Experiences of Schizophrenia of a Mensa Member

11th of July

Just a minute or two before 8.07pm 11/07/2017


I said that’s how I got Donald Trump, by acting.


Donald Trump said ‘aha’, and then said burn you, burn [blank], and then said a story about children, and said that this was the Red Keep blah blah blah.


What the fuck.



          James Comey


          September 11 [‘conspiracy’ in Trump’s words, but actually a plot by George W Bush Junior – not plot in the sense of timelines are bullshit, but plot as in George W Bush Junior plotted with Osama Bin Laden to set up September 11 to burn lives in war to power his and his associate’s paper money or monetary means pursuit endeavours]

          Game of Thrones Red Keep episode, which I haven’t watched yet, up to season 2 at the start



I get the sense that this is just Donald Trump’s way of saying that he ‘killed’ the ‘king’, being that I am the ‘king’, but I want to see exactly what he means by this, because I have no clue why the Red Keep episode was supposedly good.


Cause in truth, I am Jon Snow, and Donald Trump is the eldest blonde son of Cersei Lannister.


20.15pm 11/07/2017


My loyalties:

1.       Australia [me – writer’s name]

2.       USA [Barack Obama]

3.       Eelam [blank]


13.54pm 11/07/2017


1.       Australia [me – writer’s name]

2.       Eelam [blank]

3.       USA [Barack Obama]


21.07pm 11/07/2017


1.       Australia [me – writer’s name]

2.       Eelam [blank]


22.02pm 23/07/2017


1.       Australia [me – writer’s name]

2.       Eelam [blank]

3.       USA [Barack Obama]


05.44am 07/08/2017


I am a Sri Lankan Tamil Australian who is a spy for the United States of America.


03.01am 01/09/2017


[Blank], [Blank], [Blank], [Blank], [Blank], [Blank], [Blank], [Blank], [Blank], [Blank], [Blank], [Blank], The person who is the artist M.I.A. and the person who is the artist ZAYN are all spies for the United States of America as well.


03.09am 01/09/2017


I’m going to buy my first ring because I saw a ring that I thought was a really good steal, but also to show [blank] (not found yet) that people love her if she ever forgets that, because she is my love until she finds her loves, if she ever doesn’t feel loved. This applies to Eva Longoria (found), Blank (found), [Blank] (not found yet), [Blank] (found), [Blank] (?), Heidi Klum (found), Mila Kunis (found), Ariana Grande (found), Iggy Azalea (found), [Blank] (found), [Blank] (?), [Blank] (found), [Blank] (not found yet), [Blank] (found), [Blank] (?), [Blank] (?), [Blank] (?), [Blank] (?), [Blank] (found), [Blank] (found), [Blank] (found), Mathanhi Arulpragasam (found), [Blank] (?), Andrew O’ Keefe (?), [Blank] (found), [Blank] (found), Jennifer Aniston (?), Priyanka Chopra (not found yet), Jessica Alba (found).


04.47am 01/09/2017


I die on 23rd of October 2070 at the age of 84 years of age, after my 84th birthday on the 4th of September, 2070. The only people above who don’t outlive me are [Blank] (Lives to the age of 61, passes to the afterlife of a heart attack) and Barack Obama. Zayn Malik doesn’t pass to the afterlife of a heart attack, but outlives me, along with Andrew O’ Keefe, [Blank] and [Blank].


[Blank] is [Blank] love for eternity.


[Blank]  lives to 93 years of age. [Blank] attains at the very least a centenarian in age.


I will always stand on La Trobe Street at night.


05.52am 01/09/2017


I’m playing the long game. Even though I want to be single, if I get information that someone is going to be my partner, I play that long game, and go with that flow, whoever that flow may be, so that it minimises problems for me long term, and if I can help whoever that is find happiness as well over the long game, I’ll play for that too.


Whoever you are, you are giving me pain with a lot of random people at this time right now.


06.24am 01/09/2017


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