Experiences of Schizophrenia of a Mensa Member


Hello, and welcome to this blog that I’ve started about my experiences with Schizophrenia.

I’ve started this because I wanted to document my experiences of Schizophrenia in a self-contained site, to help lessen the mysteries of what Schizophrenia is to others.

Hopefully, this can help build the knowledge of people about Schizophrenia, one of the many different types of mental illnesses, however one with a rich tapestry of subject matter that is so part of the illness.

Although I’m not too fussed about privacy, I am going to try and keep my own identity as private as possible, in order to minimise any real life impacts. Part of the nature of Schizophrenia from my perspective is paranoia, and I do have a healthy dose of paranoia when it comes to how sharing may affect my life.

However, I do have a bigger picture view of how sharing can have a positive impact to others, and hopefully help build knowledge to not only those with Schizophrenia, but also those without, so that there is greater knowledge among greater amounts of people, to help drive a push towards cures towards Schizophrenia, and if not cures, then at least a much more understanding world towards Schizophrenia.

A bit about me, without being specific. I am living in Melbourne, Australia, and my background is Sri Lankan. These very details impact the focal matter of my Schizophrenia, because a large amount of the episodes surrounds terrorism, which is part of what makes the stories that come out of my experience so dark, yet compellingly interesting. To assuage any concerns begin with, most of my terrorism focused episodes consist of me believing I am a counter-terrorist, which somehow is a manifestation of the fact that although I feel different on the surface, living in Australia as a minority, it manifests my love for being an Australian when the topic of terrorism comes into play during my Schizophrenia, that I would think I am somehow helping to decrease it, using my background as a advantage for being a ‘spy’ of sorts.

A little bit more about me, is that I joined Mensa as a member, after applying to sit the test for it last year. This preceded my fourth episode of illness, which I will go through in detail throughout this blog.

I was tested at an IQ score of 135, and my numeracy score is 141. Unfortunately, due to the misconceptions that mental illness has in the media, there is always the paranoia that people who don’t put much thought into things might not get past that those with Schizophrenia actually have a range of mental faculties just as the rest of the population does, let alone the fact that big portions of the media still think Schizophrenia is a split personality thing. So I included my IQ score in the title to give assurances that there would be a depth of thought to this blog about Schizophrenia, and with regards to my experiences with it.

So with that, I will start blogging over my lifetime about my experiences with Schizophrenia. When I write notes while I’m ill, I usually time stamp my notes, so I will take that idea, and use it for my blog, to make it more easily discerned with regards to it’s place in time. Time can be a very hard thing to pin down during episodes of illness, so the notes I write during my illness helps me to sort my thoughts, and the time stamps I place can help place some sense of order to the chaos that is Schizophrenia. Perhaps utilising that can create an order in the chaos that can be the writings of blogs.

22.37pm 31/05/2018

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