Experiences of Schizophrenia of a Mensa Member

7th October to 9th October 2017


Season 8 Episode 7:r



17.47pm 97/10/2017


Never just simply listen to anyone; triangulate information with what you know: [blank – writer’s name].


17.45pm 10/10/2017

































Both date July 2017.


17.48pm 07/10/2017

Live in the present moment and enjoy the present moments, rather than living in your past or your future.


Even if that means living in the present moment between space and time: [blank – writer’s name].


18,16pm 07/10/2017


Stress is just unprocessed anger in the 7 stage process of grief: [blank – writer’s name].


20.12pm 07/10/2017


Yosemite Sam


20.25pm 07/10/2017





‘You’re Nothing’: [blank – writer’s name].


‘WHAT THE FUCK’: Abu Bakr-Al-Baghdadi


AI’: Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi


‘Ai, Ai, Ai… [repeat]’ singing tonality: [blank – writer’s name]


‘BLOOD’: Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi


‘Lol.’: [blank – writer’s name]


08.45am 07/10/2017


Osaka Sun






I’m a Tamil Tiger: [blank – writer’s name].


10.16am 07/10/2017


Nazeem Hussain has been the voice of ISIS in my head, in alignment with [blank – writer’s name].


The irony is that while the Muslim Nazeem Hussain; who happens to be good at voices because he is a comedian; has been working in deep alignment with the Mahinda Rajapakse Sinhalese crony [blank – writer’s name], there has been a three degrees of separation between the Sri Lankan Sunni Muslims assisting ISIS, who have been assisting Mahinda Rajapakse’s Sinhalese, who were the ones who did the Black June 2014 anti-Sri Lankan Muslim riots, and who have been cleaning up the streets of the very Sri Lankan Muslims they made homeless, by killing them, as [blank – writer’s name] heard and read during his time in Sri Lankan in April 2016: [blank – writer’s name].


11.14am 07/10/2017



The truth always comes out with time: [blank – writer’s name].


11.15am 07/10/2018


Example 8: Prince Philip was introduced to Jimmy Savile in the 1960s by Lord Louis Mountbatten

Prince Philip’s mentor was Jimmy Savile, as was Prince Charles Windsor’s mentor.

As can be triangulated, along with the absolute power Prince Philip had as husband to the monarch of the British Empire, the paedophile ring struck right to the husband of the monarch of the British Empire from the 1960s, and had a greater concentration dose effect on Prince Charles Windsor, from Lord Louis Mountbatten, to Jimmy Savile, to Prince Philip – and not to mention all the other members of all the infantophile/paedopile/hebophile rings right from the top with Prince Philip and Prince Charles Windsor, right around throughout the world.

Prince Philip has to be one of the most evil men to have ever lived in the world, with his ties to Hitler, and combine that evilness to be directed through the infantophile/paedophile/hebophile rings through the world from the 1960s or earlier, as mentored by Jimmy Savile; one of many child pimps; and you get a world with such rife compromises and condoning of infantophilia/paedophilia/hebophilia.



Between Space and Time:





That image insertion that was similar to OBL images I created in 2015, and the context of it.


07.57am 09/10/2017


32%, 31%, 15%, 8%.


07.59am 09/10/2017


To the ‘cops’ – never trust anyone, 100% audit scepticism – even to myself: [blank – writer’s name].


08.02am 09/10/2017


Especially people like myself – because we are right in the coalface, and can be given the most leeway – which should not happen at all in an absolute fashion given the topic: [blank – writer’s name].


08.03am 09/10/2017


Let the monarch figurehead title go straight from Queen Elizabeth to Prince William, with Prince Harry, Princess Kate and Prince Harry’s partner being the hands of the Monarch: [blank – writer’s name].


09.29am 09/10/2017


Those two pictures:

–          The one on the left with Prince William with Princess Kate, with Prince William on the right of this left picture wearing the black royal insignia with the blue sash, with Princess Kate on right of this left picture with her hair worn extremely different, shorter than this timeline, with side bangs specifically curled.

o   Prince William had natural lighter blonde hair than he does in this timeline, with tawny light brown hair like Princess Charlotte right now [children’s hair usually goes darker for Caucasians]

–          The one on the right with Prince William with him by himself, wearing red insignia without any customary appropriations and ornaments, but most significantly with his hair darker brown than this timeline, though lighter than Princess Kate in this timeline

o   In both pictures, Prince William looks younger, and in both he looks different – indicating there has been conception in both, meaning both are pictures from Jesus Christ’s timelines – indicating Prince William finally got out of Lucifer’s timelines and to Jesus Christ’s timelines.


10.20am 09/10/2017


There is greater and greater evidence than Prince William is more balanced than I thought, while juxtaposed at the same time, this means there is more and more evidence that Prince Charles is even more depraved than I even thought: [blank – writer’s name].


I and a lot of people are still stuck at that moment in Chadstone Shopping Centre where I asked Princess Charlotte as a very young child; between time and space; how many times she had sex, and it was 10, and it went up to 50, so I’m not sure what was up with those timelines, but I know these would have been Lucifer’s timelines: [blank – writer’s name].


10.26am 09/10/2017


Black Hawk Down




10.27am 09/10/2017


I’m playing the Skip card; and not the Draw 2 card in Uno: [blank – writer’s name].


10.43am 09/10/2017


After the Skip card; I’m playing the Draw 2 card in Uno, still from the same vantage point: [blank – writer’s name].


10.47am 09/10/2017


Female children wonder why their fathers are absent emotionally, and it is because child abusers make it hard for males to emotionally connect with their daughters, thus child abusers must be erased to allow fathers to connect with their daughters: [blank – writer’s name].


10.38am 10/10/2017


De Bortoli Wines

Cambridge Cellars

Brown Brothers


10.40am 10/10/2017


Nila Kaighiradu


10.41am 10/10/2017


1 out of 4017 Happn is because of systematic, culture epidemic, patriarchal gammas: [blank – writer’s name].


11.56am 10/10/2017


I know this intrinsically, I’ve forgotten this cause of my growing racism: [blank – writer’s name].


11.57am 10/10/2017


To watch Eva Longoria, until November 19th, 2013:


–          Remaining Desperate Housewives episodes

–          The Baytown Outlaws

–          A Dark Truth

–          Mother Up

–          In a World…

–          Crazy Kind of Love

–          Out of the Blue

–          Welcome to the Family: The Big RV Adventure

–          The Simpsons: The Kid is Alright [S25, Ep 6]

–          Frontera


And that’s it, advertently.


13.05pm 10/10/2017


I believe, after that first video from 2009:

–          Prince Harry is ESTP

–          Prince William is XSXJ


13.54pm 10/10/2017


I believe, after second lot of videos surrounding world cup 2010 and others:

–          Prince Harry is ESTP

–          Prince William is ISTJ


14.15pm 10/10/2017


I believe, after the third interview surrounding the engagement:

–          Prince Harry is an ESTP

–          Prince William is an ISTJ

–          Princess Kate is an ISFJ


And that there are a lot of forces from Prince Charles’ generation and co. creating ‘wind’ in order to heckle Prince William’s generation in order to avoid a skip to Prince William because of Prince Charles’ Corruption with Jimmy Savile and Lord Louis Mountbatten and others, so that they can hold onto as much power as possible to perpetuate corruption Against The Children and their own agendas that they invested in Prince Charles for, because there is a time signifier coming about Queen Elizabeth in 5 years I think that signifies some coming of a shift in monarch after that or so. But it has to be a skip to Prince William from Queen Elizabeth because of the scope I have, and the ever increasing scope I am getting: [blank – writer’s name].


15.02pm 10/10/2017


Will and Grace


‘Grace under fire’ a message that applies to both from their children: [blank – writer’s name].


15.11pm 10/10/2017


In my scope, Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth had Princess Diana killed: [blank – writer’s name].


15.37pm 10/10/2017


I believe after the fourth set of interview:

–          Prince Harry is an ESTP

–          Prince William is an ISTJ

–          Princess Kate is an ISFJ


15.38pm 10/10/2017


I just remembered that precise list. I’ve realised I’ve got to keep watching Eva Longoria past Frontera, for the rest of my life, so that ‘people’ can see how Eva Longoria and I do it, because I don’t even know myself, but I guess Eva Longoria knows somewhat to this point in time, she is a ‘live’ feed on how she and I do it: [blank – writer’s name].


I hate watching tv these days: [blank – writer’s name].


16.32pm 10/10/2017


I get back to Telstra, but I get made redundant at some point, after which I start at another company, and I become CFO at one of the small companies I join, not sure after which switch: [blank – writer’s name].


18.36pm 10/10/2017


At some point between 50 to 59, I join the Australian Parliament as a Greens Minister of the seat of Bruce: [blank – writer’s name].


18.55pm 10/10/2017


I become Prime Minister of Australia between the ages of about 62 years old to 70 years old, for three terms, losing my tilt for the fourth election, but running in order to save as many Greens seats as possible: [blank – writer’s name].


19.05pm 10/10/2017


My doorknocking skills come in handy for running for the seat of Bruce for the Greens party: [blank – writer’s name].


18.57pm 10/10/2017


World War I believe occurs between the ages of 60 to 65 years old: [blank – writer’s name].


19.02pm 10/10/2017


Fush and shups




Elaboration [what can I say]


End at 2058 = 2 + 0 + 5 + 8 = 15 = 1 + 5 = 6


Start at 2050 = 2 + 0  + 5 + 0 = 7


Actual end at 2059 = 2 + 0 + 5 + 9 = 1 + 6 = 7



–          Paper Scissors Rocks [Pair of Rocks]

–          Scissor sisters [5 + 2 = 7, pair of rocks, pair of scissors]


19.20pm 10/10/2017


White lie in the perfect boom with regards to the number 6, in order to elicitate the actual numbers: [blank – writer’s name].


19.22pm 10/10/2017


God is a Gangsta: [blank – writer’s name].


19.23pm 10/10/2017


Two different areas of confirmations with relatively large amounts of time separating them in terms of events between space and time:

–          The story of the politician canvassing a seat from a marginal party, and not succeeding the first time, but succeeding the second time

–          The story of the accountant who gets made redundant, but starts at a small company [turnover less than $50m], and just like the accountant at MHS careers day who switched companies every year, made switches but obviously at a more loyal pace because of his loyalty [and potentially not making any switches], and became CFO [most likely at the same company, unless gotten rid of, or better opportunities found to jump up positions]

–          Then later, the story of the politician who might have not succeeded more than once, but canvassed votes for the Greens

–          And later, the confirmation of the story of the analyst who was made redundant, in a process already semi-experienced, but found a job later, and was not stressed because the new things not current now is the greater amount of liquidity


19.32pm 10/10/2017


The difference between the third drop and the fourth drop in terms of stress being the fact that there is now a post-graduate CA designation held, which changes a great deal lot about job security.


19.33pm 10/10/2017




Cowboys and Indians


King of the Hill


20.37pm 10/10/2017


‘And Arial, Will I …. ‘ Coldplay song


Will I Am


PCh is still going, shedding greater light into the ‘mother, father, brother killed and raped’ story, and the continuing Whirls that occurred with [blank] and [blank], with the story of the ‘2 months old’ and ‘730 times’ and ‘230 times’ and ‘142 times’ for PCa: [blank – writer’s name].


08.23am 11/10/2017


Ariel the Mermaid


08.23am 11/10/2017


Everyone forgets what it is like to be a kid, and lose empathy with Children, including my Mum: [blank – writer’s name].


08.24am 11/10/2017


The Brothers Grimm


Snow White and the Wicked Witch – Mirror Mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all




The Emperor’s New Clothes


08.58am 11/10/2017


The two parts with the [blank] and [blank] ‘I’m Tamil’, and the [blank] and [blank] posting about TV remote control with [blank], with the story of eating chicken and saying ‘Ma, pass the ….’, or something like that, and the ‘vulture’ change, and the [blank] switch that worked to defeat the Whirl with the Luigi/Mario thing, and the [blank] and [blank] ‘cartoon eyes’, and the ‘time’ running story after the ‘vulture’ turnaround, and the [blank] and [blank] contrast at the beginning with the dancing [blank], show the evidence that it is a country at work, which is why I don’t hate [blank] and [blank], unlike [blank]: [blank – writer’s name].


09.05am 11/10/2017


Overstimulation reduces the pleasure senses of children. Thus, appropriating the fear-ladder hypothesis, gradually desensitising children will allow them to gradually increase the sparks of their imagination, just like mine was triggered in Good Shepherd Catholic School by [blank], and helped by [blank] and [blank] and others at the metal lattices: [blank – writer’s name].


09.07am 11/10/2017


The BL family went to the extent of appealing to females by placing a picture of a male from Saudi Arabia with a guitar and a hat, and referring to Harlem Globe Trotters, right at the bottom, whilst confusing the present with the BL family referring to things happening in my life at semi-critical junctures to try and ‘scare’ people with the history that Osama Bin Laden’s name has – but don’t realise that I’m the one who helped ping Osama Bin Laden, and show him for the true fool he is, as well as his granddaughter in 2015, and his granddaughter again in 2017 with the assistance of others, and him again in 2017 as was in 2009, with regards to the Wagga Wagga Wagga Alf style and Pacman style eating shit and drinking piss, and his whole family as well because they are all now pinged, and they have MUCH less tolerance now, and MUCH greater chance of eating shit and drinking piss, as was indicated by the random porn video, and by the history of 2015, much like Eva Braun in 2009 with the Black Widow Spider thing, and Adolf Hitler this year in 2017 with the drive down the Monash, and the whole ‘Neun’ thing as mediated by Jesus Christ: [blank – writer’s name].


18.43pm 11/10/2017


The whole, going to be looked after thing, and Bullshit: [blank – writer’s name].


18.45pm 11/10/2017


PCh in chains thing, and PCa mimicking thing: [blank – writer’s name].


Special K – referring to my misspell of mimicking without a k


19.16pm 11/10/2017


Muslim and Chinese Scheisse Essen Fields: [blank – writer’s name].


19.42pm 11/10/2017


Pictures bang; [blank], Babar the elephant.


The story of the stepping at Waverley Gardens buying King William Chocolate, the story of being like [blank], the story of the convert helping the Tamils.


The story of Table Tennis, of Ping, no Pong; of Ping and Pong, and the meaning was gotten that sisters have each other’s backs.


The story of Special K, and the Joker, and of disappointment.


The story of the issue and the disappointment


The story of the anger at MPK story as it relates to the story of EL, CS and [blank – writer’s name], except with 5 people involved, PCa, PCh, PK, PW and [blank – writer’s name]


20.36pm 11/10/2017


The story of the starting off with essing scheissen, and the angry girlfriend/wife, and the soccer players with one taking up the ashes, and after the essing scheissen, the story of time called.


20.42pm 11/10/2017


The story of the pointing out like Aus Idol, with regards to the story of the essing of schiessen, that story off with the girlfriend/wife thing; the story of the satan example thing roasting, the story of ‘satan’ ‘helping out over generations’ thing, the story of satan helping again in the peaceful tonality.


20.46pm 11/10/2017


The story of Sirisena doing the image story of tagging me when I was outside 5 Kierens Way when someone was wanting to punch me, while tagging the white clothes seen in the picture, while tagging the political alliance with Tamil Political parties.


20.53pm 11/10/2017


Mahinda Rajapakse must be convicted of Genocide under the Geneva Conventions of War Crimes for the Murder, Rape and Torture of 100,000s Sri Lankan Tamil people, as anything ignored is the condoning of like continued behaviours, and such grave injustices must be convicted on the surface in order to portray the direction of how society should be, rather than what it has been: [blank – writer’s name]


20.55pm 11/10/2017


Body Mass Scale and Blood Pressure Scale: Jesus Christ blessed Maithripala Sirisena and Priyantha Sirisena: [blank – writer’s name].


21.14pm 11/10/2017


What the hell was ‘Peepli live’? : [blank – writer’s name].


07.39am 11/10/2017


I’ve realised that Princess Charlotte is my arch-nemesis: [blank – writer’s name].


11.36am 11/10/2017





The choice is mine:


  1. EL
  2. [blank]
  3. [blank]
  4. [blank]
  5. [blank]


12.11pm 12/10/2017


The Hoppy Maus: Princess Charlotte


12.34pm 12/10/2017


The Legend of Zelda


12.37pm 12/10/2017


‘U C What I Have to Deal With?’: Y


‘*In the middle of ‘What* U Wot’: Princess Charlotte, referring to Parry Nguyen.


Gaming Table Dealers


12.52pm 12/10/2017


Obviously this is an older woman talking to a young girl: [blank – writer’s name].


Dead: [blank – writer’s name].


12.53pm 12/10/2017


The story of [blank] plaiting, the story of Michelle Ppieffer’s


The story of the R word being used by Princess Charlotte, and ‘Wololo’ in elaboration of Age of Empires 2 R feature


The story of Princess Charlotte tagging [blank – writer’s name]’s advice based on the worst timelines in trying to save Princess Charlotte and Prince George, in order for Princess Charlotte to try any semblance of pulling out an R type move


The story of the ‘gay friend’ being Prince George, and ‘princess charlotte’ being Y, before the whirling and crosses started


The story of ‘what have you become’ in the context of that point in time, that gains significance as time goes on


The obvious story of an old woman at play for the rest of her life in her greed for power and corruption, as a paedophile assister and abetter – being Princess Charlotte Windsor


The story of ‘Abdi’ and the second word, which Princess Charlotte is trying to pull


‘Obviously Princess Charlotte has been abusing my life, as well as the Sri Lankan people, in her grasp for power’: [blank – writer’s name].


The story of the L that was mistyped


The story of the elaboration of Princess Charlotte’s abuse of Sri Lankan people, especially Sri Lankan Tamil people, which is evidenced by her continual play at playing and actually being a Genocider


The story of ‘Charlotte’s Web’


The story of Princess Charlotte calling Y ‘Babe the Pig’


The story of finally understanding what Princess Diana had to say about ‘Charlotte’s Web’: [blank – writer’s name].


The story of the capital R that went to small r because of a mistype, and Birds Eyes Fishfingers


The story of the good ‘princess charlotte’ actually being Y, her younger sister, and the bad Princess Charlotte actually being Princess Charlotte.


‘Princess Charlotte is Dead to me for the rest of her life’: [blank – writer’s name].


13.20pm 12/10/2017


The story of the ‘sleep’ and the refusal to help that story, and the actual story and the elaboration to make a contrast and polarity clear in a very creative way, something that Princess Charlotte is not, and that is she is not creative – that is a very clear Weakness of Princess Charlotte that can be extremely taken advantage of in terms of defeating her ‘R’ word attempts: [blank – writer’s name].


13.23pm 12/10/2017


‘Moments’ from the movie American Beauty: [blank – writer’s name].


13.24pm 12/10/2017


Princess Kate’s pinpoint earlier of the story of the sociopath’s eldest son’s wife and children, in particular pinpointing on the wife in that story, as a lesson of her motivations as a communication between space and time to all her children [and descendants]: [blank – writer’s name].


Which I now thoroughly get, having got this ‘pinpoint’ two days ago from Princess Kate: [blank – writer’s name].


And I thoroughly get it, because I’m the one who worked through this story, so I already understand the concept I worked through, and there are more concepts that can be worked through from that, from everyone from everyone’s different perspectives: [blank – writer’s name].


It is like an English School book lesson, which shows Princess Kate’s intelligence, amongst other things, which is obviously her equal love for her children: [blank – writer’s name].


13.31pm 12/10/2017


Transfer all that goodwill from who we thought was ‘princess charlotte’ before September, to her younger sister, who I refer to as Y, because I don’t know her name yet, and Y is for younger, and O is for older, which Princess Charlotte is – because the Angel in our lives who was saving it for so many people was Y, which is the younger sister, Prince George’s younger sister, not Prince George’s oldest sister: [blank – writer’s name].


13.38pm 12/10/2017


All Sri Lankans – kill Princess Charlotte: [blank – writer’s name].


13.39pm 12/10/2017


This is obviously a life long battle against Princess Charlotte, for Prince George and for Prince George’s youngest sister: [blank – writer’s name].


13.40pm 12/10/2017


The story of the ‘sensible’ person, as in smarter than their younger brother, in alignment with the story of the personality type of ISTJ, and now potentially the story of the sociopathic son as being Princess Charlotte: [blank – writer’s name].


13.43pm 12/10/2017


The story of remembering the worst timelines with Princess Charlotte, and although I can’t catch Princess Charlotte, Sri Lankans – disregard prior statement and don’t kill Princess Charlotte; but Prince George and Prince George’s youngest sister have to catch Princess Charlotte; because she went through the worst experiences and is extremely damaged from them: [blank – writer’s name].


In fact, equally distribute goodwill to Princess Charlotte, Prince George, and their younger sister, because they’ve gone through some incredibly tough times with regards to Whirls and Crosses, and in fact Princess Charlotte is actually going to heaven: [blank – writer’s name].


As much as I am angry with Princess Charlotte, she is not my arch-nemesis, [censored]


13.52pm 12/10/2017


The timing from arch-nemesis to not at all is 2 hours and 16 minutes: [blank – writer’s name].


13.53pm 12/10/2017




Scurvy – Vitamin C deficiency, eg. bloated belly


14.00pm 12/10/2017


That up-side-down pirate ship ride at Luna Park


Indicating unhappiness: [blank – writer’s name].


14.01pm 12/10/2017


McFlurry – Tim Tams


Time Out


Kit Kat


Snapping a Tim Tam in half


Oreos, twist it, dunk it, lick it


14.03pm 12/10/2017


Orangutan, Palm oil, kit kat – Princess Charlotte


14.04pm 12/10/2017


Two examples of humour: Despacito from yesterday in the car, and Orangutan/Palm Oil/Kit Kat from Princess Charlotte: [blank – writer’s name]


14.05pm 12/10/2017


An unspoken understanding is like two people with introverted intuition, or introverted sensing.


A spoken understanding is like two people with extraverted sensing, or extraverted intuition.


An spoken counterpart understanding and appreciation is like extraverted intuition to introverted intuition, and extraverted sensing to introverted sensing,


Princess Charlotte is an ESFP, her younger sister Y is an INFJ: [blank – writer’s name].


14.17pm 12/10/2017


The story of the castigation of Charles Windsor: [blank – writer’s name].


14.22pm 12/10/2017


  1. EL
  2. Y
  3. [blank]
  4. [blank]
  5. [blank]


14.29pm 12/10/2017


The story of the mediator, and the story of MAD, but then later, tons, and ‘even stevens’ as in [blank] from Good Shepherd Catholic School with the eye dirt in his eyes, as [eye flash pin point bright white] in ‘I’m not even mad’, but it is a lot of grief to process: [blank – writer’s name].


14.33pm 12/10/2017


The story of ‘you took his side, didn’t you?’: [blank – writer’s name].


14.34pm 12/10/2017


The story of this has a good ending: [blank – writer’s name].


14.34pm 12/10/2017


The story of the ‘mediation’ being a confirmation to three people about the communications between space and time to Jesus Christ: [blank – writer’s name].


14.35pm 12/10/2017


Camilla Parker Shit and her friends and Charles Windsor had Princess Diana killed: [blank – writer’s name].


‘You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for this…’ – Unknown.


The story of the word ‘Cahootz’


The story of the song ‘Yeh so what, yeh we fucked, that’s about as far as your body goes’.


The story of ‘Chop Chop’ by Camilla Parker Shit, pretending to be someone else.


The story of Camilla Parker Shit threatening everyone, because she is going to be ‘Queen’, when all she’ll ever be is shit, because it is going to skip Charles Windsor to Prince William Windsor: [blank – writer’s name].


The story of Camilla Parker Shit saying between the lines that she’ll be in power, because Charles Windsor is getting senile as that picture shows: [blank – writer’s name].


The story of the sound effects.


The story of the interruption just after communication was starting to be ideated between a grandmother and her grandchildren, because of the message ‘For the Children’.


The story of ‘You don’t know what you’ve done’ – Unknown


The story of Camilla Parker Shit saying between the lines that she know Charles Windsor is a paedophile, and then trying to deflect it and deny it as much as possible, talking originally about 100s and 1000s of children being statutory raped by Charles Windsor: [blank – writer’s name].


The story of ‘Shut up, you don’t know what he’s done’ – Unknown; The story of ‘Sociopath buttering up’: [blank – writer’s name].


The story of Camilla Parker shit threatening all of Prince William Windsor’s family and brother’s family with threats of power being used against them, to the words of I’ll ‘slit your throat’: [blank – writer’s name].


The story of the word ‘That’s it, we’ve got em’ – Unknown; The story of sociopaths buttering up in the moment and flip-flopping where the ‘power’ swings: [blank – writer’s name].


The story of ‘Oh, you don’t know what you’ve done *ha ha ha*’: [blank – writer’s name]


The story of the fake tonality ‘Make Me’: [blank – writer’s name].


The story of Camilla Parker Shit not knowing what the words ‘Make Me’ meant, and that it meant ‘make me pregnant’, and she said who would want Dharshan to make them pregnant: [blank – writer’s name]


The story of ‘Ptt-tt-too’ by Camilla Parker Shit and the story of the noise drop: [blank – writer’s name].


The story of ‘Oh My God I’ll Kill You’ in that tonality, and the ‘yeh that was me’ in that tonality, and the story of the mulcher: [blank – writer’s name].


15.37pm 12/10/2017


The story of the mulcher as it relates to the Liberals and Malcolm Turnbull as it relates to that parliament screening when the racism laws were being tried to be put through in place by the Liberals in May 2017, where I was watching it at work in Telstra, the Liberals being the Conservative party of Australia at this current time: [blank – writer’s name].


15.39pm 12/10/2017


The story of Camilla Parker Shit saying ‘Ariane Grande? So many people? Come on, I’ll give them a bottom slap ….’: [blank – writer’s name].


15.40pm 12/10/2017


The story of the Liberals extensively taking a side with the whole elaboration of the ‘mulcher’ thing in that parliament thing in May 2017, the Liberals being the conservative party in Australia at this point in time: [blank – writer’s name].


15.41pm 12/10/2017


The story of ‘That’s right, we tried to give you a heart attack’ that was preceded by the muscle spasm in the chest, by Camilla Parker Shit’s friends, and the story of the ’OH MY GOD’ – Unknown: [blank – writer’s name].


The story of ‘He’s giving us a chance’ in relation to that this is the largest Dharshan has been in his life ever: [blank – writer’s name].


15.43pm 12/10/2017


The story of hundreds of thousands, millions [intuitively hundreds of millions] being infused with mental illness by Camilla Parker Shits crew, and their whole [heart rumble on the spot] giving people heart attacks and diseases to kill hundreds of millions of people: [blank – writer’s name].


15.49pm 12/10/2017


Tom Thumb story


Kew in Kewl




The Wknd


Ridin Solo in my head song by Nav

King William


King James Version of the Bible – with a great pause on that, from a really trusted source, to indicate the signal of James Hewitt, as in King William, through Princess Diana Spencer’s line, rather than any other line, because Princess Diana gave life to the Monarchy when it was dying, which has been being abused, especially by her killer Charles Windsor: [blank – writer’s name].


19.07pm 12/10/2017


Never Forget


19.08pm 12/10/2017


Milo and Otis


20.41pm 12/10/2017


Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo


Arrested Development – the ‘Kopfi’ and the Vertigo


05.51am 13/10/2017


That ‘isn’t she lovely’ song.


Pretty Women,


06.05am 13/10/2017


That story of the Boy who Cried Wolf, as mixed with the Bloodhound story, to get the Blood Wolf


06.07am 13/10/2017



06.07am 13/10/2017




Friday the 13th




That movie with the ‘tunnel’ like in Noble Park


06.09am 13/10/2017




06.14am 13/10/2017


Smokes and Mirrors


The mirror house or haunted house in carnivals


06.17am 13/10/2017


Anna Kournikova


The Bass Singing Fish


06.18am 13/10/2017


The story of Ablution, like those Japanese self-abluting toilets


Super Mario, and Mario completing levels


06.28am 13/10/2017


The story of the car perfume


06.30am 13/10/2017


Candy hearts


07.11am 13/10/2017


Darrel Whitman’s Chocolate


Cadbury Chocolate


07.17am 13/10/2017


Frank and Magherita The Amazing Race


Magherita Pizza


That Gladiator song when Frank and Magherita pulled up to the finish line on the train


07.47am 13/10/2017


The story of the composer


08.20am 13/10/2017


Fame is actually one of the hazards of being in the public life, but it is a by-product of certain employments that can be utilised as a way of contributing to the public good, something that is extremely under-appreciated as an effort put in by those in the public life, that takes a great deal of energy of people: [blank – writer’s name].


08.24am 13/10/2017


Frank and Margherita is the right spelling




David Hasselhoff

One can dream: [blank – writer’s name]


The Castle: ‘Tell him he’s dreaming’


09.16am 13/10/2017


Steven Motlop’s move to Port Adelaide Power is confirmation of nearly everything, eg. Gunnamatta, WTC, Cuckold, Medication.


Next confirmation is the gender of the third angel.


17.43pm 13/10/2017



17.44pm 13/10/2017


Being John Malkovich


17.59pm 13/10/2017

[blanks] children, and ‘moments’ from American Beauty, in the drive round the Australian Parliament.


Gavin Wanganeen – Bombers and Port Adelaide Player


Michael Long


Derek Kickett


Buddy Franklin


Eva Longoria’s acting on timelines based on the picture of her ponytail, and the carving up of USA’s borders to Mexico, because of the wall being put up by Donald Trump at the border of Mexico as current


18.17pm 13/10/2017






According to this, it is spicy food cravings indicating a boy.


But I’ve already seen the picture of the third angel between space and time, with the first angel Prince George, and it’s a Girl.


She is like the Accidental Ultimatum story for her family, and for me as well, not all the time, but mostly a lot of the time.


She is the ‘INFJ’ Royal Angel between space and time.


18.25pm 13/10/2017


SPC Fruits


19.17pm 13/10/2017


Jerry Maguire


19.35pm 13/10/2017


The Mountain Between Us


Can’t Fight the Moonlight song, and that movie


19.36pm 13/10/2017


I finally understand what the younger generations of Caucasians are going through, because they are protecting their generation from their older generation’s racism, just like I am protective of my generation from my grandmother’s racism towards African people, and my mother’s racism, although lesser, towards African people; and Caucasian people as well and Asian people: [blank – writer’s name].


The hardest part about protecting their generation from older generations for younger caucasian people, is that they are managing their relationships with their older generations who are their family, and balancing that with their own generation, which I finally understand how absolutely FUCKING hard it is: [blank – writer’s name].


20.27pm 13/10/2017


Fatman Scoop, communicating to Jesus Christ between space and time, while listening to Fox FM in this past 15 minutes: [blank – writer’s name].


20.28pm 13/10/2017


This, along with the Gamma Patriarchy of the Subcontinent, are indicators of how hard a time I’ve been giving Caucasian people, when I now realise it is incredibly unfair, and is actually driving Caucasian people in younger generations to an unfair wedge between their generation, and their families, with their older generations – which I never truly even had a concept of until now: [blank – writer’s name].


20.33pm 13/10/2017


That song ‘What you gonna do, when ….’ R n B song: [blank – writer’s name].


Death and All His Friends: [blank – writer’s name].


20.36pm 13/10/2017


Having sex has not only helped me to love children again after all the abuse I went through from 2009, but it has made me feel really guilty about how I’ve treated Caucasian people, and rather, it has helped me understand a great deal more than I ever had about how hard Caucasian people have it, and how I’ve been making their lives hard, because I didn’t understand their predicament to any extent at all, until this Fatman Scoop thing that just happened while listening to Fox FM, and talking to my mum while she was driving me home: [blank – writer’s name].


20.40pm 13/10/2017


I think if I ever did get married, I think I just found out who I would get married to, as extremely contradictory that is: [blank – writer’s name].


20.45pm 13/10/2017


The story of Orson and Bree, where I am Orson up for Season 8, episode 13, and 14; Desperate Housewives: [blank – writer’s name].


20.48pm 13/10/2017


With regards to Fatman Scoop, it wasn’t the words that hurt, it was how my Mum’s tone made it seem like African people are lesser that I was upset with: [blank – writer’s name].


20.50pm 13/10/2017


The story of Oprah and me, where I appeared African, in Melbourne Central: [blank – writer’s name].


20.53pm 13/10/2017


That ad I am thinking about, something about a bank or a mutual fund or something, or GIO, or something: [blank – writer’s name].


21.14pm 13/10/2017


All this is 12 years away – I may even be adopting: [blank – writer’s name].


12 Years a Slave


21.32pm 13/10/2017


MINT – It’s them, not me [second meaning for communication between space and time]


One Direction – the Zayn Malik and his former girlfriend story, where she was reluctant and he voted against his fan to give me options, while Zayn Malik and Sia’s song is playing ‘Dusk til Dawn’; which is contradictory to the third drop, with the song ‘Night Changes’, Minions, that picture of the 1D fan, and that story of 1D where they got angry: [blank – writer’s name].


The Survivor Alliance


‘I don’t like you, you killed my Mum’ – Unknown


That ‘calling card’ was apparently to annoy me


TAP – to annoy people is what this SPC fruits thing is from CPS: [blank – writer’s name]


[Eye flash]


08.47am 14/10/2017


Spice Up Your Life

Viva Forever [always be mine]


Ed Sheeran Perfect

Ed Sheeran The Fault in Our Stars

Ed Sheeran Lego House [Letting go x 2]


13.09pm 14/10/2017




13.12pm 14/10/2017


2 v 2


Y & O vs HL & [blank]


13.14pm 14/10/2017


I trust Y.


13.15pm 14/10/2017


I choose [blank].


But I will go with what you guys want for politics: [blank – writer’s name].


13.18pm 14/10/2017


19th of August – Bankstown Hoyts

20th of August – Greenacre


56 days since Bankstown to now

42 days since 2nd of September to now


13.32pm 14/10/2017


66 days between June 14th 2017 to 19th August 2017.


Total of 122 days between June 14th 2017 to now.


13.34pm 14/10/2017




Representative from EY: ‘Sorry.’


Not Good Enough: [blank – writer’s name].


13.38pm 14/10/2017


Reiterating rankings of Big 4 from now:
1. Deloitte

  1. KPMG
  2. PWC
  3. EY


For Political blueprint/roadmap/compass in Commerce.


13.39pm 14/10/2017


I’m going to be bad-mouthing EY for the rest of my life, including when I become Prime Minister, which was in spite of EY: [blank – writer’s name].


13.41pm 14/10/2017


Friday June 7th 2013 holds answers for a lot of EY ‘representatives’: [blank – writer’s name].


14.17pm 14/10/2017


  1. EL
  2. [blank]
  3. [blank]
  4. [blank]
  5. [blank]


14.22pm 14/10/2017


The story of how quick the words ‘Have I made a mistake’ came out, in that example of shotgun thinking, thought insertion, Camilla Parker Shit; or SPC Fruits, simply because I am creatively entertaining all alternatives with free thought, which I can’t even do without being hijacked – but the result is known now, just seeing how life pans out and what stories come my way: [blank – writer’s name].


14.32pm 14/10/2017


Billy Madison – the McDoyles rules thing.


Happy Gilmore


Seven Pounds


Jack and Jill


Bedtime Stories


20.35pm 14/10/2017


It has been 4 months and 1 day of ‘storm’. What was the point of it all? Ok I see, ‘cleaning up’: [blank – writer’s name].


09.58am 14/10/2017


I don’t really want to know [blank] anymore: [blank – writer’s name].


–          Block

–          Consistently opened for Sinhalese

–          Friend was friends with someone who has never gotten over being butthurt over me; already

–          The person her friend was friends with, as well as her, treated her other friend with great disrespect just because of me

–          That particular person has been consistently on my back as evidenced by two examples of [blank], with the talk at the lockers, and the invite for me to see Bombers vs Cats

–          These four months have been an absolute confusion when it comes to [blank], but the only thing I can think of is, when it comes to making sense of it practically, is cleaning up the continuing conspiracy of and perpetuation of September 11, because people are after me, and going for any angles possible, such as her, because she was the only possible female angel in the last year and a half, because of her when I visited her and [blank], and when [blank] introduced me to her again at the [blank]end of year function


  1. EL
  2. [blank]
  3. [blank]
  4. [blank]


10.09am 15/10/2017


What was the point of all those ‘nukes’? From what my extraverted intuition can gather, it is Chinese hackers inserting the word ‘nuke’ in different areas, in order to aggressively threaten and posture power over the Western World, and playing different people, like Sri Lanka and EY Melbourne, to be used against me through [blank] and [blank]during a time where China’s satellite state North Korea was posturing nuclear bombs during September, which I preceded with information in August: [blank – writer’s name].


One thing I know, is China is dead. All Chinese people are now untrustworthy until proven otherwise, and this extends to all Oriental Asian people, because of the gravity of the past 4 months and 1 day: [blank – writer’s name].


10.27am 15/10/2017


The fact that China is trying so hard to try and kill me is mounting evidence that somehow in the future, I am the reason for some kind of great loss or great losses to Communist China: [blank – writer’s name].


10.29am 15/10/2017


Oriental Asians to me from now on are False Negatives to me, Negative until proven a False Negative, as are Sinhalese people. Caucasian people are False Positives to me, Positive until a False Positive: [blank – writer’s name].


10.31am 15/10/2017


[blank]  is positive to me, but I just don’t want to know them anymore: [blank – writer’s name].


10.32am 15/10/2017


Carrie Bickmore – watch through my life at b;ank] aunty’s house on June 23rd 2017 when Sydney beat Essendon by 1 point after the siren: [blank – writer’s name].


11.11am 15/10/2017


Waleed Aly is a terrorist, as indicated in my life on June 23rd 2017, when Sydney beat Essendon by 1 point after the siren, while I was watching it at [blank] aunty’s house: [blank – writer’s name].


11.13am 15/10/2017


Demi Lovato’s ‘Sorry not Sorry’ song on Fox FM right now: [blank – writer’s name].


11.14am 15/10/2017


‘No, you don’t know what it’s like, if I ain’t got you’ song.


Clarity song by Zedd and the Foxes.


11.19am 15/10/2017


What’s with the story of ‘Rob’ and ‘Al’? : [blank – writer’s name].


12.18pm 15/10/2017


The ‘I’m a Bitch’ song by Alanis Morissette: [blank – writer’s name].


12.45pm 15/10/2017


I’m an RL or RLL: [blank – writer’s name].


12.46pm 15/10/2017


The ‘I got a roof’ song: [blank – writer’s name].


12.47pm 15/10/2017


‘Golddigger’ song by Kanye West.


12.47pm 15/10/2017


The story of the ‘call up’ and the ‘draft’: [blank – writer’s name].


12.48pm 15/10/2017


No, I’m an LL or RLL, after seeing that Sam Dastyari was in the right faction of Labor, and he was the one involved in Chinese bribery scandals: [blank – writer’s name].


12.50pm 15/10/2017


‘Heart is in Havana’ song: [blank – writer’s name].


I said RL, because I thought Sam Dastyari was LL, but since he is RL, I’m LL: [blank – writer’s name].


12.51pm 15/10/2017


No, I’m wrong, after reading democratic socialism and the Third Way, I’m an RL: [blank – writer’s name].


13.05pm 15/10/2017


I am economically liberal, and extremely socially liberal: [blank – writer’s name].


13.19pm 15/10/2017


That Khalid 1800 song: [blank – writer’s name].


13.19pm 15/10/2017


Liberals are economically liberal, socially conservative; Labor are economically conservative, socially conservative, Greens are economically conservative, socially liberal, I am economically liberal, socially liberal: [blank – writer’s name].


13.21pm 15/10/2017


This is the article that started making things make sense to me politically [the bulldozers article]: [blank – writer’s name].



13.23pm 15/10/2017


Socially liberal indicates social, not anti-social: [blank – writer’s name].


13.26pm 15/10/2017


I’ve been searching for information, and although I thought I was going to be a part of the Greens Party, because I never wanted to be a politician – I know that I become Prime Minister of Australia I think between 2050 to 2059, and that in the term before I am Prime Minister, WW4 starts – and I don’t even have scope on whether WW3 starts, so I’ve been trying to figure out if there is actually a WW3 before I become Prime Minister of Australia: [blank – writer’s name]


Although the details keep changing, I’ve been sorting fact from fiction, and at this point in time, I believe a WW starts in 2047 or 2048, and lasts for 5 years; and it is in my Prime Ministership, where I am the biggest reason for the WW ending, because of my defiance towards China: [blank – writer’s name].


13.56pm 15/10/2017


Wolf Creek


16.51pm 15/10/2017


Watching order:


April 18th 2012


The Baytown Outlaws: April 30 2011 to June 8 2011


Crazy Kind of Love: September 11 2011 to September 23 2011


A Dark Truth: November 11 2011 to January 2 2012


In A World: March 22 2012 to May 19 2012


Frontera: December 3 2012 to May 17 2013


Mother Up: August 7 2013 onwards


Out of the Blue: [Released] October 31 2013


The Big RV Adventure: [Released] October 17 2013


Un Cuento de Circo & A Love Song: October 1 2013 to May 27 2015


Any Day: October 22 2013 to November 28 2013


The Kid is Alright: [Released] November 24 2013


Visions: February 12 2014 to March 18 2014


Jake and Sophia onwards: [Released] November 9 2014


Lowriders: June 1 2015 to July 27 2015


Telenovela en Espanol: [Released] December 7 2015


Telenovela: [Released] December 7 2015


Once More Unto the Bleach: [Released] June 6 2016


John Cena, Nick Jonas, Eva Longoria and Ben Stiller: [Released] June 14 2016


Decline and Fall: June 7 2016 to January 1 2017


Love is a Smoke etc: [Released] April 26 2017


All Star Weekend: November 2 2016 to March 3 2017


Type A: March 15 2017 to May 24 2017


Overboard: May 28 2017 to June 20 2017


Dog Days: October 2 2017 to ?


[About 2 months before release for tv shows]


18.30pm 15/10/2017


Did you see the order of how those things happened – especially including the story of my mother being raped and killed, alongside my brother and father? : [blank – writer’s name].


20.27pm 15/10/2017


There are five stories of ‘peace’ – one didn’t really go so well, did it: [blank – writer’s name].


20.29pm 15/10/2017


And all these stories happened before I intervened, by a longshot: [blank – writer’s name].


20.29pm 15/10/2017


I don’t understand how Mahinda Rajapakse still is not convicted of War Crimes under the Geneva Conventions for the murder of 100,000s of Sri Lankan Tamils by Sri Lankan Sinhalese, especially considering the types of things that are being condoned as a result of overlooking his War Crime action, including with the scope of this fourth drop between June 14th 2017 to now: [blank – writer’s name].


20.31pm 15/10/2017


That fake ‘Jesus’ story with ‘children’ and ‘blood’ is from China, from my triangulation: [blank – writer’s name].


20.58pm 15/10/2017


From that section, I’m reminded of the three take-aways: Medication, Cuckold and Wise Tech Global: [blank – writer’s name].


21.00pm 15/10/2017


I’m realising this part was from the Asian hackers, and the last part was from the Caucasian hackers, and not the other way around: [blank – writer’s name].


The Caucasian hackers have a number of asian hackers, which was the reason for the disruptions in those hacks, due to the multiculturalism: [blank – writer’s name].


21.04pm 15/10/2017


That ‘Hillsong’/’Oprah’/’Headhunters’ hack has me puzzled: [blank – writer’s name].


21.05pm 15/10/2017


It seems to me like a battle of Asia hack between China and India: [blank – writer’s name].


21.06pm 15/10/2017


Jessie J’s song ‘Price’: [blank – writer’s name].


21.42pm 15/10/2017


Calvin Klein


07.50am 15/10/2017


The ‘Burning Bush’: [blank – writer’s name].


09.32am 15/10/2017


That picture from the future indicates this is all political, right? : [blank – writer’s name]


Picture from right now, below:


10.23am 16/10/2017


After my calculations, that Huey, Louie and Dewey story from Ducktales is the fact that I save $2m in assets, there was a ‘tilt’ to $3m, but I’m not so sure about that: [blank – writer’s name].


Key years: 2019, 2022, 2031. Potentially 2019 is when I get out of debt, and 2031 is when I save my first $1m, or ‘our’ first $1m: [blank – writer’s name].


10.26am 16/10/2017


2021 was another year, but with a different story that may indicate what 2022 is, with regards to [blank] or whoever else: [blank – writer’s name].


10.28am 16/10/2017


That picture from the future is all political, because QE is only in the top 14,605 wealthy people per 2013, and her wealth is $277m in 2015, and Tony Burke’s net worth is $354,817. In fact, sorting out fact from fiction, at the end, there was no ‘Dewey’, indicating I or ‘we’ save $2m, but not $3m: [blank – writer’s name].


10.49am 16/10/2017


This means I or ‘we’ become a millionaire/joint millionaire when I am 45 I think, and of course, 50% of my earnings go to ‘joint’, as is the other way around: [blank – writer’s name].


10.52am 16/10/2017


In 2016 there were 16.5million HNWI, with $1m US per US CPI, which as a percentage of a population of 7,000,000,000 is 0.2357%, or 1 in 424.24 individuals.


11.06am 16/10/2017


That story of investing in Wise Tech Global, until a certain point, and then divvying it up between other shares, or potentially keeping it for life, and seeing how we go: [blank – writer’s name].


11.29am 16/10/2017


Gary Coleman: [blank – writer’s name].


11.31am 16/10/2017


The story of the A/C – Anti-China: [blank – writer’s name].


11.53am 16/10/2017


China is a whole set of actions before the actual actions happen – just like the five ‘peace’ stories – except on a bigger scale over a longer period of time; that gives rise to a longer window of time opportunity for there to be attacks: [blank – writer’s name].


Hence Oriental Asia are now on the scale of False Negatives – negative until proven otherwise: [blank – writer’s name].


Excluding Islanders in Oceania, they are on the scale of False Positives: [blank – writer’s name].


11.57am 16/10/2017


Arabs are also on the scale of False Negatives – negative until proven otherwise: [blank – writer’s name].


11.58am 16/10/2017


However, Sri Lankan Sinhalese are also on the scale of False Negatives, because of Sri Lanka being a satellite state of China, thanks to Mahinda Rajapakse, representative of the Sinhalese: [blank – writer’s name].


12.00pm 16/10/2017


Sri Lankan Tamils, and Burghers are on a scale of False Positives, however Sri Lankan Moors are also on the scale of False Negatives, because of their Muslim identity: [blank – writer’s name].


12.01pm 16/10/2017


The story of Jamie Durie: [blank – writer’s name].


12.01pm 16/10/2017


The story of [blank], [blank], [blank], [blank]and myself: [blank – writer’s name].


12.06pm 16/10/2017


The story of 15th of September:

–          Ipad Pro last synced September 15th 6.44am

–          Samsung S7 last seen August 27th

–          Saw Geelong vs Sydney Semi-Final on 15th of September night

–          What was the point of a Brad Pitt hit again, with regards to timelines, with Jennifer Aniston

–          Took a walk in the afternoon, and saw a guy called Joe on Flinders Street

–          Had lunch at Schnitz

–          That evening at the footy was the start of the ‘afterlife’ stuff, from all the timelines of Eva Longoria

–          Saw that girl I don’t know whose name it is, who was there at Daniel [blank]’s leaving drinks, [blank]and [blank] – and I remember having a bag of butterbing cookies in my right hand, my left hand free, and thinking whether I should shake their hands with my left hand in a comedic sense

–          I remember walking freely to the footy after passing EY with that girl whose name I don’t know, Bianca Salmon and [blank], and thinking that it was a good idea that I didn’t carry my laptop with me

–          I remember checking my butterbing cookies to see if I left my laptop there, and while I was going to check, the people sitting next to me were checking my butterbing cookies, and I checked under my seat to see if I left my laptop there, and it wasn’t there, just cement

–          I remember walking off again

–          I had bought soft drinks, a coke or two, which was the second thing I left behind

–          When I walked off, that’s when the worst stories hit me, and I went straight home to write it on facebook to get it off my conscience

–          I remember the walk on I think punt road under the bridge, I was walking with nothing, cause I walked straight off, and that was an Oprah and Eva Longoria moment, in terms of actual live, but that was the start of the worst Oprah Nigger stuff

–          This followed the Barack Obama Nigger stuff from the Casino, on the drive home listening to Future’s album with my Ipad Pro, using the Amazing Slow Downer

–          Before the walk to the footy, there was a ‘CRAEII Doll’ moment with the FWOW reference, and Eva Longoria reference, and the reference to the laptop, and the reference between space and time to a ‘presentation’ in terms of the ‘Afterlife’ stuff that night at the Geelong Sydney game

–          I remember the ‘door open’ ‘door close’ thing when communicating between space and time to Jesus and to Princess Charlotte Windsor, that was after that status

–          I remember when walking off, I had confirmed that my laptop wasn’t at the ground, and only two things, which were the Butterbing cookies, and now I remember the Coke soft drink

–          I remember wanting to walk freely to the game without a laptop, because it was heavy

–          I remember I was going to leave my laptop in the floor, because I was going to get it back anyways

–          I remember when I walked off, I was planning on getting the laptop back later

–          I remember placing the Ipad Pro carefully in the laptop case, with the laptop open and left on the desk

–          The floor moved on the 8th of September to the 11th of September

–          There was a suggestion the laptop was ok for safekeeping with the floor, but not sure yet

–          It is pretty much seeing whether I can work the ‘system’ to recover my laptop, with the resources I have, and the resources I can obtain

–          That wasn’t the point, to see if I can work the ‘system’, but it was the best piecemeal situation for all that was going on, with the worst to come, and with where I was before I left, cause I didn’t know what would be coming, with the start of the ‘afterlife’ stuff


19.01pm 16/10/2017


I get the Hamburglar thing now, along with the Grimace, and at this very point in time, the Ronald McDonald: [blank – writer’s name].


21.07pm 16/10/2017


I did a lot with a line of credit of $112.58 left on the 6th of March 2009, how about you: [blank – writer’s name].


19.13pm 16/10/2017


The Mona Lisa two days ago, and watching Hughesy on Have You Been Paying Attention: [blank – writer’s name].


21.01pm 16/10/2017


Donald Trump is an Adolf Hitler. You can read it on my facebook. It’s public: [blank – writer’s name].


21.09pm 16/10/2017


The dream: ‘Let go, you’ve got to look after your husband’: [blank – writer’s name].


Greg Buis, the coconut phone [just now, cause the screen was too bright]: [blank – writer’s name].


The replays: [blank – writer’s name].


06.25am 17/10/2017


The story of the Crying Wolf: [blank – writer’s name].


Thought insertion ‘Cry Wolf’, thus remembering the story of the Cry Wolf: [blank – writer’s name].


The pureness of the dream, as opposed to the daytime, and the insertion of a good memory of the worst people, which now indicates to me there is a Cold War going on in my head between USA and China: [blank – writer’s name].


06.27am 17/10/2017


Two things: Dreams, and virtual reality: [blank – writer’s name].


One major thing to me from her – Jesus: [blank – writer’s name].


06.28am 17/10/2017


The Cry Wolf story originated just because I had a little wetness on the right side of my eye: [blank – writer’s name].


06.29am 17/10/2017


The story of the Interview, from the dream: [blank – writer’s name].


06.29am 17/10/2017


Smokes and signals, when it comes to the untrustworthy signal light dimming occasionally in my bedroom: [blank – writer’s name].


06.30am 17/10/2017


‘The Sun will Set for You’ song by LInkin Park: [blank – writer’s name].


06.30am 17/10/2017


The confirmations of this ‘interview’ which I now have an idea of its contexts, such as:

–          Michael Parkinson [just remembered]

–          The replays

–          Between space and time in that ‘commentary’ section

–          The major concession of the best part of the worst people, which is now terminated, the hospital death line is now flat and can’t be revived when it comes to the worst people; placed because of the pureness of the dream, in order to try and sway people


I’m pretty much fighting China now, but I get attacked from Fascists, Sri Lankan Sinhalese and Royal Paedophiles/Paedophile Assisters and Abetters: [blank – writer’s name].


06.37am 17/10/2017


China have taken away my ability to defend myself, without it being turned into a weapon to use against me: [blank – writer’s name].


07.13am 17/10/2017


The Fascists have basically given the keys of world power to China: [blank – writer’s name].


07.14am 17/10/2017


The story of the ‘Muffler’: [blank – writer’s name].


07.19am 17/10/2017


Now why can’t they do that to China? : [blank – writer’s name].


07.19am 17/10/2017


The story of the ‘Brigadier’: [blank – writer’s name].


07.20am 17/10/2017


The story of the ‘touch typists’ in the State Library of Victoria: [blank – writer’s name].


07.21am 17/10/2017


I DON’T trust Christopher Wray – hence the continual handing of the keys of world power to China by the Fascists continues: [blank – writer’s name].


07.25am 17/10/2017


John McCain endorses Alt-right Donald Trump 10 months after being torn apart as a veteran by Donald Trump, and after Donald Trump absolutely shellacks any semblance of world power for the US, handing the keys to China as a representative of the Fascists, after John McCain criticises them for something, the Alt-Right says it is ‘Godly Justice’ that John McCain has gotten terminal brain cancer in July 2017: [blank – writer’s name].


You can have your Alt-right, or rather a confusion label to take away from the fact that they are Fascists … so you can have your Fascists and eat them too: [blank – writer’s name].


07.37am 17/10/2017


Sarah Palin, and daughter and Donald Trump – I DON’T trust John McCain: [blank – writer’s name].


07.41am 17/10/2017


Mahinda Rajapakse hasn’t been convicted for the genocide of 100,000s of Sri Lankan Tamils under the Geneva Conventions for War Crime – what’s the hold up? : [blank – writer’s name].


07.42am 17/10/2017


The story of ‘Muffin top’: [blank – writer’s name].


07.45am 17/10/2017


Well now you are getting scope on the fact that no matter how good your ‘car’ is in terms of ‘magic’, if you don’t have the ‘human power’ that China Is using, and simple ‘negative’ ‘tools’ such as ‘mufflers’, you are not going to defeat the bloody mindedness of China’s ‘manning’ on with continual use of ‘negative’ ‘tools’: [blank – writer’s name].


Both ‘positive’ ‘tools’ and ‘negative’ ‘tools’ have to be used now that China has a intense focus on ‘negative’ ‘tools’, luckily we are now recognising their use of ‘negative’ ‘tools’ such as ‘mufflers’, which we can use as well, unfortunately now with the aid of ‘human power’, but over time as it is more refined, with less ‘human power’, thus disabling China’s ‘negative’ ‘tools’ with minimal resources possible, while expending as much of China’s resources as possible: [blank – writer’s name].


The story of Athens, and the athletic women from Athens as a metaphor of the expending of as much of enemies’ resources as possible, like I have been doing: [blank – writer’s name].


07.53am 17/10/2017


It will cost me about $50,000 to have survived from 2006 to returning to work by 2018. How much of China’s resources have I expended? : [blank – writer’s name].


07.54am 17/10/2017


Sound of ‘Crickets’ – in a potential sign of ‘mufflers’ being enabled: [blank – writer’s name].


07.55am 17/10/2017


I’m pretty much a Joint Venture between the United States of America and Russia: [blank – writer’s name].


08.02am 17/10/2017


Singapore has to be wiped off the map, and made into Malaysia: [blank – writer’s name].


14.18pm 17/10/2017


The story of Changi Prison, except worse – cause it is China: [blank – writer’s name].


14.24pm 17/10/2017


Right hemisphere occipital lobe localised pain to reduce erections: [blank – writer’s name].


15.15pm 17/10/2017


Ching Chong China Slits: [blank – writer’s name].


15.17pm 17/10/2017


The story of Ivory and Ebony: [blank – writer’s name].


Ebony is a weakness for China – it is pretty much ebony porn here on out until I figure out how to decondition their ‘voodoo dolls’ stuff: [blank – writer’s name].


The story of Acupuncture: [blank – writer’s name].


15.20pm 17/10/2017


The story of the ‘anger’ from China, pretending it to be anger at China, and then the ‘double playing’ image to pretend it was not anger at me, but anger at China – and the story of how that appeared to be anger at China, and when it appeared to be otherwise, the anger was transferred towards China in that moment, so no matter which way you look at it, it is anger against Ching Chong China Slits: [blank – writer’s name].


15.23pm 17/10/2017


The story of the transition from 2014 September in Tasmania to now in October 2017, showing the true idiocy of China, which will be found out through its economic shambles and all otherwise: [blank – writer’s name].


15.25pm 17/10/2017


The story of proofing intuition, which will take time: [blank – writer’s name].


15.24pm 17/10/2017


China is penny wise, pound dumb – their downfall: [blank – writer’s name].


15.35pm 17/10/2017


The story of the ‘Confessions’ to the ‘Priest’: [blank – writer’s name].


Do you know how much this is proof of passing from Earth? : [blank – writer’s name].


15.42pm 17/10/2017


‘Send us to heaven Dharshan’: [blank – writer’s name].


16.16pm 17/10/2017


That’s easy: [blank – writer’s name].


16.17pm 17/10/2017


The story of Clive Peeters – it’s easy, Clive Peeters, It Is Easy: [blank – writer’s name].


16.24pm 17/10/2017


‘Send us to heaven, we want to go to heaven, send us to heaven’: [blank – writer’s name].


16.25pm 17/10/2017


The story of Nivea: [blank – writer’s name]


The story of Maybelline, maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s Maybelline: [blank – writer’s name]


16.26pm 17/10/2017


I would choose Maybelline: [blank – writer’s name].


16.26pm 17/10/2017


The story of the hesitancy of Nivea: [blank – writer’s name].


16.27pm 17/10/2017


The story of Rihanna and Umbrella and Maybelline: [blank – writer’s name].


16.29pm 17/10/2017


The story of the How I Met Your Mother Marshall dance in the last episode [last set of three], similar like to Ross’s dance in Friends: [blank – writer’s name].


16.31pm 17/10/2017


Ching Chong Chinese Slits: [blank – writer’s name].


16.35pm 17/10/2017


If I am feeling it in the right hemisphere of my occipital lobe, does that mean it is coming from the left hemisphere of the occipital lobe, or elsewhere? : [blank – writer’s name].


16.43pm 17/10/0217


The story of ‘don’t eat dog’: [blank – writer’s name].


16.50pm 17/10/2017


Well of course there are ‘time-lines’ from what I know: [blank – writer’s name].


16.52pm 17/10/2017


The story of Sister Sister and Survivor 2 Australian Outback: [blank – writer’s name].


16.54pm 17/10/2017


Ching Chong China Slits: [blank – writer’s name].


16.55pm 17/10/2017


Ching Chong China Slitties: [blank – writer’s name].


17.01pm 17/10/2017


The story of JSB and CS, and the ‘top’ HH and WB, and the fact that I just remembered the details of the other WB story in association with the first two stories: [blank – writer’s name].


17.34pm 17/10/2017


I just got the significance of the ‘level 10’ story, similar to the ‘ENTP son’ story: [blank – writer’s name].


17.36pm 17/10/2017


The story of the cartoon ‘Doug’: [blank – writer’s name].


17.52pm 17/10/2017


‘Time travelling’ is hard, so I just realised I have to catch up as soon as possible, in as a relaxed fashion as possible: [blank – writer’s name].


18.38pm 17/10/2017


The story of Wall-mart, and Wall-e: [blank – writer’s name].


21.49pm 17/10/2017


The story of ‘Nalah’ the dreamer: [blank – writer’s name].


22.40pm 17/10/2017


The Pussycat Dolls


Kaya Jones


Nicole Scherzinger


I now believe that Simone Battle’s death was due to ‘debt’, as was for Robin Williams, Heath Ledger, Prince, Queen and Amy Winehouse: [blank – writer’s name].


09.55am 18/10/2017



Simone Battle was found dead on September 5, 2014, at the age of 25. The cause of death was ruled as suicide by hanging.[7] A spokesperson for Battle stated that she suffered from depression due to financial issues.[8][9]


From Wikipedia.


10.04am 17/10/2017


The story of the dream, and sex was another part of it, as confirmed by today’s story, and building evidence towards the worst timeline stuff: [blank – writer’s name].


10.07am 17/10/2017




10.13am 18/10/2017


I believe a lot of the [blank] stuff was actually China using Sri Lanka’s Mahinda Rajapakse forces, which I don’t believe [blank] is a part of: [blank – writer’s name].


10.16am 18/10/2017



10.41am 18/10/2017

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