Experiences of Schizophrenia of a Mensa Member

20th June to 28th June

Written 20th June 2017

Prince Harry is kewl. Prince William and [Blank] are not.


Written 24th June 2017, [[writer – updated later on as well as seen by time stamp]]



  1. USA voted for me because they had no spine to pull the trigger, and just wanted to appease their lobbyists because their lobbyists were for me, but USA wasn’t. Thus USA passed the baton on to the final vote.
  2. France voted against me because they had no spine.
  3. Germany voted for me because they wanted to pass on the baton to see what Russia would do.
  4. China voted against me because they had no spine, despite their lobbyists who were supporting me.
  5. Russia voted for me.


Thus, if there was a Mexican standoff between leaders, and I could use my two hands, one gun per hand, my hands would be pointed at China and USA, in that order, because Russia was the reason I was the constant til I became Prime Minister of Australia.


I’m pretty much Russia’s baby, because they are the reason I was the constant to the time I became Prime Minister. Then it is all cards on the table again.


Russia is smart but sad, and that’s the feeling I have too.




This is a stupid ploy by the British Monarchy to scare people, into submission to the British Monarchy, because there is no such thing as future timelines.


I’d be smashing vases on future timelines, because there is no such thing.


You can’t change the future, but you can make the future.


History is history, and what will be history, will become history one day.


23.28pm 05/08/2017


28/06/17: Written 11.19am to 11.22am


Something about Bashar Al-Assad, chemical warfare, Mohammed Ali ‘Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee’, Trump is Hitler, etc.


This is the moment Waleed Aly realised that WW3 is coming very very soon, looking at the context of all the stuff happening in the world right now, with the messages I’ve been getting from the future – eg. the symbols, such as the number 4, the aeroplane jelly etc.


This is the moment where the Wright brothers story came up.


1.10pm is the moment I had the wow realisation that Waleed Aly is a terrorist – eg. the word ISIS, the we interrupt this transmission, the moment I played the song wow, sometime after the song ‘You Could be Happy’, the moment where Waleed Aly said that I smiled too, and I asked ‘How bouh u’; and there was this large pause after that, cause he asked that after he paused after the I wrote down the elaboration to ‘ears’, and that we people can hear the sounds that we listen to through our ears, which is when he realised that he was screwed, probably cause he realised that he had been observed for a long time, and the story of when he tagged the word ‘screwed’ while I was writing this.


  • Send letters forward [Communicating to the future like this]
  • Send Letters backwards [Communicating to the past like this]
  • In your mind, tuning [can read thoughts]
  • Shotgun Thinking, Shotgun Feeling [thought insertion]
  • Close eyed Visions [seeing images that are crystal clear and have meaning to them]
  • Weather [the weather can be controlled]
  • Time [time can be stopped, etc]
  • Angles [our lives can be viewed from any angles]
  • Plotting is bullshit. [there is no such thing as timelines – doesn’t make sense, eg. entropy]
  • Letters can be sent backwards from the future. [communicating to the past like this]
  • Inner body experience, read bodies like a story from birth to death. [our lives can be experienced with all the experiences of the senses, and can be read from birth to death]
  • Ears [our lives can be experienced with all the experiences of the senses, including the sense of sound through our ears]
  • Pass Auditing February 20th
  • Pass Financial Accounting June
  • Move out of this unit in April, lease ends April 28th
  • Get off the drugs [[Writers note – medications]]
  • Pass Capstone
  • Birthday party September 6th
  • Ask out [Blank] September 26th
  • Mahinda Rajapakse lost January 8th
  • Danish Monarchy next monarchy to be abdicated
  • British monarchy will be abdicated during King William’s time
  • George will never be a King, but will be a delightful person. He will live in Albuquerque Canada in his senior years.
  • China will become the next leading economy
  • Career: I become a senior 1 in October 2015, Senior 3 in October 2016, Manager 1 in October 2017 and Manager 1 in October 2018. I leave EY between October 2018 and October 2019.
  • I become a Group Accountant after this. It is boring to watch for a long time, but I like boring.
  • I have a quick succession of good career moves, and become CEO.
  • I become the first CEO to become Prime Minister of Australia.
  • Liberal become decimated by 2045.
  • Labor become the new right.
  • Greens become the new left.
  • I am Prime Minister between 2045 to 2051.
  • I play golf after Prime Ministership, I don’t get that. I just want to dance. I presume it is due to networking opportunities.
  • I go travelling a lot during CEO time?
  • I am a Prime Minister for women, paving the way for them in a man’s world [The Script].
  • Amy Winehouse is the best.
  • Eva 4 ever.
  • I have two kids before 40, the oldest a girl, the youngest a boy. The boy looks more like me than [Blank] when he becomes an adult.
  • I live to 101, in 2087.
  • Sri Lanka become full of sluts.
  • Mexico has a golden age.


  • Eva gets married after age 39, not sure when
  • Eva’s first child is a son [the ‘[blank]’, also the ‘Barney’, but the second child is the original ‘Barney’]
  • Eva’s second child is a daughter [the ‘Barney’]


  • My timeline dates are not exact, apparently delayed 12 months


  • A3 in Oct 2015
  • S1 in Oct 2016
  • S2 in Oct 2017
  • S3 in Oct 2018
  • M1 in Oct 2019
  • M1 in Oct 2020
  • REA Group after Oct 2020, not sure when
  • Marriage in 2020
  • Two kids before 40, one at 38
  • Ask out in 2016 Octoberish


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