Experiences of Schizophrenia of a Mensa Member

6th of October 2017





13.09pm 06/10/2017


Now I understand; Princess Kate Windsor, with the assistance of her children, has been in charge of the pinpoint flashing lights in my vision: [blank – writer’ name].


13.15pm 06/10/2017


Everything will be fine in the end, because we have one life – a la Jesus Christ: [blank – writer’ name].


13.16pm 06/10/2017


At least 100 female baby monitors at all times per baby: [blank – writer’ name].


13.41pm 06/10/2017


That picture from the future wasn’t Princess Charlotte, but was Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s younger sister.


‘Friends with the monster … well that’s not fair’ song.


14.17pm 06/10/2017


William Windsor is Satan.


15.01pm 06/10/2017


Charles Windsor is Satan’s helper.


15.02pm 06/10/2017


James Hewitt is Prince Harry Windsor’s father – it’s all in the tri-windsor peak eyes versus the elliptical Windsor peak eyes of Princess Anne Windsor and Charlie Windsor paedophile/infantophile/hebophile.


The merge Princess Diana’s face with James Hewitt’s, with a focus on the ear lobes of James Hewitt as compared to Charlie Windsor paedophile/infantophile/hebophile, the tri-windsor peak eyes of James Hewitt, and the hair colour of James Hewitt, with the facial structure of Princess Diana Spencer.





In fact, Princess Anne has potentially had plastic surgery to add a scope of the tri-windsor peak of James Hewitt, as seen comparing her older picture to her younger picture:




16.20pm 06/10/2017


Caught Nazeem Hussain, his sister and Waleed as Terrorists attempting to extort the Windsors with regards to reference to the ‘Windsor knot’ where I was reading it between space and time on the 26th of September 2017, and watching that segment from The Project at [blank]’s aunty’s house on July the 28th 2017 after the game Hawthorn beat Sydney by 1 goal after the siren in the AFL game in Melbourne, where Waleed Aly elaborated on tying different tie knots and bow tie knots, in reference to Waleed Aly being a CRAEII doll for ISIS on that Project segment, and hijacking other people on that segment as CRAEII dolls: [blank – writer’ name].


Jesus Christ caught Carrie Bickmore after she was hijacked by Waleed Aly of ISIS as a CRAEII Doll, or it was Eva Longoria, which Prince George Windsor followed after to check who it was, and I believe it was Eva Longoria on the approval of Jesus Christ as we read it between space and time on the 26th of September 2017. I believe Neil Patrick Harris helped at some point after or before Eva Longoria caught Carrie Bickmore and saved her from being hijacked by ISIS as led by Waleed Aly of ISIS: [blank – writer’ name].


16.51pm 06/10/2017


Rip Nazeem Hussain and his sister apart, and go from there, and even go from all the softer leads before him as well – but start by getting all the hard leads first as those are the lowest hanging fruits that will have the greatest effectiveness due to the potency of those leads for terrorism, while having some people focused on the soft leads including myself for signs of harder leads around, or soft leads going hard, or all the hard leads being cleared so that the softer leads can then be focused on – but the harder leads are the foremost priority always for greatest effectiveness at defeating terrorism: [blank – writer’ name].


16.54pm 06/10/2017


How can someone be a snitch when they were never involved in terrorism – thus I am a Bloodhound: [blank – writer’ name].


16.55pm 06/10/2017



16.58pm 06/10/2017


Hotel – song by Kita Alexander.


-11 semitones, 33.48% speed.


17.00pm 06/10/2017


The White Hackers have been passing Jesus Christ’s messages for everyone through [blank – writer’ name], and some have seen God/Jesus in [blank – writer’ name]’s Cross. They remind me that this is for the Children: [blank – writer’ name].


18.03pm 06/10/2017


I’m reminded that most hackers are Male, which I have to remember, as I process my grief about the Patriarchy, in trying to push it to a Matriarchy: [blank – writer’ name].


18.04pm 06/10/2017


Shiites are a power waiting to be unleashed on Wahhabi Terrorism around the world, funded primarily by Wahhabi Saudi Arabia.


However, Shiites are as extreme as you’d go in the Muslim world, and even then, it is on a case by case basis per country, which includes Secular Muslim countries, as Indonesia is extremely dangerous as a Chinese ally, and Muslim as well.


19.15pm 06/10/2017


The biggest Shiite countries in the world are; in order; Iran, Azerbaijan, Iraq and Bahrain – however Bahrain is another case of a country to be taken on a case by case basis, because the Shiite majority are oppressed by the fundamentalist Jihadist Sunnis and Wahabbis.


19.18pm 06/10/2017


The hackers by continent:

–          The Perfect Boom: South America and Central America

–          The Light: Africa

–          The Dark: Western Europe [All of Europe except Russia]

–          ‘Hillsong’: North America

–          Message to Russia: To Russia

–          Humour and subtracted message with the Most Murderous Message to its Hackers and ‘Ptt-tt-ooo’: Oceania [Specifically Australia]

–          One Nation guy from Australia gets 19 votes: Asia [Including Oceania except Australia]


20.24pm 06/10/2017


Nuclear Bombs are required to nuke China.


21.14pm 06/10/2017


Sexism stops once we have absolute empathy for each other in our equal humanity: [blank – writer’ name].


21.29pm 06/10/2017


I’ve got to realise that as a Man, I am to a Woman’s anger in sexism, as Caucasian people are to Coloured people’s anger in racism: [blank – writer’ name].


21.37pm 06/10/2017


EL in the 2nd drop was mainly EL from the timeline where USA eventually gets carved up to Mexico, the timeline which I sped fast while driving for


ENFJ daughter in third drop and ISTJ son in fourth drop [and third drop] were [blank]’s children with [blank]


ENTP son in fourth drop and ESFJ daughter in fourth drop were [blank]’s children with JC


Son during Harpo drive in fourth drop was [blank]’s child with [blank]


13.33pm 07/10/2017


That ‘sh’ between ENFJ daughter and ISTJ son, the children as in the above time stamp.


13.42pm 07/10/2017


‘Shells oblate’: EL from the timeline where USA eventually gets carved up to Mexico, in the timestamp two above this.


13.44pm 07/10/2017


EL from the timeline where USA eventually gets carved up to Mexico, eventually wants to kill me once she catches up with the third drop and fourth drop: [blank – writer’ name].


13.45pm 07/10/2017


‘Already’: EL from the timeline where USA eventually gets carved up to Mexico.


13.46pm 07/10/2017


Lifetime Channel


13.47pm 07/10/2017


Going to try and watch Dog Days: [blank – writer’ name].


To do list: Watch Home and Away with Belinda Emmett, and Dog Days with Eva Longoria, to help me and her search exactly what impact EL from the timeline where USA gets carved up to Mexico had on our lives: [blank – writer’ name].


14.07pm 07/10/2017


To watch Eva Longoria’s stuff from Type A: [blank – writer’ name].


14.11pm 07/10/2017



14.13pm 07/10/2017



14.18pm 07/10/2017


This is obviously Eva Longoria’s forever family: [blank – writer’ name]


14.18pm 07/10/2017


And this is obviously my chance to find more answers to my life with regards to timelines: [blank – writer’ name].


14.19pm 07/10/2017


And this is the greatest opportunity for me to give Jose Sebastian Baston and Eva Longoria peace when it comes to me and all the craziness that happened from Desperate Housewives: [blank – writer’ name].


12.22pm 07/10/2017


Start by watching ‘Overboard’ and go from there: [blank – writer’ name].


14.30pm 07/10/2017


Then watch ‘Dog Days’, but don’t watch ‘All Star Weekend’ or before: [blank – writer’ name].


14.33pm 07/10/2017


This is such a fucking relief to know that I had nothing to do with Eva Longoria not having biological children: [blank – writer’ name].


14.34pm 07/10/2017


Or watch from Baytown Outlaws, to show Eva Longoria life goes on: [blank – writer’ name].


14.56pm 07/10/2017


Eva Longoria, I’m just here to try and save your life after Desperate Housewives, nothing more: [blank – writer’ name].


14.59pm 07/10/2017


Stretching out to November 19th 2013, and then it is de-escalating from there, with all the mess from Desperate Housewives: [blank – writer’ name].


16.44pm 07/10/2017


That’s not fair.


08.40am 07/10/2017


Eddie Steeples




Eddie Murphy’s Trading Places


11.33am 08/10/2017


I don’t watch tv at all these days, or much. Just watching cause Eva Longoria is a Time Traveller, like myself, and too much of my life is tied to her life, so I’m trying to unravel all the mess that was created when we tried to help ping Osama Bin Laden through the show Desperate Housewives, which I think is now over based on the episode I’m watching [Season 8, I think episode 10, with the scene where Lynette Scavo’s husband is in a traveling depot and walking out]: [blank – writer’ name].


11.38am 08/10/2017


I am Eva Longoria’s Love until she finds her Love, and her Security Guard between space and time once she finds her Love: [blank – writer’ name].


While being one of Eva Longoria’s continuing Loves that flicker in and out on her choosing, that she will never lose, because I am living here because of her; at the quality of life I have now; when nearly all else wanted to kill me in 2009: [blank – writer’ name].


11.48am 08/10/2017


Somehow I become Prime Minister of Australia, and a Billionaire, let alone Millionaire, and although I have a lot of details on how it happens, it’s really hard to believe based on my life right now: [blank – writer’ name].


11.51am 08/10/2017


Although the hardest part will be getting back to work, things are inextricably so much better than they were in the past, because now I have a Chartered Accountancy qualification that will allow me to get jobs, in line with my now two company work experience: [blank – writer’ name].


11.53am 08/10/2017


The things I stressed about in the past, with regards to job security, is gone now: [blank – writer’ name].


11.54am 08/10/2017




Institute of Chartered Accounting Australia Member


EY – 3.33 years

Telstra – 11 months [current]


Mensa – IQ of 135 at age 30


11.59am 08/10/2017




12.23pm 08/10/2017


Donald Trump is Dead: [blank – writer’ name].


Murder Fields: [blank – writer’ name].


12.25pm 08/10/2017


Donald Trump: [Approximately in 2016] We Will Build a wall to Mexico, and make Mexico Pay For It.


Dead: [blank – writer’ name].




12.28pm 08/10/2017


Donald Trump pretended to be someone I knew to kickback and say that I was dead, because he wanted to have the last word, but then he realises that he becomes senile in his old age, and it’s already happening: [blank – writer’ name].


12.30pm 08/10/2017


I get it now: [blank – writer’ name].


14.39pm 08/10/2017


I just got that now, Big Whoop. 1 + 1 = windows? I don’t think so: [blank – writer’ name].


14.41pm 08/10/2017


Punching windows of the TVI892 Toyota Camry: [blank – writer’ name].


14.42pm 08/10/2017

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