Experiences of Schizophrenia of a Mensa Member

18th June to 19th June 2017

My thoughts on President Obama – Written 18.06.17 7.52PM

Obama symbolised to me that he is a part of the reason for the genocide of the Sri Lankan Tamils during 2009, potentially onwards.


He did not give more than a few iotas with regards to the Sri Lankan Tamil before becoming President.


‘Open Sesame’ – Eva Longoria is dead to me.


And that’s all I need to know about President Obama.


President Obama is dead to me.


[[Writer note – the best way I could describe these images were like, you know how when you dream, sometime you see moving pictures? Well, I see these sometimes, including at this point, where if I close my eyelids, I could see cartoonish colourful moving pictures]]

Symbols written 10.33pm 18th June 2017


  • People
  • White people family guy
  • White knight
  • Planes
  • Planes
  • Planes
  • Nuclear missile
  • Planes
  • Nuclear bomb
  • Rainbow [to which I related to]
  • Ok sign in rainbow [after I related to rainbow]
  • Cards
  • A [might be meaning ‘a-ok’]
  • Bubbles
  • Eye
  • Grand Canyon [after which I related to caring about America having it’s eyes on me]
  • Alien
  • Star Wars
  • September 11
  • Quick change like sand pouring, went from building to house
  • More sand
  • Ring incomplete, with 75 degrees of the circle incomplete
  • Changed to Pi symbol



Written 18/06/18

Headhunter List


Description: This is a list of people I’ll have to use my influence to kill when I have the power to push the buttons to have that happen, because they have the potential to become Osama Bin Laden or Adolf Hitler, and they know too much.



[[Writer note – had one name written, but was taken out even when I was ill, but the essence of it is here, which is the scary part to me now]]


Written 19/06/17

Love is respecting a person’s choices of friends, even though they may be racist


My delusional disorder thoughts 19/06/17 ~1.00pm to 2.11pm


I fuck [[blanked]] because I love God above anyone and anything else.






Does God have an influence over the world if children are being fucked by paedophiles?


I don’t believe God would have any influence over the world if paedophiles are fucking children, because God so loved the children of the world, that he gave his only son Jesus Christ.


Do world leaders have influence over a world where paedophiles are fucking children?

Yes they do.


But do they have the power to stop paedophiles fucking children, or the control to stop each and every paedophile fucking children?


They don’t have this power or control on a micro level.


However, on a macro level, they have the power to decrease the rate of paedophiles fucking children.


And by using their power on a macro level, this would lead to a greater number of paedophiles being stopped from fucking children, than if they were to do this on a micro level.


If they were to go down the micro level for example, and shoot one paedophile dead, then the law would send them to jail, and they would lose the power to decrease paedophiles fucking children on a macro level.


However, on a macro level, if they were to use their power to set a domino effect that would stop paedophiles from fucking children, then they would be able to increase the rate of how many paedophiles they can stop from fucking children, on a very dramatically increased rate as compared to how many paedophiles they can stop from fucking children, if they were to shoot paedophiles who fuck children in a manner that those paedophiles fucking children would die.


If I were a world leader, I could not give signs to the past that would potentially meddle with people’s lives, if I had the power to gives signs to people in the past through communication that occurs between the period of time that the world leaders is communicating the sign, and the period of time to which the person the world leader is sending a sign to in the past is existing in.


Because if I were to use this power as a world leader for bad, and send signs to people in the past because of my hatred of those people, then it would mean that I have prioritised my hatred of those people over my love for God.


And as Jesus said, above all else, the number one rule is to love God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind.


If I prioritised my hatred for people over my love for God, then it means that I don’t have faith in God, because it would tarnish my belief that the number one rule that Jesus said is that I should love God with all my heart, all my soul, and all my mind.


And if I don’t have faith in God, that means I don’t believe in God.


If I didn’t believe in God, that would mean that that there is no heaven or hell.


It would mean that there would be no eternity tomorrow, after we spend this day on Earth, because compared to the eternity that exists after we die in heaven or hell, our lives here on earth, for as many years they will be, is akin to being just a day as compared to the eternity tomorrow.


Which would mean that the Sri Lankan Tamil people who were killed in the 2009 genocide; for example, would have no eternity tomorrow after this day here on Earth.


Thus I could not give signs to the past as a world leader to attempt to decrease the rate of paedophiles fucking children.


Because I know if I had this power, I would have the temptation to use this power to gain vindication over the people I have hatred towards.


And once I failed to my potential temptation, I would not only lose my faith in God, but I would also believe that there would be no justice tomorrow in eternity, after this day here on Earth, for; among all other things; the Sri Lankan Tamil people, and for the children who are fucked by paedophiles.


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