Experiences of Schizophrenia of a Mensa Member

23 September 2017

Due to the patriarchal, perverse culture of the Subcontinent, this places Subcontinental males at the bottom of the heap.


You get a lot of freaks as a result from the Subcontinental males.


Due to the apathetic, perverse culture of Asians, this places Asian males second from the bottom of the heap.


You get a lot of freaks as a result from the Asian males.


Due to the perverse culture of the Caucasus, this places the Caucasus in the middle of the road.


You get a lot of freaks as a result from the Caucasian males.


Due to the patriarchal culture of the Africans, this places African males fourth from the bottom of the heap.


You get a number of freaks as a result from the African males.


Due to the apathetic culture of the South Americans, this places South American males fifth from the bottom of the heap.


You get a number of freaks as a result from the South American males.


13.29pm 23/09/2017


The Nordic countries are the most racist countries in the world. As triangulated by:


–          The third drop 2015

–          The study on Swedish fascism in the fourth drop

–          The buffet excursion at Rotorua in 2012, especially with the vote of the lighter skinned Maori versus the darker skinned Maori

–          [blank] from Norway in the third drop

–          The guy on facebook trying to get me to read something about Nazism in the Monarchy

–          Despite the fact that Nordic countries have a large number of female representation, this piece just read during the 4th drop



Denmark is on notice, because it is the only country that has any form of an inkling of trust with me, due to Princess Mary being from Tasmania, however Tasmania is the only state with the complete genocide of Aboriginals.


14.28pm 23/09/2017


My Target is Fascism, originating from the Nordic countries.


14.31pm 23/09/2017


Country Women in parliament (%)
1 Rwanda                  63.8
2 Bolivia                  53.1
3 Cuba                  48.9
4 Seychelles                  43.8
5 Sweden                  43.6
6 Senegal                  42.7
7 South Africa                  41.9
8 Ecuador                  41.6
9 Finland                  41.5
10 Iceland                  41.3



Evidence on the role of females on racism, as seen from the Nordic countries, as juxtaposed by the sexism that comes from Subcontinental countries, that put those males at the bottom of the heap.


Thus to strike a blow at Fascist Nordic countries, the person they are most clearly afraid of, is someone like me, [blank – writer’s name].


I need China’s help, please.


But the homeostasis has to be a power share led by Russia, shared between Russia, India, China and the United States of America.


14.36pm 23/09/2017


[blank – writer’s name]primary gun is on Sweden/Norway/Iceland/Finland/Greenland/Estonia, with Denmark on notice.


[blank – writer’s name]’s secondary gun is on Indonesia.


[blank – writer’s name]’s tertiary gun is on Sri Lanka.


14.54pm 23/09/2017


Denmark initiated the roller doors for this timeline, which the Nordic countries followed – indicating that success has already been achieved in the Constant’s timeline.


15.00pm 23/09/2017


Denmark has taken the road of Cyprus with regards to Ada Nicodemou, there doesn’t even have to be any words for Lithuania.


Estonia is hazy. Triangulated by the brief appearance most especially with regards to it’s attachment to SWEDEN during the fourth drop. Triangulated back to the third drop, with it’s constant reference to the Estonian girl during the trip to New Zealand in 2012. Estonia is sold to the Nordic countries, but what I’m not sure of is whether they; the Nordics; are trying an extremely contradictory move to gain traction.


Those on the Nordic’s side are already Nulls. The only way to get out of being a Null if on the Nordic’s side is to cannibalise the Nordics within their side, if you are in the Nordic’s side.


15.05pm 23/09/2017


The only country I am spying for is the United States of America. Because I am loyal, like that [blank] moment.


15.14pm 23/09/2017


There is that ‘Blue Belle’ moment that I am trying to remember from 22/09/2017.


15.15pm 23/09/2017


Japan is consigned to dust, for eternity, as compared to Germany, who are Nulls.


As triangulated by Japan’s inwards migration rates.


Subcontinental men are dust, for eternity, because of things like what happened in Germany after their inwards migration for Syrian refugees.


15.20pm 23/09/2017

Clear out the muslims from Indonesia. 202.9m muslims in Indonesia, 87.2% of the population.


The use of Chinese in Indonesisa was discouraged for 32 years between 1966 to 1998.


Chinese make up 1.1965% of the population of Indonesia. This is 2,832,510 of a population of 236,728,379.


Chinese make up 4.97795% of the population of Australia. This is 1,213,903 of a population of 24,385,600.


16.12pm 23/09/2017


Australia are outpacing Indonesia by 416.04% in terms of Chinese citizens of Australia, thus giving rise to many Australian citizens of Chinese Ancestry.


If Australia had the population size of Indonesia of 236,728,379, there would be 11,784,220 Australian citizens of Chinese Ancestry. That is 8,951,710  more Australian citizens of Chinese Ancestry than Indonesia has citizens of Chinese Ancestry.




16.18pm 23/09/2017




Although most Chinese Indonesians are descended from Hans Chinese, the majority of their gene pool comes from Hokkien and Hakka, and Cantonese; who populated Indonesia in much greater numbers than the original small contingent of Hans Chinese – meaning that the majority of the Chinese Indonesians heritage come from the Hokkien in Fujian China, the Hakka in Guangdong China, and the Cantonese from Hong Kong; however to a much smaller percentage, because they didn’t migrate to Indonesia in any measure of the numbers that the Fujian Hokkiens and the Guangdong Hakkas did – meaning Hans China has no interest in Indonesia, unlike Australia – which has an incredibly greater gene pool from Hans China as of this current date.


16.29pm 23/09/2017


Qin China,


Baoqian duiyu yiqie.


Ai Cong,

[blank – writer’s name].


16.40pm 23/09/2017




16.51pm 23/09/2017


[blank – writer’s name] has an alliance with Prince George Windsor.


16.54pm 23/09/2017


I need China’s help, please.


But the homeostasis has to be a power share led by Russia, shared between Russia, India, the United States of America, and China.


21.03pm 23/09/2017


How I Met Your Mother and Desperate Housewives – Eva Longoria carrying the Yellow Umbrella For The Children.


21.12pm 23/09/2017


Sweden, Norway and Iceland are consigned to dust.


21.48pm 23/09/2017


Under the Eyes of God, it is extremely hard for Dust to enter the gates of heaven, Guilty until proven Innocent.


21.51pm 23/09/2017


[blank – writer’s name] to Sweden, Norway and Iceland: ‘Rot in hell for the rest of your eternity, lower than the coal surface, where I will be laughing in your faces at the idiocy of you monkey buffoons whenever I feel like it, for the rest of my eternity’. ‘Remember, biologically as humans, we all feel the same potential of pain or peace, however our pain is multiplied depending on how low a level in hell we are compared to here on Earth [and I want you to think about that in light of the time I was in the psychiatric ward due to Johnny Shit Howard who will be rotting in hell as well], and our peace is multiplied depending on how high a level in heaven we are compared to here on Earth. Burn.’.


21.56pm 23/09/2017


Think about below the coal surface, just like I know it during this 4th drop.


22.13pm 23/09/2017


If You Are The One has to be one of the shittest shows, Communist at that – and I have to continue watching this, not only for Jesus Christ’s sake to show people to Jesus Christ, but for the sake of asking China for help with defeating Nordic Fascism, for their own sake as well as for all of ours as well.


22.21pm 23/09/2017


Hi China. I don’t think you understand [blank – writer’s name]. The more you pick and be mean, the more I will crucify you.


22.30pm 23/09/2017


Hua Jia is the reason why China will become so poor, they will have to eat each other on the street markets of China, because the only food left will be Human flesh.


You’ve been warned China. I’ve asked nicely, but now I demand subservience in order to defeat Nordic Fascism. Everything will be remember, every subtle hit, as I determine how I hard I hit China, and if I even let China into the foray once they are crucified in War.


It won’t be [blank – writer’s name] coming to China, it will be China coming to [blank – writer’s name], so I demand respect for my intelligence, otherwise it builds to a stockpile towards building towards the human street meat markets in the streets of China.


22.33pm 23/09/2017


[blank – writer’s name] will be Prime Minister of Australia between the ages of 62 and 75, while World War 3 is going on, from the Greens Party. You’ve been warned China. Get on side, or prepared to be left to be massacred.


All it takes is to extricate me from your shambles, so the focus is on just every day shit for China, rather than me. Every subtle hit is noticed, I’m the Bloodhound.


22.38pm 23/09/2017


That was all during episode 49 of If You Are The One.


22.40pm 23/09/2017


The Christian Fish sign from the start of the 4th Drop from Christian China on If You Are The One.

Thank you Christian China, I will continue to fight for you.


23.41pm 23/09/2017


[blank], born on [censored], will pass to the afterlife at the age of 84 years old.


[blank – writer’s name] will pass to the afterlife at the age of 93 on the 23/10/2077.


[blank] will become a centenarian.


12.03am 24/09/2017




King Kong


Taare Zameen Par


Rebecca Black’s Friday


Donald Bradman


Married With Children


True Love – Coldplay’s Song


Sing, Sing, Sing


03.20am 24/09/2017


American Beauty – Moments explains it all to me.


03.22am 24/09/2017


If there were five kids – it would all get split equally, except ENTP son’s share goes to ENTP son’s oldest sister, she is the doler. Unless there is only three kids – then 60% goes to the youngest, and the other 40% goes to the oldest sister, as the doler to the ENTP son, because I have free will. Or if there were four kids, then the youngest two would get 30% each, because I have free will. If there were six kids, the youngest four would get 60%, and the oldest two would get 40%.


03.41am 24/09/2017


YuGiOh came before Yogo.


03.38am 24/09/2017


Or perhaps if there were three kids, it would get split equally, and for every child after the first two, they would share the last third between each other.


03.44am 24/09/2017


I didn’t want to get married or have kids, but obviously Princess Charlotte wants me to.


03.46am 24/09/2017




11.56am 24/09/2017


Mr T ‘I pity the fool] [it’s just a signal]

‘Whatchutalking about’ boy [it’s just a signal]


The Brady Brunch


12.00pm 24/09/2017






Beck and call [Lleyton Hewitt and Bec Hewitt]


Bass Fish that sings


12.09pm 24/09/2017


Cod liver oil


12.10pm 24/09/2017


Kerry Packer and his air pilot’s kidney


12.10pm 24/09/2017


Heroes. The girl who cries black tears. Reminder of the black heart.


Wind Beneath My Wings.


Can’t fight the moonlight.


That song ‘Lady, give me good life, cause my feeling is just so right’


That song ‘Whoohoo’


Whoohoo in the game Sims 2


12.13pm 24/09/2017


Proof that my children exist because of Princess Charlotte and her younger sister.


Hence I’m at their beck and call.


However – knowing how tight-fisted the monarchists are, you already know it with regards to the afterlife.


Hope and Bo Days of Our Lives.


The Doctor and that lady Days of Our Lives.


12.15pm 24/09/2017



Happy Families.










12.22pm 24/09/2017


Scooby Dooby Doo.


12.23pm 24/09/2017


Still in the Sick Bin – eg. Sin Bin Ice Hockey.


Air Hockey with regards to that present I gave my friend from St Kevins in Good Shepherd Catholic School.


12.25pm 24/09/2017


Skipping stones in water to create ripples.


I have Absolute Faith in the Afterlife.


Feeding water birds food at a pond or lake.


12.26pm 24/09/2017


The Abacus with regards to counting.


12.28pm 24/09/2017


Forrest Gump – Life is Like a Box of Chocolates.


The Green Mile.


12.29pm 24/09/2017






That bird thing that drops in water


The ABC show Rage


Every Tear is a Waterfall




Khabhi Kushi Kabhi Gum


Kal Ho Na Ho


Tumhi Dekho Naa Yegha Ho Ghaya [that movie]


12.34pm 24/09/2017


Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna.


12.35pm 24/09/2017




That movie with that guy and that girl in the rain.


12.36pm 24/09/2017


Wilsons Tennis Balls.


That Tennis game with Djokovic and the other guy who I was supporting in 2008.






What’s the Time Mr. Wolf.


12.38pm 24/09/2017


Rainbow flavour ice cream.


Paddle Pop ice cream like at the Melbourne Gaol.


Golden Gaytime Krusher.

12.40pm 24/09/2017


Arches – from McDonalds.




12.41pm 24/09/2017


Shearing sheep.


The joke about New Zealanders having sex with sheep.


The didgeridoo player in the Sydney Harbour.


Pinpoint – like that story about the princess who slept on a bed with a pea underneath the mattress.


Goldilocks and the three bears.


Kelloggs Just Right.


Special K.


Coco Pops.


12.44pm 24/09/2017






Kangaroo and Emu.


Country that eats its national animal – Australia.


12.45pm 24/09/2017


Bedroom and Broomsticks.


Mary Poppins.


Mrs Doubtfire.


ET Extraterrestial.


How I Met Your Mother – Yellow Umbrella.

St Patricks Day episode How I Met Your Mother.


12.48pm 24/09/2017


That lady who wanted to die her hair black in the hairdresser.


Kath and Kim – Moi.


Chocolate – Snow Patrol song.


12.50pm 24/09/2017


Peta Rap – Kadhalan.


Minsaru Kannavu – Moonlight song.


12.51pm 24/09/2017


The Thinking statue of David.


12.54pm 24/09/2017


Animal clock toy that make sounds – like the cow goes moo, the sheep goes baa.


Tomorrow When the War Began by John Marsden.


12.56pm 24/09/2017


Purple Haze by Prince.


Bob Marley ‘Is this Love?’


Yes – Snow Patrol.


12.58pm 24/09/2017


Futurama – the story about Leela’s one eye.


Futurama – the story of the monkey’s hat.


Futurama – the story of the dog outside the house.


12.59pm 24/09/2017


The story of Cinderella leaving her shoe.

The story of Rapunzel and her long hair.


The story of Brothers Grimm.


The story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.




13.02pm 24/09/2017


The story of Marge Simpsons blue hair.


The story of that Simpsons episode with the raining donuts.


The story of the Simpsons episode with the monorail.


Princess Charlotte.


13.03pm 24/09/2017


Charlotte’s Rampling song.


13.04pm 24/09/2017


Strobelight – Jason Derulo.


Whatchu Say – Jason Derulo.


Just The Way You Are – Bruno Mars.


Bruno Mars.


13.06pm 24/09/2017


Mars Bars.


The Milky Ways are on Me. The Milky Bar Kid.


Under the Milky Way Tonight.


13.07pm 24/09/2017


One Tree Hill – running through traffic light episode.


One Tree Hill – burning fire episode.

13.08pm 24/09/2017


Om Shanti Om – the burning fire scene.


Om Shanti Om – the shuttle in badminton scene.


I Do.


13.09pm 24/09/2017




I Do.


13.10pm 24/09/2017


The Wedding Singer.


Billy Madison.


The Wedding Singer.


13.11pm 24/09/2017


Twins with Arnold Scwarzenegger.


13.12pm 24/09/2017


Danny DeVito.




That show with Danny DeVito.


That show with Danny DeVito.


13.13pm 24/09/2017


Swimming laps in the pool near Swinburne Uni.


Pal – milk


Pal – teeth


Pal – friend

Pak – that Simpsons episode packing cars like tetris


Pak – Tetra-pak


Pak  – Pakis


[blank – writer’s name] is a Paki.


13.15pm 24/09/2017


Those heart lollies with inscriptions.


That heart jewellery I got near Swinburne uni.


13.16pm 24/09/2017


I Love You.


13.17pm 24/09/2017


Naan kadhalan nee.


13.19pm 24/09/2017


I Adore You – Amy Shark.


13.20pm 24/09/2017


Billy Ray Cyrus – Don’t Break My Heart.


13.21pm 24/09/2017


Unbroken – that movie.


13.22pm 24/09/2017


Seven Seconds – Ysouu N’Dour


Gangsta’s Paradise – Koolio


Seven Seconds – Ysouu N’Dour and Neneh Cherry


Kool Aid


13.24pm 24/09/2017


The Mighty Ducks.


The Three Amigos.


The Ghosts of Christmas past, present and future.








13.26pm 24/09/2017




13.26pm 24/09/2017


That song – ‘They only want you when you’re 17, when you’re 21, you’re no fun’.


13.27pm 24/09/2017


That song ‘Everything starts with an E’.


13.28pm 24/09/2017


That song Maanipaaya.


13.28pm 24/09/2017




I choose Mannipayya.


13.29pm 24/09/2017


Bender in Futurama and the story of Bender getting Broken.


Cash Me Ousside How Bouh Dah?


13.30pm 24/09/2017


To Kill a Mockingbird.


One flew over a Cuckoo’s Nest.


That orange topic book.


I would choose One flew over a Cuckoo’s Nest.


13.32pm 24/09/2017


That story of lingerie in weddings been thrown to men.


13.33pm 24/09/2017


Absolutely Fabulous.


Absolutely Everybody song by Vanessa Amorosi.


Perfect song by Vanessa Amorosi.


Perfect song by Vanessa Amorosi.


13.34pm 24/09/2017




That horse shuttle race called Steeplechase.


13.35pm 24/09/2017


Absolut Vodka.


London palace guards.


Absolut Vodka.


13.37pm 24/09/2017


Mr Mime.




That healing centre in Pokemon.


‘Make up your mind’


That Ranbir Kapoor movie where he is studying accounting.


13.39pm 24/09/2017


American Dad – with the father.


American Dad – with regards to the alien.


Family Guy – Stewie.


Family Guy – the mother.


Family Guy – Meg.


I choose Family Guy – Stewie.


13.41pm 24/09/2017


Candy Crush.




13.41pm 24/09/2017


Princess Diaries.


The Notebook.


Writing in Diaries.


Genie in a bottle.




Messenger in a bottle.


Messenger chute in Village Cinemas.


Cadbury wriggling eyebrows ad.


Hoyts wriggling eyebrows ad.


I choose messenger chute in Village Cinemas.


13.44pm 24/09/2017


That movie with Naomi Watts that I watched in 2009 twice.


War – the card game.


Magic – the card game.


I would choose that movie with Naomi Watts that I watched in 2009 twice.


The Joker.


Batman Returns and all the series.


Absolute Faith.


13.46pm 24/09/2017


Bookmarks like the Bible bookmark.


13.48pm 24/09/2017


I’m the Joker’s child.


The homeostasis has to be a power share led by the United States of America, shared between India, Russia and China.


William Windor, with the assistance of Brad Pitt, had Heath Ledger killed just because he was trying to assert control over Prince George Windsor, Princess Charlotte Windsor, and their younger sister. In order to continue assert control over his three children in these timelines where [blank – writer’s name] becomes the Prime Minister of Australia, William Windsor, with the assistance of Brad Pitt had Amy Winehouse and Robin Williams killed as well.


Russia laughed at Heath Ledger’s death.


When [blank – writer’s name] said to Russia that they’ll be going down his list, they sent the signal ‘So What’, with elaboration to the milk ‘So Good’, as reference to a prior signal that had a different meaning, in order to send the signal they don’t care about Heath Ledger, Australians, MH17, the United States of America, and about all the goodwill I’ve built up with Russia.




And so, with one hit, Russia goes down incredibly for the rest of [blank – writer’s name]’s eternity.


This speaks a lot for [blank – writer’s name]’s attitude towards China for the rest of his eternity as well, since they are ranked lower than Russia for eternity, because as time goes on, and information is gathered, especially with regards to North Korea’s aggression on this day today the 24th of September 2017, China will never usurp Russia on [blank – writer’s name]’s list of those he will turn to, meaning that both China and Russia come to [blank – writer’s name], rather than the other way around. Which means that buyers can’t name their price – You’ve been warned China and Russia. Human Street Meat for consumption – remember that.


Indian males are dust. The amount of sick I feel towards India, don’t even get me started.


And the United States of America. Donald Trump. Remember that name, and the context of how he got into power.


Power is not led by one country anymore, but by who the Joker’s Children determine to be a figurehead for all those in the world who represent what The Joker represented.


That’s all [blank – writer’s name] will be as Prime Minister of Australia, a figurehead for The Joker’s Children, throughout the universe.


14.23pm 24/09/2017


Prince – Purple Rain.


14.39pm 24/09/2017


[blank – writer’s name]: ‘I now understand what the huge pause between Purple Haze, Bob Marley and ‘Yes’ by Snow Patrol was’


Hugh Jackman – Wolverine.


14.40pm 24/09/2017


[blank – writer’s name]: ‘What people forget is that not one person has power in this world. We are all moving parts in this world, 1 out of 7 billion. When I become Prime Minister of Australia, I may be a figurehead for the Joker’s Children, like potentially other figureheads I may not know of. However, as a figurehead, I would be only 1 moving part out of 7 billion. Just like my concept of the black/white spinning cards, it doesn’t matter who you are, what country you are from, where in the universe you exist in. But we all have the power, as 1 spinning card out of 7 billion, and I, as a Joker’s Child, spin Black. However, as a Tamil Tiger, although most Tigers are Orange, I am a White Tiger, because I am rare. But that doesn’t change what colour I spin, as a Joker’s Child, and the more cards that spin black, the more collective power we all have around the world, Things Unseen, as the Joker’s Children, through what we know in laymen’s terms as collective karma. Unfortunately, while the Joker’s Children are focused on the welfare of all of us, as Children of God, those who spin white focus all their energy on negating those who spin black, which is all their focus. The easiest way to waste their energy, is to just ignore them, and focus on all of us, the Children of God, who spin black, because we are the Joker’s Children.’


14.50pm 24/09/2017



Unreal Tournament


Spilt Cold Rock Milkshakes


George Constanza


No Soup For You – Soup For You Girl is the Constant


[blank] is the Constant of [blank – writer’s name]


[blank – writer’s name] is the Constant


The Bath Towel in the shower after the [blank] eyebrow in the Shower indicating William Windsor trying to assert control over his children


Souvlaki Hut where Princess Diana paved the way for her grandchildren to find freedom


Babe the Pig – Prince George allowing Princess Diana to burn him


Charlotte’s Web – Princess Charlotte allowing Princess Diana to burn her


Facebook Timelines


Half-life – being a headhunter for those who have abused the Joker’s Children


Half-life – [blank – writer’s name] saying to Eva Longoria, and Prince George’s sisters to avoid him as a romantic partner in any timeline in order to remember the essence of him in this timeline – because everything in all these timelines will be perjured, diminishing what this timeline means to each of us, especially in the light where when the odds are so great that anything could happen, there would be a lot of damage as a result – thus trust in his Absolute Faith.


Facebook Timelines – there are a lot of timelines with me and [blank] because she is my constant, and I didn’t choose it, but it is because hers were the timelines I was considering while I was finding an escape path or paths for Prince George and his siblings or lack thereof and for his mum Princess Kate Middleton


Alan the boxer with the two guys with sunglasses at the house nextdoor where the message from Headhunters came to [blank – writer’s name]


Facebook Timelines – There are so many timelines occurring from this point, and that’s just me as being Prime Minister of Australia


Facebook Timelines – Jesus Christ slips into a lot of timelines, thus there is no point practicing for anything or any life you will never have to actually experience


Facebook Timelines – Jesus Christ gets the people who aggressively abused others to slip into the timelines of those abused, whereby timelines have been created specifically for that abuse in order to torment and torture those who have access to viewing other timelines and even experiencing those timelines


[blank – writer’s name]: ‘Thus there is no point experiencing or watching anything that you will never live through, because Jesus Christ slips himself or others into our bodies at the bifurcations of timelines where we will get abused, and those timelines were created specifically for those abuses’


Slip Slop Slap


Banana Boat – it lasts for hours


Shane Warne and Elizabeth Hurley


Jemima Khan and Imran Khan


Fran Drescher – The Nanny


[blank – writer’s name]: ‘What Jesus Christ said about not having to pray, because Jesus understands us more than we’ll ever understand ourselves, thus referring to what Jesus said about the non-linearity of time as we pass through to the afterlife, thus referring to what Jesus referred to as Princess Charlotte and I thinking about whether we are already in the afterlife, to which Jesus said look at what the baby thought and how it refers to how the baby responded to when Jesus said hi in the Perfect Boom, and what Jesus referred to about how Boom was a word taken from [blank – writer’s name]’s thoughts, and how Perfect Boom was just something reverse engineered from that during the 4th drop, to which Jesus referred to a question being asked from Princess Kate Middleton, to which she replied ABSOLUTELY FUCK NOT, then to which Jesus Christ referred to what the baby read about the absolute lack of constraints of where we pass through to after we pass from this Earth, which thus is why [blank – writer’s name] has been saying to Eva Longoria, and to Prince George’s sisters about ‘Half-Life’, and thus Absolute Faith’.


16.33pm 24/09/2017


From Russia, with love.


17.07pm 24/09/2017


12.08am Los Angeles time, 24/09/2017.




Спасибо Россия, Люблю из,[blank – writer’s name]. 17.11pm 24/09/2017

Leave It All Behind – Dash Berlin.


17.12pm 24/09/2017


Jo-Wilfried Tsonga vs Novak Djokovic 27/01/2008.


17.15pm 24/09/2017










17.23pm 24/09/2017


I’m the Joker’s child.


The homeostasis has to be a power share led by the United States of America, shared between the United States of America, Russia, India, and China.


17.44pm 24/09/2017


I will never ever marry a Sri Lankan Tamil, because I now know the Lucifer line will be down the Sri Lankan Tamils line from a certain point here on out, especially through the picture on my facebook.


20.20pm 29/09/2017


Dead To Me.


21.42pm 29/09/2017


I know what I did. I’m in denial right now.


12.12am 30/09/2017


I helped the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler in the form of [blank] to find an escape path from continually being reincarnated, and thus being sent to the afterlife as we call it in laymen’s terms right now.


12.14am 30/09/2017


I’m still in denial right now that I had love for [blank] somewhere between a scale of 0 – 100 like I do for all friends, this love being before I realised he was a reincarnation of Adolf Hitler, and I’m in denial that I have love for him and his reincarnations after I found out he was the reincarnation, and not Lucifer – when Lucifer or what we called Satan in the old laymen’s term but not anymore, because God is Satan, Lucifer being Prince William Windsor right now in this generation, who was the one who caused and heavily influenced World War 2 through his powers in the Monarchy through space and time to World War 2, by using shotgun insertions such as shotgun feelings and shotgun thinking to influence Adolf Hitler who had Schizophrenia and was thus very susceptible to shotgun insertions, and was thus easily malleable by Prince William Windsor, who used him to create a lot of carnage in the world during World War 2 through space and time, as confirmed by my communications with Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour between space and time.


12.19am 30/09/2017


I’m still in denial and in shock and I’m cycling through some of the stages of grief in random spurts.


12.20am 30/09/2017


I ‘took out’ the stupid but most useful henchman of Lucifer Prince William Windsor in this generation, and that henchman in this generation is [blank], who is the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler.


I get myself extremely dirty in order to do the best thing I can think of at the time for a macro-level perspective of influencing time in the best way I can think of at that time, even though I know I will get extremely killed for it, but try to do it in a way that leaves as absolute an amount of as much room for everyone to escape from the dirt I get myself in in order to save as many lives as possible, because people keep following me there and I regret it because they get in trouble for it, and I get in such shock and denial at some of these times that I don’t know how to handle it, thus leaving a lot of people in an extreme mess who were just trying to help me, but now want to kill me in an absolute manner because of what I do to get myself into dirt to save as much people’s lives as possible, but I get in such shock and denial that the people who try to save me can’t do it in the manner I get myself into dirt while leaving as much room for people to get out of the dirt I get into, leaving me with intense regrets for the rest of my life.


I’ve realised I have intense regrets in my life that I will carry for the rest of my life, that I have in my past, which continually reminds me to continually try to be a better person than I was in the past.


12.28am 30/09/2017


Band of Brothers


The Money Tree [like at 34 Hillside Road]


Groundhog Day


Focusing on feeling – cause pain has been added to the peace/contentment and pleasure in the cross of [blank – writer’s name], which has been built by Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour


27 Dresses


101 Dalmations






That episode with that ‘Chanel’ kind of recipe


That perfume from my mum’s old work Haegemeyer


That section with Jesus Christ has Jesus Christ saying he has William Windsor, the Lucifer of our generation


That song ‘If we go down, then we go down together’


09.16am 30/09/2017


Don’t trust any of the William Windsors from my scope – they’re all Lucifers.


09.18am 30/09/2017


I remember the story with the angel who was a ‘fa n’, but became the daughter of William Windsor who was Lucifer in order to help try and track down and ping Lucifer in this generation, who is William Windsor – but remember all children need to protected because of Macro-Social factors to all children in the world, so Princess Charlotte Windsor needs to be protected.


09.19am 30/09/2017


Bojack Horsemen


Curb Your Enthusiasm




Soup Nazi – No Soup for You






09.25am 30/09/2017




Luna Park




Food People


Mimosa Homes [Symonds Home]


You need to just get very precise but enough evidence in order to limit the openings for Lucifer William Windsor to perpetuate between space and time.


“Played a fiddle in an Irish Band’ song


09.28am 30/09/2017


I just unlocked that memory where she realised I didn’t really know how I felt and she was ok with that.


09.38am 30/09/2017


Duke Nukem 3D.


09.40am 30/09/2017




09.45am 30/09/2017


12th of September 2001.


09.46am 30/09/2017


If I get in trouble, Lisa Kudrow’s advice for me is to just try and unlock memories of the past by reflection, so they can observe exactly how my reflections of my memories are in my heads [three skips of music].


09.50am 30/09/2017


From my scope, [blank] will be at most one level above Lucifer, aka Prince William of our generation in 2017, as the never ending nightmare of being pushed deeper and deeper down the levels of hell by the caretaker of what we call the afterlife in laymen’s terms; Jesus Christ; as they continually get pushed down deeper and deeper down hell in the never ending nightmare.


Potentially [blank] is using me throughout his lives in reincarnation  to build compassion in me in order to get at Jewish people.


10.49am 30/09/2017


Light flash – ‘you got me’


10.49am 30/09/2017


‘Good, got him, done’: [blank – writer’s name].


10.49am 30/09/2017


Light flashes [at least 2] – ‘They’ve gotten really good at precise point sugar towards [blank – writer’s name], but he just cottoned on that they really trying to use him to turn things around, but he figured it now after a while, will do a timing on that, and [blank – writer’s name] referred to himself in the third person’: [blank – writer’s name].


10.51am 30/09/2017


At most it has been 14 hours and 31 minutes since I found out [blank] was Adolf Hitler in a past life, and also that is the same amount of time at most since I found out [blank] and all his reincarnations throughout past and present and future were precise loading ‘sugar’ in order to gaslight Jewish people: [blank – writer’s name].


Also at most, within this time, this is when I found out William Windsor is the actual Lucifer of our generation, being a monarch, and is so unobvious, just like how [light flash] [blank] was unobvious as being someone who was infusing sugar in one person [me] in order to gaslight others [Jewish people] [pause] [actual house light flash[: [blank – writer’s name].




I realised that some people’s motivations of manipulation on doing house light flashes just now within this ‘time stamp’ is that they were trying to confuse the meaning of when I right ‘light flash’ or ‘eye flash’ when I get to sharp pinpoint white dot burning sun/star flashes, being the sun is a star and thus would look like a star to other far distant planets, which is what those eye flashes look like sometimes when I see them in my eyes, except they are so pinpoint and sharp, such a tiny dot in my eye, right to scale to vision as if like being the size of a pixel in my eye: [blank – writer’s name].


11.01am 30/09/2017


Dead To Me: [blank – writer’s name].


12/01/2021 or something like that.


11.01am 30/09/2017


I know I’m going to absolutely hate [blank] with a passion, just one step less in hate than William Windsor [[blank] said in my head in that tonality while I was writing this in that gruff voice with reference to what [blank] says about ‘you got me’ is that he said in that gruff laughing tonality ‘OH MY GOD, GOT YOU!’.


Guns on [blank]: [blank – writer’s name].


11.03am 30/09/2017


That communication between space and time where I was reading the facetious stuff from [blank], and how these stuff is so unobvious, and how he was tagging actual Jesus’s father Joseph, who was just angry, thus [blank] being the next step of confusion because he has been so unobvious all this time, except a few moments like when he talked about brothels when I went for [blank] leaving drinks: [blank – writer’s name].


11.05am 30/09/2017


Guns on William Windsor, [blank] and [blank]: [blank – writer’s name].


11.11am 30/09/2017


Now I’m confused as to who is actually Lucifer, whether it is William Windsor or [blank]. I know from my scope with very confident certainty that I have right now based on my experience right now that [blank] is [eye light flash] not Lucifer, and is a henchman of Lucifer: [blank – writer’s name].


I’m not sure if William Windsor is a henchman to [blank], or if [blank] is a henchman to William Windsor, as the actual Lucifer. However, from my scope, it would be William Windsor, because William Windsor is the one who had the power to control Adolf Hitler, and [blank] is really dumb and smart at the same time – but that’s the issue, because a Lucifer could be so unobvious, that [blank], based on communications between space and time, could be Lucifer as well, so I don’t think I will ever be sure, because I ‘know’ [blank] so well in person from the facetious interactions we’ve had, that I won’t have the scope to differentiate between [blank] and William Windsor, because in terms of using the language of sociopaths, [blank] has been indirectly riding up my ass during my time at EY, as well as a lot of others: [blank – writer’s name].


11.11am 30/09/2017


Obviously Dead To Me. I Know I’m Going To Hate Those Three For The Rest Of My Life Profusely: [blank – writer’s name].


‘Jail’: Lisa Kudrow.


11.13am 30/09/2017


Other obvious ones are people like Seth McFarlane: [blank – writer’s name].


11.14am 30/09/2017


Piano hitting floor by Dana Wilson in 3rd drop, but I don’t think so: [blank – writer’s name].


I have 5 major pings right now in terms of Lucifer  based on my scope in life: [blank – writer’s name].


11.15am 30/09/2017


And I Know I Will Hate Those Five Absolutely, They Are Dead To Me; [blank – writer’s name].


[blank] was the leak again, cheers ‘mate’: [blank – writer’s name].


11.16am 30/09/2017


[blank] is another ping, as is [blank],  got 7 pings now: [blank – writer’s name].


[blank]  is another ping now, got 8 pings: [blank – writer’s name].


That Chinese guy on If You Are The One who is fat, and did the image of him with the fan ‘whirling’ and him pretending to be a female, with regards to me shaking my legs while writing this shirtless while wearing jeans is another ping, 9 pings now: [blank – writer’s name].


[blank] just disappeared into nowhere, 10 pings now, possibly 11 with [blank]: [blank – writer’s name].


11.20am 30/09/2017


I’ve essentially ‘headbutted’ with [blank], but I have no scope, because of her being in the section with [blank], who could be the 11th or 12th ping: [blank – writer’s name].


11.23am 30/09/2017


Barack Obama is another ping, potentially the 12th or 13th ping: [blank – writer’s name].


11.23am 30/09/2017


Oprah Winfrey is another potential ping, potentially the 12th or 13th or 14th ping, I have no scope: [blank – writer’s name].


11.24am 30/09/2017


I’ve ‘headbutted’ in a major way with Oprah Winfrey, just like I headbutted [eye flash[ in a minor way with [blank], except this time it is worse: [blank – writer’s name].


11.25am 30/09/2017


What you are referring to – OBVIOUSLY NOT: [blank – writer’s name].


11.26am 30/09/2017


I’m am way more sure [blank] is ok a la [blank], as opposed to Oprah Winfrey who now based on communications between space and time, is the person I believed got raped to confuse people and set this whole thing up to drag people in through getting people to trust her, thus I believe now Oprah Winfrey is the 13th of 14th ping based on my scope: [blank – writer’s name].


11.28am 30/09/2017


The whole Oprah Winfrey using the ‘fish face’ to stop time with everyone else, thus pinging her: [blank – writer’s name].


Waleed Aly is the 14th or 15th ping: [blank – writer’s name].


11.30am 30/09/2017


George Bush Senior, Osama Bin Laden, and Charles Windsor are three more pings, bringing the ping total up to the 17th or 18th ping: [blank – writer’s name].


11.33am 30/09/2017


[blank]  and that Adelaide girl who came before her are two more possible pings, but I believe I’ve ‘headbutted’ with [blank], but I’m not sure about the other girl: [blank – writer’s name]


11.35am 30/09/2017


Princess ‘Claire’ or Princess ‘Caitlin’ might be another ping, I can’t tell from my scope: [blank – writer’s name].


11.36am 30/09/2017


That foetus saying ‘Lucifer’, indicating Princess ‘Claire’ or Princess ‘Caitlin’ may be another ping, and thus was another leak like [blank], and Oprah Winfrey, potentially: [blank – writer’s name].


11.37am 30/09/2017


Princess ‘Claire’ or Princess ‘Caitlin’ saying she is taking the road of my brother, I can’t tell from my scope: [blank – writer’s name].


Paedophilia and infantophilia stats are a weird to fight about: [blank – writer’s name].


I’m protecting Princess Charlotte: [blank – writer’s name].


11.39am 30/09/2017


Prince George is good on my scope right now. The one I’m not sure about is Princess ‘Claire’ or Princess ‘Caitlin’: [blank – writer’s name].


11.40am 30/09/2017


Where I’m reading it, I don’t like sex: [blank – writer’s name].


11.41am 30/09/2017


If Princess ‘Claire’ or Princess ‘Caitlin’ is helping Lucifer aka William Windsor, then people can use her as much as they want to string out information, because she is younger: [blank – writer’s name].


11.43am 30/09/2017


Sorting out fact from information, the boom could be that it is the other way around – instead of Princess ‘Caitlin’ or Princess ‘Claire’ being the one helping Lucifer, it is actually Princess Charlotte, thus I’ve actually been protecting Princess ‘Caitlin’ or Princess ‘Claire’ all this time, but I just didn’t realise it until now.


11.46am 30/09/2017


‘WAIT [in shrieking tonality]. Stop the clock.’ Lisa Kudrow.


11.47am 30/09/2017


‘Scope scope’: [blank – writer’s name] and Lisa Kudrow.


11.47am 30/09/2017


Lucifer all of a sudden wants to terminate, but I already know that Princess ‘Claire’ or Princess ‘Caitlin’ was the actual one who saved me during most of the 4th drop, until Princess Charlotte started the whirling business with [blank], as can be seen by the context of the facetiousness of Princess Charlotte: [blank – writer’s name].


Not sure which way it is going right now from my scope, based on Melbourne Gaol: [blank – writer’s name].


But I know one of them is good based on the fourth drop before September: [blank – writer’s name].


I believe the facetious one right now is Princess ‘Claire’ or Princess ‘Caitlin’ based on my scope of sorting fact from fiction right now: [blank – writer’s name].


We’ve pinged one Princess in a major way, just don’t know which one, however that whole tonality changing a lot makes things confusing: [blank – writer’s name].


11.51am 30/09/2017


I know that one of the Princesses is helping me a LOT, and one of the Princesses is helping Lucifer a LOT, I just don’t have scope yet: [blank – writer’s name].


11.52am 30/09/2017


Honestly right now, it is 50-50 for me, until I triangulate what their personalities are: [blank – writer’s name].


11.52am 30/09/2017


I don’t have scope, but from my point of view, terminate that 3rd baby: [blank – writer’s name].


11.58am 30/09/2017


Now I think I know I am protecting Princess Charlotte: [blank – writer’s name].


11.58am 30/09/2017




As in ‘I hate myself’.


12.01pm 30/09/2017


Scissor Sisters.


Ok, the two sisters are good, it is Prince George who is the one assisting Lucifer like seen in that picture between space and time, the younger sister was pretending to be Prince George in the good parts at the Hari Krishna restaurant in order to protect me: [blank – writer’s name].


12.05pm 30/09/2017


Lesser of Two Evils.


Lord of The Rings




William Windsor is Lucifer, George Windsor is assisting Lucifer.


The Lesser of two evils is to get rid of Lucifer for someone assisting Lucifer in the monarchy.


The Lesser of two evils is to get rid of Lucifer from the monarchy to reduce his powers into someone else in Lucifer’s next reincarnation.


12.10pm 30/09/2017


I’m now protecting both Princess Charlotte, and Princess Charlotte’s younger sister, Princess ‘Claire’ or Princess ‘Caitlin’: [blank – writer’s name].


12.13pm 30/09/2017


[blank] is another ping, along with George Windsor, the 19th, 20th or 21st pings for George Windsor, and the 18th, 19th or 20th ping for [blank].


I’ve ‘headbutted’ with the Adelaide girl at Melbourne IT November 2014: [blank – writer’s name].


12.22pm 30/09/2017


Trump supporters are examples of reincarnations of Nazis.


And you don’t know what ethnicity they are, like Barack Obama: [blank – writer’s name].


12.25pm 30/09/2017


For everyone to potentially know they are in [blank – writer’s name]’s real cross, they’ve got to feel the effort of [blank – writer’s name]’s real thoughts, and the different levels of pain that comes with those thoughts that normal people have, in terms of EFFORT, so they have to pay attention to the context of EFFORT when [blank – writer’s name] thinks: [blank – writer’s name].


12.35pm 30/09/2017


‘People can’t believe how everyone is so stupid they have to be spoonfed everything to get help, and they are avoiding the best source of help they can get because they are RACIST’: [blank – writer’s name], based on what he heard from Lisa Kudrow and David Schwimmer.


12.37pm 30/09/2017


The irony of 24% of Jewish people voting for a Neo-Nazi figurehead in the 2016 US election: [blank – writer’s name].


12.52pm 30/09/2017


‘Not good’ in that tonality by Lisa Kudrow is the tonality I’m looking for in communications between space and time, in terms of the context of honesty that has enabled me to communicate so well to certain people between space and time, in Lisa Kudrow’s reply to how she felt for voting for a Neo-Nazi that was re-labelled as an Alt-Right figurehead: [blank – writer’s name].


13.00pm 30/09/2017


Brad Pitt is another ping, the 19th, 20th or 21st ping.


13.15pm 30/09/2017


In the final poker table were:


9th – New Zealand [Busted by Russia]

8th – Canada [Busted by Russia]

7th – China [Busted by Australia]

6th – Russia [Busted by Australia]

5th – Australia [Busted by Germany]

4th – United Kingdom [Busted by France]

3rd – Germany [Busted by United States of America]

2nd – France [Busted by United States of America]

1st – United States of America


23.11pm 30/09/2017


Murder Fields.


23.26pm 30/09/2017


UN Vote on whether [blank – writer’s name] would live or die:


United States of America – Live

France – Live

Germany – Live

China – Die

Russia – Live


12.15am 01/10/2017


I’m still only a United States of America spy: [blank – writer’s name].


12.16am 01/10/2017


Current Leaders of Nations:

United States of America – Donald Trump

France – Emmanuel Macron

Germany – Angela Merkel

China – Xi Jinping

Russia – Vladimir Putin


12.20am 01/10/2017


How each Politician was elected


United States of America – Donald Trump:

Donald Trump gained 46.1% of the vote vs Hillary Trump gained 48.2% of the vote.

Donald Trump gained the votes of 306 electors out of 538, or 56.88% of the Electoral College vote, while Hillary Clinton gained the votes of 227 electors out of 538, or 42.19% of the Electoral College vote.


Date – 08/11/2016



France – Emmanuel Macron:

Emmanuel Macron gained 24.01% of the vote of the first round vs Marine Le Pen gained 21.30% of the vote of the first round, and others gained 54.69% of the vote of the first round.

Emmanuel Macron gained 66.10% of the vote of the second round vs Marine Le Pen gained 33.90% of the vote of the second round.


Date – 23/04/2017 and 07/05/2017



Germany – Angela Merkel:

Angela Merkel gained 32.9% of the vote and Martin Schulz gained 20.5% of the vote vs Alice Wendel and Alexander Gauland gained 12.6% of the vote and others gained the remaining 34%.


Date – 24/09/2017



China – Xi Jingping:
Xi Jingping was elected.


Date – 15/11/2012



Russia – Vladimir Putin:

Vladimir Putin gained 63.6% of the vote vs Gennady Zyuganov gained 17.2% of the vote and others gained 19.2% of the vote.


Date – 04/03/2012



12.48am 01/10/2017


That person who I am supporting to become Prime Minister has to focus on being prepared to become Prime Minister, because they have a job to do; and even if it is someone who doesn’t become Prime Minister, we all have jobs to do as Ministers.


01.23am 01/10/2017




10.10am 01/10/2017


This is what it sounds like, when doves cry – remix song.


10.22am 01/10/2017


I’m a lot more cutthroat now, now that I know how the neo-nazis having been using ‘insertions’ to play ‘dolls’ with the people I love: [blank – writer’s name].


10.47am 01/10/2017


Women have allowed themselves to be objectified so much, that their whole egos are based on how they are treated as objects by those who objectify them.


11.27am 01/10/2017


In the ‘Avatar’ world, or ‘Second Life’ world, or ‘Sims’ world, a lot of people are having quantities of sex with ugly looking people, because:

–          People can pay money to build their avatars

–          When having sex, they can present their avatars to other people

–          Other people can choose to have sex with them with their avatars uncovered, while keeping their avatars on, meaning they are essentially ugly people who put an avatar on to look good and actually feel good like a real human being with that avatar would feel like, while having sex with those other people with their avatars uncovered

–          People have sex with others for pittances of money, in order to build their avatars

o   Thus essentially, with the ability to uncover their avatars, they are essentially prostituting themselves [not that there is anything wrong with that], without directly realising it – unlike courageous prostitutes in the real world who actually know what they are doing and spreading Jesus’s Love through their Love – unlike fake people hooked on the metaphor of ‘drugs’ in the ‘avatar’ world, prostituting themselves without realising, thus badmouthing real world prostitutes who are actually doing God’s work, while actually indirectly prostituting themselves for real – even though all worlds are real, but are just a taste of what heaven is like, except this is what Lucifer/Satan stole from Jesus while Lucifer was the Captain of the Angels in heaven, thus Lucifer having the DOS version of heaven which he is trying to use to overthrow Jesus from control of the levels of the highest levels of heaven to the lowest levels of hell.

  • And as well all know, Lucifer’s DOS version of heaven is used by Lucifer to punish the good and reward the bad, while Jesus’s constantly evolving heaven is used to reward the good and punish the bad in a perfect omnipotence base on the perfect judgement of Jesus – because Jesus Christ is God.
  • Lucifer will never be able to concept new ‘characters’ in terms of babies, and thus all babies in Lucifer’s heaven are characters already concepted by Jesus in the real world, that have ‘sold’ themselves to Lucifer.


11.40am 01/10/2017


Isn’t it easy for God’s Army to overthrow Lucifer from Lucifer’s heaven to hell? : [blank – writer’s name].


11.51am 01/10/2017


Think over the ‘brain stretch’: Jesus Christ.


The brain stretch that is paired with different ‘insertions’: [blank – writer’s name].


Relax your brain during the brain stretch while thinking over it, rather than stretching it more.


11.56am 01/10/2017


The Panel of Seven between that tonight show with Jimmy Kimmel, Waleed Aly [the number 1 terrorist in the world], Carrie Bickmore, Peter Helliar, Eva Longoria, and those two United States of American old guys on Jimmy Kimmel’s show.


Charlie Bit My Finger.


Anchor – and that place with a submarine in VIC or NSW.


That comedy show with Danny Devito.


That The Age article from the Number 1 Terrorist in the world, Waleed Aly.


That The Age headline ‘When Crows Cry’


That The Age article from the right about Polyamory, and the Steve Bannon talk with [blank – writer’s name] where Steve Bannon adamantly defied that the right set up September 11 and are adamantly perpetuating terrorism to create wars in order to transfer wealth to them, and don’t care what mechanism this would be, except that for now the cow that can be milked is terrorism, and [blank – writer’s name] obviously knows the next cow they are going to use is war with China through all these communications between space and time.


12.17pm 01/10/2017


This is a continuing cycle of stupidity, in the right, because it is like a pyramid scheme, and those below the top of the pyramid scheme always get cycled out, and people at the top get cycled out: [blank – writer’s name].


Obviously you can’t make money by doing nothing as happens in a pyramid scheme, a la my thoughts with [blank] and his ‘friend’ in 2006 or 2007: [blank – writer’s name].


That Money book I read: [blank – writer’s name].


12.20pm 01/10/2017


Those who get themselves the dirtiest in order to cease vehicles like terrorism get the most flames thrown at them, while those in the pyramid scheme of the right like Steve Bannon and The Australian who adamantly perpetuate September 11 and terrorism and other vehicles like that are as they are in their adamant perpetuation of vehicles like terrorism: [blank – writer’s name].


12.22pm 01/10/2017


[blank – writer’s name] is a Tamil Tiger: [blank – writer’s name].


12.23pm 01/10/2017


Mahinda Rajapakse has to be convicted of War Crimes under the Geneva Convention for the genocide and rape of 40,000+ Sri Lankan Tamils by Sri Lankan Sinhalese, otherwise the world is condoning such acts to occur by Sri Lankan Sinhalese around the world on other people, especially on Caucasians: [blank – writer’s name].


12.25pm 01/10/2017


This is because Caucasians held the balance of power in the world during the genocide and rape in Sri Lanka of 40,000+ Sri Lankan Tamils by Sri Lankan Sinhalese: [blank – writer’s name].


12.26pm 01/10/2017


Has Hillary Clinton been chloroformed? : [blank – writer’s name].


12.38pm 01/10/2017


Clementine Ford is dead for promoting Mahinda Rajapakse and promoting Chloroform: [blank – writer’s name].


12.45pm 01/10/2017




14.14pm 01/10/2017



Brainwash insertions are used to try and attack those trying to attack the neo-nazis who set up and perpetuate vehicles such as terrorism and September 11 in order to burn people’s lives to make money.


I’ve realised now Princess Charlotte Windsor is an ISFJ, like her mum Princess Kate Windsor, when I had thought she was an INFJ during this fourth drop between June 14th 2017 to October 1st 2017, because I’ve realised older Princess Charlotte Windsor has used her quaternary function Extraverted Intuition in her older age through space and time during the earlier phases of the fourth drop in June, July and August, before the Whirls and Crosses started occurring in September, which were the scariest parts of this fourth drop.

15.05pm 01/10/2017

Market Street Ministry

Young children who aren’t taught to stand up to bullies often marry their bullies when they get older, for example for women in the form of their husbands being their younger female childhood bullies: [blank – writer’s name].

20.40pm 01/10/2017

Younger female bullies get it from their mothers or fathers, who in this patriarchal world get in from male abusers in this world. Thus women are marrying their bullies in this patriarchal world, in order to figure out what went wrong in their lives to unlock the hurt within themselves and find their happy selves before they were bullied into submission: [blank – writer’s name].

20.42pm 01/10/2017

Have fun, live life, ‘Leona Lewis’: [blank – writer’s name].


God please help me: [blank – writer’s name].


‘[blank]’: [blank – writer’s name].


Billions: [blank – writer’s name].


Neuntillions: [blank – writer’s name].


Sell yourself to Jesus Christ: [blank – writer’s name].


Shots, Shots, Shots, Shots Shots, Shots, Shots, Shots, Shots Shots: [blank – writer’s name].


20.48pm 01/10/2017


Vision Super


Melbourne IT


REA Group




20.50pm 01/10/2017


Jessica Rabbit




Ricki Lee Coutier


Bruno Mars


Jessica Alba


Ricky Martin


Livin La Vi Da Loca


Selma Hayek


Eva Longoria


Just The Way You Are


Black Beatle


Sin City


Gotham City


Red Door


Aboriginal Girl


[blank – writer’s name]









Tu Ersa Moi Buenita


22.12pm 01/10/2017


Eva Longoria


22.12pm 01/10/2017


Hey Arnold


Coma Ersa Moi Buenita Longoria


22.13pm 01/10/2017


Hola Eva Buenita


22.15pm 01/10/2017


Like the movie Inception, I’ve got to stay within my Constant’s timeline while Jesus and God’s Army clears the Whirls and Crosses from the Hebophile, Paedophile, Infantophile and Rape Lairs in those Whirls and Crosses, because beastiality is the red line, where beastiality is ok as per what Jesus communicated between space and time, but rape and paedophilia, infantophilia and illegal hebophilia are not and you can murder people who do those: [blank – writer’s name].


I will wait until we pass from Earth to what we in the laymen’s terms call the afterlife in order to get a taste of Heaven: [blank – writer’s name].


I’ve got to continue using what I know within the constant’s timeline to anchor Jesus and God’s Army in clearing the Whirls and Crosses of the RIPIH Lairs and overthrowing Lucifer from those Whirls and Crosses to pass to Jesus Christ, because he punishes the bad and rewards the good, whereas Lucifer punishes the good and the children through things like infantophile and paedophile lairs for children, and rewards the evil like paedophiles and infantophiles: [blank – writer’s name].


22.22pm 01/10/2017


Xylophone – music



Sea Monkey


Sea Men


See Men




Seahorse Chocolates


12.06pm 09/10/2017


The Green Mile




Forrest Gump – Life is Like a Box of Chocolates


12.08pm 09/10/2017


Keep it simple as possible to prolong orgasms for the rest of your life, and not get desensitised: [blank – writer’s name].


12.31pm 09/10/2017


Saliva, keep a ‘hood’ on, cause it is too painful otherwise, start off with slow circular motions: [blank – writer’s name].


12.34pm 09/10/2017


Can start from the age of 10 if you want: [blank – writer’s name].


12.39pm 09/10/2017


The Sri Lankan Sinhalese made up a story in a vague fashion that Lucifer throughout generations since before Jesus Christ was born had been re-born continuously as a Sinhalese – this is the depths they will go to, to oppress Sri Lankan Tamils – just like the raping [blank – writer’s name]’s mother, father and brother and killing them story: [blank – writer’s name].


14.11pm 09/10/2017



This is confirmed between space and time on the 26th of September 2017 with Jesus Christ: [blank – writer’s name].


14.12pm 09/10/2017


We’ve been at the Charlotte Rampling part of the thing I read between space and time that I only just remembered, that came after the South American hacker’s stuff, and involved Stephen Hawking: [blank – writer’s name].


14.17pm 09/10/2017


  1. EL
  2. [blank]
  3. [blank]
  4. [blank]
  5. [blank]


20.00pm 09/10/2017


Jesus Blessed the Peacemaker of the family, and I guess of other things at different times: [blank – writer’s name].


20.36pm 09/10/2017


Love Yourself as You Love Others: [blank – writer’s name].


20.36pm 09/10/2017


The story of the Prodigal Son and the Elder Son.


20.37pm 09/10/2017


LCM Bars


Milky Bars


21.29pm 09/10/2017


  1. EL
  2. [Blank]
  3. [Blank]
  4. [Blank]


21.29pm 09/10/2017


PC has been relegated to security guard duties of PW only: [blank – writer’s name].


21.50pm 09/10/2017


I’m still the security guard of PC, just by living, so PC can watch my life: [blank – writer’s name].


21.51pm 09/10/2017


Everyone is their own person, based on their own chosen experiences: [blank – writer’s name].


As long as people aren’t reasoning around things, no matter how you cut the onion, people come to the same conclusions about logic puzzles: [blank – writer’s name].


This means no matter what experiences you choose to experience, the beauty is that you get to choose the experiences you have, and the logic puzzles in all our lives work themselves out, with different timings, as long as you aren’t reasoning your way around things like my mum did in TGIF near the hoyts and timezone near Burwood: [blank – writer’s name].


21.56pm 09/10/2017


This then gives you more time to spend on other things you’d like to explore: [blank – writer’s name].


21.56pm 09/10/2017


I’m no longer anyone’s security guard in the RF: [blank – writer’s name].


22.18pm 09/10/2017








08.51am 10/10/2017


When it comes to ageing, VPR is all that O can think about: [blank – writer’s name].


09.28am 10/10/2017




09.31am 10/10/2017


PG – O: 12, Y: 14.


09.41am 10/10/2017


Road Trips: [blank – writer’s name].


10.15am 10/10/2017


Have you been to the Erskine Falls?: [blank – writer’s name].


It’s all about timing: [blank – writer’s name].


10.17am 10/10/2017

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