Experiences of Schizophrenia of a Mensa Member

23rd of July 2017

Summary of information from Fourth Drop:

1st drop: Australia

2nd drop: USA

3rd drop: China

4th drop: Indonesia



Scale of feelings:

–          Nothing

–          Cold

–          Mild

–          Moderate

–          Warm

–          Warmer

–          Toasty

–          Hot


I am currently mild. Since our meeting, I have been everywhere between hot to mild. I have not been cold.


Examples of nothing: [blank]

Examples of cold: [blank]


She has been cold. I don’t think I could ever be cold because I believe what God has to say to me.


[blank] was a joint venture that lasted way past than it should have. The exit pathway was after meeting her daughter. It lasts to October 2022, due to the call of time on the joint venture. At that time of the call, I have to walk, because it was a joint venture. I can walk as soon as I get rejected. The call of time on the joint venture is actioned through the process of rejection. I know I walk because God has already told me my last two lines. I walk from something good to something bad. The time it takes for me to walk into something bad is at least into the next year, because I always need space to process things.


What I don’t understand is that you can touch your nose the complicated way, or touch your nose the simple way.


Knowing me, at that point, I’d rather be single. Right back to where it was, May 2017. No obligations, no ring on my finger, just having fun being happy.


I have been rejected by her twice. And not even in the simple way, in the complicated way. She comes after me because of money.


God, tell me, why should I go out with a bitch like this?


Because she was an angel, I was an angel, and the [blank] people raped us.


Thus, I am under no obligations, but if circumstances arise, and I am single, I will chase her, until I pay back my debt to God for sending her my way to be my friend during the start of when I got raped by [blank] for 3 years and 8 months.


She is materialistic, counting sums and says it isn’t fair that I have larger numbers than her.


The numbers thing is something I got over in 2009 at the age of 23. I lost my virginity at the age of 30 because I was being raped by [blank], and I was immunising my mental illness from terrorism.


She is confused by the definition of being chased. She doesn’t understand being chased just means simple friendship. A predator chases game for the kill. A lover chases dreams just for fun and happiness.


The person she was talking to wasn’t God, but [blank].


20.52pm 23/07/2017


Written 23rd July 2017

What is Love?


A crush is when a person is in love with another person, but there is no consent to a relationship, where the consent has been obtained in person.


A one-sided crush is when one person is in love with another person, but the other person is not in love with that person.


A mutual crush is when one person is in love with another person, and the other person is in love with that other person, but there is no consent to a relationship that has been obtained in person.


Love is when a person is in love with another person, the other person is in love with that person, and there has been consent obtained in person to be in a relationship.


You can be in love with more than one person – that’s what love is.

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