Experiences of Schizophrenia of a Mensa Member

3rd of October to 4th of October 2017

List of Crosses within my cross:



Listen to Amy Winehouse’s Frank on August 1st 2018


Open to add back after October 3rd 2019


22.43pm 03/10/2017


Watch you know who on Home and Away when I get the chance


22.44pm 03/10/2017


My afterlife lives:

1 – [blank]

2 – EL

3 – ??

4 – ??

5 – [blank]

…. ……… . ……… …….. ……


22.47pm 03/10/2017


December 28th 2017 – Get back to Telstra

May 2019 – Ask [blank] out

Age 32 – Clear debts

Age 32 – $20K

Age 36 – Propose

Age 37 – $50k

Age 37 – Get Married

Age 38 – Daughter – ENFJ

Age 39 – Commercial Manager – Telstra

Age 40 – Son – ENTP

Age 41 – Group Accountant REA Group

Age 43 – Son – ISTJ

Age 45 – Millionaire

Age 50 – CFO REA Group

Age 56 – Minister Greens Party

Age 59 – Acting Treasurer

Age 62 – Prime Minister of Australia

Age 70 – Motivational Speaker

Age 93 – Passed Away to Eternity, 8 Grandchildren


0.48am 31/10/2017


Carrie Bickmore – watch my life on the day Sydney played Hawthorn, and Hawthorn won after the siren – when I was at [blank]’s house with the others on July 28th 2017.


15.56pm 04/10/2017


Waleed Aly is a huge terrorist and a terrorist lead, the number 1 terrorist in the world right now.


The girl in the Osama Bin Laden section is Osama Bin Laden’s granddaughter who I screwed over in January to March 2015 during the third drop. She and her family are the one acting like Osama Bin Laden in the CRAEII dolls things, because you can’t go forward in CRAEII dolls, except for Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.


They are doing it by doing CRAEII dolls backwards, because just like the British Monarchy, the Saudi Monarchy has too much access to these things.


16.00pm 04/10/2017


Nazeem Hussain is another terrorist lead, as is his sister, as seen between space and time where I was reading it.


I hate sex in the section where I am reading it between space and time.


16.02pm 04/10/2017


It is friendships between space and time in order to take out a few leads and CLOSE on them as soon as possible before things get even worse than they are now – there will be plenty of leads for CT to get, that is their job, not ours.


16.21pm 04/10/2017


Anne Aly is another terrorist lead – and she has been in CT, and is in parliament, which makes it incredibly WORSE and thus very CRITICAL.


16.21pm 04/10/2017



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