Experiences of Schizophrenia of a Mensa Member

13th August to 31st August 2017

[blank] – [blank] is telling you from purgatory, with [blank] support from purgatory as well, that you need to do what you can when [blank] gets divorced. Also, [blank] is asking if you can help subtly push buttons to get it to happen, or even overtly by talking to [blank] at a very select opportune time, then do it. [blank]will be really angry with you, because of me, but it is straight from [blank] in purgatory, with [blank] support in purgatory, and obviously my support in purgatory but I’m giving my support here on Earth, because everyone is ready to attack me once I talk from purgatory. Joe is an extremely subtle spy for China, and has had a baby with her as leverage to use her for China. [blank]is like [blank], extremely subtle.


11.27am 13/08/2017


[[Written 17th August 2017]]

China, if you get North Korea to nuke USA in 2017, your children will go hungry to the extent that there will be no dogs in the street market to eat, and the only food you will have left is each other on the street markets, to eat each other as sustenance.


I love [blank], because she is the biggest reason why I survived a really critical downpoint in 2015 May at [censored], after the 3rd drop. When things were really bad, she was the light where there was darkness all around, and I love her because she had the courage to be there for me in a really tough moment at [censored]. I love [censored] because after the Sydney Siege incident in December 2014, I was feeling absolutely terrible, and I met her in Richmond during the [censored] function, and I was blown away by her smile, because it gave me hope for the future at that time. I love [censored] because when I met her, I knew instantly how beautiful her heart was. I love [blank], because at that [censored] function in Richmond she was the light amongst all the darkness again. I love [blank] cause when I first started working with her on [censored], she helped me deal with the things I was going on, and what she shared with me in our conversation really gave me incredible courage to help me to deal with what I was going through. I love [blank], because I learnt that she was the biggest reason why I kept my job at EY, because of what happened at [censored], and she was honest with her opinion, when so many other people aren’t. I love [blank] because she is not afraid of being strong, when so many others choose to be weak. I love [blank] because she is not afraid of sharing her opinion. I love [blank] because of what I see with her and [blank]. I love [blank] because she is more open than a lot of people are about the world. I love [blank] because she loves her family, and she really cares and makes an effort to look after everyone in her family. I love [blank] because she works so hard, but still tried hard to think about her family despite all the things people throw at her. I love [blank] because you can see the love that Jesus had in her as well. I love [blank] cause she has helped support my career while we worked on [censored] together. I love [blank] because she is the beautiful kind of person who I wish more people could be like, because she is one of the rare shining examples of Jesus’s love.


11.56pm 24/08/2017


[Blank]’s obsession with my life:


          Calls me obsessed with his life

          Goes 0-100 by referring to [blank]

          Calls himself hot, to label himself in order to brainwash people and recruit people for Osama Bin Laden

          Refers to a very precise detail in my life, as in the song ‘Step Out’ from the 3rd drop in 2015

          Refer to ‘R U OK’ as in the MIA song called ‘Ali R U Ok’

          Uses that song to refer to my mental illnesses Delusional Disorder and Depression


12.19pm 31/08/2017


Hi Osama Bin Laden – hope you enjoy the confusion.


12.44am 31/08/2017


Now we’ve cleared this particular confusion – it was a tonality thought insertion at a particular moment in time which I went with in the context of that time, because I was really angry with a person.


11.43am 31/08/2017




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