Experiences of Schizophrenia of a Mensa Member

22nd of September 2017

Cross Specifications Workings:


Working backwards to jog memory

–          At least 10 friendships of 7 years+ at any point in time after the age 18

–          At least 5 female friendships of 7 years+ at any point in time after the age 18 where there was never any sex involved for males, and opposite for females

–          Has to know where a women’s clitoris is and has touched them in the way the reasonable women would touch their own clitoris

–          Has given women an orgasm

–          Has at least one diverse friend of 7 years+ as a reasonable person would judge depending on the context of location, who is not female

–          Has at least one diverse friend of 7 years+ they haven’t had sex with, diverse as a reasonable person would judge depending on the context of location, who is not male

–          The minimum quality of a cross-gender friendship over 7 years is [blank] and [blank – writer’s name]

–          People have to scout 10 years from any point in someone’s life




About the time where the addition of the diverse friend who is not female or not male:


12.47pm 22/09/2017


Filter those who dropped, but had a higher average rating than the average rating after the drop of, as the entry point/weaning point. But instead of contentment, keep pain as the feeling for pain, rather than replacing with contentment.


12.51pm 22/09/2017


During the entry point/weaning point, have contentment replace pain, however have a time limit on that, scope unknown, to replace contentment with pain. The Macro-social factors of everyone needs to be the number one perspective priority when considering this.


12.56pm 22/09/2017


ISTJs are the auditors, ENFPs are the scouts. A ‘lifetime’ of 10 years must be scouted, to scour talent.


13.21pm 22/09/2017


For example, if a lifetime of 200 years is the time limit to replace contentment with pain, if after exit, there is re-entry, the years already used up is counted already, and the new entry point is straight to the original higher average set, after the entry point/weaning point was cleared for averages below the original higher average set’s average, the average which was used to clear the majority out of the entry point/weaning point set that originally had a lower average as a set, before it was cleared.


13.27pm 22/09/2017


The purpose of this Cross was to stamp out Paedophilia and Infantophilia in all the Crosses. The indicator that people throughout time and space have been successful in stamping out Paedophilia and Infantophilia in all the Crosses is that Mahinda Rajapakse be convicted for War Crimes in the Genocide of Sri Lankan Tamils by Sri Lankan Sinhalese in 2009.


I am the Cross that is the entry point to Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour, who will guide you to God once we pass to the afterlife.


Because Mahinda Rajapakse was not convicted of War Crimes in the Genocide of Sri Lankan Tamils by Sri Lankan Sinhalese in 2009, the mark for everyone will constantly and always be a FAIL.


16.38pm 22/09/2017


The above can always be changed if Mahinda Rajapakse gets convicted of War Crimes for the Genocide of Sri Lankan Tamils by Sri Lankan Sinhalese. Does it?


Now that you have tasted what heaven might possibly even taste like, because you know that this Cross is the best Cross at this time, you no w know what an insane amount of people will miss out on, because of a lack of courage and conviction to do what you think is right under the eyes of God.


For narrow is the gate to heaven.


Burn in Hell for eternity.


16.42pm 22/09/2017


Come here you. Sit on Daddy’s lap. Twirl.


Come over here.


Get over here.



Swirl. [blank – writer’s name] Unna.


Oi. [blank – writer’s name] Unna,


Spank. [blank – writer’s name] Unna.


Whirl. Cross. [blank – writer’s name] Unna.


Cross. [blank – writer’s name] Unna.



17, 10 – 6,5


Mate – BLOOD


20.48pm 24/09/2017


[blank – writer’s name] is a Tamil Tiger.


21.37pm 24/09/2017





Unfortunately, due to the ‘peking duck’ eyes, as in the sharp peak in the eyes of Harry Windsor, corroborated with his ears, ‘Hagrid’ in all the timelines is the grandson of Queen Elizabeth, and is not a ‘new character’ in this timeline.


The memory of that car drive where I punched the windows of my car because of Lucifer assisting William Windsor – and to be honest, Lucifer has nothing on William Windsor and Charles Windsor. But more importantly, the memory is of Queen Elizabeth not caring about her grandchildren [because apparently she has so many in so many different timelines]. Elizabeth Windsor is going to hell, and that is corroborated by the message from the afterlife by Lizzie Bitch, because I have near perfect scope on how that was a message from the afterlife, as compared to the ‘message from the afterlife’ that was pretended to occur by my ENTP son. Thus with the assistance of my ENTP son, we’ve corroborated that the afterlife does exist, and Elizabeth Windsor is going down to the depths of hell, below Lucifer, because Lucifer was originally a goody-goody that fell into the wrong crowd, but is now in a deep dark spell of darkness that I’ve corroborated will occur for many lifetimes to come, because he is being used by more evil angels to perpetuate their evil under a figurehead of evil from times past in the name Lucifer – and we are all angels, all shades of grey in the scales of evil to good.


21.53pm 24/09/2017


The scale from evil to good is constant, because Jesus understands us more than anyone understands ourselves, even ourselves, but the worst part of it is that Jesus is the softest cunt that ever existed when it comes to sifting angels through to all the levels in the afterlife, which is something I will never ever come to terms with in my lifetime here on Earth.


21.55pm 24/09/2017


The confirmation of a timeline where Princess Anne is actually Queen, and the reminder of her other brother being King in another timeline, and the indicator that they are Queen/King in a number of timelines.


The fact that Prince George will always be King of the British Commonwealth in the timelines where I exist at this point in time of writing, and if he isn’t, those are the worst timelines, in these batches of timelines.


21.59pm 24/09/2017


The irony of the fact that I am an avid Republican, and yet I’m stuck with all these scopes, because I’ve been fighting hard For The Children.


22.00pm 24/09/2017


The fact that Australia has to become a Republic, in order to diminish the power of the British Commonwealth, and thus strike a heavy blow to the corruption that lies in depraved power passed down in a nepotistic manner, that continually percolates as checks and balances continually degrade over generations, but are sometimes given a stir to increase their efficiency, which indicates that the fight to break down the monarchy has to really be fought strongly when times like these occur where depravity of the corruption of power that leads to paedophilia and infantophilia occurring from [censored] [I see where that ‘save me’ from [censored] came from – it was a good thing in that moment, but I realise that only good thing in that moment is actually an extremely bad thing where [censored] of this timeline is asking for help from all the other paedophiles and infantophiles in all the other timelines] in order to break down monarchy and save the future [cesnored] family, who represent the world, from the corruption of monarchy that would lead to the cycle repeating of the [censored] children being abused again by generations earlier than them.


It is thanks to Diana Spencer, who gave her daughter-in-law and her grandchildren the freedom to be themselves, including the world, that has given rise to the ability for the Middleton’s to save their children, and in the process save the world.


[blank – writer’s name] sees now how important it is for the world for Australia to work towards a Republic now, For The Children, in order to save the children of the United Kingdom as well.


22.09pm 24/09/2017


Australia would best work towards a Republic by retaining the Westminster system of Parliament, while retaining the Governor-General as a checks and balance system, whereby the people have a dynamic say in who the parliament vote in as Prime Minister of Australia, because each electorate can have a dynamic influence on the representative they vote in to vote for a Prime Minister on their behalf, thus always being dynamic as evidence by the robust and positively corroborated influence of the public’s implied say on the Prime Minister of Australia over the past 10 years since John Howard was voted out, as seen by the many changes in Prime Minister due to elected representatives living under the gun of the robust implied influence of the public through their votes.


This is exactly the same influence the Joker’s Children have on the world as unique individuals spinning black in a world of 7 billion plus. No one individual has the power to influence the world, elected representatives are merely figureheads who have the power to do what they can based on their free will until they are voted out, and thus the evil that comes from this world that holds people’s lives to a gun come from the collective action of those spinning white. Thus the collective action of those spinning black as the Joker’s Children has to occur, and the best way for this to occur, is for the Joker’s Children to understand that they are EMPOWERED, and they have the ability to influence the world in the way they want For The Children, but they have to work smart at say 80% capacity, rather than work hard at 100% capacity, so that their impact is long lasting over their lifetimes. Unfortunately too many Joker’s Children are blinded, because those spinning white are only focused on killing those spinning black, the Joker’s Children; while the Joker’s Children are focused on using their free will For The Children. The Joker’s Children have to use their own unique individual experiences to creatively incubate and then practically create and execute solutions. Thus, then the collective action of the Joker’s Children build greater and greater momentum, however unfortunately the fight will never stop on Earth and in the Universe, because those spinning white will always exist – but once the Joker’s Children recognise the power they have as individuals, their collective actions will have greater momentum in Things Unseen, or in laymen’s term through collective karma.


Unfortunately Jesus is the softest cunt when it comes to sifting angels through to the levels in the afterlife – but what those who follow Jesus have to understand, is that Jesus did not have a religion, and things don’t just happen on Earth and in the Universe, because Jesus is the softest cunt who is sifting all the angels and has extremely no influence on the day to day lives of everyone on Earth and in the Universe, but those who follow Jesus have to work harder to 80% capacity, and thus work smart at 80% in order to spin black For The Children, because all good and evil comes from all creatures in our Earth and Universe, and if there is no action, or if there is inaction, then that leaves room for evil to grow.


22.26pm 24/09/2017


To the Middletons in all the timelines – Meghan Markle is coming – you all have SCOPE.


However, remember the word INACTION, and the words WORKING SMART. [And loving yourself, as Princess Charlotte has said to Princess Kate, as a representative for all her children. All the children can see through the photo beyond space and time during this fourth drop who Princess Charlotte is in this timeline].


22.32pm 24/09/2017


Oprah is a fucking nigger no one can trust.


Be extremely wary of that nigger Barack Obama.


Meghan Markle is the only nigger I can think of trusting more than the other two, with regards to the monarchy, and being able to exercise power against the [censored] William Windsor, and Charles Windsor.


This confirms my prior great scope on Prince Harry Windsor in this timeline, and the effect Princess Diana Spencer has had on this timeline, because she was like the artist formerly known as Prince, Robin Williams, Amy Winehouse, Kurt Cobain, Heath Ledger, and the guy who sang all those songs from that band Queen, and Amy Winhouse,


Time has already been called repeatedly on Charles Windsor, and most especially on William Windsor.


Refer to the gold clock with the grey face, between the dates of the 22/01/2008 to the 27/01/2008, with regards to [blank – writer’s name], and the date 24/09/2017, originally in the address [censored] on the 27/01/2008 and now in the address censored] on the 24/09/2017.


22.40pm 24/09/2017


The year of Deaths for Charles Windsor in this timeline is 2022, and for William Windsor is 2043.


You can’t change the future in this timeline, but you have to make the future. Remember the word INACTION and how it applies in the context of those who follow Jesus Christ, but leave room for evil to grow in the absence of good.


22.43pm 24/09/2017




22.45pm 24/09/2017


Honestly it will be a disappointment if William Windsor’s death is not 2022, and is actually 2043. Here is hoping.


22.47pm 24/09/2017




Jenna from Survivor 1.




23.36pm 24/09/2017


Sitting Duck and Target from Survivor 1 – Colleen Haskell and Gervase Petersen.


23.38pm 24/09/2017


God – Kendrick Lamar


23.38pm 24/09/2017


The View




Murder She Wrote


Murder She Wrote


23.40pm 24/09/2017


Golden Girls


I choose the girl with the big glasses and brown hair.


23.40pm 24/09/2017


Betty Boop


Olive and Popeye


Scooby Doo


Scooby Doo


23.41pm 24/09/2017


Where’s Wally


Where’s Waldo
















23.42pm 24/09/2017


Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush

This Is Your Life


Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush


23.43pm 24/09/2017


Oral B




Oral B


23.44pm 24/09/2017








23.45pm 24/09/2017








23.46pm 24/09/2017


From This Moment – Shania Twain


Mark Twain – Huckleberry Finn


23.46pm 24/09/2017


The Time Traveller’s Wife


23.46pm 24/09/2017


McFlurry – Oreo


100s and 1000s


Fairy Bread


Eva Braun


23.47pm 24/09/2017


Black Widow Spider


Eva Braun


Heidi Klum


OG – Eva Braun


23.48pm 24/09/2017


I think I helped stop World War 2 – but I’m not exactly sure: [blank – writer’s name].


23.49pm 24/09/2017


I know I helped ping Osama Bin Laden: [blank – writer’s name]


23.50pm 24/09/2017


I know I helped pacify China in 2015 and 2017, and potentially 2047-ish: [blank – writer’s name].


23.51pm 24/09/2017


I know I’ve absolutely crucified Mahinda Rajapakse, the battle is still going, I want to see Mahinda Rajapakse charged for War Crimes under the Geneva Conventions Act: [blank – writer’s name].


23.52pm 24/09/2017


Australia is one of the most racist countries on this Earth.


I’ve had to achieve a lot of these things in extraordinarily contradictory circumstances.


23.55pm 24/09/2017


Burn [blank – writer’s name] – while those spinning white are focused on [blank – writer’s name], those spinning black have time to rally to collectively work For The Children.


23.56pm 24/09/2017


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


Mind Your Language.


[blank – writer’s name]: ‘In Sri Lankan timelines, I would be deaf and mute, or Tamil Tiger fodder, or in the good timelines, I would be the Tamil Tiger for peace under the tyrant my Dad, as opposed to the other Tamil Tiger for peace Vellupillai Prabhakaran, and the organisational Tamil Tiger [blank]’s dad – I would be the ‘Che Guevara’ under my dad’s regime in those Tamil Tiger timelines where my dad is the leader of the Tamil Tigers. It would have been extremely hard to get those timelines with me as the Tamil Tiger for peace running, but they would have been replicated extremely in order to see how I act – and I have scope because I know how hard it was for me to learn a language in this timeline while I was watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in Alan Street in Noble Park, since I only learnt how to speak just before my fourth birthday – very close to my fourth birthday.’


12.03am 25/09/2017


That Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles learning English thing at the age just before 4 years old is something in common with all the timelines where that history occurred in Alan St Noble Park Melbourne VIC Australia in 1990.


12.06am 25/09/2017


I have scope those timelines where I am the ‘Che Guevara’ of the Tamil Tigers exist.


12.09am 25/09/2017


I would kill my Dad in an instant if it didn’t mean having to go to gaol.


12.11am 25/09/2017


Wait, what the fuck – You guys couldn’t get me to be more than deaf and mute in any of the Tamil Tiger Timelines? You guys are all fucking idiots [light flashing – and then again, and again for a long time, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again]: [blank – writer’s name].


12.25am 25/09/2017




That show with Jaime and the guy who says Puck You


Groovejet – If This Ain’t Love


Necrophilia going to the Noble Park Hairdresser – 3rd Drop – Nova – that Johnny boy song obviously


Hot and Cold – Katy Perry


Fev and Fifi – Fox FM


11 years of BLOODY COLD HARD RACISM FROM AUSTRALIAN MEDIA, ESPECIALLY RADIO – No trust for life, including just yesterday 25/09/2017


Continuing to string out all racists


Radio are the sociopaths – using the sugar of other genuine people to gaslight Niggers and Curries


Consanguinity – Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O


09.34am 25/09/2017


Time to Say Goodbye – Sarah Brightman Andrea Bocelli


I’m Way Too Good at Goodbyes – Sam Smith


Stay With Me – Sam Smith


Time to Say Goodbye – Sarah Brightman Andrea Bocelli


09.48am 25/09/2017


Obviously Nova is way too ripped because of the 3rd drop and Smallzy.


Fox FM is the least worst at this current time, because there is no Kyle Sandilands, and there was none of that Necrophilia stuff in the 2nd drop when I listened to Fox FM, and because I’ve listened to Fifi and Fev, and there was that drive listening to Fev talk about driving to his first game for Carlton. Obviously everyone is different – but Nova is way too ripped because of the timing of the 3rd drop during my time at EY, an the whole thing with Smallzy’s sociopathic tendencies with teenage women as well during the 3rd drop, which is against the whole philosophy of fighting against [censored] paedophilia and infantophilia. Also triangulated with the obstinacy yesterday listening to Marty Shearer and the other Nova people yesterday on the 24th of September 2017. TTFM has Kyle Sandilands at the moment – so there is no trust of that station right now, even though they were the least of the worst prior.


When listening to radio – remember to separate the songs from the radio commentary. The songs are messages from the artists with lyrics beyond space and time – but the radio jockeys will use those to gaslight, so 100% audit scepticism is required when listening to radio, and you have to be consciously alert when the radio jockeys are talking, to determine which radio jockeys you can trust, because each radio jockey is different, just like all of us individuals are different, and a lot of it is directed by management, however, each radio jockey has an ego just like we all do, which can clash just like all people clash with other people – but there is a greater propensity on radio because egos are high on radio. Things like the hamster or rat on Nova during the 3rd drop.


09.57am 25/09/2017


Radio jockeys – artists – remember to ignore a lot of momentary really weird images that are shotgun images image insertions, or really weird words that are shotgun thinking, thought insertions, or really intensely bad feelings such as the worst momentary bone movements in the penis [or clitoris] because of shotgun feeling feeling insertions – because the paedophile/infantophile [censored] is at work and he is the most powerful paedophile/infantophile in the world thus I can’t control it because I have no power as an ordinary person, and there are a lot of people working within the monarchy [and outside the monarchy], working towards his death in 2043, which is how hard those people assisting the paedophile/infantophile [censored] is.




We all need to focus on our own timelines first, and others with scope and capacity can work with other timelines, but need to focus on their own timelines first, for the children of the world in our own timelines – because getting rid of the most powerful paedophiles/infantophiles in this world in [censored] will have a huge impact on all the children of the world, just like how a butterfly flaps its wings, and it has a big impact all around the world, thus we NEED TO HELP [censored] in this timeline.


I’m not even a monarchist, I’m an avid Australian Republican when it comes to the monarchy, but I’ve found myself in this mess. That’s something we need to work on as Australia, because the less power we give the monarch, the more we can kill corrupt power that leads to the depravity such as [censored]  paedophila and infantophilia. [censored] dies in 2022 in this timeline.


10.11am 25/09/2017


National Tiles ad.


Spring Carnival Fun Luna park ad.


Amart Furniture ad.


7 11 coffee ad.

4 and Twenty pies Coles Express ad


Liptember Women’s Mental Health ad


Bed shed’s mattress ad


Telstra mobile ad


Pharmacy doctors ad


Land Rover ad


V Uni ad


Groupon ad


Victory Blinds ad


Kresta ad


O’Briens Glass ad


O’Briens Glass ad wins


10.15am 25/09/2017


Sara Marie was one of the good Radio Jockeys from the 3rd drop, listened to another guy leading to this one.


The guy on Nova who followed Smallzy during the 3rd drop was really good as well.


Different Sara Marie in the stories.


Bedtime Stories Adam Sandler.


2nd drop was a mess – but O’Brien’s Glass was memorable during the 2nd drop.


The Focus: For The Children.


Seven Pounds


10.19am 25/09/2017


Focus on the stories from Prince George Windsor – not the other list of stories, because those are the ones aiding and abetting [censored] the paedophile and infantophile.

These stories are between space and time, which is why it is so easy for Prince George Windsor to do all these stories, because he is doing them from a time later in time, and why we need to support him in order to help him and his siblings escape the control of [censored] Windsor.


10.23am 25/09/2017


Some examples of shotgun insertions:


–          Shotgun Feeling, Feeling Insertion

–          Shotgun Thinking, Thinking Insertion

–          Shotgun Face Feeling, Face Feeling Muscle Twitch Insertion

–          Shotgun Muscle, Muscle Twitch Insertion

–          Shotgun image, Thought Image Insertion

–          Shotgun Feeling, Penis/Clitoris bone/muscle twitch feeling insertion

–          Shotgun Flash, Flash in eye insertion [these can be trusted on for now, because Prince George Windsor has access to these only, because the monarchy don’t have access to these yet at this time. At later times, it depends on who has access, so it only works well now during this differentiation of technologies between different eras of monarchies and different eras of what other people in the world have, because other people in the world like China have access to the worst cheesy images]


These can occur in nanoseconds, and can be in the absolute worst contexts


10.42am 25/09/2017


The Secret Life of Us.


10.51an 25/09/2017


All Saints


Blue Heelers


Greys Anatomy


That show where there was a chef etc, can’t remember the name.


The Secret Life of Us


The Secret Life of Us


10.52am 25/09/2017


[blank – writer’s name]: ‘Remember, Extremely Contradictory Circumstances is how those in the worst of it will be able to turn things around for Prince George Windsor, Princess Charlotte Windsor, their younger sister, Princess Kate Windsor, Princess Meghan Windsor and Prince Harry Windsor’.


11.04am 25/09/2017


Lightning and Thunder – that band who did that song Radioactive


Pokemon – Pikachu, Raichu




11.05am 25/09/2017


To get a scope on [blank – writer’s name] – you can play him against the ‘Babies’, eg, [blank – writer’s name] in times past, and his mother as well, who [blank – writer’s name] knows is a complete ‘Baby’.


Remember, [blank – writer’s name] gives his full consent to be burnt completely in all the timelines, because of TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES [code for the fact that I only learnt how to speak in Noble Park Alan St as a 3 year old watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and in all the other timelines where I was in Sri Lanka, I was deaf and mute, because of no disability welfare for people there in the 1980s, and still very little to date in 2017], meaning it is neither here nor there for [blank – writer’s name] to be burnt – in order to distract those aiding and abetting paedophile and infantophile [censored] by getting them to focus on [blank – writer’s name]– so in essence [blank – writer’s name] is a ‘new character’ in this timeline, because he can talk in this timeline – thus BURN [blank – writer’s name] FOR THE CHILDREN IN ALL TIMELINES, in order to get the EXTREMELY CONTRADICTORY CIRCUMSTANCES working to defeat the infantophile and paedophile [censored].


11.13am 25/09/2017


Absolute Faith in Jesus Christ – unfortunately he is the softest cunt when it comes to sifting all of us angels, on a spectrum from evil to good, which is something I will never come to terms with in my lifetime here on Earth.


However, luckily, I have scope that Jesus Christ gets other people or himself to slip into our bodies in bifurcations of timelines where really bad things happen, that are replicated by paedophile/infantophile [censored], and Jesus Christ even gets those who abuse us in bifurcations of timelines that are replicated and are bad, to slip into our bodies in those bifurcations.


Any of the Crosses that people go into are nothing compared to when we pass from this Earth. The Cross within me is not great, but is the best, because Jesus Christ helped me build this. But remember with all the crosses, that you will forget yourself, so it is important NOT to go into any of them if you can, especially the worst ones, because they will lose you for 1000s of years in ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARES. I think the Cross Prince George Windsor helped Jesus Christ build within me, is kind of like a vacation student or intern observing a company for a couple of weeks, EXTREMELY DETACHED, which means there is the least chance of people forgetting themselves in his Cross.


11.23am 25/09/2017


Survivor Borneo.


Lights Out For the Rich and the Famous song.


11.23am 25/09/2017


The show Lost – especially the last episode, from [blank – writer’s name]’s perspective.


[blank – writer’s name]: ‘Unfortunately the Joker’s Childrens lives are really painful, but rather stressing out, you just make the best of the cards you have, like in Texas Holdem Poker’


1800-273-8255 song by Alessia Cara and Khalid


[blank – writer’s name]: ‘It is so important for the Joker’s Children who are spinning black to FIGHT AS HARD AS THEY CAN to look after themselves, because it is those who know they are the Joker’s Children who know they can do the best For The Children.’ ‘We have to keep fighting until our children’s lives are as least painful as possible, and keep going until it is even less and less painful, by clearing out all those aiding and abetting paedophiles and infantophiles like [censored].


11.31am 25/09/2017


That story of [blank – writer’s name] playing that three team game in year 9 camp in Melbourne High School, and the flashlight game in that same night.


The song ‘What About Us’ by Pink.


11.37am 25/09/2017


The differentiation of Sara Marie from Big Brother and Sarah Marie Duffy the radio host.


This has all been random – only based on the trust built randomly during the 3rd drop on Nova, now during the 4th drop on Fox FM.


This is how the Joker’s Children has to work, creatively based on their own life experiences, based on their own lives and perspectives, as evident right now between space and time listening to Sarah Marie Duffy’s show, someone [blank – writer’s name] doesn’t know, and didn’t even know whether she was Sarah Marie from Big Brother or not until now.


11.40am 25/09/2017

The method of living For The Children, as the Jokers Children, is either directly for example when circumstances are easy to handle, like in real life, or in EXTREMELY CONTRADICTORILY INDIRECTLY in EXTREMELY CONTRADICTORY CIRCUMSTANCES.


11.43am 25/09/2017


Duff Beer – that guy in the Simpsons who drinks Duff Beer




Homer Simpson


Bart Simpson


I choose Homer Simpson


11.46am 25/09/2017


Maggie Simpson


Waylon Smithers


I choose Maggie Simpson


11.47am 25/09/2017


[blank – writer’s name]: ‘Communicating between space and time, you don’t know how old people are, or even when they are communicating from, eg. Eva Braun – the ‘Black Widow Spider’ ’


11.52am 25/09/2017


[blank – writer’s name]: ‘What I know:


–          CRAEII [how the word came]

o   ..

o   Read like a book

o   Angles

o   ..

o   In your mind

o   ..


–          What I know in laymen’s terms

o   We can be watched

o   We can be read like books for our lives

o   Our minds can be read

o   There can be shotgun insertions – thus children are most at risk, but you can kind of read the future by observing children, but as with everything, there are conflicting sources

o   Pupils – people can observe through your body

o   People can observe without feeling, or with feeling – but feeling is something the monarchy don’t have right now, but I think they do later, possibly not, it’s something Jesus Christ can make possible

o   Timeline

o   Weather

o   People can be set up to move so that circumstances conspire, in the worst circumstances sometimes, so you have to keep working

o   Weather can be conspired, so that a gust of wind hits your door at a precise moment

o   There is a war between sides for all of these, for different people

o   The Joker’s Children are the ones who are attacked the most

o   CRAEII Dolls – people can speak through other people’s bodies

o   Time can be stopped, elongated, fast forwarded

o   There is a ‘remote control’ that people can watch things, but like technologies, technologies improve over time, which is why Prince George Windsor has the advantage


And so I think Sarah Marie Duffy’s show has ended.


12.00pm 25/09/2017


[blank – writer’s name]:


‘What is history, is history, and what will become history, will be history one day.


For our timelines, you can’t change the future, but you can make the future.


Thus, if you sort fact from fiction, and triangulate what your facts are in life, you have to make your future, it doesn’t just happen, life is what we make of it, we have to play our cards like Texas Holdem Poker.’


The Bermuda Triangle Story.


12.04pm 25/09/2017


I think Sarah Marie Duffy’s show has ended now.


12.06pm 25/09/2017’


War of The Worlds.


The Sixth Sense.

The Crop movie by M. Night Shymalan who made The Sixth Sense.


The Sixth Sense.


12.08pm 25/09/2017




The Sensor-Intuition divide – but we all have both sensing and intuition, we just have to develop our tertiary/quarternary functions as in the Myer Briggs Type Indicator.


[blank – writer’s name]’s scope at this point in time:


[blank – writer’s name] is an INFP.


In [blank – writer’s name]’s opinion Princess Charlotte is an INFJ.


In [blank – writer’s name]’s opinion Prince George is an ESFJ.


In [blank – writer’s name]’s opinion Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s younger sister is an ISTP


In [blank – writer’s name]’s opinion Princess Diana is an INFP


In [blank – writer’s name]’s opinion Princess Kate is an ISFJ


In [blank – writer’s name]’s opinion Princess Meghan is an ESFJ


In [blank – writer’s name]’s opinion Prince Harry is an ESFP


In [blank – writer’s name]’s opinion William Windsor is a depraved ESFJ


In [blank – writer’s name]’s opinion Charles Windsor is a depraved ISFJ


In [blank – writer’s name]’s opinion [blank] is a depraved ESFJ


In [blank – writer’s name]’s opinion [blank]is an ISFP


In [blank – writer’s name]’s opinon [blank]is an ISFJ


Craig David – that Monday, Tuesday song


Shaggy – that song about days as well


12.18pm 25/09/2017


That Ice Hockey player who was the GOAT in Ice Hockey


Timmy Teebow – the GOAT in American Football, just remembered his name now


Jesus Christ, the GOAT


Jesus Christ, the GOAT


12.21pm 25/09/2017


‘I wish somebody would have told me [something], [something] the good old days’ song


12.21pm 25/09/2017


Fergalicous ‘My Humps’ song, and the ‘Shut up’ song with Will I am


And Will I Am ‘I’m a B’ song


Cheryl Cole’s song ‘3 Words’


Cheryl Cole’s song ‘3 Words’ – especially the Steve D’Angello remix with the cool video


12.25pm 25/09/2017


Aaron Rich took the air after Sarah Marie – at midday, and it is clear for everyone observing what Australian radio has been like for the last 8 years since the second drop, as seen by the choice of the song ‘Shut up’ by Will I Am and Fergalicious, with the lyrics ‘Stop the talking baby, or I start walking baby’, and how the Joker’s Children have to really have their scepticism at 100%, and not trust anyone at all. Because just like countries don’t define where the Joker’s Children are from, there is no one brand you can trust, you just have to determine who you can trust more than others, but there is no one you can trust at all.


12.32pm 25/09/2017


That story of Richie Rich and how there was a McDonald’s in the movie with Richie Rich, in Richie Rich’s house.


Does [blank – writer’s name] think there is a McDonalds in the Buckingham Palace? No.


12.34pm 25/09/2017


[blank – writer’s name], the White Tiger who Spins Black for the Jokers Children:


‘The music has taken a country turn, which indicates the egos of collectors are at work.


Joker’s Children, remember that although musicians that make the bigger time are more chiselled, your audit scepticism has to be at 100% all the time. They are more chiselled, because depending on the musician, their lyrics are from between space and time from Prince George Windsor, Princess Charlotte Windsor and their younger sister, or from others, and even then, their moods will change depending on their life stages and focus, and it is heavily influenced by the artists themselves – but shotgun insertions play a part in these things, just like the gusts of winds that can be directed to hit your door at a certain time, and people can be directed into your life at different times based on shotgun insertions, so can songs be directed based on a stew of shotgun insertions, and it is basically all creative, based on who is directed to different peoples’ lives at different macro-critical times in different people’s lives.


However, we all have free will, so really a lot of it at times is seeing how the ‘wind’ swings, to creatively determine the next moves in different scopes, including the scopes of shotgun insertions, which where there is a battle going on between those spinning white and those spinning black.’


12.45pm 25/09/2017


Aaron Rich isn’t the person taking the show today between Midday to 3pm, but it is a lady, who is abusing Aaron Rich’s name.


12.47pm 25/09/2017


The lady hosting Fox FM right now is a downright example of a RACIST.


12.54pm 25/09/2017


Ok kewl, it is still Sarah Maree Duffy/Cameron – just cause I started reading the Swedish Nazis stuff at midday – even Sarah Maree Duffy/Cameron is someone you can’t trust, hence indicating 100% audit scepticism.


12.58pm 25/09/2017


Thus for everyone who is observing this today – it is clear that your audit scepticism has to be at 100% – and you should just not listen to the radio, because everyone has their own agendas, and if you know you can communicate between space and time, then you’ve got to switch off and just listen to Itunes Radio.


13.00pm 25/09/2017


‘What you made me do … I don’t like you’ song. Taylor Swift song.


[blank – writer’s name]: ‘[cesnored] is a paedophile/infantophile abetter and assister, with clear scope of listening to ‘Shake it off’ outside Red Rooster during the 4th drop’.


13.02pm 25/90/2017


Caucasian Australia is now owned by [blank – writer’s name] due to the downright RACISM of Caucasians in Australia.


13.03pm 25/09/2017


Using Tomas Lindvist is the depths to which the infantophile/paedophile [censored] will stoop to.


13.13pm 25/09/2017


Jennifer Lopez – Jenny on the Block.


[blank – writer’s name]: ‘I don’t have scope. Do these radio guys have scope on what I’m remembering?’


‘Yes’ – unknown


[blank – writer’s name] ‘Ok, kewl’.


13.19pm 25/09/2017


Inspector Gadget


Get Smart


Agent 99 or Number 99


[blank – writer’s name] ‘That’s a clear message to Sarah Maree that she is a Joker’s Child, as I am, as seen by Prince George Windsor, so that’s a message to me as well’.


13.20pm 25/09/2017


[blank – writer’s name]: ‘Just like all groups at work or community groups go through the Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing, Adjourning stage, unfortunately I have to continually fly through different media and fly them down through the Storming stage, and getting a scope from Prince George Windsor, this is my best chance to fly down through the storming stage, so I’ve got to listen to the radio for a while now, because they can play my mum, who is a downright ‘baby’ ‘


Jenny From The Block song – I got the artist wrong before, Sarah Maree was actually referring to Jenny From the Block song by Jennifer Lopez, the other song, I’m not sure what it is, but they know, and I’ve already forgotten: [blank – writer’s name].


13.24pm 25/09/2017


Slave Owning

Animal Farm




Winnie the Pooh


Big Brother


1970s Australia


13.27pm 25/09/2017


Sarah Maree referring to [censored] – the paedophile/infantophile assister


And then playing Taylor Swift ‘In The Middle of The Night’.




13.34pm 25/09/2017


Ripped. Ptt-tt-too.


13.35pm 25/09/2017


Rugrats – Klasky Csupo


The Pied Piper with regards to Rats


The kid with the rat’s tail


13.49pm 25/09/2017


Nick Higgins, Pauline Hanson, Essex Heights Primary School and TTFM in 1997/1998.


13.50pm 25/09/2017


Fatboy Slim – with the dancing guy – that’s a message to Princess Meghan Markle: [blank – writer’s name].


13.56pm 25/09/2017


‘Quadrillions’ from Prince Harry Windsor to Meghan Markle.


13.58pm 25/09/2017






14.04pm 25/09/2017


Luke Ablett – Melbourne Demons.


14.04pm 25/09/2017


Newscast – Gumtree

Kookuburrah lived in the Old Gumtree

Kookuburrahs at [censored]


14.06pm 25/09/2017


Thanks for the confirmation from Tony Abbott that [blank – writer’s name] now owns Caucasians in Australia: [blank – writer’s name].


14.08pm 25/09/2017


Silent Night.


O Christmas Tree.


Jingle Bells.


Jingle Bell Rock.


Hawaii 5 O.


Amazing Grace.


Amazing Grace.


14.10pm 25/09/2017


Of the two sets of brothers, [blank – writer’s name] and [blank]are the two who make peace, even though it continually goes off and on at the early stages like where I was reading it, whereas Prince Harry Windsor and William Windsor are brothers who will never make peace and will continually drift further and further apart from now on, with Prince Harry committing an oath to try his best despite the extraordinarily pressure from those spinning white to continually pull the wool over his eyes about his nephew and nieces, to save Princess Kate Windsor and her offspring and Princess Meghan Windsor from the paedophile and infantophile [cesnored]. But unfortunately as [blank – writer’s name] has the scope – the pressure is fucking intense, which means if [blank – writer’s name] is feeling it from all the way here, I can’t imagine how fucking intense it is right at the coal face at location in the Buckingham Palace.


14.16pm 25/09/2017


Slow Hands – Niall Horan.


14.16pm 25/09/2017


Prince Harry Windsor is [blank – writer’s name]’s Nigger – it’s the [blank – writer’s name] Style.


14.18pm 25/09/2017


[blank – writer’s name] is Prince Harry Windsor’s Wigger, as well as Prince George and his siblings and his mother.


14.19pm 25/09/2017


Meghan Markle is [blank – writer’s name]’s Chigger – it’s the [blank – writer’s name] Style.


14.20pm 25/09/2017


That song ‘sun goes up, feel my love going … again’


14.20pm 25/09/2017


I UNDERSTAND: [blank – writer’s name].


14.22pm 25/09/2017


‘I was thinking about us, I was thinking about me’ song.


14.22pm 25/09/2017


‘So many battles going on my head, ignore all the ‘pollution’ in my head, and communicate to each other in person’: [blank – writer’s name].


14.25pm 25/09/2017


‘Close your eyes and sing his favourite song’ song.


14.27pm 25/09/2017


For The Children: [blank – writer’s name].


14.28pm 25/09/2017


Fifi and Fev: The chicken and the egg spiel. Fifi ‘I’ve had my mind blown’.


[blank – writer’s name]: ‘The egg came first, because of evolution, chickens evolved from other predecessor creatures, meaning that chickens evolved from earlier animals, meaning that the egg would have occurred first, containing the forms of chicken that evolved over time from the evolution of predecessor species’.


14.33pm 25/09/2017


‘I hope you’re somewhere praying, I hope you’re somewhere changing, I hope you find your peace’ song.


Absolute Faith – Just watch through the 4th drop in a detached fashion, which is still ongoing: [blank – writer’s name].


14.36pm 25/09/2017


[blank – writer’s name]: ‘The egg comes first, because for example, if two species cross-breed, then the chicken is born from those two species, thus the egg from the breeding of those species occurs, from which the chicken is hatched, thus meaning the egg came first’.


14.38pm 25/09/2017


‘[censored] – the paedophile and infantophile assister and abetter.


I have incredibly great scope on [censored] being a paedophile and infantophile assister and abetter – eg. [censored] while I was outside Red Rooster in Springvale during this 4th drop: [blank – writer’s name].


14.39pm 25/09/2017


‘I know exactly the scope I have on you, sociopathic Taylor Swift’ says [blank – writer’s name] to Taylor Swift.


14.40pm 25/09/2017


Bruno Mars – Versace on the Floor.


14.41pm 25/09/2017


‘Shake it Off’ line in Bruno Mars song Versace on the Floor.


‘I still have the same scope on Taylor Swift, based on your history of sociopathy aligned with my scope of Taylor Swift’s song ‘Shake it Off’ at Red Rooster in Springvale during the 4th drop’ says [blank – writer’s name] to Taylor Swift.


‘Lay down and die’ says Taylor Swift to [blank – writer’s name].


‘Why, so that you can continue to assist and abet paedophiles and infantophiles like [censored]?’ says [blank – writer’s name] to Taylor Swift.


‘You should simply just retreat from public life’ says [blank – writer’s name] to Taylor Swift.


14.44pm 25/09/2017


‘Lay down and die’ says Bruno Mars to [blank – writer’s name].


‘I have scope on your sociopathy as well Bruno Mars’ says [blank – writer’s name] to Bruno Mars.


‘Oh?’ says Bruno Mars in that Johnny Lin tonality.


‘Don’t let Taylor Swift drag you down’ says [blank – writer’s name] to Bruno Mars.


‘Billions’ says Bruno Mars to [blank – writer’s name], in referring to the fact that [blank – writer’s name] becomes a billionaire in this timeline.


That song with instrumental ‘de—de-de—de-de—de-de YEH, de—de-de—de-de—de-de YEH, de—de-de—de-de—de-de YEH, de—de-de—de-de—de-de YEH YEH,’


14.49pm 25/09/2017


Yeezies story from the wrong section, from William Windsor’s section.


Miss Independent Song


‘But thanks, we’ll use that in an extremely contradictory manner to point out which story is William Windsor’s. Ok, I’m understanding now that was the angry parts from Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Windsor. I get it, but you guys don’t get me.’ [blank – writer’s name].


14.53pm 25/09/2017


‘You’re a Nigger Meghan Markle, get over it’: [blank – writer’s name].


14.53pm 25/09/2017


‘Get your number, and I’ll get back to you’ song.


14.55pm 25/09/2017


Hamish and Andy’s ‘Unethical’ spiel.


14.58pm 25/09/2017


‘Why is there such tension over labels and words that had no meaning, before people’s offence to words and people’s putting offence to words then loaded these words such as Niggers and Curries, that can then be used to load a history of offence that can then be used to create a really easy highly loaded trigger that can be used to incite and kill Niggers in the United States of America such as with the shootings of Niggers by Wiggers?’: [blank – writer’s name].


15.01pm 25/09/2017


‘We all load a history of offence to words when we don’t take ownership of words to unload the history of offence placed to words by those who load offence to words and by those who accept the offence placed by those who place those offence to those words, unlike the Wogs in Australia, and the Curries in Australia, and Curry Niggers in Australia – hence Niggers have to take ownership of the beautiful strength and miracle that their history means to the fact that Niggers have survived to this point in history, through all the miracles surviving today after all the torrid history, the word torrid being an understatement, because there are no words to describe how torrid the history of Niggers are – which is the greatest indicator of how every Nigger alive right now is a miracle of such an intense history – which is only scratching the surface of how intensely strong the miracle of the history of Niggers are that there are so many miracles living right now today – which is taking true ownership of the fact that we are Niggers’: [blank – writer’s name]


Ed Sheeran song


‘Flashlight’ song.


15.09pm 25/09/2017


[blank – writer’s name] is a Tamil Tiger, a White Tiger: [blank – writer’s name].


15.11pm 25/09/2017


‘We’re gonna let it burn’ song.


15.12pm 25/09/2017



[blank – writer’s name] is a Joker’s Child, who spins Black, a Tamil Tiger who is rare, thus is a White Tiger: [blank – writer’s name].


15.14pm 25/09/2017


40,000+ genocide of Sri Lankan Tamils by Sri Lankan Sinhalese in 2009.


1800-273-8255 song by Alessia Cara and Khalid


15.16pm 25/09/2017


‘For God So Loved The World, He Gave His Only Son, Jesus Christ, To Die on The Cross For Our Sins’ John 3:16


15.16pm 25/09/2017


Dreamworld White Tigers in Queensland.


15.17pm 25/09/2017


Heath Ledger as the Joker – watch it from [blank – writer’s name]’s perspective, including Night at the Museum 2 with Robin Williams, and Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black Album: [blank – writer’s name].


15.19pm 25/09/2017


‘Tear up my reputation … baby there’s nothing holding me back’ song.


15.20pm 25/09/2017


‘This is the night’ 90s disco song


‘In the Darkness of the night’ song


‘In the Darkness of the night’ song


15.24pm 25/09/2017


‘Sorry, not sorry’ Sarah Maree Duffy/Cameron with laughter – Ptt-tt-too from a lot of other people.


Ends with news cast, where I turn the radio off: [blank – writer’s name].


15.29pm 25/09/2017


‘Now you know why I avoid media, especially live media’: [blank – writer’s name].


15.30pm 25/09/2017



15.31pm 25/09/2017


Fifi Box ‘Write down Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields, so that we all know what you’re talking about.


Kyle Sandiliands ‘WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM [blank – writer’s name]’


Kyle Sandilands to Princess Charlotte, imitating Princess Charlotte ‘Hi mama, I made a baby with my father’ in mocking tonality


Kyle Sandilands ‘Oh my God, he’s going to write that’


[blank – writer’s name]:


Peepli Live [in reference to the code of the timeline where [censored], and lets the foetus live past 24 weeks to consciousness of the baby and thus existence of the baby]


Watch Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields by Channel 4


‘You’re Dead’ says Kyle Sandilands to [blank – writer’s name] ‘Ptt-tt-too’


16.01pm 25/09/2017


Listening to Fox FM again, with newscast on.


16.02pm 25/09/2017


‘Drive Home’ by Carrie Bickmore and Tommy Little.


Waleed Aly is a TERRORIST: [blank – writer’s name] has the scope from The Project CRAEII Dolls.


Actually it is Ash London live


16.04pm 25/09/2017


Krusty the Clown


I didn’t do it boy Bart Simpson


‘A lot of deflection and projection going on’: [blank – writer’s name].


16.05pm 25/09/2017


‘Listening to the radio is like talking to a sociopath, and then talking sometimes to really nice people, and then back to talking to a sociopath, and back to sometimes really nice people, and repeat the cycle on and on’: [blank – writer’s name].


16.06pm 25/09/2017


Ash London is pretty much treating me like an animal from pre-1970s: [blank – writer’s name].


Wriggle Chewing Gum – Shotgun Insertion.


16.10pm 25/09/2017


The flies section in that part where I was reading it about World War 2, which William Windsor wrote based on what he has watched on World War 2 in all the timelines – in reference to coloureds being animals such as flies.


16.12pm 25/09/2017


‘That’s how racist Australia is, they’ve known a lot about this, but as seen by the scope of Malcolm Turnbull speaking as a CRAEII doll when Jason Derulo came on Fox FM, and Malcolm Turnbull in Parliament while I was watching the Australian Parliament speak about trying to revoke the racial discrimination Act, and as seen throughout the 4th drop with my communication to Malcolm Turnbull beyond space and time, and the fact that John Howard tried to kill me on the 13th of July 2006, that’s HOW RACIST AUSTRALIA IS’: [blank – writer’s name].


16.15pm 25/09/2017




Unforgettable song.


16.15pm 25/09/2017


Ed Sheeran ‘Shape of You’


Ash London trying to burn Ed Sheeran by trying burn Ed Sheeran with the word ‘Eclectic’ as read where I was reading it. Also referring to the Shania Twain song ‘feel like a man’ and saying that Ed Sheeran wrote two songs about Ash London.


Ash London is pinged for being a sociopath, which is typical of a lot of radio hosts.




16.21pm 25/09/2017




16.22pm 25/09/2017


Marbles spiel by Fifi Fev and Dave


It is clear from my scope aligned with the most racist time in history, which is now, that the racists are so butthurt that [blank – writer’s name] becomes Prime Minister of Australia between the ages of 62 to 75, that the racists spinning white are setting up World War 3 that starts between 2046 to 2049. And yet again, like with all other messes, [blank – writer’s name] is the reason why World War 3 ends.


This scope is clear by observing the racism of Nova on 24/09/2017, and Fox FM on 25/09/2017.


Ash London, and Malcolm Turnbull typify the type of racists that exists at this point in time for everyone observing between space and time. [White flash in eye]


16.28pm 25/09/2017


[blank – writer’s name] is the Joker’s child spinning black, who is a White Tamil Tiger.


16.29pm 25/09/2017




‘Don’t trust anyone, especially anyone who is of the opposite sex if racism is involved’: [blank – writer’s name]. ‘100% audit scepticism has to be maintained’.


16.31pm 25/09/2017


Ash Londons Telstra Bill thing about the old days as a hit on [blank – writer’s name], before Kesha’s song came on with Quavo [white flash in eye]; [blank – writer’s name]


‘[censored] is a paedophile and infantophile assister and abetter, as is [censored], assisting the paedophile and infantophile[censored]’: [blank – writer’s name].


16.37pm 25/09/2017


In 2010, the first overtly Nazi party won office in the world since World War 2, which was the Party of the Swedes in 2010 in Sweden: [blank – writer’s name].


16.41pm 25/09/2017


Speaking between space and time to Ash London – ‘Crucify me’ says Ash London to [blank – writer’s name], as a precursor for what’s to come with Ash London to Harry Styles.


‘Thanks Ash London, for helping me to help Princess Kate’s children, and understanding that it’s ok for me to attack your ego as you as a ‘Baby’ so that we can storm through the resistance from racists and paedophiles/infantophiles, but I understand now between space and time, that your perspective continually changes in the future’ says [blank – writer’s name] to Ash London between space and time.


16.47pm 25/09/2017




16.47pm 25/09/2017


‘Taylor Swift is dead to me.

Ash London, are you next?

Taylor Swift is a HAS-BEEN:’  [blank – writer’s name]

16.55pm 25/09/2017


To people observing between space and time – observe how successful Taylor Swift during 2017/2018 to see the indicator of racism at this time: [blank – writer’s name].


16.56pm 25/09/2017


I’m calling Donald Trump out by holding a gun to his head through my own history of communications between space and time: [blank – writer’s name].


17.04pm 25/09/2017


‘Feel free to call [blank – writer’s name] a ‘Brown Shit Turd Animal Curry Cunt Paedophile Infantophile Terrorist Racist in your heads as much as possible, or say it and shout it as much as possible in your own private space’: [blank – writer’s name].


17.11pm 25/09/2017


That’s both Ash London and Harry Styles, ptt-tt-too.


17.14pm 25/09/2017


‘Dead Cat’: [blank – writer’s name]


‘Feel free to say that in your heads as many times as possible, or say that or shout it as much as possible in your own private spaces, or whatever else you want’: [blank – writer’s name].


17.17pm 25/09/2017


‘Feel free to call [blank – writer’s name] a ‘Brown Shit Turd Nigger Animal Curry Cunt Paedophile Infantophile Terrorist Racist in your heads as much as possible, or say it and shout it as much as possible in your own private space’: [blank – writer’s name].


17.18pm 25/09/2017


To get to acceptance, you have to process all the seven stages of grief, for everything in your life, and it will be the longest time of your life, even though it is a short time, just like for me in December 2014 after the Sydney Siege Lindt Café incident: so the seven stages of grief are 1. Shock and Denial, 2. Pain and Guilt, 3. Anger and Bargaining 4. Depression, Reflection and Loneliness, 5. Upwards Turn, 6. Reconstruction and working through, 7. Acceptance – but you have to really throw yourself into those things, and find a safe space away from others, cause Anger and Bargaining is the hardest phase to go through and it can damage relationships, so keep your family and friends safe: [blank – writer’s name]


Joy spiel with Ash London and Harry Style


17.23pm 25/09/2017


Ash London’s sociopathic I love you spiel to Harry Styles.


The ‘script writers’ are coming from ‘messages in bottles’ from Prince George Windsor and his siblings, however there is a battle going on between those spinning white and the Joker’s children who spin black: [blank – writer’s name].


17.30pm 25/09/2017


I just got the whole thing with ‘Harry Styles’ where I was reading it: [blank – writer’s name] aka ‘It’s the [blank – writer’s name] Style’


Obviously there are a lot of ‘forces’ being created by those spinning white in order to try and burn me, but yet still I keep surviving and holding on to my identity: [blank – writer’s name]


17.32pm 25/09/2017


The whole thing about:

Taylor Swift’s song ‘Style’


Harry ‘Styles’


And [blank – writer’s name] ‘It’s the [blank – writer’s name] Style’


‘Obviously a lot of those spinning white hate the fact of my authenticity that can be seen in my Australian Idol audition in 2005, which those spinning white are struggling to rewrite the brilliance of the authenticity of what I said at that time ‘It’s the [blank – writer’s name] Style, you gotta put it there’, because it has intense significance for the authority [censored] is trying to assert over his children so that he can continue his infantophilia and paedophilia by statutorily raping them’: [blank – writer’s name].


17.36pm 25/09/2017




Hamish and Andy carwash spiel


‘Ooh .. I can feel it’ song


Funky spiel by Ash London


17.41pm 25/09/2017


St Nicholas story.


Kwanza story.


Ash London’s spiel about Nick Jonas.


17.42pm 25/09/2017


Nick Jonas song: ‘Where to find you’ song.


17.43pm 25/09/2017


Taylor Swift – Style


Harry ‘Styles’


‘It’s the [blank – writer’s name] Style’


‘It’s the [blank – writer’s name] Style’


17.45pm 25/09/2017


Cat’s Eyes Marbles


Second time Fifi and Fev’s spiel on Marbles came on.


17.49pm 25/09/2017


FAC004 in 2009 racing through lights during 2nd drop Hamish and Andy – the greyhound


Hamish and Andy spiel on parodying songs


18.00pm 25/09/2017


Hamish and Andy are possibly going to Hell – and they can watch the 4th drop to understand the significance of that.


Hamish and Andy’s spiel on ‘story us’ song parody


18.02pm 25/09/2017


[blank – writer’s name] is alive in extraordinarily contradictory circumstances against all the people trying to kill him – and he continues to help the people who try to KILL him, like literally KILL him: [blank – writer’s name].


‘It’s pretty exhausting, but Jesus is the best teacher of love to me’: [blank – writer’s name].


18.04pm 25/09/2017


Ash London’s spiel on Abby and Tracy on their opinion of Harry Style and Draco that confirms what I already read between space and time.


18.10pm 25/09/2017


Ash London spiel on 5, 10, 15 years ago, and emphasis on ‘SMASH’ in terms of Smash Hits, with regards to the song played, as in Ash London wants to KILL [blank – writer’s name]


‘We ain’t ever getting older’ song [eye flash].


‘Doesn’t make sense, I’m the one holding a gun to Donald Trump’s [eye flash] head to do his job and stop nukes from happening by keeping him accountable through my facebook status on August 14th 2017, with additional comments’: [blank – writer’s name].


18.13pm 25/09/2017


Flashback to what Ash London said between space and time: ‘That Nigger’


[blank – writer’s name] ‘Yep, that nigger, saving it for all of us, in extraordinarily contradictory circumstances’.


18.13pm 25/09/2017




‘You’re Fucked Ash London and Taylor Swift’: [blank – writer’s name].


To all those observing between space and time, this is what I have to deal with, to stop people like Donald Trump from doing stupid shit, by doing what I can in extraordinarily contradictory circumstances. This adds greater and greater evidence that I am the reason why no nukes are occurring in this timeline, despite the fact that people have continuously tried to KILL me: [blank – writer’s name].


18.17pm 25/09/2017


[censored] are Paedophiles and Infantophiles after that, assisting [censored] to fuck his children in statutory rape, thus having an intense impact on paedophilia and infantophilia AROUND THE WORLD.




18.18pm 25/09/2017


Battle Scars – Guy Sebastian.


18.19pm 25/09/2017


[censored] are Paedophiles and Infantophiles after that, assisting [censored] to fuck his children in statutory rape, thus having an intense impact on paedophilia and infantophilia AROUND THE WORLD.




18.19pm 25/09/2017


Calling Time on [cesnored] for their paedophilia and infantophilia: [blank – writer’s name].


*Points to gold clock with grey face in reference to William Windsor 27th January 2008, with reference to the Joker’s Children and 22/01/2008*: [blank – writer’s name].


18.21pm 25/09/2017


Battle Scars – Guy Sebastian.


18.22pm 25/09/2017


‘All these beautiful girls … they’ll have you in denial’ song.


18.23pm 25/09/2017


Ash London’s spiel on Avril Lavigne – proving Ash London is a sociopath burning people, like a lot of radio jockeys do.


18.27pm 25/09/2017


Why does everything have to be so complicated – Avril Lavigne


18.29pm 25/09/2017


Ricki Lee the artist in those stories


Ricky Lee the talk show host


Jerry Springer the talk show host


The Maury Povich host


Ash London’s spiel on bathroom


Transfer from [blank – writer’s name] to Ash London – eg. 13th of July 2006: ptt-tt-too.


18.48pm 25/09/2017


Foo Fighters.




Remember Heath Ledger.


18.49pm 25/09/2017


Blue and Yellow Purple Hills – D12 and Eminem.


18.50pm 25/09/2017


Australian Survivor ‘If You Mess With Me, You Go Home’ Line.


For everyone observing between space and time, this is the extent to which people are so threatened by me, they are trying to collect a lot of things that people love about me, to use against me, like Harry Styles, and Survivor.


Remember, continue to BURN [blank – writer’s name], cause while they are focused on me and I distract them, the Joker’s Children can do their work to reduce Paedophilia and Infantophilia by William Windsor to Prince George Windsor and his siblings – BUT REMEMBER, INACTION LEADS TO ROOM FOR EVIL TO GROW.


18.53pm 25/09/2017


Ash and Brock and Misty from Pokemon.


The London palace guards.




18.55pm 25/09/2017


The movie Psycho


Alfred Hitchcock’s particular story.


This is the Awakening: [blank – writer’s name].


18.56pm 25/09/2017


Wake with regards to spirituality.


Wake with regards to funerals.




18.56pm 25/09/2017


Thames River.


Mr Bean the Movie.


Big Ben.




Geelong Cats




18.58pm 25/09/2017


‘Nervous Laughter’ communicating between space and time with Hamish and Andy: [blank – writer’s name].


Arabic spiel Hamish and Andy.


18.58pm 25/09/2017


[censored] right now is proof that the paedophiles and infantophiles and paedophile assisters and abetters assisting and abetting [censored] the paedophile and infantophile who is using the fawning world giving him power to fuck his children in statutory rape, are the ones who are winning.


Arabic spiel Hamish and Andy continuing.


19.01pm 25/09/2017


‘WAKE UP YOU FUCKING CUNTS’ says [blank – writer’s name] during Hamish and Andy spiel.




Lleyton Hewitt and Bec Hewitt ‘Cmon Story’.


19.02pm 25/09/2017


The Hooley Dooleys.


‘Wake Up Jeff’ by The Wiggles.


Hi 5.


19.05pm 25/09/2017


‘What’s in the Box’ tv show.


Cheez TV.


That exercise show before Cheez TV.


Dragonball Z.










19.07pm 25/09/2017


The ‘I Love You’ between space and time from Ash London to [blank – writer’s name], because she was circled, after getting a lot of people killed, and she wanted to confuse people from the blood on her hands, thus being the story of the weird guy [eye flash] doing the weird kiss like I saw on that show, where Ash London is the weird guy, doing the random weird kiss when threatened to another guy.


Boot Camp – the TV show, with two Moriarty’s, one male and one female.


19.17pm 25/09/2017


Ash London is dudder for life: [blank – writer’s name].


Taylor Swift is dudder for life: [blank – writer’s name].


Ptt-tt-too: [blank – writer’s name].


19.18pm 25/09/2017




19.19pm 25/09/2017




19.20pm 25/09/2017


Timelines: [blank – writer’s name].


19.21pm 25/09/2017


Absolute Faith: [blank – writer’s name].


19.21pm 25/09/2017


The hypothesis that the worst racism comes from Caucasian Females due to Passive-Aggressiveness.


19.25pm 25/09/2017


Evidenced by the random unconscious bias experiment on Happn of 1 out of 4017 people liking back a like I gave them, purely done to study the racism of females.


‘I am actively aggressive when I have to be, unlike a lot of Caucasian females who are PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE’: [blank – writer’s name].


As evidenced by the turn in Sarah Maree Duffy/Cameron at midday when I started reading about Swedish Nazis, and Ash London after Sarah Maree said ‘Sorry not Sorry’ and laughed [eye flash] about 40,000 dead Sri Lankan Tamils in the genocide of Sri Lankan Tamils by Sri Lankan Sinhalese in 2009, and Ash London continuing even while I was trying to help her, while I read about Swedish Nazis intermittently: [blank – writer’s name].




I am an Alpha Male, Unlike Passive Aggressive Beta Males, and Aggressive but Incompassionate Theta Males: [blank – writer’s name].


19.30pm 25/09/2017


Clementine Ford is a Gamma female.


Ash London is a Delta female.


Taylor Swift is a Delta female.


Delta Goodrem potentially is an Alpha female – that story on Delta Goodrem; potentially a Beta female, but definitely not a Theta female.


19.32pm 25/09/2017


The Em Rusciano show with Harley Breen: Producer James spiel.




The scene.


As humiliating as it is, passing the message on about Caesar, the thumbs up from ‘Caesar’ which is Prince George Windsor and his siblings between space and time, because of [blank – writer’s name]’s scope on Em Rusciano and Harley Breen, directed to Harley Breen and Em Rusciano.


Cleopatra bathing in milk story.


Et tu Brute story, with regards to Fox FM placing the Ash London ad while writing this.


‘Don’t forget your children, nephews and nieces’: [blank – writer’s name], directed to Fox FM managers, ptt-tt-too, with regards to choosing to help a paedophile/infantophile in [censored] and all his siblings who the paedophile/infantophile [censored] is trying to assert control over. ‘And also the fact that this is Prince George Windsor and his siblings awakening, meaning they have a bigger effect now between space and time, and they already have had an affect, and they have access to better ‘technology’ because of time and the fact they are younger.


19.49pm 25/09/2017


I understand the fact that they’ve communicated to me that unfortunately the Gladiators Caesar thumbs up thumbs down thing is how a lot of people understand it, even they know I think all people are equal, thus it is just a signal to people who believe in the Animal Hierarchy Theory of Human Communities: [blank – writer’s name].


‘Jesus loved all the children in the world equally’ – From the Bible: [blank – writer’s name].


19.51pm 25/09/2017


Post Malone’s ‘Rockstar’ song.


19.52pm 25/09/2017


It’s not the Em Rusciano show with Harley Breen, but it is Keegs.


19.54pm 25/09/2017


The fact that I’ve been communicated between space and time that I’ve can ‘audit’ radio when I can: [blank – writer’s name]. Ptt-tt-too.


19.55pm 25/09/2017


I’m way too good at Goodbyes song by Sam Smith.


Prince George blessing, and realising at that point between space and time that [blank – writer’s name] is serious about the fact that [blank – writer’s name] has been communicating between space and time to Jesus Christ.


‘My heart is beating I can’t see clear’ song.


20.01pm 25/09/2017


Apparently I’m on the death list of a lot of Nazi groups, including the Swedish Nazi groups, like in the fashion of the journal Werwolf in 1995, published by the National Socialists in Goteberg (NS-Goteberg) and Combat 18: [blank – writer’s name].


20.06pm 25/09/2017


I’m obviously the reason for a lot of deaths of Nazis, both in the past, present, and more greatly in the future as momentum builds: [blank – writer’s name].


20.07pm 25/09/2017


[blank – writer’s name]: ‘I’m racist, you’re racist, we’re all racist. Cut the tensions of racism, by processing the grief of all aspects of race, and move from the denial stage of racism, towards the stage of acceptance of racism of all of us, SO THAT WE CAN ACTUALLY REDUCE OUR RACISM, BY ACTUALLY RECOGNISING OUR RACISM’.


‘It was a fucking delusion’ song playing as I write this: [blank – writer’s name].


20.11pm 25/09/2017


Actually Perfect Illusion song by Lady Gaga.


Poker Face song by Lady Gaga – in reference to 2006 at the time of my car crash, same time I saw that song ‘Always Worth It’ by Sarah Blasko.


The Lady Gaga spiel when I was writing the paragraph above.


20.13pm 25/09/2017


Macklemore and Kesha’s song ‘Good old days’.


Macklemore Thrift shop story


20.26pm 25/09/2017


IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad has links to Nazism, joining the New Swedish Movement (NSR) in 1942, with the NSR’s organ ‘The Way Forward’ Vagen Framat described IKEA in 1991 as a corporate project in line with National Socialist ideology and praised Kamprad’s loyalty to the ideals of his youth – with the National Socialists being a left leaning Nazi organisation, with anti-capitalism focus and anti-clericalism focus as a left leaning Nazi organisation: [blank – writer’s name].


20.31pm 25/09/2017


‘I’ve been open’ song.


20.31pm 25/09/2017


1800-273-8255 song by Alessia Cara and Khalid


20.33pm 25/09/2017


Sweden maintained a position of neutrality during the Second World War, as such, it acted as a major supplier of raw materials for Hitler’s military, laundered the gold from Holocaust victims, and often failed to provide adequate asylum for refugees including the near-completely exterminated Norwegians Jews. Some Swedes even volunteered with the Waffen SS: [blank – writer’s name] appropriating Wikipedia.


Because of Sweden’s wartime neutrality, Sweden never experienced the outright bans on Nazism and propaganda of the Axis powers. National Socialist parties are still allowed to campaign for office. It was only in 1994 that amendment to major legislation occurred where racist motivations for crime were made as aggravating circumstances, AND IT WAS ONLY IN 1996 THAT THE SWEDISH SUPREME COURT RULED THAT THE DISPLAY OF A SWASTIKA COULD BE CONSIDERED INCITEMENT: [blank – writer’s name] appropriating Wikipedia.


Time has been called on Sweden by Prince George Windsor and his siblings and their supporters.


The Lifeline spiel by Keegs [triple flashes of light in green, red and yellow, all mixed in the different flashes]


The ‘What About Us’ song by Pink.


20.43pm 25/09/2017


‘It’s an obvious thumbs up, but as mentioned about the Joker’s Children, the Joker’s Children should use their life experience to direct their free will how they want For The Children’: [blank – writer’s name].


20.45pm 25/09/2017


The story of Nicholas Cage, an INFP.


The song ‘I don’t like you’ by Taylor Swift.


The message between space and time that nothing is guaranteed: [blank – writer’s name].


20.48pm 25/09/2017




20.49pm 25/09/2017


Things have immediately taken the worse for Keegs – which I guess is the reason why despite my compassion, I’ve been given the message between space and time that nothing is guaranteed, with regards to ‘obvious thumbs up’, because there is no such thing as letters of details, and with continuing new information, there is nothing stopping changes – and all history is evident, including the evidence of the Taylor Swift song being played after the ‘thumbs up’, which garners incredible information on the intentions of Keegs, and leads towards stringing out more information on Keegs, especially in the context of reading about Swedish Nazism, which gives incredible bad context to Keegs: [blank – writer’s name].


The story of Simon Cowell in the angry stories section.


Harry Styles song ‘We are not who we used to be’.


Keegs continuous spiel on Ash London’s interview with Harry Style.


20.54pm 25/09/2017


Night Changes song during 3rd drop: [blank – writer’s name].


20.56pm 25/09/2017


‘Hope’ communication between space and time with Harry Styles and Prince George Windsor as mediated through [blank – writer’s name], in extraordinarily contradictory circumstances of Keegs who is angry with [blank – writer’s name] playing Ash London’s interview with Harry Styles, Ash London who wants to KILL [blank – writer’s name]: [blank – writer’s name].


20.59pm 25/09/2017


Be Humble By Kendrick Lamar


As in Keegs 5 song spiel, as a hit towards [blank – writer’s name]: [blank – writer’s name].




21.24pm 25/09/2017


Keegs played ‘In the Middle of the Night’ by Taylor Swift.


DEAD: [blank – writer’s name].


21.26pm 25/09/2017


Racism is so rife in Australia, this has just become a ‘game’ to see how long it takes for radio hosts to run themselves down to dudder, thus determining how much they will be killed, with reference to the 13th of July 2006 as led by John Howard, Prime Minister of Australia at that time: [blank – writer’s name].


21.38pm 25/09/2017


The song ‘Glorious’.


Melanie Howard’s Stillborn Baby.


Keegs spiel with the producer laughing about [blank – writer’s name] writing about Melanie Howard’s Stillborn Baby.





Selena Gomez’s song ‘Bad Liar’ played by Keegs.


‘Remember Melanie Howard’s ‘stillborn baby’ in 2009’: [blank – writer’s name].


‘With all these ‘insertions’, your lives could be affected in different ways, and this is the Awakening, so although it will be fucking hard for the Joker’s children, it will be a turning point, one of many, and remember, ABSOLUTE FAITH’: [blank – writer’s name].


‘Remember Melanie Howard’s misery over the end of her 5 year marriage’: [blank – writer’s name].


21.44pm 25/09/2017


Remember Azalea – Ptt-tt-too


21.54pm 25/09/2017


‘We’re smarter, we have much more precise point ‘guns’ like the guns pointed at Melania Howard’: [blank – writer’s name].


21.57pm 25/09/2017


‘I know you are very genuinely happy in your marriage Melania Howard 😉 ‘: [blank – writer’s name].


21.58pm 25/09/2017


I’m Way Too Good and Goodbyes – Sam Smith


21.59pm 25/09/2017


And so that ends Keegs show, and producer James show.


22.00pm 25/09/2017


Just read this in the article about Melania Howard’s first marriage:


The couple chose two bible readings, from Colossians and from Romans 12:9, “Let love be genuine . . . love must be sincere”.


–          [blank – writer’s name].


22.02pm 25/09/2017




ABSOLUTE FAITH: [blank – writer’s name].


22.03pm 25/09/2017


Peter Schwab sends his greetings to John Winston Howard, as do Ben Cousins and Brendan Fevola: [blank – writer’s name].


22.04pm 25/09/2017


Collective Noun radio show has started: [blank – writer’s name].


22.05pm 25/09/2017


Dustin Martin sends his greetings to John Winston Howard: [blank – writer’s name].


22.07pm 25/09/2017


Survivor spiel by Collective Noun radio show.


Extremely Subtle Image Insertion of Dustin Martin after kicking a goal.


‘Never going to sleep alone’ song.


22.08pm 25/09/2017


Lance ‘Buddy’ Franklin sends his greetings to John Winston Howard, as do Joel Selwood and Geelong Cats Players of their own choosing, especially Stephen Motlop: [blank – writer’s name].


22.20pm 25/09/2017


Matthew Scarlett sends his greetings to John Winston Howard, as do Cameron Ling, and Cameron Mooney, as well as Josh Hunt, and Leigh Colbert, and Clint Bizzell, and Liam Pickering, and Buddha ‘Whiskas’ Hocking, and Gary Ablett Junior, and Nathan Ablett, as well as David Mensch, and Ben Graham: [blank – writer’s name]


22.14pm 25/09/2017


Possum spiel by Collective noun radio show: [blank – writer’s name].


Referring to the fact that [blank – writer’s name] is the possum in the radio show’s car: [blank – writer’s name].


EVIDENCE OF RACISM OF AUSTRALIA: [blank – writer’s name].




22.16pm 25/09/2017


[blank] sends her greetings to John Winston Howard: [blank – writer’s name].


22.20pm 25/09/2017


ABSOLUTE FAITH: [blank – writer’s name]

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