Experiences of Schizophrenia of a Mensa Member

13th September 2017

‘MAKE UP YOUR MIND’ in funny accent – 21.28pm 12/09/2017


‘Ok, you don’t know how much I love him. *mic book* *creaking door*’ 21.29pm 12/09/2017


‘Tranny fucking. Intense Coward. Nuh Duh – the cowardly stuff was just before he died, and then after he died, all his angry ‘friends’ took over to display their anger and their playing ‘funny  buggers;.


*I love [blank] same motions for [blank] as for [blank – writer’s name]*


‘Absolutely, obv … (cut off)


‘OBVIOUSLY FUCKI…’ in that tonality, than pauses


*motions to other versions in other timelines and ponts* ‘Nuh duh’


*thinking about someone*


‘make me’ in that tonality


‘WOW’ *motions to go and type’






*Plugging motion of death*


‘I don’t love [blank] anymore’


‘Why?’ in that tonality




*sex motion*


‘STOP IT’ in that tonality








‘Stop it’


‘Stop it’ in that tonatility


*22,000* *mic boom*




‘[m going to tell my daddy’ in that tonality


‘Mahinda Rajapakse, how about this’ in that tonality


‘Bogala Bogala’ – Mahinda Raja[akse




*Booming motion extremely quickly and non-plussedly*


*Afterlife motion extremely quickly, and just as is*


*Wow.’ *Typing motion, eating chicken motion* ‘That’s all I got.


‘That’s all you got?’ in that tonality


‘WOW’ *extremely quick growling, genocide, paedophile sticking fingers in child motion*


*Instananoues chomp motion*


*Chomp chomp chomp motion elongated*




*HAH motion*


‘Good’ *Mic Boom.


‘Good’ in that tonality




‘If you don’t know ….’


‘Wow’ *Chomp instanteous motion*


‘what do you want to say?’


*mass suicide motion*


‘My Dad is better than Mahinda Rajapakse’


‘Tamils Win’ *blood dripping motion* ‘Wait, Sri Lankan Tamils …’ hesistant tonality


‘Good’, *Door opening motion* *screaming girl getting murdered motion*






‘or Alive?’


‘Well here alive, ‘there’, dead.’


‘WOW. WOWEE’ *Types on computer









‘Thanks’. *Saluting motion*




‘[blank] (in all timelines), kill me now’ *motions to [blank] to kill [blank – writer’s name]*


*[blank] motions for [blank – writer’s name] to kill him*




‘NAH’ in that Sinhalese tonality


*Pinpoint motion to ‘NAH’ as [blank – writer’s name]’s choice*


‘I’m to my Dad as Princess Diana is to Prince Charles. Just like Prince Charles used the love people had for Princess Diana to perpetuate the British Monarchy, my Dad uses me in that same purpose’.


‘WOW’ *Eating motion*





‘WOW’ *Eating motion*








‘I don’t understand why [blank] keeps helping my purposes’


‘Of what?’


‘You idiot.’ *mic boom*


‘Wow’. *Eating motion*




‘Wow’. *Sneezing motion etc*




‘Hmmmm, what’.


‘Hmmmmm’ in that tonality *CHOMP motion*






‘Oh ok’ *Typing motion*


*starts to talk, gets cut off motion*



*Mic Boom*


‘Wow’ *eating motion chomp*


*Vomiting out a person, the Incredible Hulk jumps up and slams down*


’40,000’ *Subtracts all the things that happened in the 2009 genocide of the Sri Lankan Tamils by the Sri Lankan Sinhalese*


‘Transfer’ *Pointing motion to [blank – writer’s name]   *


*Shouts ‘NO BINGO’*


‘[blank]. Let if go.’


‘No. *pauses^, Bingo’


‘This is all live, and [blank] in person right now’ says [blank – writer’s name]   .


‘Wow’ ‘Wee’ says [blank] .


‘Played’ says [blank – writer’s name]    to [blank] .


‘OH I HATE THAT WORD PLAYED’ says [blank]  to [blank – writer’s name]


‘That’s it’. Says K


‘Transfer’ Says [blank]


‘Nuh duh’.


‘WHAAATTT?’ in that tonality




‘Had’ – Unknown


‘It’s me Mario’


‘Dead’ – Unknown.


‘It’s me, Mario’ in that tonality.












‘WHHAAATT’ in that tonality


*Eminem this is going to be a problem motion*








‘Sealed’ – unknown


‘Signed, Sealed and Delivered’ [blank]






‘Alright’ in that tonality.






‘Well, what?’










‘I’m a tamil boy’ in that saracastic tone by [blank].


‘Hmmmm, ok perf, got it’ [blank]


‘Thanks’.says [blank – writer’s name]


‘Kewl’ says [blank]


‘Love you so much.’ Says [blank – writer’s name]


‘You want to be me’ in that tonality by [blank]


*words, then muffled*


‘Hmmmm’ by [blank]


*Chomp* by [blank]


Dead. By [blank – writer’s name]


Hmmmm by [blank]


*Chomp* by [blank]


HAHA. By [blank]


‘Well, you know – I don’t believe in afterlife’ *[blank] motions pretending to be [blank – writer’s name]    and others* by [blank]


*Sinhalese people motioning*


*Tapping head*


‘Oh, but I love him’ in sarcastic tonality by [blank – writer’s name]   .


‘Had’ by [blank] .




‘Lol’. By [blank – writer’s name].


‘Hmmmmm’ *Chomps motion* ‘YOU’ [blank]


*Thinks of a way of saying sorry’ by [blank – writer’s name]


‘Sorry’ by [blank]


‘Well. WELL. WELL WELL WELL.’ by [blank]


‘Hmmmm hmmm hmmm’ by [blank]


*Chomp motion* simulataneously by [blank] and [blank]


‘Wow’ by [blank] in that tonatlity


‘Well’ says [blank]




‘You’ *Points*


‘Kewl* by [blank]




*muffled talk* by [blank]. ‘You know what I mean’ says [blank].


‘Hmmmmm’ says [blank].


‘Hmmm hmmm hmmmm’ in TC tonality by [blank].




‘Ok’ says [blank – writer’s name]


‘That’s it?’ by [blank]


‘Well’ by [blank]


‘Well’ simultaneiously


‘Well, well, well








‘[blank]  is going to be burning hell in all timelines no matter what, he is expired in every timeline. We’ve pinged him in this timeline.


‘I thought you said’.




‘Kill him as soon as possible.’




‘In all timelines’


*quiet door shutting*


‘Wow’ *indiscriminate motion until passing away to afterlife*


12.46am 13/09/2017


We all love the ‘stalker’ according to Oprah on the episode of Oprah. She is the ANGEL according to [blank – writer’s name]   .


03.26am 13/09/2017


‘You have saved a number of lives that I don’t even know, and Jesus has confirmed that, with regards to THINGS UNSEEN’ says [blank – writer’s name]    to the ANGEL.


03.29am 13/09/2017


‘She is an ordinary person like all of us’ says [blank – writer’s name]    to Oprah.


03.29am 13/09/2017


‘You just have to keep working the systems as far as possible’ [blank – writer’s name]  says to Oprah and all the audiences at Oprah.


03.31am 13/09/2017


‘Every ‘nano-eke’ means the saving of a possible number of lives’ – Unknown




03.33am 13/09/2017


Donald Trump sipped my piss in a lot of timelines, including this one.


10.44am 14/09/2017


Donald Trump had absolute faith in Jesus Christ, just like [blank – writer’s name] had, while Oprah used to have absolute faith in Jesus Christ, but lost it. Donald Trump was the MOST JOYOUS person [blank – writer’s name]    has ever come across with regards to anyone after they first realised they were communicating to Jesus Christ between space and time. Donald Trump most amazing enthusiasm and joy helped save [blank – writer’s name]   , Princess Charlotte, Oprah Winfrey, Barack Obama, Ivana Trump, Ivanka Trump, Tiffany Trump, Melania Trump, Melania Trump son Donald Trump Junior, Eva Longoria, [blank] , Vellupilai Prabhakaran, Jose Antonio Baston, [blank], and Neil Patrick Harris and so many other people.


16.47pm 14/09/2017

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