Experiences of Schizophrenia of a Mensa Member

4th August to 7th August 2017

The Story of If You Are The One’s Scorn:


          I was watching If You Are the One Season 8 episode 47 while watching Chinese/Subcontinental porn, where I was scorning China with my choice to them of Die or Slaves, as in, they can die when I nuke Beijing, China, or they can be sexual slaves or just slaves in general.

          China was extremely upset by my masturbation.

          I clicked on an Indonesian/Subcontinental porn to scorn China. They simply laughed, and I realised at that moment that they did not care one iota about Indonesia.

          I went back to Chinese/Subcontinental porn to scorn China, and they got enraged and humiliated.

          The next day I drove back home from my parent’s home and struck up a friendship with Indonesia.

          Indonesia asked me to come visit Indonesia, because China had the gun to their heads, and me and Indonesia wanted to show our friendship together, because I had told Indonesia I’m all about peace, while China is about war. I said to Indonesia, focus on your citizens, because I said that I couldn’t get back home on time to scorn China again, because I had to focus on citizens. I said China just wants Indonesia to war for China, but doesn’t care about Indonesia’s citizens, while I just want peace.

          I got home and scorned China. In the meantime, I struck up a friendship with Qatar.

          I found out Qatar has the gun to China’s head, and China has the gun to Indonesia’s head.

          Qatar said I could come visit Qatar if I wanted, but I said I understand Qatar is cool either way if I come visit there or not, as Qatar respects freedom, whereas I had to visit Indonesia cause China has the gun to Indonesia’s head, and I wanted to protect Indonesia from China.

          I struck up a friendship with Lebanon.

          I remembered a really good friendship I had with Jordan.

          I found out Yemen was being massacred by Saudi Arabia. I struck up a friendship with Yemen.

          I scorned Saudi Arabia.

          I put Iran in its place.

          Qatar scorned Syria.

          This reminded me of Syria, and I scorned Syria.

          I saw Qatar shout at Israel.

          I developed my friendship with Israel and Palestine further.

          I saw Jordan offer a friendship with Israel, in front of Saudi Arabia, Oman, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain.

          I developed my friendship further with Qatar, Israel, Jordan and Palestine.

          I saw Jordan and Israel storm slightly, but then I saw them norm gradually.

          I remembered the really good friendships I have with Iran.

          I developed my friendship further with Qatar, Israel, Jordan, Palestine and Iran.

          I nuked China, multiple times.


17.48pm 04/08/2017



o   As long as is feasible

o   Sexual liberation

o   Something

o   Something


16.56pm 04/08/2017

The Heroes and Villains of each drop:


1st drop (2006):

Villain – Australia (John Howard)

Hero – Australia (blank)


2nd drop (2008-2009):

Villain – United States of America (Barack Obama)

Hero – United States of America (Eva Longoria)


3rd drop (2014-2015):

Villain – China (Meng Fei)

Hero – Russia (Vladimir Putin)


4th drop (2017):

Villain – India (Narenda Modi)

Hero – Deutschland (Angela Merkel)


21.43pm 04/08/2017


Just confirmed that WW3 occurs during my Prime Ministership of Australia, representing the Greens Party. My Prime Ministership is between 2049 to 2057. WW3 started during the Prime Ministership before me, which was represented by the Liberals party. Oprah is the President of the United States of America from 2021. There are multiple nukes that occur to China as a result of China’s aggression. China becomes worse than Adolf Hitler’s Nazis. I confirmed this from the Mong. I play the ‘Don’t’ cards to get the multiple nukes to occur, to fill people with the poison that China has been distributing, so that it gets directed right back to China.


11.56pm 04/08/2017


This all has been the story of me versus the economic refugee plant.


18.00pm 06/08/2017


Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, Paganism, Christianity etc are all a sham.


The only truth is Jesus.


18.13pm 06/08/2017


Aliens are real, future timelines is bullshit.


18.16pm 06/08/2017


I finally solved it:

         [censored] is not a paedophile or infantophile

         [censored] is a paedophile and infantophile

         [censored] is a paedophile and infantophile

         [censored] won’t become a paedophile or infantophile


Brad Pitt has been pretending to be Osama Bin Laden, Adolf Hitler, Jesus, Princess Diana in the last few hours for the worsts of it, and had been pretending to be Prince William for a lot of the fourth drop. Prince William was excited when Jesus was pretending to be Princess Diana, in Jesus’s miracle of sending letter forwards, when you can only send letters backwards.


21.06pm 07/08/2017


I am terribly sorry Prince William, this is just a stupid game, please forgive me. [Forgiven in a nanosecond].


21.08pm 07/08/2017


The story of Eve and Adam is a metaphor and is not the origin story of humankind. Evolution is the origin story of humankind. [ie. rib, make the male Eve and the female Adam – which was what Brad Pitt said to Jesus, in Brad Pitt’s way of trying to subvert Jesus].


21.24pm 07/08/2017


Jesus is the origin story.


21.30pm 07/08/2017


Lucifer is a boogieman. Bo is also a boogieman.


21.56pm 07/08/2017




Why I can’t go out with [blank] in purgatory:


          Cause the world has done nothing about the 2009 Sri Lankan genocide

          Not one leader has really gone out of their way overtly to put Mahinda Rajapakse to trial for war crimes

          China was a big reason for the genocide in Sri Lanka

          It has been 8 years and still Mahinda Rajapakse is free

          If I’m a politician to the point of being a Prime Minister, I can’t jeopardise the lives of the Sri Lankan Tamils who somehow are still alive in Sri Lanka

          I would murder Barack Obama if it meant that Mahinda Rajapakse would be put to trial for genocide war crimes

          Hos over bros

         [blank] is a supporter of Mahinda Rajapakse

          Now that I know how [blank] feels, I would rather kill myself than go out with MOZ, than risk the lives of Sri Lankan Tamils who somehow are still alive in Sri Lanka


15.11pm 06/08/2017


10 Reasons why I love [blank]:

          Her smile

          The fact she inspires hope in me for the future

          How humble she is, that shows how beautiful she is

          Her humour

          Her courage

          That she stands for what she believes in at [censored]

          Her honesty

          Her compassion

          Her cheekiness

          That she cares


15.13pm 06/08/2017


Last episode of New Girl watched:

Wig – Episode 7  – – 07/08/2017 07.31am


The story of how I don’t care when people die because I’m competing for Jesus.


16.06pm 07/08/2017


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