Experiences of Schizophrenia of a Mensa Member

12th August 2017

[Written 12th August 2017]


          In grade six, was the vice house captain for Drysdale

          In grade six, won the footy tipping competition

          In year seven, won the footy tipping competition

          In year eight, wrote our classes leaving speech for the junior school

          In year eleven, got a score of 47 in Accounting for VCE

          In year twelve was the src form captain for our class

          Organised the footy tipping competition in our year twelve class

          In first year uni Dentistry, went on Australian Idol

          After year twelve, before first year uni Dentistry, worked at a Wine cellar

          In first year uni Dentistry, worked at Hungry Jacks

          In first year Dentistry, was the top scoring male in our first aid class test

          In second year Dentistry in 2006, got through my first drop, a car accident, and four weeks in a psychiatric ward

          Got back to second year Dentistry in 2007

          Organised a footy tipping competition in third year Dentistry in 2008

          Saw Dental patients between 2007 to 2009 as a student

          Worked at Village Cinemas Jam Factory in 2008 November to July 2009, and performed first aid on a boy who fainted in a bathroom during a Twilight movie session

          Got through my second drop between December 2008 to September 2009, managing with as little as $130 cash, squatting in my Grandma’s unit while she was in Sri Lanka – it was a council owned unit [was homeless], because my dad brought a knife towards my direction before my supplementary dentistry viva voce the next day

          Started at La Trobe University during my second drop, and dropped out a month later, but copped the Hecs

          Started at Swinburne University of Technology a month after La Trobe, where I completed my Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting & Finance) over 3 years

          In 2010, in the first semester I attended the KMPG Foundations Program for 2 days, where our group won a prize for the best presentation on the final day

          In 2010, in the second semester, I attend the Career Compass Program at EY over 3 days, where I got invited to an early recruitment round

          I got offered a vacationer position at EY a year before the vacation period would start

          Worked at Swinburne University of Technology as a Peer Assisted Study Session leader in Financial Accounting

          I did my EY vacationer program between December 2011 to February 2012

          Went to Malaysia after I completed my Commerce Degree for 2 weeks

          Worked at Dominos Pizza Clayton for about 6 weeks, delivering pizza and leaflets to mailboxes

          Travelled to New Zealand for a couple of weeks after Dominos, and hired a car and drove to different towns in the North Island

          Helped organise a wedding when I came back from New Zealand

          Worked as a doorknocker at Energy Deal for about 2 months in 2013, before I started at EY

          Started at EY as an Accountant on June 3rd 2013

          Started studying my Chartered Accountancy in 2014

          Got involved in the EY Ball videos in December 2014

          Went through my third drop in December 2014 to March 2015, after the Sydney Lindt Café Siege, which started with If You Are The One on the 25th of December 2014

          Travelled to Sydney by plane on the last week of my third drop, passing by the train station of the siege suburb

          Came back to work at EY, but suffered Depression at took another month and a half off

          Did my final subject in the second half of 2015, but just missed the pass mark

          In 2016 did a supplementary of the final subject, and passed on the dot

          Managed to get my CA references in September 2016, but suffered a deep depression in July and August 2016 trying to get the references so that I could apply for my CA

          Got an Interview at Telstra in the first week of September, which I got an offer later in September

          Started my fourth drop on June 14th 2017, ongoing 12th of August onwards



Now you cunts and dicks can tell me what the fuck is going on.


How the actual fuck can people read my thoughts


How the fuck do people send letters backwards and forwards


Why the fuck do the British Monarchy and the Communist Chinese Government keep trying to kill me


How the fuck can people get an inner body experience of my body


How the fuck do people insert thoughts and feeling into my neurons


Is this eugenics?


Get the fuck out of my head, I barely have time to process my own things, let alone have to process your shit too in my head. Do it on your own fucking time.


The ones who go to the afterlife will be fine, and will be having a much greater time than the rest of us.


It is the ones who get injured who I now have to start preparing for, to help increase the quality of life.


I don’t see why I should not continue to try and be happy, because I know now that there is an afterlife, which is more guarantee than I have ever had than before that life is eternal.


The hardest part will be for the people who are suffering injuries here on earth, and the people who are suffering mental traumas.


My goal is to process these emotions and get myself ready to help the injured and comfort the shocked, in the epicentre.


The most greatest disadvantage I have is the abuse that I am getting from China while I prepare for this. That’s what I have to combat while I try to prepare to help.


I need to make myself happy or at least more peaceful, so that I can be more relaxed and stronger when it comes time to help.


Goal: to help the injured and the traumatised around the epicentre.


Some people talk a lot, and try to micromanage a lot – but then are hypocrites because they do shit all when it comes to hands on deck at the ground site. Go fuck yourselves, cause you make my life harder by micromanaging, and then don’t even put your money where your mouth is.


Everyone can manage their own goals, it is practical help on site that is needed – otherwise you are just someone who is reducing the capacity to help, and thus reducing the amount of lives being helped, to increase quality of life.


All one particular person did was try to micromanage irrelevant details, and then did shit all when it came to on the ground help. Go Fuck Yourself. Looks like hell is coming for you.


[blank] is a cunt who all he did was try to manage what I do, and then tried to make me lose my job just because his shitty ego got offended. And then in the end, he didn’t even do anything on the ground. There are so many messengers, this cunt of a messenger was helping China by reducing my capacity to do my own thing. If you want to help, you now know, now you start doing stuff yourself to prepare to help on the ground.


People like [blank] are going to hell, because not only did they decrease the speed at which people could process things like these, but they don’t even put their hands on deck to help at the site of the physically injured.


Now I’m focused on [blank] thread. [PMB, Professor Plum, MFB – Melbourne Fire Brigade, – Burn [blank] – cause he is the pest closest to me].


The real actually paid Counter-Terrorists have been torturing my friends like [blank], and leaving all the enemies of Australia like [blank] alone to help China nuke Australia. The Counter-Terrorists have failed so spectacularly, there are no words.


01.15am 13/08/2017


Harder – [blank]


10.50am 13/08/2017


[blank]is a dudder


10.53am 13/08/2017


The Chinese Communist Government are using Fascist Caucasians to kill the enemies of the Chinese Communist Government, these enemies being mainly Chinese, then Asians, then other minority ethnicities such as Curries, and then Caucasians.


The Fascist Caucasians are doing the leg work of the Chinese Communist Government of killing enemies of the Chinese Communist Government within Australia, and losing the war for the Western world to the Chinese Communist Government, without the Chinese Communist Government even having to expend any effort.


I would be one person dead as a result.




16.03pm 13/08/2017


Malcolm Turnbull – You Are A Fucking Idiot. You’ve killed the good minorities and assisted the Chinese Communist Government without them even having to lift a finger. You are winning the fucking war for China.


Fascist Caucasians being used by the Communist Party of China to kill ethnic minorities who are enemies of the Communist Party of China.


16.26pm 13/08/2017


I will not be moving from Noble Park for a long time.


18.25pm 13/08/2017


The United Kingdom and The USA, in cohort with China, and Australia, and Russia, and Sri Lanka, killed the Sri Lankan Tamil Australians – the most vociferous opponents to the Chinese and the Sri Lankan Sinhalese.


Remember the fourth drop, and remember the pain that they went through is nothing that you will go through for eternity.


03.18am 14/08/2017


There are a number of alternatives to possible nukes.


I have been continually played by both the Chinese Communist Party and the Fascist Liberal Party, with no help to myself at all, and I have tried to stop nukes as much as possible.


There are two alternatives:

–          One that a nuke strikes in Melbourne and I have to save [blank]

–          Two that a nuke strikes in Sydney and I have to go to Sydney.


Looking at the odds, I believe the nuke will strike in Sydney, but I can’t be sure because I have been being played by both the Chinese Communist Party and the fascist Liberal party, with no help at all from the fascist Liberal party.


Although at the time my belief was that Melbourne would be nuked when I placed my status, I can’t take it off in case it is actually true.


So since I am getting no help, I have to prepare for two contingencies – the Melbourne gets striked, save [blank] contingency [Now, I believe a 1% chance], or Sydney gets striked [I think a 99% chance].


I can’t change my status cause Malcolm Turnbull actually wants China to strike Melbourne, as opposed to myself who wants no strikes at all.


12.10am 15/08/2017


It is my belief that [blank] is going to stay the fuck out of the city, that thing with the knife in 2009 wasn’t a CRAEII doll and was my dad.

But anyways, I’m all played out, there is nothing else I can do, but prepare for two contingencies:

–          Cleaning up my house in case this place needs to be a shelter if Melbourne gets striked

–          Getting first aid kits in case Sydney gets striked


You can’t change the future, but you can make the future.


This is what happens when people try to play someone out who tries to help everyone, and then others try to turn it around on the person who is trying to help them. You can’t have it all ways, especially if you’ve tried to play China to strike Melbourne.


Thanks Mum.

Remember Sydney, you can blame others as much as you want, but you have to take ownership of your own actions and be as honest with yourself as possible. If you try to burn the ones who try to help you, don’t blame the ones who feed you, and bite the hand who feeds you.


Back to you Malcolm Turnbull. I’m the one who drove all the way to Wentworth to stop a nuke from happening to Sydney. It is the 15th of August, it is all on you now. Remember everyone, Malcolm has tried to get China to nuke Melbourne countless of times.


It is so simple, the meaning of love, which Malcolm doesn’t understand, because he only hates. He doesn’t realise that love can turn sadistic, so since he has burnt us so much, once bitten, twice shy, Sydney are on their own now. We’ll just be there to pick up the pieces.


I have been as honest with myself as possible, and taken ownership of my actions as much as possible, as can be seen by my honesty at different times, including even to the point of disclosing that Melbourne would be nuked when I thought so, and even to the point of disclosing Sydney might be nuked when I thought so. I can’t change my status in case China goes on the contingency to nuke Melbourne, so it stays 100.0%, with a dot on top of the 0 after the decimal point.


This proves that Love, Honesty, Taking Ownership and Teamwork always wins against Hate, Dishonesty, Deflecting Ownership and Disunity.


12.38am 15/08/2017


Thy will be done, til Kingdom come; China will be bums.


01.31am 15/08/2017


If [blank]is still alive when I; [blank]; become older, I will get headhunters to kill him. If he has had children, I will get headhunters to kill his children too at opportune times. I will get headhunters to kill his wife or partner as well. If his children has had children, I will get headhunters to kill their children, but hopefully [blank] would be dead before he has had children.


14.56pm 15/08/2017


If you are in New York, get out before the nuclear strike on the 3rd of September 2017, and potentially the nuclear strike occurs up to the point of the 27th of September 2017. I believe the nuclear strike occurs on the 3rd of September 2017 – but I’m not sure at all, I am only piecing together the puzzles of the varying information I’ve received, and a greater sense of which of the different alternatives is true.


20.44pm 15/08/2017

People are so butthurt that I’ve called them out as racist, that they’ve tried to use CRAEII dolls to give me a relationship, and made my life a whole lie, to the point where they’ve killed my career, made me homeless, made me try to kill myself, sent me to a psychiatric unit, and gave me severe mental illnesses, and it’s been going on for over 11 years since the July 2006. I’ve had 0 relationships to this point in time. That’s how racist people are, the more I call their racism out, the worse I find out the magnitude of their racism is, because their denial is insane, and after acceptance, the truth of the magnitude of their racism is unreal.


08.29am 15/08/2017


Melbourne and Sydney are not going to be nuked. New York is going to be nuked, in a range between September 3rd to October, I believe between the 3rd of September to the 27th of September.


However, I have to keep my nuke status up, cause I’ve trapped China in a corner. If Melbourne was to be nuked, it would happen by the 4th of September 2017, because I turn 31 years old on the 4th of September. I trapped China to between the 3rd of September to the 4th of September for Melbourne, because [blank]birthday is on the 3rd of September. China was happy with this, because [blank] hasn’t turned 30 yet, and wants to use his birthday as a way of scaring Melbournians into submission, but the whole point of this whole trap was just for this first nuke after decades. China is scared of me, thus focusing on my 31st birthday, and using people I know as hinge points to try and scare people into submission.


If Sydney was to be nuked, it would happen by the 26th of September, because of [blank] 31st birthday on that day. This is just China’s way of trying to scare Sydney people into submission, as a way of getting back at Malcolm Turnbull, because he is the current Prime Minister of Australia, and he is from NSW.


Donald Trump fucked up bad in diplomacy, which would be an understatement.


I’ve got to stay at home until the 27th of September to see the 26th of September through.


12.18pm 16/08/2017


Prince George loses the monarchy in the United Kingdom because of [blank]. As a result, the monarchy ends in the United Kingdom. In the meantime millions of United Kingdom people past, present and future are sent to the lowest depths of hell for eternity as a result. They are proof for the fate of everyone else as well.


For narrow is the gate to the kingdom of heaven, and wide is the path heavily trodden by the bulging masses who burn in the hell created and stoked by God.


12.41pm 16/08/2017


[blank] gloated about the possibility of New York being nuked. If he is not killed after that, then I will be a monkey’s uncle.


12.55pm 16/08/2017


China possibly persistently offended Donald Trump’s ego to make him feel like he was to blame for the nuke to New York, when China already had it in their minds to nuke New York and were playing very hard ball to deflect the blame onto Donald Trump. It may have been a distraction tactic to distract the USA from getting anti-nuke systems activated to stop the nuke? Why didn’t that happen?


I believe because Donald Trump didn’t believe his trusted advisors that the nuke had been activated. One of the code words was ‘Jimbo’.


15.07pm 16/08/2017


Julie Bishop is the start of the racists who help the Sinhalese terrorists to support the Chinese to nuke the Western World, and help the Sinhalese terrorists to support the Chinese to use the Fascist Caucasians to kill the Sri Lankan Tamils who are the ones fighting the Sinhalese terrorists, the Chinese, the Fascist Caucasians, and all the other dumb cunts. Everyone is killing the Sri Lankan Tamils – the only ones who are saving it for the world.


Thanks for letting me steal your afterlife.


And just imagine, if you can do all that there, and if I can do all this just living life, imagine what I can do if the shoe was on the other foot ….


23.41pm 17/08/2017


Julie Bishop will be the first person I POS down as far as possible through the levels to hell, if I need to.


She’s a fucking idiot, it will be a cakewalk.


23.41pm 17/08/2017


Rankin, Mississippi is open for nuking by this future Prime Minister of Australia, [blank].


01.40am 18/08/2017


WW4: Full Disclosure – I don’t know what cards I’ll have, or how I’ll play them, until the very last nanoseconds for each action.


11.46am 18/08/2017




–          Western world wins WW3

–          WW4 – Hans People versus Crazy White People

–          Crazy White People – CWP

–          PWC

–          Remove W, CP

–          CRAZY

–          I lead Australia against the Crazy White People in the United States of America, and SAVE the minorities in the United States of America from the Crazy White People

–          I continually play everyone against each other

–          I am only wrong about going against the Crazy White People if it is the Hans People who I end up turning against, if they are the new Adolf Hitler Nazi Germany, rather than the Crazy White People of the United States of America, I don’t what exactly yet

–          I Win WW4.

–          China will be neutered, I obviously will continue to let this happen during WW4 until I receive appropriate submission

–          I pivot to India as the leading democracy in placeholder

–          In my forecast at this present time, based on all the information I have received, I am 99.9% sure, with a dot on top of the 9 above the 9 after the decimal point, that in WW4, the United States of America is the new Adolf Hitler Nazi Germany.

–          If India repeats history by turning to corruption and hatred during leadership, the pivot would be to Australia as the leading democracy. I extremely doubt India’s ability to be the leading democracy for an extended period of time because of its corruption, arrogance, racism, hatred, class system. I doubt Australia’s ability to be a leading democracy due to its xenophobia, however it is a country of humble larrikins, which eliminates arrogance, class system and corruption. Australia would be extremely dangerous due to its racism and hatred. If they lose their humble larrikinism and turn to arrogance to add to racism and hatred, which then adds corruption and class system, then they will be exterminated quicker than the United States of America. Whichever country is the standard-bearer of Love, and in absolute terms as being the standard-bearer of Jesus’s Love, will be the country that would be given power over the longer-term course of history.


13.29pm 18/08/2017


How Great Thou Art


16.02pm 21/08/2017


The United States of America have been trying to kill [blank] all his life.


The United States of America have been helping the Chinese to kill [blank] all his life.


[blank] simply focuses on being selfish for himself and Australia, and refusing to help anyone else, because he has to protect his life and the lives of Australians.


China nukes the United States of America through one of their satellite states, I believe North Korea, after 2046.


19.06pm 21/08/2017


20-40-(20-20) or etc ; and 0.


12.49am 22/08/2017




12.52am 22/08/2017


To my Blood Daughter: Do Not Give One Cent to my Blood Son.


01.06am 22/08/2017


How the fuck is my Blood Son still alive? Kill him ASAP.


02.08am 22/08/2017


If what I think happens happens – then Blood Daughter bequests Blood Granddaughter $1m only at a safe time, and ONLY the Blood Granddaughter, because Blood Son should have been killed before then, and Blood Grandchildren’s Oriental Asian Grandparents in-laws set this whole up just for money, to take money away from protecting Blood Daughter’s children.


03.18am 22/08/2017


I’m never filing for divorce, because I have to continue to teach that Cunt to be human, otherwise he will be more worse than he should ever be. Once I get filed, I go.


03.43am 22/08/2017


My Blood Son concocted a story with a family of 5 to try and burn everyone just for money.


04.37am 22/08/2017


My Blood Son will get 0% of my bequest. My other 4 children will get 25% each.


05.16am 22/08/2017


Four first rate children, one second rate child, Eleven third rate children [trust funds]. My Blood Son gets nothing from no one.


12.53pm 22/08/2017


The four first rate children are [blank]’s Blood Daughter, [blank], [blank]and [blank].


The second rate child is [blank]. $0.


The nine third rate children are [blank], [blank], [blank], [blank], [blank], [blank], [blank], [blank], [blank]. $0 each.


14.28pm 23/08/2017


I’m the palliative care nurse. Absolute Faith.


19.07pm 22/08/2017


Kill Yourself Blood Son.


20.31pm 22/08/2017


That Cyprus Girl’s Daughter [Make Me, Fascism, Body Odour, *Tap hair* bite, String out of ass, Terrorism, Headhunters, Guns, Orgy, Blue Murder, Commit Suicide, Murder Kids, Hang yourself with Major Knot, Interesting …. Terrorist ….. , Snitch Death Threat, Rape, Pokemon – [censored] kids are dead, Nuke, ‘I will murder you’ in mum’s tone, Choke, Fucking Themselves Out of Cyprus, Rape Greece].


07.58am 23/08/2017


Let’s see: Fascism in World War 3 in 2017-2025ish – United States of America, Italy, Germany, Brazil, New Zealand [chomping at the chain], Netherlands [chomping at the chain], and of course, the centre of it all, the Nordic countries Sweden, Norway and Finland. And Australia, before I come in.


Australia: Kookaburrah lived in the old gum tree, merry merry killed like a kookawee, laugh kookaburrah laugh, kookaburrah laugh, kookaburrah gay old empire.


15.00pm 23/08/2017


Obviously, more than anyone will ever know.


10.13am 23/08/2017


Where were y’all ;-( ?


11.46am 23/08/2017


Oprah card. Osama Bin Laden card. Terrorism card. Church card. Want card. All in card. Wanted to be single in the first place card. Where were y’all card. Sexism card. Reverse sexism card. Killed card. Australia card. Barack Obama card. [blank]  ‘No’ Lesson to Blood Son indicating spoiling of Blood Son Card. Homeless Card. Boarding School Card. Unfair Abuse of Blood Daughter As Compared to Blood Son Card.


14.54pm 23/08/2017


Gap ‘Year’.


12.47pm 23/08/2017


Dices loaded on China for WW4 starting between 2046-2048. I become Prime Minister of Australia in 2049.


15.01pm 23/08/2017


Consider Boarding School for Blood Son – Great for active children, and great socialising chisel.


14.34pm 23/08/2017


Doo-jee-mon-da. WHAT THE FUCK.


What goes around, comes around.


14.50pm 23/08/2017


Detroit, Michigan.


15.02pm 23/08/2017


Abuse of minorities in Australia.


Ie. Boarding School Albert Fritz abomination.


15.18pm 23/08/2017


Happn – 1 out of 4015 in Melbourne, Australia – the diversity capital of Australia.


15.19pm 23/08/2017


EY Melbourne – Largest amount of unbooked hours at the start of my EY Melbourne career for 2013 Grads.


15.20pm 23/08/2017


Bachelor of Dental Science University of Melbourne – Abuse of minorities by Asians.


15.21pm 23/08/2017


Subcontinental Melbourne High School friendship circle – Abuse in July 2006.


15.24pm 23/08/2017


Oakleigh Tamil Church and co. – Abuse between space and time.


15.24pm 23/08/2017


Asian Melbourne High School friendship circle – Abuse between space and time.


15.25pm 23/08/2017


Rare amounts of Caucasian friends in history in Australia since 31st December 1989.


15.27pm 23/08/2017


Sinhalese people – Complete Abuse.


15.29pm 23/08/2017


No Africans and Latinos/Latinas in Australia.


15.31pm 23/08/2017


Noble Park, Victoria – The Hood where it all started.


15.28pm 23/08/2017


Love Children.


16.35pm 23/08/2017




16.37pm 23/08/2017


Barack Obama is a nigger cunt who sat on his fucking hands for too long doing fucking shit all just so that he could keep up his appearances with people. He is a fucking Nazi who has hundreds of thousands of peoples lives death in his hands, including the Sri Lankan Tamils and the Syrians. He has such a fucking deplorable ego that if someone simply calls him the fucking sub-human nigger cunt that he is, he fucking sits on his fucking hands so that hundreds of thousands of people die, just because of fucking words he gives power to. He is a perfect fucking example of the deplorable culture of niggers in the United States of America who fucking give power to the word nigger so that people can use it against them to kill them. He is typical of niggers who have such a huge anger problem, that their anger just continues to fucking kill niggers left, right and centre. He is typical of the absolute fucking idiocy of niggers who fucking do shit all and expect shit handed to them for shit all. He is a fucking typical nigger who thinks he is superior to other humans, when God loved all the children equally. He is one nigger who will burn in hell in the depths where Adolf Hitler is, where Adolf Hitler will continually rape his nigger ass for being such a dumb fucking nigger for killings hundreds of thousands of people just like Adolf Hitler did. This fucking dumb shit Harvard cunt is so stupid, he fucking burned so many people’s lives, to spend an eternity in the depths of hell. All he cares about is how he fucking appears to others, and did shit fucking all as President of the United States of America. As a result of all his fucking inaction, he fucking leads the United States of America to elect fucking Donald Trump of all the fucking idiotic cunts in the world. He fucking burned the United States of America and turned so many good people into fucking fascists. Barack Obama is the reason why World War 3 starts, because he just did fuck all. How the fuck does a nigger cunt like Barack Obama not even know how to process his fucking anger, to the point where hundreds of thousands of lives are killed in the world. How the fuck does a nigger cunt like Barack Obama get elected to the Presidency of United States of America. What does this fucking indicate more deeply about how fucking stupid the United States of America are – I already thought they were fucking stupid, but now that I can sort the facts from fiction, the United States of America are fucking dumber than shit. Barack Obama is the typical nigger who fucking does no fucking service to any fucking niggers at all, continually oppressing the very niggers who brought him to where he was in the first place. Barack Obama is a hopeless abomination of a nigger. Enjoy burning in hell – this will have more and more significance as time goes on.


11.53pm 23/08/2017


I own the world. Here how it is going to go down. Any cunt or dick steps out of line, when they come crawling back, expect their asses to be handed to them, blood by blood.


01.41am 24/08/2017


Headhunters. United States of America, you have made an incredible enemy.


In WW4, do not expect a thing from Australia. When you get caned to the fucking bone, remember the arrogance your country had. When you get carved up, remember you did shit all for the Sri Lankan Tamils. When you come crawling back, remember, I will be the holder of your destiny. United States of America, meet your maker. Your KKK asses will be slaughtered like the dogs and horses you fuck.


02.12am 24/08/2017


If the United States of America truly want to build trust, they have to truly let go in order to build loyalty, because no matter what happens, I will bounce faster than a nanosecond like Dreamz and absolutely destroy the United States of America on an absolute flight of idiomatic fancy, because the United States of America is an arrogant country that’s thinks it’s citizens are not equal to all the other citizens of this world.


11.08am 24/08/2017


And so, after Oprah and Barack Obama found out what level they will start in, in the afterlife, a new pair of killers were revealed – [blank], and Jesus Christ.


I’m not fucking quoting shit from the bible, I’ve had to fucking continually say [blank – writer’s name] Style to prove I’m a fucking human and that Saul/Paul is a corruption, but those who have absolute faith in Jesus Christ are obviously the most blessed ones.


Jesus taught us about everything about one word:



11.41am 24/08/2017


If I have to fuck dogs to nuke the United States of America, I will do so.


Knock knock.


Who’s There.




Clue who.


Woof woof.


11.46am 24/08/2017


God has absolutely no influence on this universe. All evil and all good comes from all creatures in this universe.


Jesus Christ was a human on Earth at one point in time too.


Jesus was a teenager during these communications through me during this fourth drop.


Jesus was 13 years old during these communications of sending letters forwards and backwards.


Jesus was a wanker.




12.09pm 24/08/2017


Both Mary mother of Jesus and Joseph father of Jesus had sex with someone else other than each other before Jesus died on the cross, and then became alive again after three days, and after Jesus was born.


Joseph father of Jesus had sex with multiple other women before Jesus died on the cross.


Mary mother of Jesus only had sex with one other man before Jesus died on the cross, but after Jesus died on the cross and then became alive again after three days, Mary mother of Jesus had sex with another man other than Joseph father of Jesus, thus at that point having sex with multiple men other than Joseph father of Jesus.


13.37pm 24/08/2017


Jesus had a lot of sex before he died on the cross and became alive again.


For example, Mary Magdalene and Jesus had sex, multiple times.


Jesus had many numbers of different sexual partners.


Jesus had sex with men as well.


Jesus had sex with animals as well.


13.43pm 24/08/2017


Mary mother of Jesus is an ISFJ, Joseph father of Jesus is an ISTP.


13.50pm 24/08/2017


Joseph father of Jesus had sex with animals as well.


Mary mother of Jesus did not have sex with animals, because she was not even in the ballpark of being there at that level of openness.


13.51pm 24/08/2017


Both Mary mother of Jesus and Joseph father of Jesus had sex with people other than each other after Jesus passed to the afterlife.


13.53pm 24/08/2017

Jesus was an INFJ on his time in Earth.


13.59pm 24/08/2017


Jesus participated in reverse gang-bangs.


14.06pm 24/08/2017


Jesus participated in orgies.


14.07pm 14/08/2017


Jesus murdered paedophiles.


14.10pm 24/08/2017


Jesus’s partner was Mary Magdalene.


14.17pm 24/08/2017


Mary Magdalene had sex with multiple other men and women while she was Jesus’s partner.


14.19pm 24/08/2017


Jesus also had sex with multiple other men and women while he was Mary Magdalene’s partner.


14.20pm 24/08/2017


Jesus had sex with all of the twelve disciples.


14.20pm 24/08/2017


Mary Magdalene had sex with all of the twelve disciples.


14.21pm 24/08/2017


I don’t know who, but the twelve disciples had sex with each other.


14.22pm 24/08/2017


[blank] was wrong, Jesus was not just only 13 years old during these communications of sending letters backwards and forwards, but there is a point during these communications of sending letters backwards and forwards that Jesus communicated that at a point in time his age was 13 years old.


14.35pm 24/08/2017


Reese Witherspoon guided Jesus through his first intentional orgasm by wanking at the age of 13 years old by teaching him how to wank.


14.38pm 24/08/2017


Jesus murdered rapists.


14.41pm 24/08/2017


The United Kingdom and the United States of America are the reason for [blank]’s first ever orgasm while awake.


14.57pm 24/08/2017


Jesus lost his virginity in his teens.


15.05pm 24/08/2017


Reese Witherspoon’s job is to kill [blank] as soon as possible.


15.52pm 24/08/2017


Jesus Christ was Palestinian.


17.06pm 24/08/2017


[blank] has to fuck himself white for his reference from the United States of America.


16.43pm 25/08/2017


I have my first kid at age 38, and my second and last kid at age 40.


I become Prime Minister of Australia, representing the Greens Party, at the age of 53 years of age.


17.12pm 25/08/2017


* Police sounds * Whoop * Whoop * Whoop * Whoop * [After all that in the fourth drop where the son was involved, it took just one sentence for the daughter to de-escalate, after the third drop where the daughter was involved, which was incredible where the daughter was incredible, while the son possibly killed a lot of people during the fourth drop – which is the reason he gets nothing from my bequest, because all lives are equal]


50% of my bequest goes to my Blood daughter possibly, 50% goes to Sri Lankan Tamils in Jaffna possibly. Or possibly 100% of my bequest goes to my Blood daughter possibly.


04.13am 26/08/2017


* Police sounds * Whoop * Whoop * Whoop * Whoop *


Daughter doles out to son as she sees fit – but remember it is your money, why the fuck would you give it out, they’re not your real friends. No one gave me shit. Why would you give your children’s stuff out to others?


I’ll let daughter and son conflict, so that daughter can dole out as she sees fit – but remember, family are vipers.


04.00am 26/08/2017


Dreamz that shit, Dreamz that shit, Dreamz that shit, Dreamz that shit [Son is that shit]


Certified by Coolio, as representative of the world.


4.11am 26/08/2017


Coolio – Gangsta’s Paradise: Pitch -12. Speed 56% – Rattle over son’s head by daughter.


Daughter is the doler – my advice is dole out $0, cause it comes out of your children’s pockets, and that’s protection money for your children, and a lot of people will want to kill you and your family because of me.


04.40am 26/08/2017


Daughter’s adversity in life is going to be that she gets money from my bequest, but I guess she’ll be 46 years old when I die at 84 years of age, and heck, I’m not even 31 years of age yet when I wrote this, so I’m sure 46 years is enough time to learn how to handle that adversity – the biggest coming from son.


04.18am 26/08/2017


I would have killed my son at birth if I didn’t have to stop WW4. He contributed to the nuking of the United States of America in 2017, because he was the one majorly making my life a living hell during the fourth drop between June 14th 2017 to 26th August 2017. I didn’t nearly die, but he kept making openings for China to torment the United States of America. Homeless.


04.30am 26/08/2017


Sons replays in drop:


HH – Evidence through four scenarios that he continually burns Sri Lankan Tamils by pretending [blank]is his mother


RSAM – Head Hunter for [blank], Head Hunter for Daughter, Head Hunter for Partner [Bz]


AF – Head Hunter for Daughter, Head Hunter for Partner [Bz], Head Hunter for [blank] [By]


Sons fake creation of Afterlife to corrupt the real Afterlife messages – That actual fact


04.39am 26/08/2017


Son tried to make Barack Obama look like a Sociopath on the 25th of August 2017.


04.44am 26/08/2017


‘[blank]Make Me’ say people.


The story of the [blank] guys getting suspicious of [blank]in the CRAEII doll moments during 2017 at the Fair Trader drinks during [blank]leaving drinks in 2016. [blank] Pinged as a result.


[blank]raped [blank]because of [blank -writer’s name].




Moment 1 – [blank], [blank]and Nicole Glasson at [blank]leaving drinks


Moment 2 – [blank], [blank], [blank]and others at [blank]leaving drinks


Moment 3 – [blank], [blank]and [blank]at Fair Trader drinks prior to 2016 election


Moment 4 – [blank]and the others at CA graduation


Moment 5 – [blank], [blank], [blank], [blank]and others at CA graduation


Moment 6 – [blank]and the others as I walked down from collecting my CA certificate at the CA graduation


Moment 7 – [blank], [blank]and [blank]at Tas Network in September 2016


Moment 8 – [blank]at EY kitchen area


Moment 9 – [blank]near the Gelati shop on Spring St during the 4th drop between June 14th 2017 to 26th August 2017


People are raping people because of [blank – writer’s name].


05.44am 26/08/2017


[blank]was Jesus Christ’s rolling head during the 3rd drop between December 25th 2014 to March 2015.


[blank]was Jesus Christ’s rolling head during the 4th drop between June 14th 2017 to 26th August 2017.


Now I understand the moment with [blank]at Hungry Jacks in Springvale during July-December 2015 – EY are trying to burn people against each other.


05.50am 26/08/2017


Now I understand what the 25th of August 2017 was about after watching the movie ‘The Trip to Spain’ in the cinema near EY – people were trying to use me against Barack Obama, and burn the twin towers, thus using the twin towers against each other.


06.14am 26/08/2017


The story of the racism of the ‘jellyfish’ moment with the people with [blank] in the fourth drop between June 14th 2017 to 26th August 2017.

It was the females again.


06.26am 26/08/2017

The story of how [blank – writer’s name]gun starts at being pointed at [blank]and flows to random people like the females in the ‘jellyfish’ moment with [blank], because [blank – writer’s name]is a reason why people rape people, and [blank]is the white female at EY that [blank – writer’s name ]trusted the most during his time at EY Melbourne between June 3rd 2013 to October 2016.


The story about how females are a lot of reasons why females get raped.


06.35am 26/08/2017


The story about how a lot of the random people during the ‘jellyfish’ moment with [blank] went down the Adolf Hitler path – at least 3 people, which includes [blank] [blank].


This is the story of how racism indicates that if given the power, a lot of people in the world would go down the path of the corruption, depravity and blood-crunching of Adolf Hitler. And most primarily, it indicates that Caucasian people and Oriental Asian people are the most dangerous people at this current time of allowing this to happen.


If World War 3 were to occur, out of Oriental Asian people and Caucasian people, Caucasian people are the more likely to learn their lessons on hubris as a result, based on my scope to this point in time.


At this point in time, Caucasian people are the most dangerous people at this time of allowing someone like Adolf Hitler to come into power. It is only checks and balances that has stopped this from happening, but from my scope, Caucasian people right now are worse than Caucasian people during WW2 when it comes to thirst for human blood.


The story of the thirsty people during the ‘jellyfish’ moment with [blank]during the fourth drop between June 14th 2017 to 26th August 2017.


The story of people abusing [blank]using the CRAEII doll technique of sending letters backwards during the 3rd drop in the kitchen area of EY in 2015 with regards to the word ‘thirsty’ and ‘hungry’.


Thus re-emphasising the story of people raping people because of [blank].


The story of the female during ‘jellyfish’ moment with [blank] saying ‘Burn’ in that tone, with regards to the story of [blank] getting abused during the CRAEII doll abuse in the 3rd drop in the kitchen area of EY in 2015 with regards to the word ‘thirsty’ and ‘hungry’ – indicating she was abused as well by [blank], and it is possible that [blank] abused [blank] during that CRAEII doll abuse moment in the 3rd drop in the kitchen area of EY in 2015.


The story of the other people who were all Caucasian except for one Oriental Asian ‘cycling’, with the Oriental Asian starting the proceedings by pointing [blank]to the gelati shop where she directed [blank] to look at the gelati shop despite being threatened by [blank] not to do so.


The story of the perpetual rape by [blank] of [blank].


07.03am 26/08/2017


The story of [blank] piecing together the pieces of information and coming to the realisation at 5.44am 26/08/2017 that [blank] raped [blank].


07.05am 26/08/2017


The story of [blank]’s communications with Jesus Christ during the 4th drop between the 14th of June 2017 to the 26th of August 2017, where Jesus communicated that as long as there is consent, sex is ok to the point of beastiality, with regards to all the types of sex referred to during this fourth drop between June 14th 2017 to 26th August 2017, and that Jesus Christ communicated it is critical that Paedophiles are Rapists are murdered.


07.08am 26/08/2017


The story of how by using doo-gee-mon-do and double jeopardy, I pieced together the piece of information about [blank] raping [blank] by using the context of information I had on [blank], [blank], [blank] and [blank], and by using the fact that [blank] was Jesus Christ’s rolling head in the 3rd drop, and that [blank]was Jesus Christ’s rolling head in the 4th drop, to not only confirm my repeatedly confirmed understanding that EY and people have been abusing people by using the CRAEII doll technique of sending letters backwards, but also finding out in an extremely contradictory manner just less than two hours ago at 5.44am 26th August 2017 that [blank] raped [blank].


07.18am 26/08/2017


[blank]’s message to [blank] of Jesus Christ and Afterlife.


If life seems so long that it goes for decades even up to past 80 years, then imagine how long an eternity is in the afterlife. An eternity in the afterlife is so long, that our life here on earth is so short, that it is like a day, and then tomorrow we spend our afterlife together with our maker with all our loved ones, while the ones we hate are burning for an eternity in the area that where God is the caretaker, because God is Satan, and Satan is God, which a lot of people don’t understand. It is the reason why we fear God and yet love God, because God has the power to give us peace greater than can ever be reached on earth, but God also has the power to give us pain much worse than any person can feel on Earth, because as humans, no matter what adversity we go through, biologically we all have a maximum threshold of pain that we all go through – so imagine what happens when God/Satan increases the threshold of pain of the people in the area where God/Satan is the caretaker, to a magnitude of near infinity compared to the pain we feel here on Earth, and that is felt for an eternity.


07.28am 26/08/2017


To my son: $0 bequested.


07.31am 26/08/2017


The realisation that my ‘daughter’ in the 3rd drop was [blank], and my ‘son’ in the 4th drop was [blank].


07.34am 26/08/2017


I have no scope on any children I have, or any family I have.


07.34am 26/08/2017


The bait and flippers continually try to throw mud on me by using ‘Tonality thought insertion’ to distract people from train of thoughts.


07.37am 26/08/2017


[blank] is dead. He has continually given openings for China to use North Korea to torment the United States of America, allowing China to use the nuke that occurs in the United States of America in 2017 to continually torment the United States of America.


North Korea is a satellite state of China that China uses to nuke the United States of America in 2017


07.40am 26/08/2017


I have very little scope on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th drop and the rest of my life, but there are a lot of people who have given openings during these drops for China to use North Korea to torment the United States of America, by using the nuke that China uses North Korea to nuke the United States of America to torment the United States of America.


[blank] got an understanding greater than 50% probability on August 17 at 9.34am that New York, United States of America would be nuked on September 13th 2017.


07.47am 26/08/2017


[blank]: Watch Life of Pi from [blank]’s perspective.


The story of [blank] being the Tiger Tamer, and [blank] being the Tiger.


08.17am 26/08/2017




14.33pm 27/08/2017


Australia will become a Westminster System-Appropriated Republic after [blank] passes away, but the timing of when after [blank] passes away is unknown.


As evident by the directly elected heads of Governments in the United States of America, power corrupts and destroys the systems and check and balances put in place to protect the citizens of the United States of America.


As evident by the indirectly elected Prime Ministers of Australia, there is a greater share of power to citizens, as they can vote out their members of Parliament, in order to influence who all the members of Parliament choose to influence whom the Prime Minister of Australia would be, thus giving greater power to the people of Australia to have a greater influence on who the Prime Minister of Australia would be while retaining greater power over the country over the periods of time in between elections, as opposed to the lesser power the citizens of the United States of America who may have greater power than Australians to elect the head of their State, but have incredibly less power over the United States of America during the periods of time in between elections.


14.59pm 27/08/2017


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