Experiences of Schizophrenia of a Mensa Member

21st of September 2017



Cleaning up the whirls –


On the 13th of September, the whirls were 80-20 against Jesus Christ for Prince William.


At 10.30am 21/09/2017, the whirls were 70-30 against Jesus Christ for Prince William.


We need to continue working to help Jesus Christ to immolate all the infantophile and paedophile timelines outside of the whirl of [blank – writer’s name] the constant in this timeline, with the assistance of [blank], so that we can reduce that number as much as possible in order to turn the tide to assist Jesus Christ.


It should be easy, but people aren’t realising they can have sex with Jesus Christ through [blank – writer’s name] and God through [blank], and God through [blank – writer’s name], and Jesus Christ through [blank], which means that this is where the best sex possible before the afterlife exists.


Unfortunately, [blank – writer’s name]  the constant’s in the constant’s timeline duality is white women, because he knows white women are the openings which paedophile and infantophiles are using to create infantophile and paedophile rings, which is why he has to own white women in his constant timeline, in order to defeat these openings, because as currently indicated on a macro/bigger picture level, the level of intensity of the duality between white women and [blank – writer’s name]  the constant is 4016 -1 against [blank – writer’s name]  as voted by white women, as per the Happn random unconscious bias social experiment [blank – writer’s name]  did to study women and confirm his understanding of racism.


10.38am 21/09/2017


At 10.48am 21/09/2017, the whirls were 60-40 against Jesus Christ for William Windsor.


At 10.48am 21/09/2017, the whirls were 50-50 against Jesus Christ for William Windsor.


At 10.48am 21/09/2017, the whirls were 30-70 against Jesus Christ for William Windsor.


At 10.48am 21/09/2017, the whirls were 0-100 against Jesus Christ for William Windsor.


10.49am 21/09/2017


[blank – writer’s name]  owns Caucasian Women, and Caucasian Russian Women own [blank – writer’s name].


12.39pm 21/09/2017




Russia and USA have to work together to defeat China, by using the assistance of India – with most especially the Sri Lankan Tamil Tigers’ help, as led by [blank – writer’s name].


By watching [blank – writer’s name]’s life to this point, Russia as led by Vladimir Putin will have the best idea on how to lead the world on defeating China. [blank – writer’s name]  is a spy for the USA who leads the Sri Lankan Tamil Tigers.


13.03pm 21/09/2017


China are trying to start Operation Otto 2.


14.03pm 21/09/2017


Home and Away the Early Years comes back to broadcast 20/04/2018


15.52pm 21/09/2017


In [blank – writer’s name]’s Cross, pain is felt as contentment, pleasure is felt as pleasure, and peace is the neutral feeling.


However the feelings are to a magnified level compared to any other Crosses.


People can Cross through any person, in any timeline. The magnitude of their feelings in [blank – writer’s name]’s Cross is greater or smaller depending on how there are ranked by Jesus Christ on how they follow Jesus Christ’s teachings on Love, and this rank is ever changing depending on how people act in their lives, where they are actually in their own body, as opposed to someone else being in their body.


17.08pm 21/09/2017


Samurai Pizza Cats.


18,22pm 21/09/2017


Pink Panther: A Pink Christmas.


[blank] led me through these last two time stamps.


18.30pm 21/09/2017


The Greens have to work on the escape hatch to Christmas Day 2021, Christmas Day 2022, and Christmas Day 2023; in order to solidify it to assist as many people from the whole of history past to find their way to Jesus Christ.


The Blues have to work on exterminating all the Infantophilia and Paedophilia Crosses outside the Cross of [blank – writer’s name], as well as within the Cross of [blank – writer’s name].


The Reds have to organise proceedings in order to organise both goals occurring and distributing resources, including all of their own, in addressing both agendas.


The point of leading goes from [blank – writer’s name]  -> Blue Belle -> Adam Bandt -> Bob Brown -> Jeremy Corbyn -> Prince George Windsor; or simply [blank – writer’s name]  -> Prince George Windsor.


20.56pm 22/09/2017


Dustin Martyn had my dick in his mouth Pon De Replay on his fucking Brownlow Medal Night, as did Dane Swan.


All these fucking men vicariously sucking my dick, such a bevvy of men that I have, so many men who have given women sex in order to vicariously suck my dick. The same men I know who have sucked my dick actually, and actually have the taste of my dick in the mouth. The question I now ask myself, is which men? It is quite obvious, sorting through fact from fiction.


I don’t even want Gary Ablett Senior near my fucking dick, that fucking weird shit cunt.


05.17am 26/09/2017


But obviously it happens, at least a million times.


05.18am 26/09/2017


‘This is weird fucking shit’: [blank – writer’s name].


05.19am 26/09/2017


The so called ‘biggest’ ‘head hunter’, [eye flash], the name of whom I don’t know, has sucked my dick, repeatedly, the one who I communicated with between space and time. It goes without saying with regards to Warren Buffet and Bill Gates.


05.32am 26/09/2017


This fucking racist jealousy and obsession with me has some obvious subconscious homo-erotic awakenings that a lot of racist men vicariously sucking my dick have with me, thus replacing their homo-erotic tendencies for me with feelings of disgust and thus feelings of hate, which come out as racism. It has something to do with their love for me being scorned, thus their homo-erotism that comes out because of their lack of open-ness to deal with homosexuality comes out with their desire to suck my dick, and to do that vicariously because they can’t do that actually. But I already know, sorting fact through fiction, that it is possible for them to suck my dick actually, which means I know there are a lot more men who have sucked my dick than women – knowing how obsessed and jealous men are with me: [blank – writer’s name].


I can’t even wank anymore: [blank – writer’s name].


05.36am 26/09/2017


I’m going to try and wank anyways, because I’m a fucking horny cunt who loves women, unlike these fucking depraved weirdo who haven’t dealt with their homosexual tendencies in an open fashion – something which I have great scope on based on what I know about the depravity of those with closed minds: [blank – writer’s name].


05.38am 26/09/2017



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