Experiences of Schizophrenia of a Mensa Member

16th of September to 17th of September 2017

I love you too



‘Good’ says Oprah


‘We’re not good, we’re not good at all’ says [blank – writer’s name] to Oprah.


14.53pm 16/09/2017


The story of Jesus praying to God, asking if he had made a mistake.


14.57pm 16/09/2017


Home and Away.


15.04pm 16/09/2017


First time I saw Eva Longoria’s first husband: 15.07pm 16/09/2017


15.07pm 16/09/2017


Oprah Winfrey is going deep down to hell, lower than [blank].


15.14pm 16/09/2017


242, 400 – mostly in Africa [hidden], 730, 1000s – of each


2 Africans born before PW


1000s of direct descendants living in Australia at some point in time



Eva Longoria is the first person to have babies with Jesus Christ and be on Earth on still remember it.


15.36pm 16/09/2017





16.01pm 16/09/2017


‘Oprah is the female that I hate the most for the rest of my life’ Says [blank – writer’s name].


16.06pm 16/09/2017


Prince Charles Windsor is the male that I hate the most for the rest of my life’ says [blank – writer’s name].


16.10pm 16/09/2017




16.11pm 16/09/2017


[blank – writer’s name] murdered [blank].


16.16pm 16/09/2017


Prince Charles dies on the 16th of June 2022.


11.25pm 16/09/2017


Remember stop focusing on the details, and just perceive the context of Jesus’s message.


All you have to do is tune in to Jesus Christ who lived about 2047 to 2017 years ago, and watch his life there, because we never got the chance to do so, on this date the 16th of September 2017, at 11.05pm.


11.05pm 16/09/2017


Watch [blank – writer’s name]’s lifetime between 04/09/1986 to 16/09/2017 in this timeline, but most especially watch 14/06/2017 to 23/10/2070, and remember Jesus loved all the children equally, whereby we are all children of God.


12.03am 17/09/2017


Jesus is the Gay God, and the Straight God, and the Bisexual God, and the God for All.


23.37pm 16/09/2017


Everyone really needs to start organising themselves in all the universes in all the timelines so that they can spread the message to everyone to watch Jesus Christ between 30BC to 0AD.


12.07am 17/09/2017





Stalked by:


Oprah Winfrey gives rise to:

[blank], who gives rise to:

Mahinda Rajapakse, who gives rise to:

Osama Bin Laden.


07.53am 17/09/2017

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