Experiences of Schizophrenia of a Mensa Member

14th June 2017 to 15th June 2017 – Day 1 and Day 2 of Fourth Episode of Schizophrenia illness

14/06/17 – Written 15/06/17 ~10.01pm


So today started with me taking a walk during work, trying to use mindfulness to get myself in touch with reality.


While walking, I was thinking about the weekend I had with my friends at Point Lonsdale.


I did not go to sleep til 4am.



15/06/17 – Written 15/06/17 ~10.02pm


So today things got worse. However, I was able to do my work.

However, I did not park my car properly in the evening when I drove to Coles to buy orange juice, chicken and up and go. I realised that I was starting to lose touch with being mindful of my senses, because I could not sense that I had not parked my car fully towards the curb at the inner side of the car park.


[Written Day 2 – 15/06/17]

If I ever became a minister of the Australian Parliament, my speech where I introduce myself to the parliament would definitely include:

  • That I was born out of the 1983 riots, and how Sri Lankan Tamils were persecuted by Sri Lankan Sinhalese, and that’s the reason why I came to Australia.
  • That my Dad abused my Mother, and it shaped who I am as a person.

The biggest problem would be not forgetting to do this.


[Written Day 2 – 15/06/17]

The complexity of the world:


The world is filled with four types of homes.





Bitter homes are filled with money, but no love.

Loved homes are filled with love, but no money.


Naïve homes are filled with love, and money.


Dead homes are filled with no money, and no love.


Bitter homes give rise to children who take out their insecurities on children who rise from loved homes.


Bitter children who lose their money become dead children.


Loved children who gain money become naïve children.


Naivety gives rise to a loss of love, and can lead to bitterness.


Children who are dead inside, but find life again, leads to being filled with love.


And so the cycle continues in how the complexity of the world plays out in this world.






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