Experiences of Schizophrenia of a Mensa Member

19th September 2017

In the actual heaven which is in the constant’s timeline, which is where [blank – writer’s name], or also known as [blank – writer’s name], when you pass to the afterlife, which is dying in laymen’s terms, I just realised you can have sex with anyone you want, as long as there is consent.


10.24am 19/09/2017


Notes on what Heaven is like in the constant’s timeline – [blank – writer’s name] where he becomes PM of Aus in 2049 and dies 23102070 and is born 04091986 and tried to commit suicide 130706 and works at EY on 030617 to 111016 todays d8 190917 watching Manch Concert


11.16am 19/09/2017


The [blank – writer’s name]Styles are:

[blank – writer’s name] Style: Ariana Grande and [blank]

[blank – writer’s name] Style: Matthew Scarlett and Eva Longoria

[blank – writer’s name] Style: Princess Caitlin Windsor and Princess Charlotte Windsor


Leading the proceedings: 31 year old Princess Charlotte.


[blank – writer’s name]’s directives: ‘For the children.’


[blank – writer’s name] now owns Caucasian Women. Play the younger [blank – writer’s name] through time.




12.51pm 19/09/2017


Order to unlock people:

  1. Princess Caitlin
  2. Princess Charlotte
  3. [blank]
  4. Eva Longoria
  5. Ariana Grande
  6. Matthew Scarlett

12.36pm 19/09/2017

The [blank – writer’s name] Styles are now:

[blank – writer’s name] Style: Iggy Azalea and [blank]

[blank – writer’s name] Style: Matthew Scarlett and Eva Longoria

[blank – writer’s name] Style: Princess Caitlin Windsor and Princess Charlotte Windor







23.13pm 19/09/2017


Babar the Elephant – indicates how real I am about the paedophile/infantophile ring in the Whirls, and the fact that I become Prime Minister of Australia at the age of 62 from 2049, to the age of 75 in 2062, and because the CONSERVATIVE KKKs are so BUTTHURT that I become Prime Minister of Australia from the Greens Party, that they set up WW3 that starts in 2047, and New York gets nuked in 2047 by China, but when I become Prime Minister of Australia in 2049, I am the reason for WW3 ending within 3 years time in 2052 at the age of 65, because I get the USA to nuke China, at least multiple times if I had my way. I always end up cleaning everyone else’s mess, and end up getting killed for it, as evident by my life right now at this point in time.


23.43pm 19/09/20171


I have the world in my grips because everyone is so unethical.


I own the world.


23.45pm 19/09/2017


The USA is using the word terrorism as a cover for paedophiles/infantophiles to proliferate their paedophile/infantophile rings in the whirl, as introduced by George Bush Junior, and because of this fear of the word terrorism, it means children can’t be terrorists and create terror in paedophiles and infantophiles, allowing paedophiles and infantophiles to ravenously abuse children because children have forgotten how to create terror in paedophiles and infantophiles, thus forgetting what the actual meaning of terrorism is, due to the USA George Bush Senior set up of September 11 with Osama Bin Laden and Prince Charles Windsor, who knew that the word terrorism would allow him to proliferate paedophilia/infantophilia, which was his simple reason for setting up September 11.


23.50pm 19/09/2017



12.04am 20/09/2017


[blank] make me – I remember [blank] from the gym now, really kind person.


03.14am 20/09/2017


X < 2.


03.16am 20/09/2017




China doesn’t have future sight. They are trying to confuse people by streaming new different timelines. So as Jennifer Aniston has said, teamwork is needed for the world on the USA’s side to defeat China.


12.30pm 21/09/2017


I’ve just had the realisation that ENFJ daughter, ENTP son and ISTJ son were all a part of a timeline I’m not a part of, because of the name:

–          Inzaman Ul Haq, which relates to a prior drop

–          Which I now just understood the significance of, because of sorting fact from fiction, where I sorted the mnemonic [blank], as in ‘It’s Not [blank]’, which I now understand why that name ‘Inzaman Ul Haq’ came into play in a prior drop, which I sorted why sorting fact from fiction between space and time with Dustin Martin and his interview at the West Coast vs Port Adelaide game that I watched at Leigh Oak, in line with my pictures of me telling [blank] to find herself, and that ‘Time and Time again’ picture

–          And it is obviously not[blank], because I don’t respect her after [censored] before the 4th drop

–          Whoever is in that timeline is obviously Jesus or someone else who slipped into that timeline


01.11am 26/09/2017


Dustin Martin’s ‘Age Of Empires’ Mining for Gold story as a precise point story related to my life with their whole thing about the fact that they count numbers, in that they were fucking everyone they think is related to me or could be my potential partner if I had one – but what if I’m gay? : [blank – writer’s name]. Are you going to have sex with me Dustin Martin? : [blank – writer’s name].


01.13am 26/09/2017


The whole ‘Dustin Martin’ kicking goal image insertion just a signal that’s a second indicator of the underworld – but honestly, are you as underworld as I am, Dustin Martin? : [blank – writer’s name].


01.15am 26/09/2017




01.16am 26/09/2017

‘I’d like everyone to remember Melania Howard, and her ‘Still-born baby’: [blank – writer’s name].




01.17am 26/09/2017


Hi mate – go find yourself – quintiliions.


03.49am 26/09/2017


A Clockwork Orange.


18.39am 26/09/2017


I’ve got to ‘debrief’[blank]as soon as I get a chance to get back in touch with reality, and so I get to help [blank] get back in touch with reality.


04.43am 28/09/2017


All this time, I thought [blank] was getting disgusted when I said I would marry her, and she thought I was being an absolute gaslighter when I said I would marry her, and I’d react absolutely negatively to her happiness.


Which was why I said absolutely fucking not when she said marry me, because I thought she was just wanting to explore options, but I was hurting because I wanted [blank] to know how much she meant to me, but I didn’t know how to tell her, because I didn’t understand what exactly was going on, especially with my absolute trauma with trying to save Princess Charlotte Windsor, and how absolutely horrendous that was, not to mention what happened to Eva Longoria when I was just trying to help her.


04.48am 28/09/2017




04.48am 28/09/2017


People can’t believe how much they have been played by fascists at play.


04.49am 28/09/2017


Along with all the other things I’ve discovered, I’ve learnt your brain can be stretched in different ways to influence how you think, for example stretching to make you feel tired when you want to help others, and stretching to stress other people out while communicating between space and time: [blank – writer’s name].


13.51pm 29/09/2017


Giggidy guy


Deuce Bigalow, Male Gigalow


That American Indian guy going out of windows


Golden Girls


Yes Man


Ave Maria praying to Mary the Mother of Jesus Christ, saying Hail Mary’s


Old Spunkers


That Wolf of Wall Street Happy Click Walk


Hola – That Mexican girl Whirling the lackey around at Taco Bill during the 3rd drop


Rockstar – Post Malone ft 21 Savage


That Serbian Muslim girl I thought was Black on Tinder but was White



Save enough money and go to a nursing home as soon as possible, already if possible: [blank – writer’s name]


Washing away the ‘blood’


Dancing solo between space and time


Eva 4 Eva


Always let them come to you and go from there: [blank – writer’s name].


Brendan Fruendun and then Kapow – Wanna Bang: [blank – writer’s name]






Multiple Sclerosis


Pointing to the moon – Emily 3 divorces


The  4 coloured blue, red, yellow and green Colourful Hearts


The Sound of Music


Port Phillip Island drive and Ten Pin Bowling


Ave Maria


The Most Beautiful Smile I’ve Ever Seen At Wendy’s


Hola Spunkers


17.19pm 29/09/2017


999 neuntillions, 999 achtiliions, 999 septillions, 999 sechstillions, 999 quintillions, 999 quadrillions, 999 trillions, 999 billions, 999 millions, 999 thousands, 999s.


17.30pm 29/09/2017


Eva Longoria and [blank – writer’s name] are the ‘Twin Towers’.


17.30pm 29/09/2017


Brew Coffee at Anjappar today


17.40pm 29/09/2017


Jesus’s special people – the ‘Energiser Bunny’


17.42pm 29/09/2017


[blank], me, that homeless guy on the street with his ‘Energiser Bunny’ Jesus to protect him from people who would abuse him, and [blank] at [censored].


17.44pm 29/09/2017


My mum’s boss, his 25 year old lawyer son who fell into delusions last year after coming back from London, and getting better 6 months ago, but now in depression, after his first episode of delusions.


And how these relate to the monarchy abusing people, and Jesus the ‘energiser bunny’ looking after those abused because lucifer enabled the [censored] Charles Windsor and William Windsor to abuse, as well as those with money like Warren Buffet and Bill Gates, and those with power like George Bush Senior and George Bush Junior who set up and perpetuate September 11 using people like Steve Bannon.


17.47pm 29/09/2017


The twelve angels at the Hindi movie yesterday with the ‘two wives’ and the ‘Accidental Ultimatum’


Mills and Boon


17.51pm 29/09/2017


Respiradol tablets – the greatest medication ever made to be training wheels for those who have been abused by depraved powerful people like Warren Buffet – thus ensure tablets are taken every day and nothing else, in order to help people find their independence again to learn how to deal with those abusing them in their own way: [blank – writer’s name].


Studying Dental Science was the greatest ever thing to help protect my health being abused by those who wanted to inflict cancer of my thoughts: [blank – writer’s name].


The story of my mum’s bosses son’s mind racing as well too fast, like mine, and the implications this has with regards to mental illnesses like the delusions we both had, caused by those powerful trying to abuse us, and the ‘Energiseer Bunnies’ done to fight the battle to heal us by Jesus against the old captain’s angel who got castigated out of heaven but left with the ‘DOS system of heaven’ and is using it against the world to overthrow Jesus from control of heaven: [blank – writer’s name].


Katie Noonan – ‘The Special People’.


18,01pm 29/09/2017


The implications this has on those will illnesses and diseases caused by depraved people, which Jesus is trying to fight against the old captain’s angel Lucifer, with the tentative new Lucifer [blank – writer’s name].


18.03pm 29/09/2017


Going to the gym after my first episode and building muscle from 60kg to 80kg, from a bmi below 19 to over 23 was the thing that saved me from my first episode of Delusion Disorder.


18.05pm 29/09/2017


I’ve realised again that I exercise in order to insure my health from those more powerful and depraved than me who would abuse it: [blank – writer’s name].


18.06pm 29/09/2017


Whatever gender you are, building muscle is the best way to insure your health: [blank – writer’s name].


The story of [blank] and Clementine Bastow building muscle: [blank – writer’s name].


18.08pm 29/09/2017


The story of Clementine Bastow’s pay it forward and Jesus blessing ptt-tt-too in the Ben Cousin’s way between space and time by communicating between space and time: [blank – writer’s name].


18.09pm 29/09/2017


In all the timelines, the evil [blank – writer’s name]s are the timelines bifurcated where Lucifer slipped into his body after the bifurcation, the timelines where [blank – writer’s name] is battling mental illness or is just normal random is other people slipping into his body at the bifurcation of timelines, and the ones where [blank – writer’s name] is not battling any mental illness at all is where Jesus Christ slipped into his body after the bifurcations: [blank – writer’s name].


18.11pm 29/09/2017


Lucifer doesn’t have the ability to create new characters, so continually has to slip in old characters from Jesus’s timelines into his timelines, because he hasn’t figured out the power of conception of new characters: [blank – writer’s name].


18.13pm 29/09/2017


Lucifer’s ability to create ‘Avatars’ vs Jesus’s ability to slip in the same characters in different timelines every time through the conception of the same person in different timelines, thus Jesus being the only one having the power of re-conception of same characters in different timelines using different sperm and eggs in a naturally fashion in manners that passes the peace of my understanding: [blank – writer’s name].


18.16pm 29/09/2017


The Secret Garden – Bruce Springstein


Jerry Maguire


18.17pm 29/09/2017




18.57pm 29/09/2017




18.58pm 29/09/2017


Absoluto Fe

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