongly Oppose 17.3 30.8 31.1 51.7 4.2 23.2 25


21.53pm 26/10/2017


On  21/09/2016

  Total Vote Labor Vote LNP Vote Greens Vote other
Total support 49% 40% 60% 34% 58%
Total oppose 40% 48% 31% 59% 35%
Strongly support 28% 20% 36% 13% 41%
Support 21% 20% 24% 21% 17%
Oppose 19% 18% 21% 16% 18%
Strongly oppose 21% 30% 10% 43% 17%
Don’t know 11% 13% 8% 8% 6%



21.57pm 26/10/2017


The story of Citylife Church timing my look away to create a ‘Lucifer’, but my extraverted intuition is too fast and I saw the person walking down: [blank – writer’s name].


22.08pm 26/10/2017


The story of ‘You Don’t Know Jack’: [blank – writer’s name].


22.16pm 26/10/2017


The story of how I got in trouble for things I didn’t do at [blank] and [blank]’s 21st birthday party after I drank 21 alcoholic drinks; and the story of Citylife Church with the ‘[blank]’ CRAEII doll girl, and the first Lucifer, and the second Lucifer with help of narration by the Priest CRAEII doll, and that the Priest was different CRAEII dolls throughout, as were all the people: [blank – writer’s name].


The story thus of time, because I was the only one who walked out, and the story of the Lucifer outside, and the ‘ring’ ‘quelling’ the Lucifer outside: [blank – writer’s name].


22.25pm 26/10/2017


The story of Ronald McDonald: [blank – writer’s name].


12.48am 27/10/2017


The story of Osama Bin Laden’s Granddaughter definitely eating Shit, Wagga Wagga Wagga: [blank – writer’s name].


01.23am 27/10/2017


The story of Pro Bono Shit: [blank – writer’s name].


02.16am 27/10/2017


It’s the [blank -writer’s name] Style: [blank – writer’s name].


02.17am 27/10/2017


The Sri Lankan Sinhalese would be the first entry point into the Terrorist Rings, in order to figure out the buttons to push to get anyone killed in the terrorist rings: [blank – writer’s name].


02.24am 27/10/2017


The greasy wheel gets the squeak: [blank – writer’s name].


02.30am 27/10/2017


Mahinda Rajapakse is the main lead as the first entry point into the Terrorist Rings: [blank – writer’s name].


02.59am 27/10/2017


I’ve tested as an INTJ, INFJ, INFP and now ESFP: [blank – writer’s name].


08.15am 27/10/2017


It was ENFJ: [blank – writer’s name].


09.05am 27/10/2017



–          Extraverted Feeling

–          Introverted Intuition

–          Extraverted Sensing

–          Introverted Thinking

–          Extraverted Thinking

–          Introverted Sensing

–          Extraverted Intuition

–          Introverted Feeling


09.10am 27/10/2017


I was originally an INTP: [blank – writer’s name].


09.16am 27/10/2017


Every day is where I stand: [blank – writer’s name].


11.20am 27/10/2017


The Blue Pill: [blank – writer’s name].


12.09pm 27/10/2017


You know I’m still going to nuke China right: [blank – writer’s name].


13.00pm 27/10/2017


The story of the Sinhalese Woman, the Chinese Woman and the Australian Woman: [blank – writer’s name].


13.16pm 27/10/2017


The story of Daughter: Isoline: [blank – writer’s name].


13.17pm 27/10/2017


The story of I’m Concerned: [blank – writer’s name].


13.40pm 27/10/2017


The story of [blank]’s actual body ass: [blank – writer’s name].


13.55pm 27/10/2017


The story of AB Originals: [blank – writer’s name].


13.55pm 27/10/2017


The story of [blank]’s consent to ass: [blank – writer’s name].


13.56pm 27/10/2017


The story of Old Men: [blank – writer’s name].


13.58pm 27/10/2017


DEAD: [blank – writer’s name].


13.58pm 27/10/2017


The story of the two guys, and the old men: [blank – writer’s name].


13.58pm 27/10/2017


The story of Caucasian Men being so butthurt I lost my blowjob virginity to [blank] within less than a week, that they raped me through CRAEII dolls by getting me to suck old men’s dicks: [blank – writer’s name].


13.59pm 27/10/2017


The story of the Racist Masonic Centre Caucasian Men hiding behind CRAEII dolls to take the virginities of children: [blank – writer’s name].


14.04pm 27/10/2017


The story of Malcolm Turnbull and Kevin Rudd pledging fealty to China and selling Australia down the river: [blank – writer’s name].


19.55pm 27/10/2017


The story of the first telephone call from my mum which Malcolm Turnbull tried to get me to shout at my mum and also tagged my drive to [blank] where I got an injection, and tried to get China to nuke Melbourne/Sydney/New York, and the second telephone call from my mum where through extremely contradictory circumstances although China tried to get me to stay in Chadstone by warning about cops on the road through stressing my mum out through shotgun feelings feeling insertions and shotgun thinking thinking insertions, I downed my lemonade at San Churro Chocolateria and walked the fuck straight out of there and drove home: [blank – writer’s name].


19.58pm 27/10/2017


The story of resetting a second time through no PMO: [blank – writer’s name].


19.59pm 27/10/2017


The story of Malcolm Turnbull being Grimace: [blank – writer’s name].


20.07pm 27/10/2017


The story of 100,000s of Sri Lankan Tamil blood on Citylife Church Wantirna South: [blank – writer’s name].


20.16pm 27/10/2017


The story of Orientals in Australia, Blacks in the United States of America, Curries in the United Kingdom; Sri Lankan Tamils in Canada, Sri Lankan Tamils in the United Kingdom, Sri Lankan Tamils in Sydney, and Sinhalese in Melbourne; Chinese in Melbourne, South Koreans in Sydney; thus the double entendre in Melbourne: [blank – writer’s name].


20.20pm 27/10/2017


The story of Citylife Church 4pm-6pm September 3rd 2016: [blank – writer’s name].


20.44pm 27/10/2017


I was wondering why my friends started ditching me after I drank 22 alcoholic drinks at [blank] and [blank]’s 21st birthday party in 2007: [blank – writer’s name].


21.14pm 27/10/2017


Why the fuck was [blank] of all people talking to me the next morning? : [blank – writer’s name].


21.15pm 27/10/2017


Harry Hewitt tried to kill me in 2007 by running out onto the road near the Yarra River opposite Flinders St Station on the Crown Casino side: [blank – writer’s name].


21.21pm 27/10/2017




21.25pm 27/10/2017


The story of how I, [blank – writer’s name], hate slapping and hitting; and tapping with my hand: [blank – writer’s name].


21.28pm 27/10/2017


[censored] raped ‘Daisy Thomas’: [blank – writer’s name].


21.31pm 27/10/2017


The [censored] on the 3rd of September 2017 is a RAPIST: [blank – writer’s name].


21.57pm 27/10/2017


The story of the instantaneous look away and look back, meaning that the second ‘lucifer’ who went closer up to the Citylife Pastor leader came from the same section as the first ‘lucifer’, which was the ‘longer term’ members section: [blank – writer’s name].


22.03pm 27/10/2017


This fourth ‘episode’ that I’ve been through is the easiest episode I’ve been through, the third ‘episode’ was the third hardest, the second ‘episode’ was the second hardest, and the first ‘episode’ was the hardest: [blank – writer’s name].


22.06pm 27/10/2017


Australia has been Osama Bin Laden’s and China’s greatest allies: [blank – writer’s name].


03.27am 28/10/2017


70% of Australian Women and 75% of Australian Men searched in 2017: [blank – writer’s name].


04.08am 28/10/2017


If you want to have sex with me, then do it in real time motion; not CRAEII doll motion: [blank – writer’s name].


10.36am 28/10/2017


Never ever victim/s blame – blame the perpetrators: [blank – writer’s name].


10.38am 28/10/2017


The story of the word ‘Nuh Duh’ and Hamish and Andy and the word ‘Please’ and Pastor Mark’s son: [blank – writer’s name].


10.46am 28/10/2017


The story of someone Walled me again: [blank – writer’s name].


10.52am 28/10/2017


The story of Blinks: [blank – writer’s name].


11.03am 28/10/2017


The story of Australia hasn’t got Feeling yet: [blank – writer’s name].


11.04am 28/10/2017


The story of the World War between Australia and China: [blank – writer’s name].


11.05am 28/10/2017


Saul/Paul is a corruption who is going to HELL: [blank – writer’s name].


11.08am 28/10/2017


The story of how I learnt that Australians like to gloat, whereas I’m an Australian that doesn’t like to gloat: [blank – writer’s name].


11.38am 28/10/2017


The story of how if you say Raca, eg call someone a fool, it is akin to murder: [blank – writer’s name].


11.56am 28/10/2017


The story of how [blank] raped Sassi: [blank – writer’s name].


12.01pm 28/10/2017


Australia have been trying to do Concentration Camp Adolf Hitler experiments on myself and my mum in order to try and exterminate me like they tried to exterminate Nelson Mandela in the 80s in South Africa, just because I lost my virginity around ‘Australia’ Day: [blank – writer’s name].


12.15pm 28/10/2017


Australia are a whole country of PRs just because I started having sex in January 2017: [blank – writer’s name].


12.17pm 28/10/2017


Australia have been making me have sex with my Mum in real life, even though I don’t remember, just like I got walled twice and I don’t remember: [blank – writer’s name].


12.20pm 28/10/2017


The story of Australia being the intermediary in the War between the World and China, and Australia has been on China’s side: [blank – writer’s name].


12.28pm 28/10/2017


Australia are suppressing both my Broca’s area and my Short Term memory area to make me forget things I just discover, so that they know and I don’t: [blank – writer’s name].


12.33pm 28/10/2017


Most of Australia is sold to China: [blank – writer’s name]


12.34pm 28/10/2017


The story of how I was thinking of [blank] and [blank], and Stassi was thinking of [blank] and Kyle Sandilands, but it was [blank] who raped Stassi: [blank – writer’s name].


12.48pm 28/10/2017


Stassi is the girl who was raped in Citylife Wantirna South on January the 29th; and [blank] was the one who raped her through CRAEII dolls method through my body: [blank – writer’s name].


12.50pm 28/10/2017


The story of Lucifer’s hatchet job: [blank – writer’s name].


13.48pm 28/10/2017


The story of the 2nd ‘tagging’ of the Asian Woman in Chadstone Shopping Centre with her friend, who as I looked away, said ‘he deserved it’: [blank – writer’s name].


14.15pm 28/10/2017


The story of the asian cuckold near the entrance to Pappa Rich who angrily said something like ‘they were all dead’ with that angry look on his face: [blank – writer’s name].


14.20pm 28/10/2017


The story of the longing look from the Asian woman: [blank – writer’s name].


14.23pm 28/10/2017


That Asian woman was Chinese, and that asian cuckold was Chinese, and they were in a relationship together; with greetings to that Chinese cuckold from the number one headhunter in the world: [blank – writer’s name].


14.30pm 28/10/2017


I consent to the raping of that Chinese woman by my body as a CRAEII doll because she said Sassi deserved being raped by [blank] through my body as a CRAEII doll: [blank – writer’s name].


14.32pm 28/10/2017


The story of China trying to play a dangerous game using [blank] and Osama Bin Laden; which I glossed over because they didn’t have the love to write something that would engage my attention: [blank – writer’s name].


14.49pm 28/10/2017


The story of ‘I’ll see you in court in what we call in the laymen’s term the afterlife’ and ‘doo-gee-mon-do’: [blank – writer’s name].


14.51pm 28/10/2017


The story of ‘Doo-gee-mon-da’: [blank – writer’s name].


14.52pm 28/10/2017


The story of Aggressive versus Reactionary: [blank – writer’s name].


14.54pm 28/10/2017


It was actually that Chinese fat man panellist on the show from If You Are The One from China that raped Sassi: [blank – writer’s name].


14.59pm 28/10/2017


The story of Lambs to the Slaughter: [blank – writer’s name].


14.59pm 28/10/2017


The story of ISI, and Iggy Azalea, and ‘I said it’: [blank – writer’s name].


15.06pm 28/10/2017


The story of [blank] ‘Whirling’ Sassi before she got raped by that Chinese fat man panellist on the show from If You Are The One from China: [blank – writer’s name].


15.10pm 28/10/2017


The story of the Leech: [blank – writer’s name].


15.14pm 28/10/2017


The story of the two ‘Exhibitions’: that Chinese fat man panellist on the show from If You Are The One and Stassi/Sassi, and the number one Headhunter and that Chinese woman with the Chinese cuckold: [blank – writer’s name].


15.30pm 28/10/2017


[blank[ and [blank] have been raping [blank] through the CRAEII doll method: [blank – writer’s name].


17.42pm 28/10/2017


Men have been raping Women’s bodies through using my body in the CRAEII doll method, women such as [blank], [blank], [blank], [blank], [blank], [blank], [blank] and [blank]: [blank – writer’s name].


17.44pm 28/10/2017


I blew it up all open by actually losing my virginity in January 2017 at the age of 30 years old: [blank – writer’s name].


17.45pm 28/10/2017


The Woman [blank] and [blank] raped using my body in the CRAEII doll method on January 29th 2017 was a virgin: [blank – writer’s name].


17.46pm 28/10/2017


The Chinese Woman the Headhunter raped using my body in the CRAEII doll method in the last four and a half months since June 14th 2017 to October 28th 2017 was a virgin as well: [blank – writer’s name].


17.47pm 28/10/2017


Chinese women have been cupping those CRAEII doll method by going into the body of the Women being raped by the men using my body as a CRAEII doll method: [blank – writer’s name].


17.49pm 28/10/2017


The story of Stassi saying ‘Sex On The Floor!’ and pointing down to the floor, in an obvious CRAEII doll moment: [blank – writer’s name].


17.53pm 28/10/2017


The story of the Chinese actor who slipped into my body in the CRAEII doll method with the Chinese Woman at Chadstone shopping centre, from the movie I watched; hence the ‘longing’ look and the ‘he deserved it’ comment before that look that got me confused earlier; and thus I mistook the comment as ‘she deserved it’ rather than ‘he deserved it’: [blank – writer’s name].


17.55pm 28/10/2017


This is why I’ve been getting killed of late, because of the fact I started having sex, which made it harder for them to use my body in a CRAEII doll method to have sex: [blank – writer’s name].


17.58pm 28/10/2017


They’ve been using the CRAEII doll method with children as well: [blank – writer’s name].


17.59pm 28/10/2017


The story of Christmas Day 2014 at [censored]: [blank – writer’s name].


12.05pm 28/10/2017