Experiences of Schizophrenia of a Mensa Member

5th of September 2017

Knock knock – are you an idiot

Ayai – Ayaa

Children – [blank]

Walt Disney

NUIC – not until it’s clear [with regards to my facebook status]

Insane in the membrane

Cutni – cutgs [comb, underwear, towel, goggles, shampoo]

Cut ni from ni hao

Sanity pad


Hao – how now brown cow

Cowboys and Indians

Cops and robbers

McDonalds purple character and robber character

Ronald McDonald

Ronald McDonald’s charity house




Ek, do, teen, char, panch

Tongue out like p

Mylie Cyrus tongue out




Filing nails

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

You’ll see




Last words from China


11.21am 05/09/2017


 My gravestone to the USA:
I vote for the KKK.


11.24am 05/09/2017


I am an honorary member of the KKK. I fucked a Sudanese Australian girl, a Sudanese Australian girl fucked me. ‘Hypocrisy’. Computer can not computer. Calculating. I am stumped on this one. I can not compute the word ‘hypocrisy’ in this context. And I don’t count numbers.


11.44am 05/09/2017


The story of the Williams sisters and the two misguided angels:


Order of agreeing about ‘How about that threesome’

1.       Misguided Angel 1

2.       Serena Williams

3.       Misguided Angel 2

4.       Venus Williams


Last reactions:

Serena Williams – [blank]tonality of ‘love’

Misguided Angel 1 – Mixed emotions

Misguided Angel 2 – [blank] tonality of smile

Venus Williams – Bigger sister in threesome’s tonality of attitude


11.58am 05/09/2017


TDD – Toddy – They Don’t die [From trusted Prince George Windsor source]


TP – PiTa bread  – they’re Too Powerful [From Steve Bannon]




11.27am 05/10/2017


The story right now between time and space of the [censored] considering whether to whirl/cross [blank] as well, when she is pregnant right now, because it was an oversight while the worst Whirls/Crosses were going on between 05/09/2017 to 04/10/2017, while Jesus Christ was catching up in building his Crosses.


11.38am 05/10/2017


I believe in 2049 I ascend as Prime Minister of Australia for the Greens Party, for three terms to 2058 until my party loses an election, but I fight to the end to save as many seats as possible in 2058, while preparing females to be the next leader of the Greens Party: [blank – writer’s name].


11.42am 05/10/2017


Preparing leaders isn’t specific – it is preparing everyone who is willing, and allowing that free flow to circulate within the party ala Geelong Cats during the Matthew Scarlett era, so that alpha female leaders; and not beta or theta, or definitely not delta or gamma; rise to the top with a party that is fully performing together as a team for the team, with a figurehead to give comfort to the nation, while the team works together for the nation: [blank].


11.47am 05/10/2017


The order of the Big 4 Accounting firms as they should be supported, based on their current structure and culture:

1. Deloitte [Many partner to staff structure – brilliant for the kids, great culture as observed through current ethos statements that appeal to kids and as seen through [blank]experience at Deloitte]

2. KPMG [Alliance with Deloitte to defeat Arthur Andersen culture of EY]

3. PWC [Lack of diversity, ambiguous culture screening questions, such as ‘What would you like to grow’ that rejected a person like myself from their first year student open days, Michael Bradley in Australia suing PWC]

4. Ernst & Young [First hand experience of Arthur Andersen culture of EY – seeing it right from the top at EY with Mark Weinberger, down to [blank], down to [blank], down to [blank]that influenced my experience of EY greatly during my 3 years and 8 months there]


This order is important in order to influence the business world to put in structures that look after the children. EY can drop to fifth if possible, and be replaced in the Big 4, or if that is not possible, a fifth firm has to become strong enough to make it into a Big 5, and drop EY to fifth.


12.44pm 05/10/2017


The two firms who need to be supported to create a big 5 accounting firms are Grant Thornton and BDO. Ideally an odd number of firms would work, so there is an opening to create a big 5, which potentially EY can drop out of.


12.05pm 05/10/2017


Grant Thornton, BDO and EY are cycling for those last two spots in the Big 5 model of the accounting world of the future, with EY my choice for dropping out because of its Arthur Andersen culture, having merged with Arthur Andersen, and with all the Arthur Andersen partners in EY Melbourne, with no EY partners in Melbourne: [blank].


12.06pm 05/10/2017


EY’s current structure of many kids to few partners, and high revenue per partner makes it the worst out of all the Big 4s, due to its slave trade culture as influenced by its merger with Arthur Andersen: [blank].


12.10pm 05/10/2017


My recommendation for Telstra’s next Big Accounting firm auditor is KPMG, due to the market structure in Melbourne, KPMG’s history with Government clients, and the support Deloitte is getting in the world from KPMG to help support Deloitte’s many Partners to kids ratio.


12.14pm 05/10/2017


Commerce in Melbourne’s strategy is pretty much get out of EY up the chain, because EY is the number 1 audit firm in Melbourne.


12.45pm 05/01/2017


The story of [blank]and [censored], and it’s move from EY to KPMG, as a reminder to [blank] about the move from EY to KPMG for Telstra as well. Clemenger made it specific that [blank]and [blank]were not reflections of [blank], but are on [blank]’s side, and thus it was because of [blank] that the move occurred, and it is because of [blank], that the move from EY to KPMG will occur during [blank]’s time as CFO if the opportunity arises, as an absolute amount of buttons will be pushed to get this to occur throughout his time at Telstra from now, for every opportunity [blank] gets – but this is in support of Deloitte’s high partner ratio to kids worldwide, in light of the fact that EY is the top audit firm in Melbourne, and Deloitte is the smallest audit firm in Melbourne right now, with only 3 graduate auditors or so in Melbourne this year in 2017. KPMG is under the gun, because their alliance to Deloitte is predicated on the fact that nothing leaks to EY and PWC, and it is in support of Deloitte’s structure of high partner to kids ratio, which is a structure KPMG should move to too.


Structures have to be put in place in the Big Accounting firms, because the sociopathy in these firms is such that the very rules put in place will be used to flout abuse to the kids by those who wish to abuse Murphy’s Law, as the Big Accounting firms are the Sales arm of the accounting world, and sociopathy is rife in sales as seen by [blank]’s sales door knocking experience.


12.58pm 05/10/2017


Are future timelines bullshit, or are aliens bullshit? Both Future Timelines are real, and aliens are real. As communicated between space and time with Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.


And I am one of the most sceptical people out there, I just take all the information I can get in; in a gullible fashion; to filter for bullshit later on: [blank].


13.08pm 05/10/2017




The source of the leak is from Steve Bannon’s Crew, to China, to Nazeem Hussain, to Waleed Aly, or direct from China to Waleed Aly.


13.20pm 05/10/2017


The most intense leak source is from the Monarchies, such as the British Monarchy, and the Saudi Monarchy, to ISIS.


13.21pm 05/10/2017




13.22pm 05/10/2017


Prince George is working with his youngest sister in order to save their middle sister Princess Charlotte, because Princess Charlotte goes through an incredibly rough phase during their childhood.


13.26pm 05/10/2017


I believed Prince George’s youngest sister would have been sucked in too by the word [blank], but Prince George would have been much faster this time in saving his youngest sister, because of the experience from 5th of September to 5th of October 2017.


13.29pm 05/10/2017


Now people see with their experience in saving Prince George’s youngest sister, the intense trouble and depths of despair I went through with trying to save Princess Charlotte.


13.30pm 05/10/2017


Prince George Windsor is working through space and time with himself to save his sisters, but he has got to be 100% for both, and work incredibly to depths to get to 100%.


13.32pm 05/10/2017


The key date for [blank] is August 26th 2017.


13.33pm 05/10/2017


The memory words for [blank] are Cody, coding, 22, [blank], marriage equality.


13.35pm 05/10/2017


Two possibilities:
If [blank]:

1.       EL

2.       [blank]

3.       [blank]

4.       [blank]

5.       [blank]


If [blank]:

1.       [blank

2.       EL

3.       [blank]

4.       [blank]

5.       [blank]


13.52pm 05/10/2017




13.54pm 05/10/2017


I just happen to be protecting Princess Charlotte.


13.55pm 05/10/2017


That ‘Consent’ thing between space and time came from Left-Field.


14.02pm 05/10/2017


‘Be Careful Nazeem’ – came from Waleed Aly to Nazeem Hussain, between space and time, as seen July 28th 2017 on that The Project segment, in line with where I read it between space and time, and now in my mind as a ‘vessel’ – with regards to the idea of ‘live-action’ as [blank]has been flouting with the assistance of Mahinda Rajapakse, as opposed to ‘replays’ that Nazeem Hussain has been getting: [blank].


Pinged four people with just the above paragraph: [blank].


They are getting assistance from Charles Windsor and William Windsor, whom Prince George Windsor is working against: [blank].


14.32pm 05/10/2017


Waleed Aly has already been pinged as working with the remaining Bin Ladens and with ISIS, as seen through CRAEII dolls on that Project segment on July 28th 2017, and now I have proof Nazeem Hussain is working with Waleed Aly, as is Nazeem Hussain’s sister – another ping: [blank].


14.34pm 05/10/2017




Ford Everest.


14.34pm 05/10/2017


No one can go forward in time when it comes to CRAEII Dolls – except for Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.


14.35pm 05/10/2017


‘My Heart is in Havana’ song on Fox FM.


14.36pm 05/10/2017


‘I Hope you find your peace … praying’ song.


14.39pm 05/10/2017


‘Then I Met You’ Jessica Mauboy song.


14.42pm 05/10/2017


Beethoven the movies.


15.30pm 05/10/2017


10 year old Taj




Panda – Bamboo












Cocoa Butter – cause that’s what Taaj my dog smelled like


Cops and Robbers – Kiwi cops show [This is a cry for help from Prince George Windsor and his siblings between space and time – imagine being able to communicate from an older age to now]


15.49pm 05/10/2017


? – To figure out


It was Jellyfish evaporates in ponds. [original time 15.49pm]


18.18pm 05/10/2017


Spinning Tops like I thought of in November 2011 when the movie Hugo was showing


15.52pm 05/10/2017




19.52pm 05/10/2017


Orangutan – Palm Oil


Makes sense to me for Noble Park 2009


16.01pm 05/10/2017


Sometime between the 25th of September and the 5th of October was the last message between space and time from Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour, as triangulated with the Ash London show from the 25th of September to today, as seen from an article from The Age.


16.08pm 05/10/2017


Probably the 26th of September 2017: [blank].


16.09pm 05/10/2017


It was the ‘Fraser Anning got just 19 votes last year. He could be Australia’s next senator’ article, but not as could be seen from reading the article, but from watching through [blank]’s point of view: [blank].


16.13pm 05/10/2017


Friends between space and time.


16.20pm 05/10/2017



16.38pm 05/10/2017




16.57pm 05/10/2017



17.25pm 05/10/2017


That question mark from above is that ‘Jellyfishes evaporate in ponds’ with regards to the Tommy Little and Carrie Bickmore show.


‘Hot and Cold’ song by Katie Perry from 2009 during 2nd drop.


Carrie Bickmore – July 28th 2017 is the day to check from my point of view that Waleed Aly is the number 1 terrorist from ISIS as seen between space and time, as seen with me at [blank]’s aunty’s house watching that The Project segment at his aunty’s house.


18.14pm 05/10/2017


That Katy Perry and Ariana Grande segment on Ash London, then to that song ‘Break Free’ by Ariana Grande.


18.15pm 05/10/2017


‘I thought that I’ve been hurt before’ song.


18.18pm 05/10/2017




‘I’ll be needing stitches’ song by Shawn Mendes on Fox FM.


18.21pm 05/10/2017


That Taylor Swift/Kanye West section on Ash London live Fox FM, then to the song ‘Bad Blood’ by Taylor Swift.


18.23pm 05/10/2017



20.15pm 05/10/2017


‘Kegs’ – Heath Ledger, during Keegs show just now, during the song ‘I’m Way too Good at Goodbyes’ by Sam Smith.


20.28pm 05/10/2017


The ‘can take it to other channels’ from Heath Ledger to his family and friends: [blank].


The Joker’s Children: [blank].


20.30pm 05/10/2017


Buzz Lightyear.


21.14pm 05/10/2017


Rainbowland: Miley Cyrus and Dolly Parton


As communicated between space and time during Heath Ledger’s ‘Wake’: [blank]


21.17pm 05/10/2017


‘Can We Still be Friends’ song – the moment where I realised how to change weapons in Worms Armaggedon.


21.21pm 05/10/2017




The memory of looking to play Yahoo Hearts two days ago during the Ash London show, and then deciding to join Steam and play Worms Armageddon.


21.59pm 05/10/2017


The dream where we can have songs that are ‘hate’ songs, and we aren’t triggered: [blank].


The ‘I don’t like it like that’ song.


22.00pm 05/10/2017



22.47pm 05/10/2017




23.06pm 05/10/2017




‘Fresh off the kitchen’ remix song


23.10pm 05/10/2017


You need people you trust on constant baby monitors: [blank].


23.48pm 05/10/2017


And not just a couple of people but at least 100 females on baby monitors for each baby in this timeline, as I understand from my scope: [blank].


23.49pm 05/10/2017


At all times: [blank]


23.50pm 05/10/2017


‘If you talk that talk, you better walk that walk’ song, communication between space and time.


12.05am 06/10/2017




12.18am 06/10/2017


King of the Hill


12.53am 06/10/2017

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